Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Hidden Martial Arts Strain

"Hidden martial arts strain? What's that?" Mo Wen lifted his eyebrow and asked curiously.

"Hidden martial arts strain is merely a name for a type of people or a type of influence. As the name suggests, it means ancient martial arts fractions which are secluded and no longer set foot in the world. All the ancient martial arts sects that closed their doors and secluded themselves from the world are called hidden martial arts strain," Zhu Qingyi explained.

He was not at all surprised to see that Mo Wen didn't know about the hidden martial arts strain even though he was from one of them. It was because hidden martial arts strains were merely a general name given by outsiders. But those in them did not necessary know the categories assigned to them by the outsiders.

They seemed to be completely isolated from the outside world. Many people in them didn't get in touch with the outside world for their entire lifetime. They assumed their world was the whole world. Naturally, they wouldn't know about things happening outside and how the outsiders called them.

A youth who didn't know the existence of Huatian Palace with incredible cultivation and profound ability? Who else could he be other than a youth who came out from hidden martial arts strain to gain experience. On the Hua Xia continent, youth geniuses were aplenty, but such a evildoer of a youth was rare. Zhu Qingyi knew most of them, but the youth before him was foreign. He continued, "Aside from the hidden martial arts sects, there are also the closed martial art sects and open martial art sects."

"I see," Mo Wen nodded his head slightly. He had gained some knowledge about the this world's martial arts world. Ancient martial art factions like the Gu Clan Fort and Zhou Clan's Manor house should be considered a strain of the open martial art sects. Otherwise they would not have done business outside and amassed such property.

"Young man, when you are out in the world, you need to learn to follow the rules. You can't bring along your rural forest ways of thinking along. If not, even if you are from the hidden martial arts strain, you will not end up well," Zhu Qingyi said with a serious tone. He had a great appreciation for such a youthful genius. To have such great ability at such a young age! In the future he had a high chance of becoming an Embryonic Breathing realm top master.

Even if Mo Wen could not reach the Embryonic Breathing realm, his accomplishments would far exceed his. As for him, in this lifetime he most probably would be stuck at the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

"What is your intention today?" Mo Wen asked. He would follow rules with people who followed rules. Towards those who didn't, he would not either.

"What intention can I have? Today I am here just to prevent you from going overboard. Wiping out a clan is no joking matter," said Zhu Qingyi. He laughed while continuing, "But it seems I was too late. What you have done now is way past the limit. Killing twenty to thirty members of the Su clan? Most of them were ordinary people! If the Su clan reported this up to the Huatian Palace, then very likely they would send experts to come apprehend you."

"The ones taking action will not be me. In order to ensure your capture, they will send even stronger people," Zhu Qingyi said cryptically. "Everything abides by the rules. If today you had just killed Su Boyu, then the Huatian Palace would surely have not bothered about a personal vendetta. But because you have involved innocents, then that is wrong. Your bloodlust is too strong. Although you are talented beyond measure, if you continue on like this, you will be killed," concluded Zhu Qingyi.

These words were meant to be some advice to Mo Wen. People from hidden martial arts strains had never came into contact with the outside world. Many times they stuck to the old ways where everyone settled everything with their swords. So when this kind of people came to the outside world, violence was unavoidable for them. If they went too far though, it would invite the crackdown of the Huatian Palace.

After hundreds of years, no matter how strong the person was or how large an influence he had, they could not escape the investigation and censure of the Huatian Palace. The ancient martial arts world, both light and dark sides of it, has never seen a person who could match the might of the Huatian Palace.

Once people like Mo Wen stirred up trouble and were captured by the Huatian Palace, most of them would forced to return to their hidden martial arts strain and were forbidden from ever coming out again. If the circumstances were too serious, they would even be killed on the spot. Him acting today to prevent Mo Wen from wiping out the Su clan was, from some perspectives, for Mo Wen's sake.

If the Su clan did not report this to the Huatian Palace, then nothing would happen and no one would find fault with the youth in front of them. However, if the Su clan used the fact that twenty to thirty of their members were killed as a reason to report to Huatian Palace, then the Huatian Palace would investigate his involvement. As for how he would be punished, he did not know.

"Is the Huatian Palace very strong?" a glint of light flashed past Mo Wen's eyes. He was getting more and more curious about the Huatian Palace. A faction which had resounding fame and power in the ancient martial arts world for over a few hundred years. What exactly were they?

As far as he knew, the Huatian Palace was a faction that appeared after the Ming Cult. There seemed to be no Huatian Palace before the Ming Cult. The strange thing was, a few years after the destruction of the Ming Cult, the Huatian Palace appeared quietly without any prior sign.

"I don't know how strong it is. But I can tell you for sure, let alone your current limited cultivation, even if you reached the legendary Golden Elixir realm, you would not be able to escape Huatian Palace's control," Zhu Qingyi laughed coldly. Although the Golden Elixir realm was the stuff of legend, in the last few hundred years, it was not that there were no experts of the Golden Elixir realm. The number of people who managed to reach the Golden Elixir realm was not small, but none of them dared to incite the Huatian Palace.

A hundred years ago, after one person reached the Golden Elixir realm, he made a vain attempt to challenge the Huatian Palace. The next day, his corpse was hung in front of his own door. Since then, no one dared to challenge the authority of the Huatian Palace.

Mo Wen's eyes flashed past a glint of surprise. He had met a person who attained the Golden Elixir realm before. The person could be said to have transcended the limits of human flesh. It would not be a far stretch to call him a living god. With one hand, he was capable of destroying the previous him at his strongest. For such a terrifying person to also be under the restrictions of the Huatian Palace, then what sort of horrifying existence was the Huatian Palace?

"That's all I have to say. You better look out for yourself," Zhu Qingyi glanced at Mo Wen, said this sentence and with a shift disappeared from the spot.

From afar, a voice said, "If the people from the Su clan don't come knocking on the door of the Huatian Palace, then you will be fine. If they do, you better not resist. Just explain yourself clearly. If it is within reason, they will deal with you leniently."

"This person is rather interesting," Mo Wen stared at the silhouette that swiftly disappeared in front of his eyes, his lips curling into a smile. If he guessed correctly, the person's appearance probably had something to do with Dongfang Yi. Otherwise, it was impossible for the Huatian Palace to know that he had wanted to wipe out the Su clan today, even more so arriving to stop him in such a short amount of time.

That moment, in the Su clan manor, everyone wore ugly expressions. Today was an utter humiliation for the Su clan.

Not only did someone fight their way to their doorstep, he even managed to kill twenty, thirty members of the clan, finally forcing them to surrender Su Boyu submissively.

A middle-aged man walked up to Su Bingcheng and said, "Clan leader, should we release him, or should we send him off painlessly?" He was Su Boyu's uncle. Su Boyu's parents were out running the family business so they were unaware of what had transpired at home.