Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Dafang Sect

Su Boyu was at least considered the third generation in the main line of descent of the Su Clan and had a relatively high position in Su Clan. His parents were the real power holders in Su Clan. Now that this happened, it would be difficult to answer to his parents.

"Don't bother about him, this evil creature. If he didn't stir up troubles constantly, how can this be happening to Su Clan?" Su Bingcheng snorted lightly and said without any expression.

The surrounding people's hearts went cold upon hearing this speech.Nobody had ever thought that the Old master would be so merciless.Regardless of it all, Su Boyu was his biological grandson, though not his favourite but still biologically related.

"What do you know? Just now, the person said that if we let this evil creature go, he will come after Su Clan. He may be secretly surveilling our behavior. If he were to come here again because we let this evil creature off or kill him in advance, how are we going to counter him?" Su Bingcheng asked mercilessly. As the Head of the Clan, he naturally would prioritize the clan first. Comparing their personal interest and safety to the clan would be wrong. They were insignificant. Now that Layman Wu was killed in the hands of the youngster, Su Clan was simply unable to counter such a terrifying ancient martial arts practitioner.

If he came to our place again and carried out the killing spree without apprehension, Su Clan might really be exterminated.

The surrounding people gasped upon hearing his words as the scenes of the youngster's terror replayed in their mind. To take the risk for Su Boyu, who was dying, everyone kept their mouth shut discreetly at once.

"Clan leader, are we going to let the sleeping dog lie? Su Clan had never suffered such huge loss before," An old man in his sixties said indignantly.

The people of Su Clan had been treated with respect wherever they went, so they were used to having a superior attitude and had never suffered such humiliation.

"Let the sleeping dog lie? After killing twenty to thirty people, if I were to let the sleeping dog lie, I, Su Bingcheng, must have lived in vain all my life."

A cold radiance flashed across Su Bingcheng's eyes while his hands gripped each other tightly. Today's matter was simply the greatest humiliation in his life. It was a total disgrace to him.

"Then how does our clan leader intend to deal with that arrogant youngster?" A person asked hesitantly.

The people around him focused their eyes in his direction.

"This matter will not be any of your concern."

Su Bingcheng took a glance at the people coldly and said indifferently, "Do whatever you are supposed to do. If anyone were to leak today's matter out, don't blame me for turning against you. As for those dead ones, give them a good burial."

He sighed lightly and walked to the rear court alone.

Among the people, only an old man followed behind Su Bingcheng, and soon, they disappeared from the people's view.

"Clan Leader, do you intend to report this matter to Huatian Palace?

When there was nobody around them, the old man who followed Su Bingcheng asked this with a grave expression.

He was one of the two ancient martial arts practitioners of Su Clan who was in Qi Nucleation realm. The other one was killed by Mo Wen, so now, he was the only one left. As an ancient martial arts practitioner, he naturally knew things that ordinary people didn't. Su Clan was only a normal clan in the secular world and didn't have the influence of the ancient martial arts practitioners, so if they wanted to counter this terrifying youngster, the only method was to seek Huatian Palace for help.

Actually, he didn't hope for Su Clan to report today's matter to Huatian Palace.Though Huatian Palace was strong enough to deal with the youngster easily,Huatian Palace might not kill the youngster. As a judicial authority, not every ancient martial arts practitioner who made a mistake would be killed mercilessly.

On the contrary, many a time they would give some people the chance to atone for their wrong deeds by meritorious acts, especially people like Mo Wen who was young, capable, and enchantingly talented; Huatian Palace might not even harm this kind of young genius.

Huatian Palace had the faade of seemingly meddling with other people's business, maintaining the balance between the ancient martial arts world and the secular world and managing everything in order. However, in many times, Huatian Palace's real purpose was also to nurture Hua Xia's new generation of ancient martial arts talents, constantly producing new blood that was sufficiently strong.

Some sufficiently strong ancient martial arts influences would know that this was Huatian Palace's main key purpose. If the Clan leader was to report the youngster to Huatian Palace, such an enchantingly talented, young, and capable youngster would most probably be lightly punished by Huatian Palace but nurtured greatly instead.

In such a way, Su Clan would have definitely offended that youngster so no one would know what would happen after that. Hence, such a move was indeed unwise.

Therefore, he would rather hope that Su Clan would stomach this humiliation, come to terms with it, and avoid provoking the terrifying youngster. After all, though Su Clan was humiliated today, the loss was not especially great.

"Hui An, I know what you mean, but do you think this matter is still up to me now?"

Su Bingcheng smiled bitterly. How could he not understand the reasoning behind it. A youngster who could kill an ancient martial arts practitioner who was in the Qi Nucleation realm. Even for himself, who had lived till now, he had experienced such a terrifying youngster for the first time.

When facing such a person, it would be best to avoid him. He also didn't want to offend him again, so whatever he said to the people of Su Clan were just grandiose words.

Facing this level of fights, he still knew Su Clan's ability well enough.

"Clan leader, you mean?"

The old man, who was named as Hui An, was surprised as he seemed to realize something.

"That's right. Since Layman Wu died in Su Clan, you think this matter could still be easily settled? If Su Clan does not make an indication of any kind, I am afraid that before the youngster comes for the revenge, Dafang Sect will be the first to come after us."

Su Bingcheng sighed helplessly. Because of those people of Su Clan who died that made him cast caution to the winds, Su Clan had a big household with great undertakings. They were lack of everything except people. Because of a little humiliation, he wouldn't want to offend that terrifying youngster from an unknown origin.

However, some matters were not up to him to decide.Now, it was not of his own volition.

Hui An was silent while listening. The death of Layman Wu in Su Clan was definitely an unexpected accident. However, Layman Wu was the elder of Dafang Sect who had died in an unexplainable way for the sake of Su Clan. If Su Clan didn't give them a proper explanation and attitude, they might not even get through Dafang Sect.

With the arrogant behaviour and style of Dafang Sect, it definitely wouldn't let that youngster off, but might not let Su Clan off either.

"We could only play it by ear for this matter, as you also know the strength of Dafang Sect. Perhaps Dafang Sect would be able to kill that youngster before he could revenge on us. In this way, we will not be running any risk."

Now, Su Bingcheng could only hope that it would develop the desired way, hoping that Dafang Sec would kill that youngster straightaway, leaving the Su Clan not only safe but also vented their anger.

As for Huatian Palace, those who had dealt with Huatian Palace would know that there was almost nothing to hope for.

Mo Wen just returned to the school when his handphone rang. Only a few people knew his handphone number, those who would look for him were reckoned to be Shen Jing, Gu Jingman, and nobody else.

However, the phone displayed a phone number that was unfamiliar.A tinge of surprise flashed in Mo Wen's eyes; who could be calling him?

"Brother Mo, is that you?

After the call got through, a gentle voice came through. It seemed to be somehow familiar, so Mo Wen raised his brows, and suddenly recalled that this person was none other than Yun Xiaoman. How did she know his phone number?

"Yun Xiaoman? How's your grandfather's condition?" Mo Wen asked smilingly.

When Yun Xiaoman looked for him, other than for her grandfather's illness, there shouldn't be anything else.

"Brother Mo, I finally found you."

Yun Xiaoman's voice was full of her pleasant surprise, but also a tinge of sobs, seemingly met with some urgent matters.

"What happened?Did your grandfather's condition flare up again?

Mo Wen furrowed his brows. The illness of Yun Xiaoman's grandfather shouldn't be flaring up now, he was very confident of his own medical expertise. Under normal circumstances, it shouldn't flare up within two months. It was only half a month now, so there shouldn't be a problem.

"No, my father got the same illness for the past half month. He is at the verge of death. Brother Mo, if you don't appear, I am going to hate you forever," Yun Xiaoman said, while wiping her tears.

The last time Mo Wen left her with a QQ, she attempted to add Mo Wen as good friend, but she was unable to add him after a month. She was so anxious that she nearly fell ill. She tried to ask around for his whereabouts, but nobody knew where he was.

A week ago, after she had issued a few hundreds of verification notices, she finally found out one day in surprise that he was added.

However, after that, there was nothing else to it.

Within a week, she sent Mo Wen seven to eight hundred messages, but didn't get any reply. The portrait icon had never been lit up. She was at the verge of breaking down.

Today, she was surprised to know from Director Han Jiangong that Mo Wen was a student in Hua Xia University, and his mentor was Shen Jing. So, she looked for Shen Jing to get Mo Wen's phone number.

"Another person was infected with Purplish Blue Flower Poison too?"

Mo Wen raised his brows. According to his understanding, Purplish Blue Flower Poison was not contagious, so how did another person from Yun family got it?

Suddenly, Mo Wen seemed to have thought of something and asked suddenly, "Is there a flower in your house that will bloom as a purple flower in the morning, and bloom a blue flower in the night?"

"Brother Mo, how do you know? That flower is my grandfather's treasure. It is said to be a rare species from Myanmar and is very rare in the world. It is really precious to my grandfather, so it is taken great care of everyday. Since my grandfather has been hospitalized, my father has been taking care of"

Yun Xiaoman's speech halted suddenly, as she seemed to realize something.

"Brother Mo, you don't mean that that flower" Yun Xiaoman said in a trembled voice. If this was true, then everything could be explained.

"That's right. That flower is a flower of unusual poison. One will be poisoned upon frequent contacts with it," Mo Wen said indifferently, but a tinge of pleasant surprise flashed in his eyes.

Purplish Blue Flower might be a lethal poison to normal people; even some ancient martial arts practitioners were unable to touch it. However, to him, it was a sacred medicine which was a treasure that one could only come across serendipitously.