Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 144

Chapter 144: The Yun Clan

In Yun Xiaoman's house, there was actually a Purplish Blue Flower. This was a pleasant surprise. If Mo Wen could get his hands on it, he could bring out its maximum potential. The Purplish Blue Flower was considered as a divine ingredient in medicine, primarily due to its expansive uses. Many high grade medicinal recipes required the use of the Purplish Blue Flower.

The Purplish Blue Flower also had immeasurable benefits for martial art practitioners in cultivation. Based on Mo Wen's knowledge, the flower could be used to refine many cultivation increasing pills. He knew of one of these refining methods, which had very strong effects, enough to raise his current cultivation by another level.

The Purplish Blue Flower in Yun Xiaoman's house was possibly a fully matured one. Otherwise, a Purplish Blue Flower which had not fully matured, if constantly came in contact with when handling, would not be able to so swiftly poison Yun Xiaoman's father.

Only a mature Purplish Blue Flower had such an effect. Since the poison of the Purplish Blue Flower was contained within its flower petals and the poison it emitted on its surface was very mild, a young Purplish Blue Flower plant would probably take a year or two to poison someone who constantly came into contact with it.

"Big brother Mo, are you free now?" Yun Xiaoman asked timidly, afraid that Mo Wen would say no. As for that strange flower, she would quickly tell her family members to avoid touching it later.

"Where is your father?" Mo Wen replied while slightly nodding his head.

"The hospital could not treat my father, so he is resting at home. We did not admit him into the hospital," said Yun Xiaoman. Now both her grandfather and father were resting at home. With her grandfather's example, the family had some understanding on how to counteract this strange poison. On the other hand, staying in the hospital was no help.

Mo Wen thought for a moment before saying, "Where is your house? I have time now." Making a trip to the Yun Clan was not hard, especially on the pursuit of the flower. In addition, the Yun Clan elder's illness had not been fully cured. Now was a good time to settle them all at once.

Back then Mo Wen had barely any cultivation, so he could do nothing against the poison of the Purplish Blue Flower. But now, detoxifying the poison was an easy task. When it came to neutralizing poisons, Mo Wen had yet to come across another doctor that was better than him. That was because his previous life's body had accumulated tens of bizarre poisons in it. To be able to continue living in such a condition, his understanding of poisons was evident.

This world had a legend about Shennong tasting one hundred herbs. He shared a lot of similarities with Shennong, except that Shennong died of poison while tasting a hundred herbs, whereas his fate was still currently unknown. However, back then if he had continued tasting, he would surely have died of poison one day.

"That's great. I'll come get you now. Don't turn off our phone. I'll turn on the location tracker to find you," Yun Xiaoman cried out with glee as she descended down the stairs.

Mo Wen looked at his phone and lamentably said, "Location tracking function! So advanced." Modern day society had a lot of advantages that feudal society could not compare with.

After about fifteen minutes, a black Audi A6 came to an abrupt halt next to Mo Wen. A young girl jumped out: youthful, energetic and quite cute. She said, "Big brother Mo, I'm here."

Yun Xiaoman walked up next to Mo Wen, excitedly grabbing on to his arm, as though she was afraid he would disappear. After looking for him for more than a month, she finally met him again. She felt like Tang Sanzang who travelled to the west to retrieve the Tripitaka, after trials and tribulations she finally reaped the fruits of her efforts.

"Let's go. When did your father get poisoned?" Mo Wen said as he opened the door of the passenger side. With Yun Xiaoman's status as a rich heiress, driving an Audi A6 was rather low profile. Compared to people like Gu Jingman who like to flaunt their elegance and glamour, she was obviously more reserved.

However, from Yun Xiaoman's looks, she did not look like she was eighteen yet. Driving such a car on the road, wasn't she afraid of being caught by the police?

"Eighteen days ago, unknowingly, my father was poisoned just like my grandfather," lameted Yun Xiaoman. She continued, "Before this, my family had thought it was a hereditary disease. They got quite scared, but now at last we have found the cause."

After meeting with Mo Wen, Yun Xiaoman noticeably calmed down. She never doubted Mo Wen's words. That was because in the beginning so many famous masters of the medical world could do nothing to treat her grandfather. Only Big brother Mo could cure him. In Yun Xiaoman's heart, Big brother Mo was much more incredible than all those famous doctors.

Yun Xiaoman was a typical Third Generation of Political Family. Her family background was profound; her grandfather, Yun Deguang was an influential figure in the military circle with the title of General. Her father, Yun Zhihai still had a high position in the capital's military region and was a person of authority.

However, the Yun Clan was not thriving. Yun Deguang only had two sons, one was Yun Xiaoman's father Yun Zhihai, the other was Yun Xiaoman's uncle Yun Zhiguo. In the third generation of the Yun Clan there was only Yun Xiaoman. No one knew the reason why, but Yun Zhiguo had no offspring and Yun Zhihai only had a daughter, Yun Xiaoman. So Yun Xiaoman could be considered the apple of the Yun Clan's eye, a princess showered with affection and love.

After half an hour, the car slowly entered the capital's military region courtyard. Yun Xiaoman's house was a standalone villa with very nice landscaping. There were trees, water pools and fountains.

After parking the car, Yun Xiaoman lead Mo Wen into the villa. Upon opening the door, they met a middle aged woman, seemingly one of Yun Xiaoman's house servants.

"Aunty Wang [1], is my grandfather back yet?" Yun Xiaoman asked as she entered. Since Yun Deguang's body's Purplish Blue Flower Poison was suppressed, after resting for a period of time he returned to duty at the military department. Although his body still had ailments, the old man was still as hardworking as before.

"Young miss, the old master is in his study," Aunty Wang answered while laughing.

"That's great!" Yun Xiaoman's eyes shone with delight. Big brother Mo had come to the house to treat her father. Incidentally, he could also neutralise the poison in her grandfather's body completely. If grandfather was not home, wouldn't he have missed a chance for treatment?

"Big brother Mo, follow me," she said as she dragged Mo Wen eagerly, running upstairs.

Aunty Wang looked surprised at both Yun Xiaoman and Mo Wen. The young miss had brought a man home. Could she have a boyfriend already? She knew that the Yun Clan upbringing was very strict and they would not approve of Yun Xiaoman's puppy love. How daring of her to bring such a boy home.

Yun Xiaoman pushed open the door of her grandfather's study. She found her grandfather reading in his study as she had expected.

"Xiaoman, what do you want from grandfather?" Yun Deguang smiled kindly and said. Unless there was something big, usually she would not run into his study.

"Grandfather, I found Big brother Mo," Yun Xiaoman smiled excitedly. Then with a serious look, she stepped aside and revealed Mo Wen, while making a welcoming hand gesture, "Big brother Mo, welcome to the Yun Clan."

Mo Wen smiled. This Yun Xiaoman was indeed full of surprises.

Upon hearing her words, Yun Deguang took off his glasses and a glimpse of surprise flashed past his eyes. He took a few steps and stood before Mo Wen, "So this is Little Brother Mo. Please come in, please come in"

Yun Deguang welcomed Mo Wen to the sofa and personally brewed a cup of tea for him, "Little brother Mo, you have saved my life before and I have yet to thank you."

"Elder Yun, you are too kind." Mo Wen smiled and said.

"Nothing is greater than you having saved my life. I am not exaggerating. Instead, I would like to ask for your forgiveness for being a bad host and for not welcoming you at the door," Yun Deguang smiled and sat opposite to Mo Wen, while Yun Xiaoman playfully stood beside her grandfather with her hands behind her back, looking like a good girl.

Yun Deguang had always been curious about Mo Wen. Although this was his first time meeting Mo Wen, he knew Mo Wen was the miracle man who had cured his illness. He had also heard that he was very young. Today, now that they had met, truly he was young, maybe even too young.Such a youth had cured him of his illness, but had not claimed credit, silently leaving without even an intention of asking for a reward.

Hence, Yun Deguang had a good impression of Mo Wen. After meeting him in person today, his impression of Mo Wen was even better. Even when meeting an old military chief like him, a person of high station and authority, Mo Wen held his own, acting natural and unrestrained. Clearly he was a person who had seen the world.

"My main objective for coming to the Yun Clan today is to finish treating the Purplish Blue Flower Poison in Elder Yun's body, as well as Xiaoman's father's poison as well. However, this time for my treatment, I would like to ask for something in return as remuneration," Mo Wen said nonchalantly. He got straight to the point, without beating around the bush.

"Oh, what do we have that Little brother Mo fancies?" curiosity flashed past Yun Deguang's eyes.

Yun Xiaoman rolled her eyes at Mo Wen, thinking to herself: is it possible that because she didn't pay him last time for the treatment, that's why he has been cold to her? But last time, she didn't even get a chance to pay him before he left. It was not because she was unwilling to pay him.

"The Purplish Blue Flower in the Yun Clan." Mo Wen raised his eyebrows saying, "That Purplish Blue Flower is a flower with a strange poison. In the hands of the Yun Clan, it has no uses, instead it will continue to cause the Yun Clan to be poisoned one by one, until everyone is poisoned to death."

Upon hearing his words, Yun Deguang gasped and stood up in surprise. "Is this true!" His expression was hard to read.

Regarding the case of him being poisoned, he had thought of countless possibilities. He even thought someone might want to harm him, so they poisoned him secretly. It was not until his son, Yun Zhihai was poisoned too, only did he realize the seriousness of this problem.

But all this while, he had never thought that the flower was the problem. Because the flower was a gift from a friend of his, who was someone he would never forget.

"Grandfather, just now Big brother said that the flower is poisonous. I haven't had time to tell you," Yun Xiaoman said with her face pale. Just now she had been so anxious to pick Mo Wen up, she didn't manage to inform the rest of the family.

"Elder Yun surely would not have thought that the poison you contracted came from nowhere," Mo Wen laughed and said.

Yun Deguang slowly sat down again, sighing softly as he said, "Little friend Mo, you jest. What you have just said, I have already believed." He gave a self-deprecating smile. His eyes suddenly welled up with desolation and loneliness.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. Yun Deguang's reaction seemed to hint there was more that met the eye. However, that was none of his concern, he was only concerned about whether the Purplish Blue Flower was intact.

"Elder Yun, could you lead me to check out that Purplish Blue Flower?" Mo Wen asked.

Yun Deguang did not refuse, getting up and leading Mo Wen outside, "Of course. Little friend Mo, please follow me."

The rooftop of the Yun Clan's villa had a small flower garden. There were many types of flowers and plants planted there. The old man loved to tend to these things. All the flowers and plants in the garden were Yun Deguang's darlings.

When Mo Wen saw the Purplish Blue Flower, his eyes narrowed slightly. The Purplish Blue Flower had been tampered with by someone. The technique used was also highly skilled. Clearly the person had a deep understanding of the Purplish Blue Flower in order to pull it off.