Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 145

Chapter 145: Couldnt bear to leave

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Mo Wen squinted his eyes slightly. Among the flowers, there was a brightly-colored and beautiful flower which was delicate, charming, and appealing to the viewers.The splendor between the purple and blue was profoundly enchanting.

Purplish Blue Flower was a well-known beautiful flower. However, as the saying went, the more beautiful one was, the more dangerous one would be, when applies to Purplish Blue Flower, it was perfectly suitable.

In the morning, Purplish Blue Flower was purely purple while at night, it was purely blue.However, at noon, it would be in a shade between purple and blue.

When it was in pure purple or pure blue, it would release an invisible lethal poison.When came into contact with it, the poison would be planted into the body unknowingly and it would flare up completely after being accumulated over a period of time.Only at noon time in which the masculine Qi in the heaven and earth was the strongest, Purplish Blue flower’s colour was in the shade between purple and blue that it would not be releasing any poison.

The Yun family obviously didn’t know about the characteristic of Purplish Blue Flower, or else they wouldn’t have brought in this Purplish Blue Flower plant into their home overtly as a potted plant.

The Purplish Blue Flower in front of him was full-bloomed.Mo Wen had guessed correctly but what was interesting was somebody had tampered with the Purplish Blue Flower.The person who had tampered the flower was very brilliant as nothing could be seen on the surface, but it was done secretly that the poison of the Purplish Blue Flower would be multiplied three to four times.

That’s why Yun Xiaoman’s father would be poisoned after being in contact with it for a few days.In view of the present situation, there must obviously be a malicious and duplicitous person who was attempting to kill everyone in Yun Xiaoman’s family.

“This Purplish Blue Flower cannot be placed in the Yun family anymore, or else everyone in the Yun family would die of poisoning.”

Mo Wen curled the corners of his lips and said.

“Since this flower is of use to Young friend Mo, you may take it.The whole Yun family will be thankful to you.”

Yun Deguang sighed softly with a sudden loneliness on his face.

“Thank you, Professor Yun.”

Mo Wen folded his arms and warned, “The person who gave this flower to Professor Yun is malicious and duplicitous with ill intention.”

Yun Deguang nodded slightly but didn’t comment further.

Mo Wen saw that Yun Deguang understood so he didn’t comment any further.He walked forward and took the Purplish Blue Flower including the pot in his hands.

Professor Yun was in a high position and the aspect of the world that he had in contact was naturally different from the normal people.Furthermore, he also practised ancient martial arts, though not brilliant, only an ancient martial arts practitioner in Soothing Pulse realm.However, since he had crossed the threshold, he definitely had an unusual past.

Regarding other’s secrets, Mo Wen was not interested to know.He was only interested in this full-bloomed Purplish Blue Flower in front of him.

The Purplish Blue Flower Poison in Professor Yun was being locked in the body by his Sealing of acupoint with golden needle technique.It would not affect the body when it didn’t have the situation of flaring up, but Yun Xiaoman’s father was different, Yun Zhihai had already gone into unconsciousness after the recent flare, his whole body was presenting a bluish purple glow which was the same as Professor Yun in the past but not as serious as him then.

Subsequently, Mo Wen performed a set of acupuncture techniques on Professor Yun again, but this time it was not Sealing of acupoints with golden needle technique, it was to remove the Purplish Blue Flower Poison from his body completely.

When the door was opened, it was a simple furnished room but it was a bedroom in noble style and on the huge bed lay a middle-aged man.At that moment, there was an elegant looking middle-aged woman sitting on the side of the bed taking care of him.

“Mom, I finally found Brother Mo.Father is going to be saved.”

Yun Xiaoman was the first to walk into the room.She went forward to hug the middle-aged woman and said excitedly.Her face was full of excitement.

23 “Xiaoman, is that true?” A sense of pleasant surprise flashed in the eyes of the middle-aged woman while she stood up immediately and looked at the doorway.

There were only two persons outside, one was Yun Deguang while the other was naturally Mo Wen.

She welcomed the two persons in immediately and asked nervously, “Mo Wen, Miracle Physician, can my husband be completely cured?”

“Don’t worry.”

Mo Wen gave her a comforting look, smiled before walking to the bed and cast a look at the middle-aged man on the bed.Although his whole body was covered with Purplish blue color, he was not as serious.After all, he was only poisoned for half a month.

Purplish Blue Flower Poison was unlike a cardiac glycoside poison, it was a kind of chronic poison.It was hard to deal with as it was difficult to cure completely so the person was able to see their life withering slowly bit by bit till the end, compared to the acute poison, it was more torturous to the person mentally and physically.

Mo Wen glanced at the patient and then at the rest including Yun Xiaoman.Professor Yun understandingly took Yun Xiaoman and the middle-aged woman by the hand out of the room and closed the door after them.

After everyone had left, Mo Wen walked towards Yun Zhihai and placed a palm onto his chest.

The palm instantly became bright red like a scorching metal piece that instantaneously burned the clothes on Yun Zhihai’s chest into ashes.

In a moment, a hot Inner Qi rushed into Yun Zhihai’s body.Mo Wen’s whole arm was spurting sparks and the next moment, the sparks spread and gradually covered Yu Zhihai’s whole body as if he was lying on a burning flame.

A person who practised Nine Yang Divine Technique had a body which was extremely full of Yang and was immune to millions of poisons.There were very few poisons in this world that Nine Yang Divine Technique was unable to control.

Therefore, the Fire of Nine Yang had the poison removal effect and was the best poison removal method in this world.

However, not everyone who practised Nine Yang Divine Technique dared to use it to help someone to remove the poison.As the Fire of Nine Yang was overbearing and aggressive, if the person didn’t have a good understanding of the human body and couldn’t control the Fire of Nine Yang to follow his desires, the person might burn the patient’s body directly into ashes, not to mention the removal of poison.

Mo Wen was a Miracle Physician so his understanding of the human body was incomparable.His control of the Fire of Nine Yang was close to the point of perfection, so he dared to use the Fire of Nine Yang to invade Yun Zhihai’s body in order to remove his poison.

Although he had other methods to force the Purplish Blue Flower Poison out completely, none was as easy and straightforward as the Fire of Nine Yang.

A minute later, Yun Zhihai’s body started to emit trails of bluish purple smoke.When those smoke were out of Yun Zhihai’s body, they would melt in the flame and eventually disappeared.

For about only five minutes, Mo We walked out of the room with a calm and tranquil face.

“Brother Mo, my father”

Yun Xiaoman who was waiting with bated breath outside the door asked immediately while Yun Xiaoman’s mother and Professor Yun turned to look at him at once.

“He is alright now.Just need to nurse for a few days and he would be completely fine,” Mo Wen said.

“Brother Mo, thank you.”

Yun Xiaoman sent Mo Wen in her car to the gate of Hua Xia University.Before leaving, she wound down the car window and stuck her head out saying.

“I have already received the wages, there is nothing to thank about,” Mo Wen said smilingly.

“That’s not true.This damned Purplish Blue Flower could never be a thank you gift.I will definitely send you a grand thank you gift another day.”

Yun Xiaoman snorted softly, obviously hostile towards the Purplish Blue Flower.

“Go home quickly and don’t loiter around.”

Mo Wen said while waving his hand.It would be fun to have the traffic police catching Yun Xiaoman, a sixteen or seventeen years old little girl, for driving around on the roads.

“I will go.You just think of chasing me away.”

Yun Xiaoman glared at Mo Wen and drove off angrily.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon at the moment, there was no more class in the school.Mo Wen went back to his dormitory straightaway.The dormitory was quiet as usual, there was no one around, not to mention any ghost.

Mo Wen was very curious as the people in the dormitory, though they were the students from Hua Xia University, the things they did had absolutely nothing to do with being a student.Furthermore, everyone seemed to be very busy but unsure what they were busy with.

He went back to his own room and started to research on the Soul Nurturing jade which was carved into a buddha figure.It contained the martial arts reflection of the Thirty-fourth Cult leader of Ming Cult but he had not completely researched it as the things in it was so profound and extensive that it couldn’t be comprehended in a day or two.

The next morning, when Mo Wen was on his way to the canteen for his breakfast, many people were discussing about Qin Xiaoyou’s case.

As the third beauty in the List of Campus Beauties, Qin Xiaoyou was naturally the kind of people who was getting most attention in the school especially during the period when she was disfigured, the news about her was simply spreading like wild fires in the whole school.

Nobody knew that within a few days, Qin Xiaoyou was back in school again but the weird thing was she didn’t have any sign of disfiguration and appeared to be as beautiful as usual, in fact, was even more beautiful than before.

The face was not only without any scar, but the skin was like a beautiful jade without any flaw and was giving out a delicate charming glow.

In a short time, those who didn’t know the truth thought that it was just a gossip but those who knew the truth were totally stupefied by such weird and unbelievable happening, some even suspected if the images they had seen before were just figments of their own imagination.

Regarding such thing, Mo Wen was not concerned so he didn’t bother commenting.

“Mo Wen.”

When he reached the entrance of the canteen, a familiar voice reverberated.

He looked towards the direction of the voice, there were two girls standing at the entrance of the canteen, they were none other than Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei.

Both girls were natural beauties so they naturally attracted many people’s attention while standing at the entrance of the canteen, which had a heavy flow of people.

“Why are you standing at the door?” Mo Wen asked puzzledly.

“Of course it’s because Xiaoyou is waiting for you.”

Wang Xiaofei glared at Mo Wen.This guy was always mysterious about his whereabouts and had always been busy with something unknown.Xiaoyou had been talking about him since last night and insisted on waiting for him at the entrance of the canteen today.

“Why do you wait for me? Let’s go in for breakfast.”

Mo Wen raised his brows and said.

Wang Xiaofei glared at Mo Wen again.This guy’s Emotional Quotient was really low.

Qin Xiaoyou blushed, then she spontaneously went forward and gripped on Mo Wen’s arm before walking into the canteen together.

Wang Xiaofei sighed helplessly.After a woman loved a man, they indeed couldn’t bear to leave even for a minute.When a man loved a woman, it was reckoned to be normal not to see each other for ten days or even half a month.

“Mo Wen, I would like to apologise to you for what happened before.A great man rarely harbours grievances for past wrongs, so please forgive me.”

Wang Xiaofei held out a cup of tea with both hands and said respectfully to Mo Wen.She gave Mo Wen a slap in the classroom before, though she didn’t manage to hit him, it was done without full understanding of the situation so it was her fault.

Qin Xiaoyou told her yesterday that Mo Wen didn’t actually hide and avoid visiting her intentionally, but he was in the Charm City so he didn’t know what had happened in the Capital.

Furthermore, Qin Xiaoyou’s burn was also healed by Mo Wen.Last night, after she saw Qin Xiaoyou’s delicate and fair skin which was as smooth as silk, she wished she could disfigure once so that she could be healed by Mo Wen.

“Apologise by words only?”

Mo Wen said in a muffled voice while he was chewing a bun in his mouth.At the same time, Qin Xiaoyou was cooling off a bowl of hot porridge for him.