Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Radish

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“Then, what do you want?” Wang Xiaofei raised her eyebrows. She glared at Mo Wen. In her heart, she disdainfully thought, “Did she need to give herself to him?”

A grown man and so stingy.

“I am thirsty. I’ll take this milk tea as tribute,” Mo Wen reached out his hand and snatched the milk tea in Wang Xiaofei’s hand, then unapologetically took a sip.

Wang Xiaofei was holding her milk tea and was just about to drink it when it suddenly vanished. She pointed angrily at Mo Wen saying, “You…shameless, snatching people’s things.”

“Hey, you are the one in the wrong. What’s wrong with me drinking a cup of milk tea?” Mo Wen said while raising his eyebrows.

“You” Wang Xiaofei pointed at Mo Wen, speechless. How could one be so shameless? Being so bold and in the right after snatching other’s things.

“It’s okay, Xiaofei. Later, I will buy you a milk tea,” Qin Xiaoyou said while smiling.

“Humph,” Wang Xiaofei turned her head aside begrudgingly. Now, Xiaoyou was all about that bastard. As expected, one would forget all about friends when she has a man. Forgetting loyalty when in love. Bad Xiaoyou!

Wang Xiaofei’s jealousy heightened. Mo Wen looked displeasing to the eyes from all angles. Before this, she still felt that he was quite a responsible, masculine man. Now she had changed her opinion about him completely. He was but a petty man.

“Fine, I’ll go buy one for you now, okay?” Qin Xiaoyou helplessly looked at the two of them at loggerheads which each other. She then stood up and headed over to the milk tea stand nearby.

Wang Xiaofei angrily glared at Mo Wen, making a face to further stress her anger. However, Mo Wen continued to eat his breakfast calmly. He had no intention of entertaining her antics and continued casually taking his own sweet time.

Wang Xiaofei kept on sitting there pent-up. After a while, she realised that getting angry at bastards like Mo Wen was like casting pearls at swine. It was just inflicting trouble upon herself.

“Don’t be angry anymore. Mo Wen didn’t do it on purpose. Faster finish your breakfast. Or else we will be late,” Qin Xiaoyou said and returned a milk tea to Wang Xiaofei helplessly.

Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes at Qin Xiaoyou. If this was not on purpose, what was on purpose? She was not being fair at all. Everything Mo Wen did was right.

In the end, Wang Xiaofei could only vent out her frustration on the breakfast before her. She squeezed the steamed bun forcefully, as though she had grudges against it. After eating breakfast, the three of them walked out of the cafeteria and got ready to head over to the classroom.

Initially Mo Wen didn’t want to go to class, but Qin Xiaoyou hoped he would go. After hesitating for a moment, since he had nothing else to do, he decided to follow her.However, while they were on the way to the faculty building, he met someone who disrupted his plan.

“Xiaoyou, I still have something to do. Both of you go to the classroom first,” Mo Wen gave Qin Xiaoyou an apologetic glance, then quickly turned around and chased after the person.

In the distance, a figure was walking towards the school gate. The figure was lonely, with unsurpassed beauty which couldn’t be concealed. Along the way, she had attracted attention of many, yet no one dared to go near her. If that person wasn’t Mo Qingge, who else could it be? After not seeing her for a few days, she still looked the same. However, Mo Wen knew that was not the case.

Her Massacre’s Host was not far from having an episode. At most in a week’s time, something was bound to happen. Mo Wen had already planned to look for her today, but he never imagined he would bump into her like this.

“Mo Qingge!” Mo Wen curled his lips, calling her from behind.

The silhouette in a distance paused slightly, looking back at Mo Wen. She frowned slightly, not knowing why this fellow was calling her for. After they met last time, Mo Wen had completely disappeared without a trace. She had thought he was just all talk, long forgetting her problems at the back of his mind. Of course, she wasn’t his sister, so him not caring about her was natural.

“It’s you again,” Mo Qingge as usual cherished her words like gold, acting as indifferent as ever. She was like a white cloud in the sky, far removed from the earth.

“You didn’t wish to see me?” Mo Wen laughed.

Mo Qingge smiled plainly, not saying a word. She shifted her gaze elsewhere, her refusal obvious. She did not want to come into contact with other people, but she couldn’t prevent people from contacting her. Hence, silence was her best way of refusing people.

“Are you preparing to leave school and hide away in a place with no one around, enduring the Massacre’s Host outbreak period all by yourself?” Mo Wen smiled, ignoring Mo Qingge’s attitude. He had a deep understanding towards people with the Massacre’s Host. In order to keep their soul absolutely clear and suppress the Massacre’s Host from having an outbreak, they had to avoid contact with any strangers. This was to reduce the stray thoughts they could have.

Mo Qingge nodded slightly. The Massacre’s Host outbreak period was approaching. If she still stayed in school, once she lost control, it would most likely stir up a disaster.

“Let me give you something,” Mo Wen took the Soul Nurturing Jade carved into a Buddha statue from his pocket and threw it at Mo Qingge. With the Soul Nurturing Jade, Mo Qingge could safely get through this outbreak period. The effects of the Soul Nurturing Jade were the strongest the first time it was used to suppress the Massacre’s Host. The more it was used, the less of an effect it would have.

The Massacre’s Host was bizarre, It could adapt to different things. If an object could suppress it, then the effects of that object would cause the Massacre’s Host to further adapt. As time went on, the object’s suppression effect would gradually weaken, until it was useless at suppressing the Massacre’s Host. It was just like the human body’s immune system: a relationship between pathogens and antibodies. Antibodies would adapt themselves to different pathogens in order to resist the invasion of foreign pathogens.

The Massacre’s Host was also like that, seemingly possessing a form of intellect. It wasn’t a simple thing to deal with. So when dealing with the Massacre’s Host, one had to constantly find new ways of suppressing it, otherwise one would be completely lost in the Massacre’s Host.

Mo Qingge extended her fair, slender hand, catching the Soul Nurturing Jade that Mo Wen had thrown at her without batting an eyelid.

“Soul Nurturing Jade!” Mo Qingge’s palm trembled slightly. Her eyes finally showed a ripple of emotion. She lifted her head and looked amazed at Mo Wen. For the first time, her expressionless face wore an amazed look.

“You recognize it?” Mo Wen’s eyes flashed past a glint of surprise. Mo Qingge’s knowledge wasn’t simple. She managed to recognize the Soul Nurturing Jade at a glance.

This had been in the Gu Clan Fort for four to five hundred years without anyone recognizing it. From here one could see how many people could actually recognize the Soul Nurturing Jade. Maybe many have heard of the Soul Nurturing Jade, but identifying it was no easy feat.

“Are you giving it to me?” Mo Qingge pursed her lips. Her voice finally carried a tad of emotion.

The Soul Nurturing Jade. She tried finding it for four to five years, but up till now she had been unsuccessful. Never did she imagine that one day someone would personally pass the Soul Nurturing Jade into her hands. Such a precious object was so easily given to her.

“For now I’m giving it to you. You can return me in the future,” Mo Wen laughed, saying. The Soul Nurturing Jade contained the essence of the lifetime martial arts teachings of the Ming Cult’s 34th cult leader. To him, those things were far more valuable than the Soul Nurturing Jade itself. He had barely touched the tip of the iceberg of the profound meanings of the martial arts teachings contained within. Just a small part was enough for him to contemplate for a long time.

Once he had finally digested all the things that he had managed to comprehend, he would find Mo Qingge to get back the jade Buddha to continue enlightening himself. When he had completely digested all of the profound martial arts teachings in the Soul Nurturing Jade, then giving Mo Qingge the Soul Nurturing Jade was no problem.

“Thank you,” Mo Qingge rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. To ask for something back after he had given away, how could that be called giving? She nodded her head at Mo Wen, then turned and walked out the school gate.

Mo Wen looked at Mo Qingge’s silhouette and said, “I can protect you.” If he could, he hoped to be at her side, personally ensuring that she completely got through the outbreak period for the Massacre’s Host before he could truly be at ease.

“No need,” an answer floated by, and along with the master, disappeared from Mo Wen’s sight.

Mo Wen sighed softly. He knew that getting Mo Qingge’s acknowledgement was not going to be an easy thing to do. The Massacre’s Host outbreak period was when Mo Qingge was in the most danger, most vulnerable state. When that happened she wouldn’t want people she didn’t trust to approach her.

From a distance, Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei kept standing on the spot, constantly looking in Mo Wen’s direction.

“That Mo Wen is just too much of a bastard. How can he be like this?” Wang Xiaofei was so mad till she couldn’t stop stomping her feet. That bastard had actually left Qin Xiaoyou to go flirt with Mo Qingge. It was outrageous, he was so inconsiderate to Qin Xiaoyou.

“Xiaofei, he just has some things to discuss with Mo Qingge. Why do you like to imagine things so much?” Qin Xiaoyou pulled on to Wang Xiaofei who was prepared to rush up to give Mo Wen a piece of her mind, pursing her lips as she said.

“Me…imagining things?” Wang Xiaofei stared at her in disbelief. She had lost completely to Qin Xiaoyou. Whose boyfriend was Mo Wen now? He was not her boyfriend, why would she be imagining things?

She felt that Qin Xiaoyou was truly obsessed. Who knew what love potion Mo Wen had spiked her with.

“Xiaoyou, you can’t keep letting him off like that. Otherwise, he will not know restraint,” Wang Xiaofei said to Qin Xiaoyou in a serious tone, hoping to change Qin Xiaoyou’s mentality around.

“Let me tell you, that Mo Wen, on the surface he looks wooden and makes you feel very safe. In reality though, he is a flirtatious radish. I heard that last time he had lunch alone with Miss Shen Jing, that’s why Su Boyu found fault with him. Now, he has even found Mo Qingge,”Wang Xiaofei said angrily. She had heard long ago from other people that Mo Wen and Miss Shen Jing were quite close. Although one was a teacher and the other a student, Miss Shen Jing was still very young. It was hard for nothing to happen.

Xiaoyou was now surrounded by love rivals. Strong competitors lay in ambush. However, the person herself had not taken it to heart yet.

“How is he a flirtatious radish? Could it be that he hit on you? Look at you all anxious. If I wasn’t holding on to you, you would have found him to pick a fight,” Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Wang Xiaofei. Could she go over now? Would she go over just to be jealous? Go over to fight?Then wouldn’t she be a shrewd woman in Mo Wen’s eyes? Who liked an unreasonable girl?

“You”Wang Xiaofei pointed at Qin Xiaoyou, her words failed her. At this point, she was still defending Mo Wen. She even helped him chastise her. It was inconceivable.

“Alright, it’s my fault. Calm down,” Qin Xiaoyou held onto Wang Xiaofei’s hand. She gently patted her on the back as she consoled her. Her gaze, however, never left Mo Wen’s side.

[1] Flirtatious radish refers to a womanizer.