Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Great Hero

Wang Xiaofei turned her head to the side angrily. She reckoned Mo Wen was not really a good person, and with Xiaoyou's character, she would definitely be bullied.

Qin Xiaoyou smiled helplessly. Wang Xiaofei's character was impulsive and outspoken; sometimes she was very simple and innocent when considering matters.

Regardless of how jealous she was, there was nothing that she could do.She couldn't be making a scene for such thing as the whole school would get to know about it, then followed by the relationship being broken completely and became strangers.

She had come to the point in which she couldn't live without Mo Wen and was afraid of losing.The more you care about something, the more you know the need to cherish it.

"That Mo Qingge is actually quite pretty."

Qin Xiaoyou held Wang Xiaofei's hand and said softly.Mo Qingge indeed had the quality of the first beauty in the school, there might not be anyone in the school that was comparable to her.

"Hey Xiaoyou, that Mo Qingge is not that beautiful and has always appeared to be aloof like a fairy who is out of this world.She is just a mortal.

Wang Xiaofei rolled her eyes and snorted softly, "I think she is not as pretty as our Xiaoyou who is adorable and understanding, can't she beat that?She is able to be the first school beauty as the guys in the school just enjoy being trampled upon so they like a woman as cold as her.Wait till Xiaoyou have been in the school long enough, your popularity will definitely surpass hers."

"How can Mo Qingge be that bad.Alright, I know you are comforting me but I can't under-estimate my competitor." Qin Xiaoyou pursed her lips and said.

"Still insist that you don't mind, you have already treated her as your competitor."

Wang Xiaofei glared at Qin Xiaoyou.Dissimulative and pretended to be calm but perhaps the heart was extremely anxious.

"Oh, Mo Wen gave something to Mo Qingge so both of them must have some monkey business going on.Xiaoyou, you should be more careful.He won't be giving the necklace that he had given you the last time to Mo Qingge, will he?"

Wang Xiaofei suddenly widened her eyes as she saw Mo Wen was giving something to Mo Qingge.To give a gift in the presence of everyone and Qin Xiaoyou, what was he trying to do?

Mo Wen had given Qin Xiaoyou a necklace but she had returned it back to him.As the confidante of Qin Xiaoyou, she naturally knew about it.Even she coveted that priceless necklace which was a perfect combination of nobility and elegance.Furthermore, one's charisma would be instantly changed when the necklace was on their neck.

However hard she tried to persuade her, Qin Xiaoyou chose to return it to Mo Wen, which made her really mad.

Now if Mo Wen were to give that necklace to someone, she would definitely be crying.

"It's not."

Qin Xiaoyou pursed her lips tightly while her eyes were fixed on the thing that was in Mo Qingge's hand.After a while, she shook her head and said.

"Anyway, he gave something to Mo Qingge, so you better be careful."

Wang Xiaofei heaved a sigh of relief after hearing her answer.Being born in a rich family, she vaguely knew a little about that necklace.It was an Imperial Green Jadeite pendant, just the pendant itself would have cost more than ten million dollars.

However, she didn't tell Qin Xiaoyou but only mentioned that the thing was very precious and told her to keep it safely.Or else if she knew the price, perhaps she would be returning it to Mo Wen out of shock.Mo Wen was not a poor person and was always giving out things, so why returned it to him?

Mo Wen was a little depressed while walking back.Although he treated Mo Qingge as his own sister, he knew that Mo Qingge was not his sister and he was the one who had substituted them on his own accord.He had been associating with Mo Qingge with such mentality so Mo Qingge would never acknowledge him.

As it was just a story to Mo Qingge, but to him, it was his life.

His feelings for Mo Qingge was based on his sister, Mo Dong'er in the past life.If this point had been removed, were they not like strangers?

Perhaps because of this, Mo Qingge was resentful towards him, when the concern for someone was based on the feelings for another person, wasn't it hypocritical?

The purer the heart of a person, only those who had a more refined heart could get close to them.

Mo Wen sighed softly.He knew that if he couldn't let go of the feelings for Mo Dong'er and treat Mo Qingge with a new feeling, he would never win over Mo Qingge's heart.

"You looked so dejected, why?The goddess rejected you?"

Wang Xiaofei smiled and asked mockingly.A look at Mo Wen's expression, everyone would be able to see that he was in a bad mood.Mo Qingge didn't seem to reject his gift, could it be that Mo Qingge accepted his gift but cast him aside?

If it was so, she would definitely be laughing and gloating over his misfortune.

He didn't cherish Xiaoyou who was such a beautiful and understanding girl, so served him right that he was unlucky.

Unconsciously, Mo Wen had returned to the sides of Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei.After he heard the query, he dazed for a moment, "People like Mo Qingge was definitely not easy to get close to, why are both of you still here?You will be late for class."

"We are waiting for you just in case you are being taken advantage of."Wang Xiaofei curled her lips and punned.

"Mo Wen, is the matter settled?Let's go for class." Qin Xiaoyou said while going forward to grip Mo Wen's arm intimately.

"Mm, let's go."

Mo Wen nodded but he straightaway ignored Wang Xiaofei's speech.He only snatched her cup of milk tea, was there a need to keep picking on him?

When the three of them went into the classroom, the class had not started but the classroom was filled with students who were waiting for the bell to go off to start the class.

As Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou entered the classroom, they instantly captured the eyes of all the people, the next moment, a loud applause resounded.

What kind of situation was this?

Mo Wen was baffled with what was happening and glanced at all the students in the classroom with his eyes full of puzzle.However, Qin Xiaoyou's face was blushing and lowered her head slightly.

"Hmm, it was" Wang Xiaofei glared at Mo Wen and explained.

Actually, after Qin Xiaoyou went back to the class yesterday, she realised that the classmates had misunderstood Mo Wen and claimed that he was an irresponsible man.

Qin Xiaoyou was obviously unhappy to hear that so she went to the pulpit and defended Mo Wen.

She explained that Mo Wen rushed back from the Charm City to look for her upon knowing that she was hurt.After he couldn't find her, he even went to the deep mountains and virgin forests to look for her.Subsequently, he even "painstakingly" treated her of her burns In a nutshell, Mo Wen was very good and was the great hero who travelled a thousand miles to save the beauty.


The teacher in the class was a middle-aged female lecturer who was teaching Advanced Mathematics.At this moment, a big portion of the chalk board had been written with differential formulae.

For Mathematics, Mo Wen had some understanding of it but not very well-versed either.During the High School examinations, his Mathematics was one of his worst subjects.As for those formulae, a look at them would give him a massive headache so he was not ready to learn them now.

However, Qin Xiaoyou and Wang Xiaofei were good students in the eyes of the lecturer with well-prepared notes and textbooks, paying attention in class and always making notes attentively.

Mo Wen came alone with absolutely nothing on his table.He looked around for a while and was really bored.Then, he simply took out the iPhone 6 that Shen Jing had given him and was meddling with it clumsily.

He logged in to the QQ, instantly, the beeping sounds of the message notifications resounded continuously.The sounds lingered on incessantly like the lighted firecrackers.

In the quiet classroom, it was especially clear.

Instantaneously, everyone cast a weird look at Mo Wen, even Qin Xiaoyou beside him was shocked.

The middle-aged female lecturer at the pulpit glanced in his direction, pushed her spectacle frame and was about to say something.

Mo Wen nodded slightly at everyone, held his handphone up calmly and said, "Madam, I have forgotten to switch off the alarm."

"Switch it off immediately, don't' affect the discipline in the classroom."

After the female lecturer heard his explanation, her face gradually returned to normal, nodded her head and focused her attention back to the class.

Mo Wen put down the handphone, took a glimpse at the screen.Good gracious! A person's chat box displayed seven to eight hundred messages, all from a person by the name of Yun Xiaoman.

He tapped and opened it.He immediately knew that Qin Xiaoman must have gone crazy looking for him and had sent him more than a hundred aggrieved emoticons.

Mo Wen's lips twitched.He seldom had the habit of logging in to QQ which resulted in some people who were looking for him via QQ to be overwhelmed with sorrows, some might even think that the owner of this QQ was dead

Other than Yun Xiaoman, there were a few messages from Gu Jingman and obviously they were dated yesterday.

The Wick, "Silly brother, return to school yet?I only knew about Gu Clan Fort's case today.Thank you for helping your sister's family through this crisis.I will definitely treat you to a good meal next time to express my gratitude.By then, I will agree to whatever you want."


Mo Wen cursed secretly.Whoever read this message was going to let their imagination go wild but fortunately Mo Wen was very calm.Gu Jingman would only flirt with him but it was definitely difficult to take any advantage of her.

The Wick, "The lousy thing that you have given me that necklace.What exactly is it?Why does it have so many word cravings on it? It is not a love letter, is it?So young and yet so romantic, you have a great future ahead.But aren't you afraid that your beauty, Lin Qing, will be jealous?I will give her a copy of your love letter later"


The corners of Mo Wen's lips twitched a little and closed the chat box, absolutely couldn't be bothered to reply to Gu Jingman.He was wondering if he should finish her up the next time he met her so that she wouldn't be seducing anyone whenever she had time.

Unknowingly a lesson had ended, there was only one lesson today.Once it was over, all the students rushed out of the classroom seemingly rushing back to their dormitories to play games.

After Qin Xiaoyou had finished packing her stuff, she held Mo Wen's arm tightly and bit her lips while looking at him.

"What happen?" Mo Wen asked curiously.

"That That That necklace the other day?" Qin Xiaoyou asked while lowering her head slightly with her face as red as beet.

"I've thrown it away." Mo Wen rolled his eyes before replying.


Qin Xiaoyou released her hand silently while tears dripped onto the floor like a string of pearls.

The corners of Mo Wen's lips twitched.That's why the books mentioned that women were made of water, that's indeed true.

"I left it in the dormitory, I will pass it to you later."

Mo Wen said helplessly.Since she liked it, why returned it back to him? Women were indeed weird animals.

When they were out of the classroom, Qin Xiaoyou bid farewell to Wang Xiaofei saying that she was collecting something from Mo Wen's dormitory so she would return to the dormitory later.

Wang Xiaofei glared at Qin Xiaoyou, then she left alone furiously.

"What did you give Mo Qingge just now?" Qin Xiaoyou bit her lips, lowered her head and asked while on their way.