Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Its Dangerous

Qin Xiaoyou still took Mo Wen's interaction with Qingge to heart, especially since he gave her something and she accepted.

"It was something very important to her." Mo Wen said nonchalantly without even batting an eyelid.

"Oh," Qin Xiaoyou bit her lip and nodded.

Mo Wen grabbed onto Qin Xiaoyou's hand and took her back to his dormitory. Qin Xiaoyou was still quite intrigued about this legendary Freak Dormitory, but since Mo Wen was with her, she feared nothing.

"That's it? Your dormitory?" Qin Xiaoyou exclaimed with her eyes wide open.

So this was the legendary Freak Dormitory. It was quite similar to her dormitory; furthermore, it was quite neat and clean. It wasn't as messy as what other girls said about boys' dormitory.

She was assuming the terrifying dormitory would have something like a lion or a tiger. Or at least a German Shepherd...

"Or else? What do you think it should be?" Mo Wen shrugged while saying.

In the living room, there was someone sitting. The person was no other than Dongfang Yi.

"Hello. I am Qin XiaoyouI'm Mo Wen's friend. Sorry for disturbing," Qin Xiaoyou said politely while smiling.

"So you are that...hmm, girl, you are really beautiful. Both you and Mo Wen make a lovely couple, a perfect match," Dongfang Yi looked at Qin Xiaoyou with a glint of surprise in his eyes. He had nearly said "so you are the disfigured Qin Xiaoyou". Luckily he managed to swallow his words back down. Qin Xiaoyou did not have anything remotely relatable to disfigurement now, conversely looking even more eye-catching and delicate than before

He then remembered that Mo Wen was a highly capable physician. The burn marks on Qin Xiaoyou's face were probably treated by him. After just a few days time, not even a scar was visible. His medical skills were indeed astounding.

Qin Xiaoyou's face turned red. Her two dainty hands were entangled together as she lowered her small head. Mo Wen look askance at Dongfang Yi. He had no mood to deal with him. Dragging Qin Xiaoyou, he entered his room and slammed the door shut with a loud bang.

Qin Xiaoyou carefully sized up Mo Wen's room. She initially had wanted to help him tidy up a bit, but she discovered that it was very tidy and clean inside. There was no need for her to do so.

"Yo, perfectly intact," Mo Wen took the necklace hanging on the hall stand, passing it to Qin Xiaoyou as he said.

Qin Xiaoyou tightly clutched the necklace in her hand. Her face flushed red, and with some resentment said, "How could you hang it on a hall stand."

"I hung it up to air it out. It is afraid of the dark too." Mo Wen's lips twitched once, saying.

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. She put on the necklace on her fair, slender neck, and after looking at herself in the mirror asked Mo Wen saying, "Is it pretty?"

"Pretty. So pretty." Mo Wen said while constantly nodding his head.

"You didn't even look" Qin Xiaoyou silently humphed.

"I looked. When you were not paying attention, I took a few peeks." Mo Wen said.

"Only a fool would believe you," Qin Xiaoyou bit her lip. She was very dissatisfied with Mo Wen's perfunctory actions.

"Wah, it's too beautiful. The heavens gasp and the earth weeps at its beauty!" Mo Wen's mouth twitched, then with a serious look stared at Qin Xiaoyou. Then he suddenly hit the back of his head, raised his head and said this with a long sigh,"Loquacious."

Qin Xiaoyou laughed with glee, rolling her eyes at Mo Wen and said, "Then, I'll head back first."

"Head back first then. Wang Xiaofei is still waiting for you," Mo Wen nodded his head saying.

"Do want me to leave so badly?" Qin Xiaoyou said with a humph.

"Then stay for the night. The bed is big enough, we can squeeze." Mo Wen's mouth twitched.

"Go die!" Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen and said, "I am going then."

She had barely turned and walked away, when she suddenly walked back biting her lip. When Mo Wen was not paying attention, she tiptoed and placed a kiss on his check, saying "Thank you, you are so good" and ran out with her face beet red.

Mo Wen touched his cheek. He rolled his eyes. Woman were so hard to please.

Walking out of the room, Mo Wen sat across from Dongfang Yi.

"What were you two doing so sneakily in the room just now?" Dongfang Yi's lips curled, and he said teasingly.

"Mind your own business," Mo Wen indulgently poured himself a glass of red wine. Wherever Dongfang Yi was, there was always be wine.

"Yesterday's incident with the Su clan. Were you involved?" Mo Wen asked nonchalantly.

"I was helping you, otherwise you would have messed up big time," Dongfang Yi cast a glance at Mo Wen while saying. He continued, "People like uscan be reckless sometimes, but it's not like there are no taboos. Regardless of the industry, there are also some hidden rules."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. He did not comment.

"Surprisingly, you managed to kill the Su clan's Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner. Based on your ability, you are probably ranked third in this dormitory," Dongfang Yi said with a sigh. Sure enough, the people able to live in this dormitory were not ordinary people. He was curious before as to how Mo Wen could stay in the dormitory.

"Only third?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, He had only met three people in the dormitory, the other two he had not seen before, but for sure they would not be much older than he was. It could be said that those who lived in the dormitory were demon level genius ancient martial art practitioners.

"Being the third is not so easy. If word got out, you would be famous in the ancient martial arts world," Dongfang Yi chuckled helplessly. Mo Wen was not satisfied with being third. No matter how Dongfang Yi worked hard at cultivating, he would be the person at the bottom in the dormitory.

Dongfang Yi sensed that Mo Wen wanted more explanation, "Let me clear your confusion. In the dormitory there is a person who is a demon among demons. We call him the Transvestite. Rumour has it that his cultivation level is close to the Embryonic Breathing realm. There is also another person who has a ghostly aura around him. He likes to deal with unlucky things. He is like a ghost. We call him the Dwarf. Rumour has it that two years ago he reached the Qi Nucleation realm. Then there is the person known as the Butcher. The guy is cold as ice, with a strong bloodlust. Rumour has it that he is halfway to the Qi Nucleation realm. As to whether he has broken through yet, that is unknown. If he has broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm, you'd probably be fourth."

Dongfang Yi looked askance at Mo Wen. The reason why Mo Wen was placed third was because that day Mo Wen had such an amazing aura, far greater than the Butcher's bloodlust. Of course, this was based on the assumption that the Butcher hadn't broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm. If he had, Mo Wen still would not be his opponent. Genius versus genius, the difference between realms was hard to overcome.

Although the Butcher hadn't broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm, with his current ability, he could still kill a normal beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner. So, who was stronger between Mo Wen and the Butcher was hard for him to conclude.

"I see," Mo Wen slightly nodded his head. The Transvestite of the Five Freaks was a peerless genius. At such a young age, he was already close to the cultivation level of the Embryonic Breathing realm. His heaven defying talent was close to the other world's genius miracle physician Mo Wen.

"I've heard recently that you and Mo Qingge are close?" Dongfang Yi said chuckling.

"What about that?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"As a friend, let me give you a bit of advice. That Mo Qingge is dangerous. Very dangerous. You better not get close to her, let alone have other intentions" warned Dongfany Yi. After a pause, he slowly said, "She, is far more terrifying than the Transvestite in our dormitory."

Dongfang Yi gave a self-depreciating smile and sipped a mouthful of wine, "Women like her are not the type that men can afford."

"You seem to know her well?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, asking interestedly.

"That's all I'll say. As for anything else, you better not ask me. Even if you asked, I wouldn't dare to tell." Dongfang Yi shook his head saying.

"She is quite something," Mo Wen laughed, his eyes becoming pensive. It was not easy for women with the Massacre's Host to live until they were in their twenties. Mo Dong'er had just turned seventeen when Mo Wen had left back then.

Just with that, Mo Dong'er had faced great peril more than once. Sometimes he could not understand how Mo Qingge kept shouldering this. Every outbreak of the Massacre's Host was more and more terrifying. The later the stage, the harder it was to persevere.

"Do you know why I like sitting in the living room?" Dongfang Yi suddenly changed the subject saying.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. He looked confused at Dongfang Yi.

"That's because I am in charge of monitoring the movements of the people in the dormitory. Before it was just the four of them. Now, there is one more person. You." Dongfang Yi laughed saying.

"You are related with the Huatian Palace?" Mo Wen asked intrigued. Since yesterday that Huatian Palace White Tiger Palace Hall elder had arrived so quickly at the Su clan, it was not hard to guess that Dongfang Yi and the Huatian Palace were related.

"The Huatian Palace has an intelligence unit called the Heaven's Eye, and I am one of its members." Dongfang Yi shot a glance at Mo Wen saying.

"You sure are generous with your information," Mo Wen's lips curled. Dongfang Yi had came clean to him about such a matter.

"This isn't really a secret. Everyone in the dormitory already knows, so they call me a traitor," Dongfang Yi shrugged his shoulders.

"According to what I know, the Su clan has already reported you to the Huatian Palace. The Huatian Palace is currently handling the matter." Dongfang Yi said.

"How will the Huatian Palace deal with the matter?" Mo Wen narrowed his eyes as he asked.

"Don't worry. You are a young genius and you haven't committed a serious offense. The Huatian Palace has always been lenient. They won't have any substantial punishments, at most a symbolic penalty," Dongfang Yi lips curled as he said, "Wait for the Huatian Palace official to find you. You better not resist. Just follow them to the Huatian Palace for a trip and nothing will happen."

"Your Huatian Palace really likes to poke and pry." Mo Wen sneered saying.

Dongfang Yi coldly snorted, "Don't be sour. The Huatian Palace's contributions to Hua Xia is not something any dynasty, faction or person can compare to. The peace and prosperity as well as social order we can enjoy is largely due to the Huatian's Palace seniors from previous generations who gave up their lives in exchange for this."

With Mo Wen: this frivolous prick, whoever met him would have their hands full.

Mo Wen laughed without commenting. His lips curled as he said, "I am somewhat interested in your Huatian Palace."

Regarding the Huatian Palace, Mo Wen was very curious as to what type of organisation was it. What secrets did it hide within? The rise and fall of ancient martial arts factions was unpredictable. It was possible to be overturned overnight. It was difficult to maintain prosperity forever. It was unimaginable for a faction to be able to rule over the martial arts world of Hua Xia for four, five hundred years.