Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Mo Qingtian

Even during that year in which Ming Cult was the strongest, it was unable to control the world and was not as aloof and above the worldly things as Huatian Palace. After all, there were many ancient and powerful influences that were equivalent to Ming Cult.

Hua Xia had a few thousand years of history with long-standing and rich cultures that had many unknown things hidden in it. In terms of heritage, Ming Cult was nothing compared to such a huge ancient civilisation which was so complex.

Long time ago, during the Warring States period when the classical philosophy schools contended, different kinds of strong and able people were continuously emerging in batches to take the leads for several hundreds of years.

However, the recent four to five hundred years, Huatian Palace had become the major dominating party which governed the warriors for a long time yet unflagging.Why was it so?What were secrets hidden in it?Everything was an enigma.

"There are many people who were interested in Huatian Palace, not lacking of a person like you."

Dongfang Yi curled his lips to a smile and said, "I reckoned, it would be more meaningful if you were to put your effort on an ancient martial arts influence by the name of Dafang Sect."

"Dafang Sect?" Mo Wen raised his brows and a tinge of puzzle flashing across his eyes.

"That ancient martial arts practitioner in Su Clan was known as Wu Dong who was an elder of the Dafang Sect."Dongfang Yi took a sip of the red wine and said indifferently, "The influence of Dafang Sect was quite strong and their behaviour were arrogant.You killed one of their elders, according to their behaviour and style, they will surely look for you for revenge."

"How strong is Dafang Sect?" Mo Wen raised his brows.

"Dafang Sect had a top-notch expert in the Embryonic Breathing realm and reckoned to have at least twenty persons in Qi Nucleation realm.It was known as one of the top-ranking influences in the ancient martial arts world."

Dongfang Yi curled his lips and replied.Once Dafang Sect was involved, Mo Wen might find it hard to get some peace in the future.

Being able to have the strength of an ancient martial arts expert in Embryonic Breathing realm, it should be considered as a reputable influence in the whole of ancient martial arts world.Having one in Embryonic Breathing realm was equivalent to have an army of thousands of soldiers and horses as many ancient martial arts practitioners in Qi Nucleation realm might never get to that realm in their whole life.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders without commenting.Then he gulped down the glass of wine before returning back to his room.

In the night, Mo Wen continued to persevere in his practice and meditation.Almost every day, he would practise hard without negligence.As he knew that in any world, only when one was strong enough that he would be successful and would be able to do whatever he desired without restrictions, so as to get other's respect and wouldn't be bullied by anyone.

An example would be Huatian Palace.If it was strong enough and being able to surpass all, nobody would dare to fight it and it wouldn't have any apprehensions.

And there was that Dafang Sect.The power of a Sect was indeed a huge danger to him.

Without hard work, one was bound to doom.When one lived in confinement and in a world that others governed, the result for not obeying the rules was doom.

Therefore, he had to practise harder to make him stronger continually.Only with the ability to surpass all that one could be without apprehension.

If it was in the past, he might have much confidence.But now, with the experience of a lifetime, the three divine techniques, the martial arts reflections of the Thirty-fourth generation Clan leader of Ming Cult and the transformation that Blood-Heart grass had on the body, everything had become possible.

Perhaps he could progress further to enter the legendary Golden Elixir realm or even had the possibility of surpassing this realm.

However, the path of practice focused on circular economy and was an accumulation with the passing of time.

The other time at Gu Clan Fort, Mo Wen had accidentally attained the intermediate stage of Sea of Qi realm which allowed his Inner Qi to increase more than a hundred percent.However, something that was gained in strange encounter might not belong to oneself.So, the last few days, he was continuously reinforcing his realm by changing the external force to be his own strength.

Having the practising experience of the past lifetime, Mo Wen deeply understood that only with a strong foundation that one could break through the higher realm.

Some ancient martial arts practitioners had been stuck in a realm their whole life and were unable to break through it.Most of the time, it was not the lack of talents but the lack of mentality.During the practice, one shouldn't be eager to gain success and get instant benefits which would lead them to go astray.

The following few days, Mo Wen went for classes as usual, spending his free time researching on medical expertise and practised his ancient martial arts in the night.

Perhaps Su Clan's case happened recently so Dafang Sect and Huatian Palace had yet to find him.

However, he was being bothered by Shen Jing.


In a deserted place of the deep mountains, a slender figure stood at the peak of the summit at the height of five thousand meters.Below it was the rolling sea of clouds which billowed like the sea, looking spectacular.That figure in white dress with a graceful stance, standing windward and her clothing was flapping aggressively like a fairy out of this world.She looked proud and aloof with a splendour of standing at the highest peak that made all other mountains dwarfed in comparison.

"Sister, how confident are you to succeed in the Massacre crisis this time?"

Behind the aloof figure stood another figure, this person was in a white blouse with a slender body.His fingers were as beautiful as jade, his brows and eyes were like paintings; he seemed like a man and seemed like a woman, giving people a weird feeling.However, the face of neutral gender made people feel comfortable and was a feast to the eyes.

She, if she was a woman, she was definitely the most beautiful woman in this world.

He, if he was a man, he would be the most attractive man in this world.

A very contradictory yet very harmonious combination, neither male nor female, but he looked as perfect as a piece of art.

"If in the past, only fifty percent; but now, with the Soul Nurturing jade, there should be ninety percent possibility."

Mo Qingge stood with her arms folded and looked at the sea of clouds below her.Her eyes looked as deep as the sea of smoke with her body giving out a sense of unspeakable vast tolerance.

"The person who gave you the Soul Nurturing jade seemed quite interesting."

Mo Qingtian curled his lips and smiled evilly.He was different from Mo Qingge's pure beauty, his body always had a sense of unspeakable devilish charm.


Mo Qingge lowered her eyes and muttered, and then she said, "A very weird person, I can't comprehend him."

"Sister, you can't comprehend because you don't want to comprehend.After so many years, this is the first time you pay attention on a person.

Mo Qingtian pursed his lips and laughed.He didn't believe that there was anyone that his sister couldn't comprehend.

"Tian'er, you don't understand some things so don't let your imagination run wild."

Mo Qingge smiled.When she said she couldn't comprehend, she really couldn't comprehend.

A person who knew about the Massacre's Host; a person who could tell the story that could only be told by someone of vast experiences; a person who owned the Soul Nurturing jade and knew that Soul Nurturing jade could suppress the Massacre's Host; a person who had no experiences before the age of eighteen but had revealed his extraordinary and shocking abilities after the age of eighteen.

When one tried to link them up, one would realise everything seemed so confusing and enigmatic.

"Sister, I can help you to investigate on him, if you are willing." Mo Qingtian said while smiling.

"Forget it.That was other's personal matter, it has nothing to do with us." Mo Qingge shook her head and said.

"According to what I know recently, Huatian Palace and Dafang Sect will be looking for him."

Mo Qingtian gazed at the sea of clouds far away, pursed his lips and said.He was curious about the attitude that his sister actually had towards Mo Wen as it was rare that his sister was concerned about someone.

"Recruit him into Vermilion Bird Palace Hall then.With his ability, he was actually qualified." Mo Qingge muttered to herself for a moment.

"Vermilion Bird Palace Hall has never recruited any man before.Sister will be breaking the rules."

Mo Qingtian laughed mischievously.He really would like to know how it would look like to have a big man among a group of women.

"Rules are made by human.Now, your sister is the rule." Mo Qingge said indifferently.


Mo Qingtian smiled helplessly.Being able to say such arrogant words in such indifferent manner, perhaps only his sister was qualified to do it.

"Tian'er, you go ahead now.Just in case I failed in the Massacre crisis, you should know what to do."

Mo Qingge looked askance at the person behind her, a tinge of grief flashed in her eyes.


Mo Qingtian opened his mouth but looking at his sister who was no longer talking, he swallowed all his words silently.

Sister still didn't let him stay and would rather face the frightening Massacre crisis alone.He knew the consequences if his sister were to fail.

"I understood."

Mo Qingtian lowered his head, turned around silently and left.

On the top of the summit, there was only a lonely figure left

Mo Wen bent over onto his desk and took a nap.The time in the afternoon would be wasted if it was not spent on a nap.

Qin Xiaoyou sat next to Mo Wen with a folded fan in her hand.She was listening to the lecture while fanning Mo Wen to reduce the summer heat.

So, Mo Wen slept very comfortably and was having a very sweet dream.He dreamt of

Just when the sweet dream was at the critical moment, a banging sound resounded on the table like an earthquake that shook for a moment.It had awoken Mo Wen with a shock.

"What are you doing?"

Mo Wen stared furiously at the figure who appeared next to him unknowingly, it was none other than Shen Jing.F**k!Nearly shocked him to impotence.

"No sleeping in class."

Shen Jing glared hard at Mo Wen with a textbook in one arm while holding the teacher's cane in another; the imposing manner of a teacher was exemplified vividly and completely.

Dare to sleep in her class, simply disrespecting her, couldn't imagine how he would behave in other lecturers' classes.


Mo Wen looked at Shen Jing completely speechless.He was not the only one sleeping in class, why picked on him?Perhaps held a grudge against him.

"No sleeping."

Shen Jing stared at Mo Wen before going back to the pulpit satisfyingly.

"Told you not to sleep in Miss Shen Jing's class."

Qin Xiaoyou glared at Mo Wen and patted on his back softly for him to recover from his shock.

Mo Wen rolled his eyes as he had forgotten that this class seemed to be Shen Jing's class.He slept before the class had started so he simply didn't know whose class it was.

"Attend your class.Busybody." Mo Wen hit on Qin Xiaoyou's head and said.

Qin Xiaoyou snorted softly and glared at Mo Wen grudgingly.Once being bullied, he would only bully her to vent his anger.

"Mo Wen, come to my office after class."

When the class had ended, Shen Jing instructed Mo Wen before she turned to leave the classroom.

"What does Miss Shen Jing ask you to do?"

Qin Xiaoyou asked curiously.Could Miss Shen Jing be punishing Mo Wen for sleeping in class?

"Heaven knows.I will just go over and find out."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and walked out of the classroom leisurely.

"I will wait for you at the doorway of the canteen for dinner tonight." Qin Xiaoyou shouted hurriedly at Mo Wen's receding back.