Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 152

Chapter 152: That is Me

"Where is she?" Mo Wen put down the phone darkly and asked as he looked at Dongfang Yi expressionlessly. They have preliminarily confirmed that Shen Jing had been kidnapped but was there any other hidden details that required further ascertaining?

"She is at a company storehouse on Changan street. It is about 5000 meters from school and its coordinates are" Dongfang Yi smiled and did not rush as he said.

"Stop spouting nonsense, just give me the address written on a piece of paper directly, then draw up a map for me," Mo Wen said impatiently. He still bothered to talk about coordinates? Such a complex thing would be of no use even if he had told him.

Dongfang Yi rolled his eyes and he scolded ground beetle under his breath. Then he picked up Mo Wen's phone and quickly typed in a series of data before pointing at the map and said, "You can walk along where this arrow is directing and you will be able to find the storehouse where that person is at."

Mo Wen scanned the screen and noticed that there were two points. The red point indicated his current position while the green point indicated where the storehouse on Changan street was. In the middle, there were streets and infrastructure that were all expressed very clearly.

"Not bad, advanced technology indeed," Mo Wen nodded his head, satisfied. Without a second word, he disappeared with a flash.

"Ground beetle," The corner of Dongfang Yi's mouth twitched a little and he helplessly rolled his eyes. However, he could only wait till Mo Wen had left before he dared to say it.

In the dimly lit storehouse, there were layers of goods stacked up. Inside, there was a little room for people to take a rest and it was lit with dim lighting. The little room was designed very simply. There was a bed, a desk, several stools, a cabinet. Other than that, there were no other furniture.

At the moment, there was a woman lying slanted on the bed. Both her hands and legs were tied up and she looked like a curled-up shrimp. Her mouth had been taped up and she let out muffled crying sounds from time to time. Who else could the kidnapped person be apart from Shen Jing.

In the doorway of the little room, there sat a person who was half-naked. A black head mask was worn on his head which blocked his face from view. In his hand, there was a cigarette and he nervously looked out of the window once in a while to keep watch. From the looks of his continuously trembling fingers, it was obvious that he was very anxious.

His other hand was still wrapped with bandage and on it were traces of blood. Clearly, something had cut and hurt his hand. After a long while, he worriedly looked at his phone and realized that any news of the remittance had yet to appear. He could not help furrowing his eyebrows.

"Stinking wh*re, that fiance of yours has yet to remit any money over. Is he not caring about you anymore?" That person fiercely threw the cigarette butt on the floor before walking over to Shen Jing and violently ripping the tape off her mouth. His tone was ghastly and blood-curling as he talked to her.

Shen Jing dully let out a humph and forced herself to bear the pain. She fiercely glared at that person and said, "Do you think 20 million will be so easy for the transaction to be completed? Do you think your family opened the bank? Even getting the sum of 20 million requires more than an hour and many processes are needed before the remittance can be completed."

Of course, her words were said to mislead the kidnapper. Online banking was so developed nowadays such that a remittance of 20 million could be completed in almost no time at all. However, she believed that the person before her eyes had no idea at all. This was because from the looks of him, he seemed like someone who had never seen money before.

"Why is Mo Wen still not here yet" Internally, Shen Jing was very anxious. She had told the kidnapper that Mo Wen was her fiance and that he was of a rich origin with the goal of letting Mo Wen know that she had been kidnapped. She knew that with Mo Wen's capabilities, he would definitely be able to save her.

"Humph, 20 million is not a small sum. Are you sure that fiance of yours is willing to pay so much money for your sake?" that person's voice had suddenly become a little odd.

In order to keep the kidnapper calm, Shen Jing could only lie continuously, "He will pay. He loves me a lot. Moreover, 20 million is not much to him." In her heart, she kept praying for Mo Wen to turn up as soon as possible.

"Hehe, 20 million to buy the heart of a big beauty. To a rich person, it is indeed not too big a sum," The kidnapper oddly started to laugh in a dark manner. He extended his hand to stroke Shen Jing's face while laughing evilly, "But I won't send such a pretty girl back. You are mine. In life, you are my person. In death, you will be my ghost. I have been waiting a long time for this day."

"What?" Shen Jing's expression had changed. Could it be that the motive of this person in front of her was not money? Moreover, from what he had implied, it seemed as though he had long planned for it. Could it be that she had ever interacted with this person?

"My big beauty, take a look at who I am. I have been harboring an unrequited love for you for so long and have wooed you for so long. Yet, from beginning to end, you have no feelings for me at all. I am so sad so sad that I want to destroy the entire world."

That person suddenly took off his head mask and started to guffaw crazily. A smug look covered his entire face.

"Wu Gang, you" Shen Jing looked at the person in front of her and was at a loss for words. She was so angry that she was trembling. Who else could this person be other than the male dormitory's Dormitory Administrator?

He took care of the male dormitory in school and was also a physical education teacher in school. Normally, he was a rather decent person. However, one would not think that he would do such a thing. He was simply a wolf in sheep's clothing.

"You're very surprised right? Shen Jing, you are so apathetic towards me and you treat me as though as I am a stinking bug. Did you think that there would be such a day? I have planned for really long in preparation for today."

Wu Gang laughed coldly and looking at Shen Jing's attractive figure, a lecherous expression took over his face. Tonight, he would be able to get the thing he had been dreaming of so how could he not be elated?

"Crazy!" Shen Jing bit her teeth. She had never thought that such a thing would have happened. When Wu Gang had pursued her, she had not given a care at all since there were just too many people after her. It was impossible for her to know what each and every one of them were thinking. Hence, she treated all the people that she did not like in the same way.

How could she have expected that she would meet one with such a perverted mindset. She had no impression of this person. In fact, the only impression was that he had mistakenly placed Mo Wen in the dormitory of the Freaks. Because of this, she had even reported it to the school leaders as a complaint.

"Let me go, do you know that whatever you are doing now is illegal? Kidnap, rape, blackmail and extortion are all sufficient to land you in a lifetime of jail. If you let me off, I won't report you to the police."

Shen Jing attempted to use a soft-handed approach in persuading Wu Gang. She felt that no matter what, Wu Gang was a university teacher and should know a little about the law.

"Let you go?" Wu Gang laughed darkly, "Dream on. You don't know how long I have waited for this day. I have already prepared my passport and an air ticket headed for America. Once your fiance transfers the money into my overseas bank account, I will fly overseas immediately and I will become a millionaire at once."

"As for you." Wu Gang fished out a bottle from his pocket. He shamelessly laughed, "Tonight, I will take good care of you. I will bring you to heaven and hell; make you feel like living then dying. Oh right, you are still a virgin. You can finally experience what they call the Joy of Fish and Water."

He opened cap of the bottle in his hand. From within, he poured out three to four pink capsules. He had seemingly thought it was too little and after thinking about it, he poured out another four to five capsules. He grabbed hold of Shen Jing's mouth and stuffed seven to eight capsules all into her mouth.

Sob, sob, sob!

Shen Jing struggled continuously. However, how could she be a match for such a big man like Wu Gang? With one hand grabbing on to her jaw and the other holding a mineral water bottle pouring the water into her mouth, all the seven to eight capsules had been consumed within a moment.

"Do you know what this is?" Wu Gang cockily shook the medicine bottle in his hand and smiled evilly, "The world's most potent aphrodisiac. An iron lady would become a loose woman upon eating it; a woman with an intact hymen would have a huge surge of barbarity upon eating it. Later on, it will be your time to beg me to f*ck you."

He laughed unstoppably and even his saliva could not be contained as it flowed out.

"You beast, b*stard, beast, quickly let me go. Help!" Shen Jing finally had become anxious. After consuming that odd medicine, she felt an uncomfortable sensation throughout her whole body. Waves of hot air was emanating from her lower abdomen and rushed up to her brain. It controlled her thoughts and even her vision had become blurred. It was as though there were indistinct hallucinations appearing.

Her body was so heated up and the waves of heat had made her feel like an ant on a hot pot.

"Hehe, you can go ahead and scream. Even if you scream your lungs out, no one will care about you."

Wu Gang laughed lasciviously as he waited for the medication in Shen Jing's body to take effect. By then, she would become the most shameless and loose woman, and would be at his whim.

"You beast Help" Shen Jing had begun to lose her clarity. Her body was curled up into a ball and there was a layer of bright pink appearing on her snow-white skin. She bit on her lips tightly and her eyes were filled with tears. She was exhaling vigorously through her mouth and subconsciously squirming about on the bed.

"Damn it, why has the remittance not been done, it can't be that the lad has really given up Shen Jing right."

Wu Gang was frustrated as he paced around the room. Looking at the alluring sight on the bed, he could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. His heart was itching and he was becoming more and more anxious while he looked at his handphone screen continuously to check if the money had been remitted.

It was a pity that even after a long time, there was no news.

On the bed, Shen Jing's entire face had become red and she had already begun moaning subconsciously. The sound was alluring and charming, turning one on to no end.

"F*ck, I can't wait anymore, I'll just do this girl first," Wu Gang could really wait no longer. As the spermatozoon took over his brain, he could not care too much about anything else. He fiercely took off the clothes on his body and was left with his briefs, all prepared to pounce on the bed and ravish the beautiful lady on the bed.

Suddenly, a loud sound came in from outside the door. In the next moment, the shut door had split into many pieces and a youth had walked in with a cold expression.

"Who are you?" Wu Gang was bare to the waist and was only dressed in his briefs. He was frozen in the position of pouncing onto the bed.

"I am that fiance of Shen Jing's, you're looking for me?"

The corners of Mo Wen's lips twitched upwards and he looked thoughtfully at the guy with an uncouth image. To his surprise, he realized that he had actually recognized the person in front of him. Wasn't he the Dormitory Administrator who had purposely allocated him to the Five Freaks dormitory back when school had just started?

This person had entrapped him for no reason at all and he had yet to take revenge. In the end, he had bumped into him on his own accord.

At once, he had noticed Shen Jing who was on the bed. After realizing that her clothes were still neatly in place and that nothing had happened yet, he let out a sigh of relief. This room was hidden deep within the storehouse. Those who did not know would really have a hard time finding it. It was fortunate that his tracking technique had not been learnt for naught and he had managed to pick up on all the clues along the way to find the room.