Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Go into the dream again

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“You are her fianc?”

The pupils of Wu Gang’s eyes constricted, and his face became momentarily stern. “How did you find your way here?”

Somehow he found that this youngster in front of him looked familiar. He seemed to have seen him somewhere, but couldn’t figure it out at the moment.

Although he had set Mo Wen up once, he was not too mindful of him. He would take any possible chance to set up any person who got close to Shen Jing, regardless of student or teacher status.

After setting up too many people, he could only remember a few of them.

“That’s right. Aren’t you looking for me? I am here now.”

Mo Wen curled his lips and walked towards Wu Gang mischievously. Now, he finally understood why a Dormitory Administrator, whom he didn’t know and didn’t have grudges with, would set him up. The reason for everything was Shen Jing.

“Since you want to die, it will be better for you stay. Both of you could be a lovely dying couple, but before that, I will let you watch a great show put up by your fiance and me.”

Wu Gang laughed sinisterly when he took out a cleaver from his back and approached Mo Wen.

His built was big and tall, and as the Physical Education teacher in school, he had practiced a little bit of martial arts. He believed that handling a normal youngster would simply be too easy and effortless.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and looked at Wu Gang, who was feeling too good about himself, before curling his lips into a strange smile.

The next moment, his figure appeared in front of Wu Gang. Before Wu Gang could react, the cleaver in his hand disappeared. Then, Mo Wen curled his lips and stood in front of him, playing with a cleaver in his hand.

“Now you already don’t have the knife.”

Both of his hands rubbed on the cleaver. Then, the metal cleaver turned into a pile of metal powder and dropped onto the floor profusely.

“You You”

Wu Gang pointed at Mo Wen, completely speechless, and looked at the cleaver that had turned into metal powder. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He retreated a few steps backwards forcefully, and he was so shocked that his body was trembling continuously.

When facing the unknown, it would usually arouse fear in a person.

“I will fight you!”

Trod on a worm and it would turn. Wu Gang, who was at his wits’ end, yelled and dashed forward in the way he thought was bold and powerful, in order to give Mo Wen a punch.


Wu Gang had only gone forward two steps before he was flung out with a bloody red palm print on his face. Then his head turned askew, and he died.

A casual slap of Mo Wen’s hand had broken his neck.

After settling Wu Gang, Mo Wen turned his focus to Shen Jing, who was lying on the bed, and he couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

Shen Jing’s present situation was that she was obviously doped up by someone.. The medicine was so strong that she had already gone into a delirium.

Mo Wen shook his head and walked towards Shen Jing to untie the ropes on her body. Then, he was about to use the golden needle technique to seal the effect of the drug in her body.

Before he could reach out for his golden needle, Shen Jing was already completely delirious. She pounced on him senselessly and hugged onto Mo Wen like a water snake.

Being spurred by the ambience, Mo Wen felt that he was somehow losing his self-control.However, as a five good youngster [1], how could he take advantage of someone’s bad situation?

He whipped out a golden needle and was going to help Shen Jing and neutralize the aphrodisiac poison.

However, before he could insert the needle, his body shuddered aggressively, and he felt a thrilling sensation overwhelming him, as if his body was at the verge of exploding. A billowing surge of blood and energy, and his blood vessels seemed to have dilated.

Suddenly, the Eight Trigram that he always had on his chest became warm and heated again. Then, he blacked out and lost his consciousness completely. Every thought had lapsed into the endless darkness.

In the darkness, Mo Wen had a dream. He dreamt of himself being in the other world; the world where Mo Wen was the Miracle Physician, where Mo Wen had experimented with various kinds of herbs and tried to survive the deep, perilous, deserted land to find a cure for his sister’s illness.

He realized that he had returned to the foggy forests, and everything seemed like a movie, yet it seemed to be actually happening to him. Scenes after scenes were so vivid and so deeply etched into his mind

In the foggy mountains, he encountered many strange things. The things experienced in the short stint of a month were perhaps more enriching than all he could experience in a lifetime; he saw things that the people in the secular world would not be able to see.

The horrific beast that flew in the sky, the ferocious wild beast in the size of a hill, the pack of wolves that could fill a house, and the legendary people who could fly in the sky and burrow the land, however, he didn’t encounter

The foggy mountains were the legendary world of the immortals; an ordinary person would most likely die when entered into this place. Therefore, the ordinary people of the outside world rarely dared enter the foggy mountains.

When Mo Wen, an ordinary person, entered the foggy mountains, scene after scene of unbelievable things happened right before his eyes.

Many times, he nearly died in the foggy mountains. Fatal dangers would happen anytime around him. Perhaps he was lucky, because he actually survived while roaming in the foggy mountains for two months.

Nobody knew how big the foggy mountains were, as it seemed to be a boundless world with a boundless forest that had things that were hidden from the people of the outside world.

Until one day, Mo Wen got into a near death situation where a monster with the head of a leopard and the body of a snake had wound around him tightly with its big mouth opened, ready to swallow him whole.

However, luck seemed to be always on Mo Wen’s side. At that crucial moment, a sword flew from nowhere. In a flash of radiance, the monster with the leopard’s head and snake’s body gradually dropped onto the ground with its head and body severed into separate parts. It became a carcass.

A person saved him. To be exact, he was an old man; an old man that he recognized.

Ten days ago, he accidentally met an old beggar who was seriously injured in the forest. The man’s face was black, and his shirt was tattered, which was the same as a beggar.

At that time, the old beggar had suffered such a serious injury, that he couldn’t be treated, but could only wait for death to come.

However, he continued to treat the old beggar, as he was the first human that he had met in the foggy mountains, so even though he knew that he would die, he simply helped him to treat his injury before leaving.

He had never thought that the old beggar not only didn’t die, but saved his life at that critical moment; kindness actually begets kindness.

After that, he followed this old man to his sect.He said that he was a Cultivator, the kind of legendary people who could cultivate to become an immortal.

When the old man piloted his sword and flew him around, he truly believed this.

There were indeed immortals in this world

He had ever met a warrior in Golden Elixir Realm. He had never thought that Golden Elixir realm was the ultimate in this world, but now, he understood.

The Golden Elixir realm was only the beginning.

The old man’s sect was a sect by the name of the Divine Pill Sect. According to the old man, Divine Pill Sect was the world highest ranked Cultivation Sects with tremendous influence and was standing at the pinnacle of the ranking in the world.

However, the old man was a Cultivator who was above Golden Elixir Realm, but his position was relatively low in the Divine Pill Sect; only a normal inner-sect disciple with an average aptitude in the sect.

However, an average him was something Mo Wen needed to look up to. He had been known as a genius all his life and seemed to stand at the peak of the pyramid.

But now, he understood that this world was so big that the universe was limitless; however strong one was, there would always be someone else who was stronger.

In order to show his gratitude to Mo Wen for saving his life, the old man brought him to Divine Pill Sect.After passing the assessment, he had become a registered disciple of Divine Pill Sect.

The people of Divine Pill Sect were experts in concocting pills, treating illnesses and diseases, and practiced assistance. They concocted panacea of high quality that was said to be able to resurrect the dead, grew flesh to skeletons, and was able to make a person a top-notch expert in a moment.

Mo Wen also knew the concoction of some pills, but compared to the panacea of Divine Pill Sect, they were simply dregs.

At that moment, his heart was filled with excitement once again. He, who was at the pinnacle of medical expertise, had found an aim again, and also regained the confidence in treating his sister, Mo Dong’er.

With his medical expertise and his martial arts cultivation, even after he became the registered disciple of Divine Pill Sect, he continued to learn industriously and practiced constantly without a moment of complacency.

After he obtained the Fundamental Cultivation Practice Method of the Divine Pill sect, he gave up the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon that he had practiced since a young age. He concentrated on Divine Pill Sect’s Practice Method with the aim of climbing higher, in an attempt to become one of those legendary people.

However, ideal was voluptuous but reality was harsh. Upon sudden reflection, Mo Wen realized that he didn’t seem to suit the Cultivation of the Divine Pill Sect.


[1] Five good youngster is promoted in China to be someone who is good in learning, good in health, good in thoughts, good in deeds and good in abilities.(:,,,,)