Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Listen Here

Mo Wen discovered that practising the Divine Pill Sect's technique was all sorts of unsatisfactory. His cultivation was always stagnant. Practising the Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon on the other hand was exceptionally fast. He could see improvements everyday.

Later, he would know that the Cultivation Practice Method could only see achievement if practised from young. People like him who started practising it later in life, the road to cultivation was a dead end. No matter how much effort he put in, it was almost impossible to achieve anything.

Disappointed, Mo Wen had no choice but to forsake the Divine Pill Sect's Cultivation Practice Method, picking back up his own Celestial Scripture: Sun and Moon.

For the next three years, Mo Wen stayed with the Divine Pill Sect. His identity was a mere registered disciple.

But just like that, he still had a lot of benefits. As a registered disciple, he also had the opportunity to obtain many miraculous pills.

With the help of external forces, his cultivation of martial arts improved drastically and he became a Golden Elixir realm martial arts practitioner.

But a martial arts practitioner in a cultivation sect was not valuable. His status was low and nobody ever paid attention to him.

Luckily the old man had not forgotten him. Using his connections, he gave Mo Wen a position as a alchemy room medicine boy, allowing him to learn the alchemy arts.

Although what he learnt were all just the most fundamental of pill concoction methods, to him it was a pleasant surprise.

He learned with all his might. Everyday, he would browse volume upon volume of pill recipes and medicinal material compendiums, motivating himself to improve a little every day. As time went on, he made considerable progress. Maybe one day, he could cure his sister, Mo Dong'er's illness.

After training on the mountains for three years, finally one day, the Sect approved his request for a day off to visit home.

He left the Sect excitedly. But when he was crossing the misty mountains, he encountered danger.

A wicked beast, covered in scales, with a wolf head and the body of a lion, chased after him. Even though he had the cultivation of Golden Elixir realm, he was still too weak to face the powerful wicked beast.

In the end, when being chased by the wicked beast, he had no choice but to jump down a bottomless cliff. He reckoned he would be smashed into pieces and die in the misty mountains.

A bolt of lightning mysteriously flashed past the sky. When he was about to reach the bottom of the cliff, he seemed to have triggered some prohibition. A pitch black hole appeared suddenly, engulfing him in an instant. The next moment, he disappeared


Mo Wen slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were veiled with a sense of blurriness and he could not quite differentiate what was real and what wasn't. Looking around at the small and narrow room, he was still in the same warehouse, the same small room, on the same bed.

Everything felt like it happened in an instant, but Mo Wen had lived in that world for three years. The three years of experiences, the vicissitudes of life were clear in his mind, as though it all happened just yesterday.

He couldn't even quite make out which was the real him.

Out of nowhere, he had gained another three years of memories. During those three years, he struggled to survive in the misty forest and became a recognised disciple in the Divine Pill Sect. The unfinished dream had indeed appeared again.

Mo Wen subconsciously reached out his hand to touch the Eight Trigram necklace hanging on his neck. His hand had barely moved, when he suddenly felt a soft, smooth touch. It was warm and soft like jade. It was a pleasant sensation.

Just when the thought passed his mind, Mo Wen suddenly had a shock. He quickly looked down at his body. He saw a naked body curled up in his embrace. Its skin was white as snow and emanated a pink glow. A head of long, silky hair was draped over a pink back, forming a bright colour contrast.

What was going on?

Mo Wen blinked incredulously. He drowsily shook his head. Why was there someone on him?

Right after he thought that, he suddenly remembered, nearly jumping up in shock.

Prying apart the long hair, a beautiful face came into view, seemingly sound asleep.


He drew in a breath of cold air. What happened last night? They couldn't have done that, could they?

On the bed was a large bloodstain. How could he not know what had happened.


Shen Jing bit her lip. Actually she had long woken up, but under such circumstances, she didn't know what she should do.

She thought this was a dream. She wished that once she woke up, this nightmare would completely go away. But no matter what, that was just lying to herself. When Mo Wen woke up, she knew she still had to face what had to be faced.

Although she understood that Mo Wen would surely come to save her, she never thought that by meeting Mo Wen, something like this would happen.

Yesterday, after Wu Gang force-fed her the pills, she knew things were gonna turn bad. As had happened.

However, the person had switched to Mo Wen instead of Wu Gang. This point made her feel somewhat comforted. She let out a sigh of relief; subconsciously she did not mind Mo Wen as much.

"Last night...uh...the situation was like this" Mo Wen wore an embarrassed face, stuttering as he explained.

Heaven and earth be his witness, although he admitted that Shen Jing was a bit seductive last night, he would never take advantage of a person in such a situation... It was all an accident. Just an accident.

Shen Jing basically ignored Mo Wen trying to explain. She bit her lip, glaring viciously at him like a lioness. Her eyes were unblinking, making Mo Wen feel diffident.

What was the situation last night, even he had not understood! Back then he was prepared to negate the effects of the drugs in Shen Jing's body, but then his mysterious Eight Trigram necklace suddenly activated, sending him directly into a dream. As to what happened in reality, he had no idea.

So he was also wronged. Yesterday he was a prime and proper hero rescuing the damsel in distress and resisting all temptations. Even if a woman sat on his lap, he wouldn't lose himself. In the face of danger he would not fear. A proper, righteous genteman. A model youth.

But, how did it end up like this

"Don't explain anymore."

Shen Jing rose expressionlessly. Resisting the pain in her loins, she silently dressed. From start till end, she did not bother to take care of Mo Wen, seemingly as though she did not want to look at Mo Wen one bit.

Mo Wen tried to wrap his head around this. He had clearly intended to come and rescue her out of the goodness of his heart. How did it end up being his fault?

"Hey, hey. Are you trying to escape from taking responsibility? I am a virgin. Now that you have done me, you are just gonna dust your feet and leave? How could there such a thing?"

Mo Wen put on his clothes as he said feeling wronged.

"You want me to take responsibility for you?"

If eyes could kill, Shen Jing's gaze would have probably killed Mo Wen thousands of times. She had an urge to stuff Mo Wen's head down a toilet.

"Otherwise, what did you think?"

Mo Wen rolled his eyes, "The body that I have kept chaste for eighteen years has now been taken by you. Now that you have had your fill, did you think you can pretend nothing happened?"

Facing such a bastard like Mo Wen, Shen Jing was so furious till she was speechless. She felt so wronged in her heart that she wanted to cry, but she was helpless against him. She could only sit at the side of the bed wiping her tears away. He only knew how to bully people, not caring an ounce about other people's feelings.

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth twitched. He said helplessly, "Don't cry, let's change it so I need to be responsible for you then."

"Get away from me, who cares...." Shen Jing wiped her tears. She didn't even give Mo Wen a look.

"If you cry some more, do you believe that I'll strip you and take you once more?"

Mo Wen pretended to be fierce as he said. Last night, he had suddenly lost his virginity, but he had not even experienced what it felt like. The first time of his life was suddenly over just like that. Who could he find to seek justice? Was he supposed to wipe his tears like a girl?

"You dare?"

Shen Jing felt wronged and had no outlet to release at the moment. Yet Mo Wen was still adding oil to the fire.

"Why wouldn't I dare?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. He pounced onto Shen Jing, pressing her under him, grabbing her and rolled onto the bed. His hand started fondling.

"Let me go."

Shen Jing kept struggling, but how could she be Mo Wen's opponent. Against Mo Wen, she didn't have an ounce of battle strength.


Seeing Mo Wen really getting ready to do her in such a creepy place not jokingly, Shen Jing immediately abandoned ship and surrendered. Her first time was also gone just like that. Could her second time be also be in a place like this?

"Then will you listen?" Mo Wen said evilly.

Shen Jing snorted silently, bit her lip and turned her head to one side.

"Will you listen?"

As he asked again, Mo Wen's hand started fondling again, slowly sieging past her defenses

"I'll listen"

Shen Jing knew that if she didn't compromise now, Mo Wen could pull off anything at this moment. So she had no choice but to unwillingly give in.

"There's a good girl."

Mo Wen nodded his head contentedly. He let go of Shen Jing, even thoughtfully helping her tidy up her clothes.

"Know that you have had sex with me, then you are my woman now, understand?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, His mentality was still that of the old traditional ways. If they had sex with him, then they were his women. Naturally he could not allow them to marry others.


Shen Jing had never seen such a shameless, unreasonable man. Who would want to be his woman?

"Anyway, you can't escape the palm of my hand. From now on, you are not allowed to have sex with other men. Keep a distance of more than three meters from them, understand? Otherwise I will be angry, and when I am angry there will be serious consequences."

"Come, let's hear you call me husband."

Mo Wen smiled pleased, reaching out his hand despicably and touched Shen Jing's face.

"Go away."

Shen Jing pushed aside Mo Wen's groping hand. She mentally chided his brazenness.

After tidying herself up, as she got ready to stand up, Shen Jing's body suddenly shook. She pointed at a corpse in the corner and shakily said, "He"

Now only did she realize that a corpse lay in the corner of the room, seemingly dead for some time.

She immediately recognized that it was Wu Gang. She was still wondering how Mo Wen had rescued her from Wu Gang. Now only did she know that Wu Gang was already dead.