Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Azure Dragon Palace Hall

A dead person had suddenly appeared in the room. Shen Jing had almost screamed sharply in fright. Previously, she had only cared about quarreling with Mo Wen such that she did not realize that there was another "person" in the room.

"You killed someone?" Shen Jing's voice trembled as she asked.

"If I killed someone, then I killed someone," Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said emotionlessly.

"You actually killed someone. What do we do now?"

Shen Jing bit her lip, and her entire body was trembling slightly. She had thought that Mo Wen would only save her. She did not want him to kill off Wu Gang.

"What can we do? He's already dead."

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. The people he had killed did not amount to only one or two. Moreover, the dead person was but a single scoundrel. However, thinking of the fact that he was now in a society protected by the legal system, he twisted his words a little.

"Don't worry, he had caused harm first. We were only acting in self-defense. His death has no implication on us."


Yesterday, after she had consumed the medication, her mind was not clear and she did not know what had happened afterwards. However, thinking about the fact that Wu Gang had kidnapped her, extorted money from her, and even tried to rape her, made her feel that it also served him right to die.

Mo Wen stepped forward, pulling onto Shen Jing's hand. He said, "Let's go. We should go home. Don't care about him."

"Who would want to go home with you?"

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen and gave a blank face. Although she was still a little worried, she could only see past this incident. Clearly, it had been Wu Gang's fault. They were the true victims.

After walking out of the storehouse, Mo Wen returned to the little house once again. It was simple he wanted to get rid of the corpse and destroy all evidence such that they would not leave a trace of whatever that had happened. Although he knew that they would not be able to track him down, he wanted to be more cautious.

"I'll piggyback you."

On the main street, Mo Wen said this as his face drew close to Shen Jing's.

The previous night had probably been too wild, and now, even the way Shen Jing walked was odd. There was a subtle pained look on Shen Jing's face. However, it would have been weird if she was not in pain after consuming so many aphrodisiacs.

"Go away." Shen Jing let out a light hmph and did not even want to look at Mo Wen.

"Let me support you then."

Mo Wen continued to inch forward, just like before. He did not wait for Shen Jing's refusal before already supporting her arm.

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. Now, he finally knew how to ingratiate himself. Previously, he had almost angered her to her grave.

He had only walked two steps, and after successfully arriving before Shen Jing, Mo Wen took the chance when Shen Jing was not focusing to carry her up horizontally.

"Forget it, I will just carry you. It's as if I'm supporting an old granny; so weird and uncomfortable."

"Hey, put me down quickly."

Being carried in the embrace of a man in the main street was scandalous. As one who had gone through higher learning institutes, Shen Jing began to struggle. If she bumped into familiar faces, it would be such an embarrassment.

However, why would Mo Wen care about Shen Jing? It was as if he had not heard a thing, as he quickly rushed up to a public bus, finding a seat for them in the back.

"You what did you run up the public bus for? Do you not know how to hail a cab?"

Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen fiercely. He had actually carried her up the public bus to ride it There were so many people on the public bus, and they were all giving her odd looks. She really wanted to find a hole to bury herself in, just like how an ostrich would stuff its head into the sand.

"I'm a poor person who's too used to riding the public bus," Mo Wen said as he blinked his eyes.

His words were truthful. Previously, he had absolutely no experience of hailing a cab. Thus, his first thought was to ride the public bus.

Shen Jing really wanted to throw a punch at Mo Wen's face. In order to save some of her reputation, did he not know how to fork out a few more dollars and hail a cab? Just how much more would a cab cost?

After letting out a light sigh, Shen Jing buried her head in Mo Wen's embrace, a little wronged. She did not want to lift it up. Her small mouth opened, and she bit onto Mo Wen's chest; not too hard, but also not very gently.

Mo Wen stroked his chin. Could it be that he had made a mistake again? Women really were complicated animals.

On the public bus, there were many odd stares directed at this "loving couple". Some were shaking their heads and sighing at how public etiquette was declining day by day; some were looking at the two youths in envy at their sweet and romantic image. However, most of the people were filled with jealousy and hate. How could that beauty with the first-class looks and figure already be attached to someone?

Upon getting off the bus, it was already the main gate of the school. Once Shen Jing alighted from the bus, she kept a good distance from Mo Wen and prevented Mo Wen from carrying her with her life. If he was still acting like that in school, she would have no more dignity to face anyone.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and maintained a foot's distance to send Shen Jing back to the teacher's condominium. The door of the house was still opened. However, because it was the teacher's condominium, everyone was rather familiar with one another, so it was unlikely for a thief to have dropped by.

"What are you coming in for?"

Shen Jing had just entered the house and was about to turn around to shut the door, keeping this b*stard locked outside. However, why would Mo Wen allow her to do so? When she did not take notice, Mo Wen was already seated in the living hall of her house.

"Of course, it's to take care of you," Mo Wen said decently and responsibly.

"Take care of me?"

Shen Jing rolled her eyes. He still wanted to take care of her. It was more likely her who had to attend to this ancestor. If he did not bring trouble to her, she would thank the lords.

"I don't need your care, so hurry and get lost."

Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen. Then, she returned to the room to find a couple of clothes before turning around and entering the bathroom. In a moment, the whooshing of water was heard from within.

When she had come out of the bathroom in a white silk underwear, a whole table of filled dishes had greeted her. Meanwhile, Mo Wen was busy by the side of the table.

She had not eaten anything since the previous night. Hence, upon looking at the whole table of dishes, it had immediately whet her appetite.

"Please enjoy the food." Mo Wen stood by the table and made a gentlemanly hand gesture.

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen. However, looking at the table filled with so many dishes, she still felt a little touched at his gesture.

However, after Shen Jing had eaten two mouthfuls, her expression froze.

After quite a while, she then looked at Mo Wen and asked, "Just how much of my food did you waste?"

Although the food that Mo Wen had whipped up was not much, she felt that it was still edible. However, she had still overestimated Mo Wen. Some of the dishes were partially raw and partially cooked, some of the dishes were so salty they were bitter, and some of the dishes did not even have salt added in them.

Of the whole table of seven to eight dishes, there was not a single one that was edible. Even the rice was not fully-cooked.


Mo Wen laughed awkwardly. He also knew that he did not have much standard. Just now, when he had tried his own cooking, he had basically spat everything out.

"Causing more trouble."

Shen Jing rolled her eyes at Mo Wen and walked into the kitchen while carrying his half-cooked dishes.

Within a short while, she carried two dishes back. The rice had been recooked. As for the other dishes, they had most probably been thrown away.

"Eat, get lost quickly after."

Shen Jing placed a bowl of rice in front of Mo Wen and he had also started eating without a word.


After finishing the meal, Mo Wen had successfully been chased out of Shen Jing's house. Just before he left, she had still managed a sneaky kick on Mo Wen's buttocks.

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen smugly. Before he could even react, the main door had been closed with a "ping" sound.

Surprise attack!

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. He patted the footprint on his butt and walked down the stairs, unaffected.

Mo Wen did not go back to the dormitory. Instead, he walked to a little forest with nobody around.

Mo Wen leant on a huge tree and dangled a blade of grass from his mouth. When he had just returned to school with Shen Jing, he had noticed that someone was secretly keeping a close watch on him. That person didn't seem like he was looking for Shen Jing rather, the person was looking for him.

Hence, after leaving Shen Jing's house, he had lured the person into the little forest.

"Who is that? Come on out."

"Not bad, you are indeed quite capable."

From behind a huge tree, a figure slowly walked out. It was a middle-aged person dressed in the Tang suit. His expression was so pale that he looked like a little gigolo. When this person was young, he was most probably the kind of person who was a gigolo.

The middle-aged man looked at Mo Wen in amazement. This youth, indeed, had quite a bit of natural talent. His detection abilities were shocking, and he was really a talented person.

"Who are you? Why have you come looking for me?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. He did not have many enemies, and the only people who would come looking for him were the huge Su Clan or the Huatian Palace, who really liked to stick their noses into other people's business.

"I am Zhu Feng, the four-star attendant of Huatian Palace's Azure Dragon Palace Hall. Currently, someone has reported that you have infringed on the mortal laws. Come back with me for an investigation," Zhu Feng said, without much feeling.

His current motive was just to bring Mo Wen back for an investigation. Since someone had already reported the 20 and up lives lost from the Su Clan to the Huatian Palace, there had to be some sort of explanation.

Usually between fights of ancient martial art practitioners, the Huatian Palace did not interfere with how many people were killed. However, when it infringed into the lives of everyday people, they could not just bat an eye.

"If I don't go with you, what can you do?"

Mo Wen narrowed his eyes. He was not one who liked being controlled by people. If he followed that person to the Huatian Palace, who knew what would happen to him?

Although Dongfang Yi had said that there wouldn't be anything much, there was an exception in everything. Once he accepted being under the control of someone, he could not control his fate in his own hands any longer.

Thus, he would not easily let himself take such a risk. When the Huatian Palace looked for him, if they were more powerful than him, he could run away. Once he had enough capabilities, nobody could do anything to him once he returned.

"Young man, you definitely have the buffer to be cocky if you are very talented. However, it is also not a good thing to be overly prideful. Huatian Palace is not a presence that you can resist. Come with me. Based on your abilities, there should not be anything too bad happening to you. However, if you resist and go against the rules, the small issues will be blown up, and by then, it will be too late to regret."

Zhu Feng looked at Mo Wen and said this dully. This youth had the ability to take down an ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm. Being a little prideful was, thus, very natural. He had seen many natural talents, and the fact that they were able to set themselves apart from so many people would cause them to become a little conceited. Hence, it was not surprising that they had a bit of a temper.

However, if they were unable to differentiate things and did not know the immensity of the universe; if they continue blindly thinking that they are the highest power, that would be a very stupid move.

"You Huatian Palace people really like to stick your noses in other people's businesses," Mo Wen said, without much feeling.

"So, are you prepared to escape the system?"

Zhu Feng smiled. There were many who had escaped the system. However, every single one of them had either become obedient or had gone away into hiding forever always hiding in dark areas and not daring to show themselves.

"Let's not waste time talking anymore. If you want me to go with you, fine. We'll talk about it if you can win against me."

Mo Wen stroked his chin. He was not someone who easily admitted defeat. Although he knew that him, alone, was not a match for the entire Huatian Palace, it would not be as easy as they thought for the Huatian Palace to bring him back for interrogation.

"I knew it would be like this. Looks like if I don't tame you, you will never come with me on your own accord."

Zhu Feng smiled. There were many people who wanted to escape the system, not just Mo Wen. Naturally, for the Huatian Palace to have secured such an established position, they had not solely depended on their mouths to talk things out.