Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Goddess of Mercy with a Thousand Hands

"Young talent, I want to see how capable you are. Come on and attack."

Zhu Feng carried his hands behind him before extending his hand to give an invitational gesture, all the while looking like a senior master.

Mo Wen lowered his gaze. With a flash, he instantly appeared before Zhu Feng. He suddenly performed the Dragon Tiger Fist and there was a whole gust of wind that took everything away with it. There were Cries of Tiger that caused the entire little forest to tremor. The leaves fell down one by one and it looked like a rain of dead leaves.

Zhu Feng raised his eyebrows. The moment an expert took action, the skill level would be obvious. This youth was indeed not simple. Just a simple fist had a very shocking force and it had some effect on him. That Cry of Tiger was especially similar to what could be achieved by special sound effects.

Within that moment, he was sent into a trance and it had caused his actions to slow down subconsciously. When he had time to react, a fist was already right in front of his eyes.

A look of shock flashed through Zhu Feng's eyes. His body had drifted back about three inches and after slightly avoiding Mo Wen's fist, he sent out a palm. Immediately, it had clashed with Mo Wen's fist.

Mo Wen's body had trembled slightly and he stumbled backwards three to four steps uncontrollably; meanwhile, that Zhu Feng had also stepped back a couple of steps before regaining his balance.

"What martial arts is that! You're so capable!"

Zhu Feng looked at Mo Wen a little shocked. Previously, his fist had not been simple. There was deep meaning embedded within and it had restricted his actions quite a bit.

Martial arts that encapsulated sound effects were very rarely seen. From what he knew, ancient martial arts that had sound effects were also very rare forms of martial arts.

In the first round of the exchanging of blows, the two were on equal ground.

"Dragon Tiger Fist."

Mo Wen's lips curled upwards and he did not attempt to hide anything. His eyes squinted slightly as the Zhu Feng before his eyes was a master. He was a master who could threaten him, a rare ancient martial art practitioner with the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

If they had both given it their all, he would not have been a match for this person. Previously, they had been able to stand on equal ground as he had grasped the opportunity initially and used the sound effect of the Cries of Tiger, which had immediately attacked this person off guard. As he was rushed, he had only exercised 50 percent of his full abilities. Meanwhile, Mo Wen had given it his all.

In terms of their cultivation of skills, the gap was just too big. It was so bad that even after Mo Wen had harnessed his experiences from both lifetimes, it was still difficult to overcome the chasm.

"Dragon Tiger Fist?"

Zhu Feng furrowed his brows. The name was very average. However, the fist was not a simple martial art at all.

At such a young age, he had already managed to train up on such a profound fist. He really had exceptional talent within.

"Although you are rather capable, resisting the capture of the Hua Tian Palace is still an act of not knowing your own abilities. However, a young talent like you is really hard to find. Oh well, we just have to let you accept it once and for all today."

Zhu Feng lifted his brows and a strong pressure had been lifted from within his body. He had displayed the full potential of his Qi Nucleation realm. It was like a tide that had inundated Mo Wen. The surrounding air had coagulated a little and it was as if he had been submerged in water.

Slight suppression of aura was the sure kill method used by a high-ranked martial art practitioner on a low-ranked practitioner. By compressing the person's skills, the person would not take action in time and the lower-ranked martial art practitioner's capabilities would be dampened.

The bigger the gap in their cultivation of skills, the larger the suppression of aura. Not only did this apply physically, it also applied to the mental state.

Hence, amongst the ancient martial art practitioners, other than those of exceptional talent, it was very difficult to complete an inter-level challenge, especially in a battle where the gap in the realms was very big.

The surrounding air was as restrictive to the body as mercury. Mo Wen's body shook slightly and a soft pressure emanated from his body. That frightening suppression of aura had slowly lost its effect on him, bit by bit.

He expressionlessly did the Cloud Hand as he waited for Zhu Feng's attack.

He knew that his current self was not a match for Zhu Feng. However, he was not one who would give up without trying. Clearly, he knew that he was sure to lose but he did not want to make it an easy feat for him to win.

Zhu Feng's expression started to turn a little serious. He had initially thought that by suppressing the aura, Mo Wen's weaknesses would be revealed. Under the conditions where his hands and feet were immobilized, it would have been easy to defeat him.

However, he had now lost confidence in that. The current Mo Wen gave people the feeling that he was like a shapeless floating cloud. That absolute suppression of his cultivation had very little effect on him, to the point that it was almost no effect at all.

It was the first time he had witnessed such an odd situation. Someone could actually cast off the absolute suppression from another of a much higher level. It was just a little too shocking.

However, although Mo Wen was weird and not easy to go against, it was still hard for him to win. That was because the gap in the levels of the both of them was just too big.

Zhu Feng could only marvel at this sight. The youth before his eyes had shocked him too much. Such a talented young man could force himself through into the Underworld List. Even after capturing such a young man who had the potential of making it into the Underworld List, the Huatian Palace would probably not punish him much.

Of course, whether or not to punish Mo Wen was not his business. His only task was to bring him back.

Mo Wen was waiting for Zhu Feng to attack and naturally, Zhu Feng could not disappoint. If he failed in winning him gloriously, he would lose his status as a senior.

Hence, Zhu Feng did not dare to be too careless. He took the initiative and showed his ultimate move right away.

With a slight sway of his body, he had appeared right in front of Mo Wen. He extended his hand forward and in the next moment, tens of palm images had piled atop one another. Some were fake and others were real but they all grabbed at Mo Wen. Immediately, they had basically surrounded Mo Wen.

Mo Wen narrowed his eyes. That Zhu Feng had obviously showed a type of martial art. When that palm image had appeared in front of his eyes, their legitimacy was obscure and it was difficult for him to distinguish between the real ones and the fake ones. The bigger images were as big as a house, while the smaller ones were like many locusts approaching.

In all, they were like a huge cloud approaching. It also seemed like a huge mouth all prepared to swallow Mo Wen.

A high-order martial art!

Mo Wen had basically thought that one thought internally. Only a higher order martial art could have such an effect. The usual martial arts would not have such an amazing effect.

However, as a person of two lifetimes, Mo Wen had naturally experienced a lot. He had seen his fair share of weird martial arts so it had not caused him much alarm. His expression had remained calm throughout. The greater the pressure, the calmer his inner self had to be.

Heavenly Hand!

Within a moment, Mo Wen resembled the Goddess of Mercy with a Thousand Hands. An endless number of hands had protruded outwards from his body. The gesture of each and every hand was different and they looked like alien hands that had delved into the bunch of cloud made up of endless hands.

Against a master like Zhu Feng, Mo Wen had whipped out his most secret weapon. The Heavenly Hand was the unique martial art of the Mo Clan that had not been passed down for thousands of years. It was also one of the ultimate skills of Mo Wen.

It was a series of illusions and the images of palms had filled the entire area. At that moment, they were all billowing vast and mighty, as if they were encompassing the extensive profoundness of martial arts.

When the two martial arts that were worlds apart had collided, it had not caused any earth-shattering effect. Instead, it had only dissipated quietly and undetected.

The whole forest had fallen silent and everything became calm. Even the dried leaves did not fall off the trees anymore.

It felt like forever had passed although in reality, only a moment had passed.

In the next moment, all illusions had disappeared. The bunch of cloud had disappeared and the ten million alien hands had also disappeared. Only the two of them remained standing in the forest.

At this point, Mo Wen's body had retreated a whole 50 meters. He was supporting himself against the trunk of a towering tall tree. His face was pale and there was a bloodstain on the corner of his mouth.

Meanwhile, that Zhu Feng's hair was in disarray and his clothes were messed up. He looked a little messed up and he had been thrown backwards over ten meters.

"What martial art is that?"

Zhu Feng looked at Mo Wen in disbelief and asked a little surprised.

Previously, the two had only exchanged blows for a moment. However, within that short moment, hundreds of moves had already been used. The two of their martial arts were niched in their speed and dexterity. They were very similar and today, after they had clashed, it was immediately clear who was better.

His Cloud Sealing Hand was actually not as good as that amazing technique of Mo Wen's. In fact, it was a far cry from it. If not, given the gap in their levels, he would not have been rendered so helpless after using his best move.

In that moment, it was as if a countless number of hands had smothered his body. All 206 pieces of bones in his body had surprisingly been dislocated piece by piece, such that it had almost dismantled his entire being.

Fortunately, the cultivation of his Inner Qi was sufficiently strong. Hence, solely based on his Inner Qi, he was able to resist those hands. If not, he would have become a pile of mud in that moment.

As an ancient martial art practitioner, he naturally had a very good understanding of the body. Those that he could not prevent in time, in the moment where the bones were dislocated, he had managed to join them back together.

Even so, his bones had dislocated and rejoined repeatedly for thousands of times.

Currently, his entire body was filled with acute pain. He was already fortunate that his bones had not shattered after being dealt with such a huge impact.

As an ancient martial art practitioner with the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, he was able to withstand it as his body had been sufficiently toughened up. If it had been someone else, his bones would have probably disintegrated into dregs by now.

He had never heard of such a scary technique before, much less witnessed it in person.

In the face of such a scary martial art, if it had been another person of about the same level as this youth, he would have been defeated in a moment.

His Cloud Sealing Hand was even a high-order skill that was presented to him by the Huatian Palace after he had been promoted to the four-star attendant. When he had received it, he had been so elated and had treated it as a treasure. However, in comparison to that youth's martial art, it was simply junk. The difference was just too big.

"You win."

Mo Wen looked at Zhu Feng expressionlessly but did not reply his question. The Heavenly Hand was his trump card so if he did not have to reveal it, he naturally would not tell anyone about it.

In their previous exchange of blows, although both sides had sustained injuries, he had still lost ultimately.

Zhu Feng's level was undeniable and, in the end, he was still unable to conquer that gap in their levels. Although he had forced Zhu Feng into being unimaginably haggard, he himself had also sustained rather serious injuries. Moreover, Zhu Feng had already taken it easy. If not, he would definitely have sustained even more serious injuries.

It was just like an adult and a child both punching a single fist. Ten of his punches could be combatted by a single of Zhu Feng's punch. Although his martial art was clearly more superior, no matter the intricacy of the martial art, there was still too big of a gap in their strength. With that, it would have been impossible for him to win.

Zhu feng laughed bitterly and his expression looked a little affected.

Although he had won, he had not won gloriously. Simply based on him having the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, it should not have been so difficult for him to win against a young man without even the Qi Nucleation realm. If this was not embarrassing, he did not know what was.

"Since you have lost, you should come back with me. Don't worry, based on your talent alone, the Huatian Palace may not even do anything to you. They may even start to mentor you."

Zhu Feng sighed with deep emotion as he shook his head. It is undeniable that the later generations surpass former ages and the newbies would eventually overtake the old. Now, he could not deny that he was getting on in years.

"I'm afraid he can't go with you."

An odd voice had rung out from inside the little forest. That voice was odd because it was hard to tell if it had originated form a boy or girl. It was an airy voice that was rather empty, and did not have any male or female characteristic to it.