Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 157

Chapter 157: To join Huatian Palace

"Who's there?" Zhu Feng berated with a grave expression.

The person appeared in the little forest without his detection. That voice seemed to have appeared from thin air.

What kind of person would have such frightening concealing ability? He was in the little forest, yet he didn't sense it.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows. He also didn't detect the sudden resounding of the voice; when was there an addition of a person in the little forest?

Just now, he only concentrated on fighting Zhu Feng and neglected the examination of the surrounding environment.

"Don't panic."

An unhurried voice resonated, before a youngster walked out from the bushes. His figure was slender with a devilish look; one couldn't decipher if he was a man or a woman.

It was the first time that Mo Web had met such a weird person.

"What an evil creature," Mo Wen muttered secretly in his heart.

This youngster's look could only be described as evil creature.

The youngster walked towards both of them, curled his lips, and said, "I have no ill intention."

The voice was empty, giving people the feeling of being distant and vague.

"It's you..."

Zhu Feng glanced at the youngster, and his lips twitched. A tinge of vigilance flashed across his eyes, then he moved backwards unconsciously. He seemed to be afraid of this youngster, as obviously he recognized this person.

"You are Mo Wen?"

Mo Qingtian didn't even look at Zhu Feng. His eyes were fixed on Mo Wen evilly, with a flash of mischief in them.

"Who are you?"

Mo Wen raised his brows, as such a weird youngster suddenly appeared before him and even recognized him. However, he had no impression of this person, so what exactly was happening?

"I am Mo Qingtian. Perhaps you can also regard me as someone from Huatian Palace," Mo Qingtian smiled and replied.

"Huatian Palace again."

Mo Wen's eyes flashed a sense of strangeness. Huatian Palace had such grand ostentation that they had even sent two experts to deal with him. He was unable to judge the capacity of this youngster before him; he might be more difficult to deal with than Zhu Feng.

"You seemed to be repugnant towards Huatian Palace?" Mo Qingtian smiled mischievously.

"An organization which attempted to capture me to go on trial should I have a good impression of it?"Mo Wen smiled sardonically.

He was prepared to run away just now, but with the addition of this mysterious youngster, whether he could run away now became a problem.

"I am not here to catch you." Mo Qingtian shook his head.

"Mo Qingtian, what exactly do you mean?" Zhu Feng asked, while he furrowed his brows.

To capture Mo Wen to stand for trial was his mission, so what was Mo Qingtian trying to do when he interfered with it?

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Zhu Feng and said indifferently, "I will take over your mission. This is no longer your case now."

"What?" Zhu Feng was baffled and looked at Mo Qingtian. "You take over? This is Azure Dragon Palace Hall's mission, what has it got to do with Vermilion Bird Palace Hall? Furthermore, I have not been informed of it."

Mo Qingtian's interference with his mission of capturing Mo Wen was obviously causing a hindrance to his completion of his mission, especially when he had not been informed. Whether the top management had actually given this order was now still unknown.

So, he naturally wouldn't pass Mo Wen over to Mo Qingtian. Azure Dragon Palace Hall and Vermilion Bird Palace Hall had always been in competitive relationship. To have a genius youngster in the hands of Azure Dragon Palace Hall was always better than in the hands of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

"You will be informed after this. The one in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall said so. Will Azure Dragon Palace Hall go against her order over such a trivial matter?" Mo Qingtian said insipidly.

"The one from Vermilion Bird Palace Hall?"

The pupils of Zhu Feng's eyes constricted. He intended to say something but didn't dare to say anything for a while.After a while, he said, "I hope you are telling the truth. I will report this case truthfully to the Azure Dragon Palace Hall."

After saying it, Zhu Feng glanced at Mo Wen and turned around to leave the little forest reluctantly.

"Do you know why he intends to capture you?" Mo Qingtian raised his brows, glanced at Mo Wen and asked this.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and said, "How would I know their trivial matter?"

He could feel that Zhu Feng had no evil intention, or he would have been seriously injured in the fight just now. However, he really didn't know the reason why he was capturing him.

"As your background is clean with no influence behind you, and you are an extremely talented young genius, people like you have been a target of competition for all four Palace Halls. They hope to get you into the Huatian Palace to replenish the new blood of the new generation," Mo Qingtian curled his lips and explained.

However, there was something that he didn't tell him; Vermilion Bird Palace Hall used to be only accepting to women and never a man. If there was a young female genius, she would definitely join Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, and the other three Palace Halls would not fight over her intentionally. Likewise, Vermilion Bird Palace Hall would not fight over the male genius with the other three Palace Halls.

Today, his sister had snatched Mo Wen from the people of Azure Dragon Palace Hall. She was considered to be consistently breaking many rules.

"What you mean is that you would like me to join you?"

Mo Wen raised his brows and smiled sardonically. From the conversation between Zhu Feng and the youngster just now, one would know that this youngster was from Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, and since Azure Dragon Palace Hall had a purpose, naturally Vermilion Bird Palace Hall was the same.

"That's right." Mo Qingtian nodded his head slightly.

"What if I don't want to join you?" Mo Wen asked indifferently.

"If you don't join us, the other three Palace Halls from Huatian Palace will come again and try to capture you to go on trial. Surely, you understand what that means you don't have a choice now.I can tell you that Vermilion Bird Palace Hall suits you better than the other three Palace Halls."

Vermilion Bird Palace Hall would only accept women. To let Mo Wen, a man, join Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, could be considered as a backdoor entry. With the protection of his sister, he would naturally be smooth sailing in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, however, it might not be so simple in the other three Palace Halls.

"What are the benefits of joining you?" Mo Wen muttered softly. After all, he was quite curious about Huatian Palace.


Mo Qingtian chuckled to himself, as so many people were trying so hard to get into Huatian Palace, yet now there was actually someone negotiating with him to get into Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

If not for his sister's order, with his mentality, he would never get into the Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

"There are many benefits. You will know when you join us," Mo Qingtian said smilingly. Other than this, what else could he say?

Mo Wen considered this for a moment, then gradually nodded his head.


Huatian Palace was too strong for him to resist now, and if he joined the Huatian Palace, the people of Huatian Palace would not be finding trouble with him.

Mo Qingtian casually threw something at Mo Wen.

"This is proof of your identity, so don't lose it."

Mo Wen caught it to have a look at it and realized that it was an exquisite, bluish silver ring with a Phoenix carving on it, which had an elegant and noble charm.

"What's this?" Mo Wen raised his brows and asked.

"Your identity in Vermilion Bird Palace Hall Two Star Executor," Mo Qingtian said indifferently.

It was a rare case to be a Two Star Executor when one first joined Huatian Palace.

"Two Star Executor?" Mo Wen looked puzzledly at Mo Qingtian.

"Huatian Palace has a ranking system, where its grade is according to the size of contribution and levels of Cultivation. It ranks one star as the lowest and nine stars as the highest. Of course, there are many people without even a star," Mo Qingtian said indifferently.

The people who had a star grade in Huatian Palace were people who had relatively strong abilities, but there were some Junior Executors who had only half-a-star or even no star.

"How many stars are you?" Mo Wen asked curiously. That explained why Zhu Feng claimed to be a Four Star Executor just now.

If Zhu Feng was only a Four Star Executor with his abilities, this grading system was really of a high quality.

"Five and half stars," Mo Qingtian said while raising his brows.

"The Headquarters of Huatian Palace was not in the capital, so I can't bring you to the headquarters now. Wait for a period of time. However, you have the Vermilion Bird ring, so you are considered a part of Vermilion Bird Palace Hall. There wouldn't be anyone from Huatian Palace looking for you in the future."

"But, there are rules and things in Huatian Palace that you should pay attention to"

After that, Mo Qingtian explained some things about Huatian Palace and also brought some matters to the attention of Mo Wen.

Huatian Palace consisted of four Palace Halls: Azure Dragon Palace Hall, Vermilion Bird Palace Hall, White Tiger Palace Hall, and Black Tortoise Palace hall.

The four Palace Halls were each independent organizations with independent jurisdiction without interfering with one another, but they were in a constant competitive relationship.

Above the four Palace Halls, there were another Main Palace Hall. The Main Palace Hall was the Decision-Making Organization that had the main purpose of connecting the four Palace Halls to issue the order of missions. Then, the four Palace Halls would accept the missions and complete them.

Every executing order of Huatian Palace Hall were given by the Head of the Palace Halls to be completed by the four Palace halls. Therefore, the Palace Halls were the executing organizations which were the organizations with the most people.

The Main Palace Hall was not only the direct link for the four Palace Halls, but most of the time, it was equivalent to the Senate in Huatian Palace. Unless there was a problem that couldn't be resolved, they wouldn't be interfering with the outside matters.

Other than the Head and Deputy Head of the Palace Hall, the rest were all executors, which were those who carried out tasks for Huatian Palace.

Of course, as executors, the grade would defer from one star to nine stars, which also would have a vast difference in terms of status. The higher the star grade, the greater the authority they had in the Huatian Palace Hall, hence, the resources they had would also be greater.

"Vermilion Bird Palace Hall is solely filled with women?" The corners of Mo Wen's lips twitched, and he looked weirdly at Mo Qingtian.

Since it was solely filled with women, why recruit a man? Why do they initiate the recruitment of him into Vermilion Bird Palace Hall?

"That's right. You are the only em.. second man who joined Vermilion Bird Palace Hall."

Mo Qingtian smiled mischievously.

"You are the other one?" Mo Wen raised his brows and asked.

At least there was another male comrade like him.

"I will look for you a few days later. Two Star Executor is qualified to go to Huatian Palace Headquarters."

Mo Qingtian looked askance at Mo Wen, shrugged his shoulders without any comments, turned around, and left the little forest.

"Huatian Palace?"

Mo Wen glanced at the disappearing back of Mo Qingtian with radiance flashing across his eyes. How exactly had Huatian Palace existed? He faintly felt that it was somehow unusual.

That afternoon, Qin Xiaoyou held both hands tightly together and sat quietly at the school gate, waiting for Mo Wen. Today, Mo Wen had agreed to bring her shopping and visit her mother in the hospital.

As a school beauty, Qin Xiaoyou naturally had some reputation in the school. Especially after the disfigurement case, her reputation was catching up to that of First school beauty, Mo Qingge. As the school gate was a place with a great flow of people, many people would naturally recognize her and come up to her frequently to greet her.