Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 158

Chapter 158: What Is Your Reputation Worth

"Why isn't that fellow here yet?" Qin Xiaoyou snorted silently. Lines of displeasure formed on her forehead. He was always late. How rude; he didn't have a shred of demeanor.

Three people walked out of the school gate in a row. The girl among them saw Qin Xiaoyou, raised her eyebrows, walked up and asked, "Xiaoyou, who are you waiting for?"

"Waiting for someone," Qin Xiaoyou said as she glanced at the girl. She smiled as she answered, but didn't mention who she was waiting for.

The girl was named Chen Xinyi. She was a roommate in the same dormitory as Qin Xiaoyou. They would usually exchange a few words, but their relationship wasn't all that good. It was this woman that wanted to spend money to buy her necklace, but she had refused, so the two of them had a slightly estranged relationship. After Wang Xiaofei knew about this, she even scolded Chen Xinyi.

"Waiting for Mo Wen?" Chen Xinyi said smiling.

As Qin Xiaoyou's roommate, how could she not know Qin Xiaoyou had a close relationship with a guy named Mo Wen that would most likely develop into a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship?

Qin Xiaoyou did not comment and pouted as she smiled, not answering Chen Xinyi.

"Let me introduce you. He is my boyfriend Zheng Yunde. He's a third year senior, as well as the president of the guitar society. He is one of the most famous people in the school." Chen Xinyi pucked her lips, feeling proud as she said this.

Following behind her were two guys. They were tall and were decent looking. One of them was right next to Chen Xinyi. He wore a plaid shirt and white pants, with a branded watch on his wrist, seemingly a Rolex.

He smiled at Qin Xiaoyou, giving off a bright, handsome vibe.

Although Zheng Yunde wasn't one of the Top Ten Young Masters in the school, he was still a fairly popular guy. Not only was his family background decent, but his grades were good, and he was especially good at singing. He was also fairly proficient with a guitar.In the eyes of normal people, this was a classic tall, rich, and handsome type of guy, the kind that was chased by girls all the time.

Chen Xinyi wasn't bad looking either. She was sweet looking, with fair, smooth skin. She had spent a long time chasing after Zheng Yunde before managing to win over this Prince Charming that was fancied by many a girl.

Qin Xiaoyou smiled politely. Chen Xinyi liked to show off. She would always be talking about her boyfriend. Although this was her first time meeting Zheng Yunde, she knew a few things about him.

"Xiaoyou. Glad to meet you."

The other person behind Chen Xinyi took a step forward and with a smile, reached out his hand in front of Qin Xiaoyou and said, "Ah, Young Master He, I was just about to introduce you. You are so impatient. Is it because you saw a beauty like Xiaoyou that you could not wait?"

Chen Xinyi teasingly rolled her eyes at Young Master He, pouting as she said, "Xiaoyou, his name is He Mingge. Young Master He is from the capital's He clan. His older brother He Mingting is a VIP ranked fifth on the Top Ten Young Masters."

When Chen Xinyi looked at He Mingge, her eyes flashed past an ambiguous look.

Looking at the enthusiastic Young Master He, Qin Xiaoyou scowled slightly. She took a slight step back, not shaking his hand, and with a reserved smile said, "So you are Young Master He. I've heard about you before." These naturally were just polite words. Before this, Qin Xiaoyou had never known about He Mingge.

"Xiaoyou, it's so rare for us to bump into each other like this. Let's have a meal together. Today willl be my treat," He Mingge laughed, seemingly not embarrassed as he retracted his hand, looking at Qin Xiaoyou as she laughed.

"That's right Xiaoyou. Young Master He is treating us. We can't damage his reputation," Chen Xinyi took the opportunity to side with him saying.

"Today I already have a prior engagement," Qin Xiaoyou shook her head. Her rejection was obvious. She had no interest to have a meal with some strangers, what more when she was waiting for Mo Wen.

"Xiaoyou, today is Young Master He's birthday. It's not good if you don't go.Just showing up for a bit won't be too much of a hassle," Chen Xinyi raised her voice slightly. Young Master He had personally invited her, and yet she still didn't want to go. He tried to give face, but she did not want to give face.

In the first place, she didn't want Qin Xiaoyou to come along. She was thinking how to win over this wealthy young master, but now Young Master He was obviously interested in Qin Xiaoyou. If she didn't stand out to speak, it would undoubtedly make Young Master He feel upset.

"When I said I'm not going, it means I'm not going," Qin Xiaoyou frowned. Other people's birthdays had nothing to do with her.

The atmosphere became tense. Chen Xinyi had not thought that knowing Young Master He's identity, Xiaoyou would still not give face. He Mingge's face turned tense too. A glimpse of anger flashed past his eyes. No one had dared to reject him before.

"Xiaoyou, it's not good to not show proper respect. We are all studying in the same school and we will meet frequently in the future" Chen Xinyi's voice lowered; her threatening tone was obvious.

"Give who the proper respect?" Suddenly, a voice rang abruptly behind everyone. Qin Xiaoyou looked at the person appearing behind them. A glimpse of glee flashed past her eyes.

"Mo Wen," Qin Xiaoyou called out his name softly; she quickly walked towards Mo Wen, hugging his arm. Her affection was obvious.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, staring at the three people blocking Qin Xiaoyou at the entrance with a glimpse of dismissal in his eyes. Right when he was approaching the gate, he saw these few people were talking to Qin Xiaoyou. At first he thought they were Qin Xiaoyou's friends, but after he came closer and overheard their conversation did he realize that was not the case.

"So you are Mo Wen?" Chen Xinyi raised her eyebrow and said while staring at Mo Wen. She didn't know Mo Wen. She shared the same dormitory with Qin Xiaoyou, but she was not one of the students in Class 1413 of TCM course. Qin Xiaoyou's dormitory was short of one person, so someone from the other class filled the vacancy.

She moved into Qin Xiaoyou's dormitory later, so she was not very close with the TCM Class 1413 students in the dormitory.

"Who are you?" Mo Wen asked flatly. How could he not tell that this woman before him was plotting something evil.

"I am Qin Xiaoyou's roommate," anger flashed past Chen Xinyi's eyes. She asked Mo Wen a question and he didn't reply her. Instead he threw a question back at her, seemingly rude.

"Today I asked Qin Xiaoyou to hang out with me for a while. You don't have any objection, right?" Chen Xinyi said coldly.

"How do you know I don't have any objection?" Mo Wen said laughing. There were still women who were so self-indulgent.

"You" Chen Xinyi raised her eyebrow. This Mo Wen couldn't tell chalk from cheese.

"Today is Young Master He Mingge's birthday. Don't you not know the rules," Chen Xinyi took a deep breath, bringing He Mingge's name up.

As for He Mingge and Zheng Yunde, they were crossing their arms and enjoying the skit. It didn't seem like they wanted to speak. A Mo Wen was not qualified enough to converse with them.

"What rules?" The corner of Mo Wen's mouth curled up. He really didn't know what rules could apply to him when it came to other people's birthdays.

"Are you acting dumb or are you really dumb? If you don't give Young Master He face, you should know what the consequences are," Chen Xinyi snorted coldly. She knew that if she wanted to settle Qin Xiaoyou, she had to settle Mo Wen first. Now, she had flaunted Young Master He's identity out, she wanted to see him cave in.

In her eyes, Mo Wen was the classic example of a softie. When Su Boyu had bullied Qin Xiaoyou, almost causing Qin Xiaoyou to be disfigured and causing the whole school to know about it, as Qin Xiaoyou's boyfriend, he was nowhere to be seen. He even hid for four to five days, not daring to come out, not even daring to visit the hospital once.

This type of person, if he wasn't trash, what was he? She couldn't understand why Qin Xiaoyou was together with such a man. It was degrading.

Back when Su Boyu and Qin Xiaoyou had their incident, although Chen Xinyi knew a bit about what happened, what she knew was not the whole picture. After all, aside from the people involved in the incident, no one knew how things transpired entirely. Every other person had heard stuff from someone else, resulting in many versions of the story.

So she had just thought that Qin Xiaoyou's injuries were not so severe, and that after resting for a few days she had managed to recover, so it wasn't as horrible as disfigurement as the rumors claimed. Before Qin Xiaoyou was discharged, she actually gloated for quite a few days.

Qin Xiaoyou had only explained the situation to her own class. She didn't tell anyone else. So in the eyes of many people, Mo Wen's image was still that of a weak softie. Many people looked down on him, saying that a beautiful flower was stuck in a pile of dung.

"Give Young Master He face?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows, saying nonchalantly, "What is his reputation worth?"

"You" Chen Xinyi's eyes widened, staring in disbelief at Mo Wen. She could not understand why he suddenly became so daring. Could it be that he did not know of Young Master He's identity?

He Mingge's face froze as he was watching from the side. Two people today had not given him face. It was nothing when Qin Xiaoyou did it, but who was Mo Wen? This creature dared to question what his reputation was worth.

"Mo Wen, Young Master He is from the capital's He Clan.The He Clan that He Mingting from the Top Ten Young Masters is from. You better know your place," Chen Xinyi glared at Mo Wen fiercely as she said. The look she wore was as though she was from the He Clan. She was obviously an ass in lion's skin, but she didn't seem to notice it.

She thought that Mo Wen was unaware of Young Master He's identity. Only then did she dare act so arrogantly. He Mingting was ranked fifth in the Top Ten Young Masters. His position was even above Su Boyu. He Mingge was He Mingting's younger brother. Although he wasn't one of the Top Ten Young Masters, he was on the same level as they were.

"If you nag anymore, don't blame me for giving you a slap," Mo Wen looked askance at Chen Xinyi, then not bothering with her anymore, he turned to Qin Xiaoyou and said, "Come, let's go shopping."

As he said this, he grabbed hold of Qin Xiaoyou's dainty hand, ready to go. As for the three egotistical, self-centered Second Generation Rich, he had no interest to deal with them.

"You" this was the third time today that Chen Xinyi was angered to the point of being speechless. And that was with her being beside Young Master He. She initially had thought that with Young Master He around, her words had more weight to them and that few would dare to not listen to her. But there really were people who ignored her.

The feeling of superiority when beside a young master of prestige and power was not embodied here.

He Mingge's stand was somewhat untenable. Mo Wen had not given him face right in front of him. If he did not say something, he would becoming a laughing stock when word got out. Especially in front of two beautiful girls. He was a bit interested in Chen Xinyi. If he did not take hold of the situation, what dignity would he have left?

"Stand right there," He Mingge took a step forward, blocking off Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou. He lifted his chin slightly and his eyes bore a domineering look as he faced Mo Wen.