Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Uphold the justice for you

Wang Huiru embraced Qin Xiaoyou in her bosom and narrated her life experience softly in the ward that was unusually quiet.

When Wang Huiru was young, she married Qin Xiaoyou's father, Qin Yi, and had given birth to a daughter, Qin Xiaoyou.

Qin Clan was a reputable ancient martial arts aristocratic family that practiced ancient martial arts for generations. However, Qin Xiaoyou's father, Qin Yi, was not too talented in the practice of ancient martial arts, which was equivalent to a black sheep in ancient martial arts. After more than ten years of practice, he had not broken through Regulated Breathing realm and at one point, he was not even valued by the Clan.

In an ancient martial arts aristocratic family, one's talents in the ancient martial arts would decide the position of one in the family. If one didn't manage to practice, one would not be given any position. Though Qin Yi was in the main line of descent, due to his lack of talents in ancient martial arts, he became an outcast and was eventually abandoned by the Clan.

Due to the limitation of his talent, Qin Yi simply gave up the practice of ancient martial arts and left Qin Clan silently.

After that, he married a normal girl, Wang Huiru, from an ordinary family and had an adorable daughter, Qin Xiaoyou.

However, although Qin Yi didn't have martial arts talent, his talent in business was shocking. After leaving Qin Clan, he went to the Charm City alone to develop his own business and it grew bigger rapidly.

During that year, Qin Yi single-handedly established the renowned Blue Ocean Group which involved in the real estate industry, manufacturing industry, retail industry, service industry, etc a gigantic group which consisted of tens of industries.

Qin Yi had also become an influential figure in Hua Xia's business world. His personal wealth had been the top three among the Hua Xia's businessmen and had become a regular on the Forbes Richest Billionaires List.

With such great achievement in his business, his wealth nearly surpassed that of all the wealth that Qin Clan had, so naturally he got the attention of the family members of Qin Clan.

At that time, the family members of Qin Clan attempted to get Qin Yi back and even requested him to merge his businesses with the Clan's businesses with the promise that he would be managing the Clan's businesses and would be given the deciding power.

Qin Yi rejected, as his wealth at that time was way more than Qin Clan's so it would be ridiculous to agree to such suggestion.Once his businesses and Clan's businesses were merged, his businesses would no longer be his but belonged to Qin Clan.

Nobody had expected that after Qin Yi had rejected this suggestion, he died suddenly in his own office. The forensic analysis reported that it was a heart attack caused by too much stress; such dubious verdict was given eventually.

However, Wang Huiru knew that her husband had been very healthy and definitely didn't have any heart diseases, so how could he die of heart attack?

Being born in a rich family, Wang Huiru had been influenced daily by her environment so she had more knowledge than normal women. She knew that her husband's death was definitely an accident, but was some kind of conspiracy.

Indeed, not long after Qin Yi had passed away, the family members of Qin Clan came to her and claimed that all the businesses must be returned to Qin Clan and had nothing to do with her and her daughter.After that, a will was presented and stated that all his assets would be given to Qin Clan in case of death and was signed off by Qin Yi.

Wang Huiru knew that the will was definitely fake and forged by the family members of Qin Clan.

That year, Qin Yi did tell her that he, indeed, had a will, just in case of an accident.However, the will stated that regardless of the manner of his death, all his assets would be given to her daughter, Qin Xiaoyou, and definitely not Qin Clan.

In addition, that will was safekept by a world's famous insurance company, but when she contacted the insurance company, they claimed that someone had already taken that will. Other than that, she had absolutely no idea what had happened.

How could a weak woman like Wang Huiru fight with a huge Qin Clan? So she simply gave up the fight for all the assets and left Charm City with Qin Xiaoyou, who was only one year old then. They secretly returned to the capital and lived in an old house left by Qin Yi then.

"Mom, Dad "

Qin Xiaoyou huddled herself into her mother's bosom, and her tears wet her blouse completely.

"Your father had died seventeen years ago, mom didn't lie to you."

Wang Huiru sighed softly. She was reluctant to tell Qin Xiaoyou about this matter, as she was afraid that she would be saddened by it and would attempt to take revenge on Qin Clan. This also explained her vagueness about this matter and her reluctance to explain about it.

With the strength of the mother and daughter, they could never fight such a big Clan.

That year, Qin Yi's corpse was snatched by the family members of Qin Clan and had left nothing for her and her daughter. All these years, she simply burned some of Qin Yi's clothes and made a cenotaph on a desolate mountain that she would pay respect annually, but she had never mentioned it to Qin Xiaoyou.

"You shouldn't blame him. He loved you when you were young and had treated you as his precious darling."

Wang Huiru patted Qin Xiaoyou's head and said this softly. She knew that Xiaoyou had resentment towards her father as others had a father while she didn't, like an illegitimate child.

Whenever she saw other kids having a great time with their parents around, she would cry secretly. Whenever the school organized activities which involved the participation of parents, she would go home alone silently and help her mother with household chores.

Wang Huiru saw those moments and understood the pains, but she couldn't change anything.

"I won't blame him but I hate that Qin Clan."

Qin Xiaoyou cried silently in her mother's bosom. She had always wondered who her father was and always imagined her father's looks when she was young even though she didn't have a photograph of her father.

Now, she finally knew the truth, though she wished she didn't know. At least she could continue to have illusions like before.

"Aunt Wang, the people appeared in your ward that day who had caused your illness to worsen were they from Qin Clan?

Mo Wen asked softly.

"You know?"

Wang Huiru looked at Mo Wen in surprise, smiled bitterly, and said, "It had been so many years, yet the Qin Clan was unwilling to let us go"

That day, the family members of Qin Clan came to Wang Huiru and requested for Qin Xiaoyou to return to Qin Clan to be Qin Clan's eldest mistress. However, she must be married immediately and represent Qin Clan in a political marriage.

Originally, Qin Clan and Wang Clan, one of the biggest ancient martial arts aristocracy families in the Capital, were supposed to have alliance via marriage. The original persons for the marriage were decided to be the fourth daughter of Qin Clan and the third young master of Wang clan.

However, the fourth daughter of Qin Clan was stubborn and obstreperous who lived a licentious lifestyle. So, before the wedding, she was already pregnant!

In such situations, Wang Clan couldn't marry the fourth daughter of Qin Clan, as it might turn out to be a joke.

However, the fourth daughter was the youngest in the main line of descent of Qin Clan; the rest of the three daughters were already married.

However, as the third young master's status was noble, he would not marry any woman from Qin Clan who was not from the main line of descent.

With the possibility of this intended marriage to be destroyed, Qin Clan had turned their attention to Qin Xiaoyou.

That year, Qin Yi was in the main line of descent, so his daughter, if Qin Clan was willing to acknowledge her status, would be considered the fifth daughter of the Qin Clan. Hence, it would be a good match of the families' statuses if she were to marry into Wang Clan.

After Qin Clan showed Qin Xiaoyou's photograph to Wang Clan, they immediately agreed to Qin Clan's repeated request for the political marriage. Thus, resulted in the scene of the family members of the Qin Clan looking for Wang Huiru and her daughter.

"I would rather die than be used by Qin Clan."

Qin Xiaoyou bit her lips with her hands tightly clasped together. Qin Clan was simply bullying them, what did they treat them as?

Wang Huiru sighed softly. She was told by her husband long ago that Qin Clan was one of the biggest ancient martial arts aristocracy families in the capital with tremendous power; how could she and her daughter fight with such an enormous influence?

"Don't worry, Aunt Wang. With me around, nobody will be able to touch Xiaoyou," Mo Wen raised his brows and said indifferently.

"Thank you, Mo Wen. It is Xiaoyou's fortune to have found you. However, Qin Clan's influence is too great. If both of you are willing to be together, I suggest that you leave the country immediately, as Qin Clan is still unable to control overseas. As for me, you don't have worry about me," Wang Huiru said as she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

How could she not understand the relationship between Mo Wen and her daughter? Perhaps they were together long ago.

Mo Wen smiled, but didn't comment. Runaway to overseas?Could Qin Clan have an expert in Embryonic Breathing realm?

Even if they did, he would destroy half of Qin Clan if they were to infuriate him.

After comforting Wang Huiru for a while, Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou walked out of the hospital. Along the way, Qin Xiaoyou was obviously feeling downcast.

Mo Wen held her in his arms, patted her head, and said softly, "Don't worry. I will uphold the justice for you. Things that belong to you, nobody could take it away."

"Mo Wen."

Qin Xiaoyou hugged Mo Wen tightly, as if she was hugging her everything.

On the way back to the school, Yun Xiaoman gave Mo Wen a call, telling him that the things had already been sent to Qin Xiaoyou's dormitory, but her tone seemed to be angry and obviously very upset.

After sending Qin Xiaoyou back to the dormitory, Mo Wen went back to his own dormitory.

He saw someone who was rarely seen Dongfang Yi, in the living room.This spy in the dormitory why didn't he continue to surveil on the movement of the people in the dormitory?

Mo Wen went back to his own room, and sat cross-legged on the bed with a flash of contemplation in his eyes.

In just a day, so many things had happened.

Shen Jing had a sexual relationship with him accidentally; how was he going deal with this woman and Qin Xiaoyou in the future?

And there was the issue of Huatian Palace. He didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing to join Vermilion Bird Palace Hall.

Now there was another Qin Clan. The Qin Clan was one of the five biggest ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the capital so it definitely had great influence.

Other than these, there was Dafang Sect that was yet to show up.

He felt that the relationships around him were unconsciously getting more complex and time was also getting more urgent.He knew that only when his power became greater, he would be able to succeed, regardless of the circumstances.

Currently, the most urgent thing was to practice and increase the Cultivation. With his experience from his past lifetime and his present Cultivation of Sea of Qi realm, it would be difficult to progress by leaps and bounds within a short period of time.

However, it was not impossible. After all, he used to be an ancient martial arts practitioner in Embryonic Breathing realm, so he was naturally different from the normal ancient martial arts practitioner.

Especially after going into the dream again, his mind gained many things from nowhere, and his horizon had increased by more than ten times, as if a mysterious veil was gradually unveiling itself.

Cultivators! The one who had the extreme power to control the heaven and earth; the one who could go against the heaven to change someone's fate; the one who was said to be able to become immortal and prove the realization of the way; the one who could pursue eternal life with the same age as the heaven and earth and had the splendour of the sun and moon.