Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Immortal Alchemy

He knew that only by becoming a Cultivator could he wield the ultimate power of heaven and earth, and dominate and oversee all living things.

But the way of practice for Cultivators was way harder than that of ancient martial arts. It required one to have great innate talent. Every person who could become a Cultivator was certainly a rare genius.

Back then the miracle physician Mo Wen, due to the fact that he never practiced the Cultivation practice method from his youth, ended up missing the opportune time in his life for practice. The result was when he wanted to practice it, he could not achieve Cultivation.

In that world, not being able to achieve Cultivation was his greatest regret. Maybe he could never make up for this regret.

But he felt that something was strange. At the end of the dreamscape, a monstrous beast was chasing him. Later he fell off a cliff. But while he was in midair, a bizarre black hole consumed him. Then he woke up.

What exactly was the black hole? Why would it suddenly appear? Or was it because when he was falling down the cliff, he triggered some prohibitions which caused the black hole to appear?

Three years of learning at the Divine Pill Sect opened Mo Wen up to a whole new world. His worldview was naturally expanding.

He knew that the practitioners of Cultivation could perform many miraculous deeds. They had mastered the secrets to seize all fortunes and to control the heavens and earth.

For example, casting beans on the ground to be transformed into soldiers, touching stones to turn them into gold, reducing miles into inches these legendary deeds were easy tasks for the practitioners of Cultivation.

On top of that, they also had many incredible items such as magical treasures, magical instruments, panaceas, spell talismans, stratagems, and etc.

That was a world that belonged to the Gods and Goddesses. So it wasn't a peculiar thing to have a black hole consuming Mo Wen when he was falling off the cliff. Perhaps he had unintentionally triggered a prohibition set by a senior Cultivator.

The only thing which befuddled him was what was his fate after falling into the black hole?

Was it possible that during that time, he had died in the black hole? His life in other world had ended; thus, he woke up from the dream?

Mo Wen frowned slightly. He had a feeling that his story in the other world hadn't ended. It wouldn't be as simple as that.

Perhaps, he didn't die. There were still stories that followed; there were still adventures that he didn't know of.

But the dream was disrupted. The only way for him to know and to prove whether there were more subsequent stories was to enter the dream again. Otherwise, the other world was as good as dead for him.

He subconsciously touched the Eight Trigram on his chest. Both times he had entered the dreamscape had to do with the Eight Trigram. What secrets did it hide? Was it possible for him to enter the dreamscape a third time?

Pushing aside the myriad of complicated thoughts in his head, Mo Wen drew back his focus on the matter at hand. Those other matters where too far and too uncertain; thinking too much about these things was useless. It was better to be more concerned about the matters at hand.

For Mo Wen, enhancing his strength was his top priority.

With the three years of experience in the Divine Pill Sect, Mo Wen's thinking was vastly different from before. He knew that if he just cultivated on like he used to, he would not reach the Embryonic Breathing realm even after cultivating for five to six years. Now, he could only find an alternative method.

If this was before, Mo Wen would have no alternative. But after having entered the dreamscape a second time, he had a solution.

His mind was filled with the alchemy techniques that he had learned in the Divine Pill Sect. Compared to the alchemy he knew of before, the difference was heaven and earth. His previous standard could not even be considered alchemy.

But now, he finally knew what alchemy was. After knowing some alchemy arts, this was no mere medical technique but true immortal methods. These were things that only a Cultivator could master.

Based on the many alchemy arts and alchemy recipes, he could concoct many miraculous pills. Even though in the Cultivation world, the pills he could concoct were the most basic of pills and could not compare to the legendary panaceas.

But at his current level, these normal pills were no different from panaceas. To use Cultivator pills on a normal martial arts practitioner, the results didn't need to be elaborated.

The simplest Vigor Pill could improve his cultivation by a large margin. If it was a Vigor Consolidating Pill, he could probably break through to the next level, straight away becoming a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial art practitioner.

Just thinking about it made Mo Wen burn up with enthusiasm. Back when he was a apprentice in the Alchemy Pavilion, his alchemy arts were still considered decent. Previously he had concocted many Vigor Cultivating Pills and the alchemy master had praised his high comprehensive ability many times. It was a pity he could not practice Cultivation, otherwise his achievements would not be just that.

One Vigor Cultivating Pill was enough to improve the cultivation of a normal martial arts practitioner by twenty years. Back when he broke through to the Golden Elixir realm within three years, he had regularly consumed Vigor Cultivating Pills.

Mo Wen recalled his thoughts. His mind was constantly thinking about what sort of pills he could concoct in his current state. However, after brooding for a long while, he realised that with his current conditions, there were no pills that he could concoct.

There was no other reason other than that the medicinal herbs that could be concocted into pills were all full of spiritual energy accumulated from the heavens and the earth. Many rare medicinal herbs were spiritual medicines. Normal medicinal herbs could not be used to concoct the pills used by Cultivators.

He had no medicinal herbs with spiritual energy around him, so he naturally could not concoct anything.

Mo Wen suddenly recalled the Purplish Blue Flower he had obtained from Yun Xiaoman's house. After becoming a disciple of the Divine Pill Sect, only did he know that the Purplish Blue Flower was no ordinary medicinal herb, but a low grade spiritual medicine with spiritual energy.

The reason why the Purplish Blue Flower had so any uses in the medical field was related to the fact that it had spiritual energy.

Although in the world of Cultivators, the Purplish Blue Flower was the most common of spiritual herbs, it was also one of the most fundamental medicinal herbs.

The use of the Purplish Blue Flower was to allow the concocting of the Vigor Consolidating Pill, and it was one of the main ingredients of the Vigor Consolidating Pill.

Mo Wen's eyes lit up as he looked up at the Purplish Blue Flower placed on his window sill. When evening came, the Purplish Blue Flower emanated a faint green glow.

With the Purplish Blue Flower, it meant that Mo Wen could most possibly concoct the Vigor Consolidating Pill. However, many medicinal herbs were required to concoct the Vigor Consolidating Pill. Just a stalk of Purplish Blue Flower was not enough.

Recalling the recipe to concoct the Vigor Consolidating Pill, aside from the Purplish Blue Flower, the Vigor Consolidating Pill required another thirty one other medicinal herbs. Thirty of them were common medicinal herbs, serving as supplements. Only a stalk of Silver Tooth Grass was a low grade spiritual herb, which was uncommon.

The thirty supplementary medicinal herbs could be easily purchased at a large Chinese medicine shop, but the Silver Tooth Grass could not even be bought. It was scarce as it was a spiritual herb. Its uses were vastly different from normal medicinal herbs.

The encyclopedias of Chinese medicinal herbs that he had read didn't even have records of the Silver Tooth Grass. It had not even been classified as a herb.

Mo Wen sighed deeply. Time waited for no man. He needed to improve his cultivation in a short span of time.

One Vigor Consolidating Pill could increase his cultivation by five years. Although it could not compare with a Vigor Cultivating Pill, it could easily help him break through the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi realm. Achieving the later stage, or even reaching the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm was also a possibility.

Once he was a practitioner at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm, with that world's martial arts attainments and the two Divine Techniques, dealing with later stage Qi Nucleation realm martial arts practitioners would no longer be a problem.

So he decided to travel out alone to seek the Silver Tooth Grass. With his experience, if this world had Silver Tooth Grass, he would find it.

Also, since the Purplish Blue Flower had appeared, the chances of the Silver Tooth Grass appearing was rather high. Every world wasn't as simple as it appeared.

He took out a map and found an area that was suitable for the Silver Tooth Grass to grow. He discovered that the Changbai Mountain Region, be it the climate or geographical environment, was the most suitable for the Silver Tooth Grass to grow.

Since long ago, the Changbai Mountains had been the Holy land for various miraculous medicinal herbs.

With a destination, Mo Wen immediately packed his bags and prepared to depart to the Changbai Mountains.

The next day, he went to find Dongfang Yi.

"What else is up?" Dongfang Yi rolled his eyes. After Mo Wen had barged into his room three times, he was used to it by now.

"I'm about to leave for a trip. I will be gone for about seven days." Mo Wen said nonchalantly.

"Um? So?" Dongfang Yi looked incredulously at Mo Wen. Why did he come to him if he was going out? Could it be that he was reporting to him!

"Help me take care of Qin Xiaoyou. Don't let anything happen to her. If anything happens, then I'll find you directly," Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"Is that the attitude you take when asking people for help?" Dongfang Yi's mouth twitched. He was fine with Mo Wen not paying him for giving information. But now, he was asking him to be a nanny. Mo Wen really was not holding back with him. It was practically bullying.

"If anything happens to her, the first person that I'll find after I come back is you," Mo Wen gave Dongfang Yi a glance, then he turned around and walked out. Just as he had walked out of the door, seemingly remembering something, he added on, "Oh yeah. Keep an eye on the Qin clan that is one of the capital's Five Great Ancient Martial Arts Clans."

"The Qin clan that is one of the capital's Five Great Ancient Martial Arts Clans? This fellow sure does not know how to keep out of trouble, or rather his woman does not know how to keep out of trouble."

Dongfang Yi raised his eyebrows. As a person in the Huatian Palace's intelligence system, he wouldn't not know of the Qin Clan. As for the relationship between the Qin Xiaoyou and the Qin clan, when he had investigated Qin Xiaoyou he had already known.

Now that Mo Wen was talking to him like this, he naturally understood his intentions. Mo Wen had gone against the Qin clan for Qin Xiaoyou's sake.

"Wanting me to protect Qin Xiaoyou for free without mentioning any benefits. Also, that attitude, this is going too far!" Dongfang Yi gulped down the glass of wine he had, furiously tugging at his tie. That Mo Wen was practically bullying him. But since his ability wasn't as high as Mo Wen, he could do nothing.

Especially now that Mo Wen had joined the Huatian Palace, they were practically colleagues. Even if he was bullied, there was no one he could reason with.

After that, Dongfang Yi seemingly recalled something which improved his mood.

"That Mo Wen actually joined the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall. That really is the most amazing thing in the world. Interesting, interesting."

The corner of Dongfang Yi's mouth curled, bearing a playful grin. That Vermillion Bird Palace Hall was full of terrifying women, and a terrifying transvestite.

What would happen when a man such as him appeared in the Vermillion Bird Palace Hall?

Thinking of Mo Wen surviving in the midst of a bunch of psychopathic women, Dongfang Yi's mood improved immensely.