Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 163

Chapter 163: The Unlicensed Hotel and the Fair, Rich and Beautiful Girl

Mo Wen carried his backpack and wore his travel shoes. He was prepared to set off once he was ready.

He walked over to Shen Jing's door and knocked on it. Before he left, it was better to let Shen Jing know. If not, if he disappeared suddenly, he would not know what else could happen.

Shen Jing did not have any lessons that day, and she soon opened the door.

"What are you here for?" Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen and she deadpanned as she said this fiercely.

Mo Wen laughingly pushed open the door and casually walked in.

"I've come to see you, am I not welcome?"

Shen Jing let out a light grunt.

"You're not welcome."

She hugged her knees and sat on the sofa as she looked at Mo Wen from the corner of her eyes.

Normally, when Mo Wen came by, she would be very polite and pour him a cup of tea. Now, he did not even have plain water to drink, much less tea.

Mo Wen smiled and walked to sit beside Shen Jing. He then placed a hand on Shen Jing's shoulder.

"I want to apply for leave."

Shen Jing hit Mo Wen's hand away and shifted a little such that she was a distance away from him.

"Be more formal; you make it seem like we're very close."

"Why, we are already like an old married couple, so why should we be so estranged?" Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and asked.

"Who's an old married couple with you? You're really shameless. If you continue talking nonsense, I'm going to chase you out," Shen Jing glared at Mo Wen fiercely.

Mo Wen laughed and did not dare to continue teasing Shen Jing.

"What are you taking leave for?"

Shen Jing raised her eyebrows. Normally, he had not even attended lessons. She could let it be if he skipped lessons. Yet, why was he still asking for leave? She knew that if it were just one or two days. Mo Wen would definitely not come to her to apply for leave. It was an unnecessary action for someone who skipped lessons every day.

It was only for a longer period that he would be unctuous and ask for a leave. This was because there was an administrative person who would drop by the class for an inspection every week. If he realized that someone was missing and yet had not taken leave, especially if it occurred many times, he would not be able to graduate.

"I have something on," Mo Wen was lying on the sofa and he apathetically poured himself a cup of water.

"This is the reason for you taking leave?"

Shen Jing let out a light sigh. This reason was just too perfunctory. Was there actually anyone who would use this approach to apply for leave from a teacher? Did he still see her as the class instructor?

Mo Wen's mouth curled upwards and said he dully, "Today, my motive is just to inform you. Taking leave is just by the way. In the days that I am not in school, don't miss me too much."

"Only ghosts would miss you."

Shen Jing glanced at Mo Wen from the corner of her eyes and said coldly, "How many days of leave are you applying for? I am only authorized to give you seven days of leave. If it exceeds seven days, you will have to apply for it directly from the school. Only if the school agrees then you can go."

"I'll apply for seven days then."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. Seven days was about right. It was possible that it would be even longer but it would not matter even if it exceeded by a few days.

"What are you staring at me for?"

Shen Jing looked at Mo Wen weirdly. Why was he constantly staring at her stomach? What was there to look at for her stomach. Even if he wanted to look, he should be looking upwards instead. Pft... What was she thinking! Shen Jing silently reprimanded herself for being as shameless as Mo Wen.

"Say, do you think there is our baby in your stomach?" Mo Wen asked nervously.

"Are you asking for death?"

Shen Jing's face immediately became red and took a mop to chase Mo Wen out. This impudent thing

Mo Wen stroked his nose and was a little depressed as he looked at the door that had slammed shut with a band in front of him. Helplessly, he walked down the stairs.

Shen Jing leaned on the door and bit on her lip. Her feelings had suddenly become very complex. She did not know why, but when Mo Wen had suddenly said that he was leaving, her heart felt a little longing. Could it be that she had already developed a reliance on Mo Wen?

She stroked her stomach, it couldn't be that there was really a child inside, right? After that day, she had not gone to the hospital for a check-up. Even after she had returned, she had not taken any precautions. Although she was a doctor herself, she had no idea what was going on with her stomach.

However, that day fell within her safe period and it there was not a high chance of her getting pregnant; it was very unlikely.

As she thought about that, Shen Jing heaved a sigh of relief. She would be too embarrassed to face anyone if she had a premarital pregnancy.

Mo Wen carried his backpack and started on the road to Changbai Mountain.

Changbai Mountain was located in Jilin Province. It was between Baishan City and Bianzhou City. From the capital, it was a very long journey.

Mo Wen had not chosen to take an airplane over, because secretly, he did not like the feeling of flying, where his personal safety was out of his control. To him, traveling by car was quite a lot more reliable than traveling by airplane.

After boarding the long-distance bus, Mo Wen found his seat and sat down. He took out a sun hat from his backpack and covered it atop his head, before falling into a deep sleep.

By the time he had woken up, the bus was already on the way, and had appeared to have already travelled quite a distance. The bus was full of passengers and there were no more empty seats.

Mo Wen noticed that there was someone seated next to him. It was a young woman probably in her early twenties. Her appearance was not bad, as she was very pretty. She had dressed very fashionably and her skin was soft and delicate. Her hands were smooth, so she was likely a young lady of a rich household. In simpler words, she was a fair, rich, and beautiful girl (FRB).

That FRB had seemingly also noticed Mo Wen waking up. Seeing that he had looked over, she politely smiled at him, which revealed two small dimples.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows but did not continue paying any attention to this beautiful lady. He lowered his sun hat and continued to sleep.

That FRB was stunned. She had never seen such a rude person before.

She also did not pay any heed to Mo Wen anymore. Reaching for her MP3, she stuffed the earphones into her ears to listen to her music.

The time passed very fast, and before long, the sky was gradually getting dark. Half a day had passed. Travelling from the capital to Baishan City by bus required at least 20 hours. Along the way, they also had to settle the meals of the passengers.

That night, the bus drove to a hotel in the wilderness. Other than the bus Mo Wen was riding, there were many long-distance buses of the all shapes and sizes outside the hotel. They had all chosen to take a break at this hotel.

"Time to eat," the two drivers in front cried out, before opening the doors of the bus and getting off.

The passengers on the bus had all streamed down the bus. Only a few of the passengers who were not intending to have their meal in the hotel had remained in the bus.

Mo Wen looked at the hotel and rolled his eyes, before shutting them. How could this be called a hotel? It was a mess, and the environment was bad. It did not even look appetizing at a glance. He could not understand why the business was so good. Were there just no other hotels in the area?

With Mo Wen's current skills, he could go without food for a week, much less a day, without having much effect on his body. Although it was not too the extent of being able to fast for long periods, he was not like the average person who could not skip a single of the three meals per day.

The FRB beside him had also not gotten down the bus. She reached for a bread from inside her bag and started to chew on it with small bites.

Just as Mo Wen was prepared to continue sleeping for a bit more to await the next time the bus would continue on its way, three or four hefty men came up the bus and said along the way, "All of you, get down and eat. What are you doing sitting on the bus? If you don't want to eat, do you want to starve to death? If you want to starve to death I can help you save the trouble and just kill you."

A hefty man baring his upper arms who was tall, strong and muscular with savage tattoos on his body was in the front. Behind him, there were several people whose expressions had ill intents following. They had iron poles in their hands and along the way, they were chasing the people who were still sitting to get down the bus.

Those few people were fierce. Their expressions were savage and they even had such destructive weapons in their hands. A wave of panic had instantly been incited amongst the passengers remaining in the bus. None of them had dared to go against them and they got down the bus in a well-behaved and cautious manner.

"All of you, go down and have your meals. Those who are not eating will make us, the people of the Black Dog Hotel unhappy. When we are unhappy, we will end up doing some very extreme things."

A hefty man knocked the iron pole onto the seat, causing a ringing sound that scared most of the people on board.

The passengers all understood at once that they had come across an unlicensed hotel. They had long heard of the fact that there were many unlicensed hotels along the way that forced their way with customers in buying and selling their goods. They were unreasonable and would often force travelers to spend.

Some drivers with no conscience would collaborate with these unlicensed hotels and purposely drive into the territory of these hotels. Once they arrived at the area, there would be no housing or shops in the near area and it could be said that there was no one around to respond even if one called for help. Hence, the powerless travelers could only helplessly listen to the tyrannical local bullies.

Such happenings had only been stories heard of by travelers who did not really travel long distance. Yet, they had surprisingly come across it in real life at this moment.

The passengers that were remaining in the bus got off hastily. They knew that it was impossible to be taken advantage of for a meal. They knew without a doubt that the items in the hotel would be frighteningly expensive.

The few fierce hefty men continued making their way in and chasing the passengers. Very soon, they had arrived before Mo Wen. They found that Mo Wen was sleeping an, and immediately, their face turned black.

"Still sleeping? Hurry and get off now do you not want to live?"

The hefty man at the front glared and fiercely kicked a foot towards Mo Wen. However, his foot did not manage to kick him. Mo Wen's leg had moved a whole inch without him noticing and in the end, he had kicked the steel frame below the seat instead. As he had used too much strength, there was so much pain that he almost screamed out loud.

"F*ck, you still dare to evade?"

That hefty man let out a cold breath and bent over with one hand supporting his leg as he glared fiercely at Mo Wen.

Mo Wen reached out his hand to take off the sun hat, revealing his delicate and refined face. He looked at the hefty man dully and was just prepared to say something when there was an angry voice erupting from beside him.

"Are you guys going to be reasonable or not? Forceful buying and selling is against the law."

The FRB seated beside Mo Wen could not take it anymore. She stuffed the half-eaten bread into her bag and glared at the hefty men who were throwing their weight around.

"Against the law? Hehe, let me tell you. We are now the law of this land, whatever we say is the law."

The hefty man was also stunned for a moment that someone had actually dared to challenge him. Looking at the beautiful girl beside Mo Wen, his eyes lit up, and a perverted look flashed through his eyes.

"Then, are you being reasonable?"

That FRB was angered to the point of smiling. She coldly looked at those hefty men and had an unspeakable sort of power.

"Aiyo little girl, so what if we are being unreasonable? Hurry and get off the bus. If not, there will be consequences."

That fierce hefty man let out a cold grunt and looked at the FRB darkly. In his mind, he was considering how to get this big beauty into his grasp.

"Normally, I will also not be reasonable to people who are unreasonable."

The FRB raised her eyebrows and she suddenly exuded a lot of power. Coldly, she said, "Beat them up cruelly, this bunch of scums."