Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Bad Things

"Leave them alone," The young man raised his eyebrows and said expressionlessly. Meeting a group of people in the Changbai Mountains was extremely out of the ordinary. Normally, if there was no conflict of interest, there would rarely be any confrontations.

The two groups neared each other, seemingly both having no intention of disturbing one another.

"Huh, senior, there is a woman in that group. She's beautiful." The youth's eyes gleamed, suddenly staring at the woman in the group as he said it. He had not noticed it before, but upon approaching them closer did he discover that the group had such a beautiful woman among them.

"Hmm?" The young man leading the group raised his eyebrows; his gaze landed on the group. Before, he had not cared about the group, but now he was a bit interested.

"Senior, that woman is very beautiful; even more beautiful than the one we met last time."

The youngest youth, delicate and pretty, gulped down a mouthful of saliva. His gaze fixed on the graceful figure of the woman.

"Hmm. She is indeed pretty." The young man leading the group nodded in agreement.

"Senior, let's"

The shortest youth among the five stared at the woman's body lustily. His face revealed a wretched smile.

"Humph, have you all forgotten the rules of the sect? Raping women is a capital offense."

The senior in the lead coldly stared at the rest of the disciples. His eyes flashed past a chilly intent.

"Senior, don't intimidate us. It's not like we did not do this before three years ago. Old rules apply; everyone gets a go. If anyone dares to confess, then we will all die together."

The short youth chuckled. Everyone here knew about the senior's character. If they were comparing who was a brute, no one here would be more brutish than him.

Three years ago, their small group had also came down from the mountain to gather herbs in accordance to the mission they were given by their sect. During their gathering journey, they came across a local medicinal herb gathering team. Among them was a rather good looking medicinal herb gathering village girl.

In the end, the senior got horny and killed the people in the medicinal herb gathering team, and ended up raping the village girl.

After he finished, to make sure they would not be unmasked and hence the sect knowing of this incident, he had forced the few disciples that were with him at the time to also join in and gang rape the poor woman. Back then the few juniors were still young. Some hadn't even known about sex.

The senior had forced them to do so to prevent them from returning back to the sect and reporting them, revealing what they had done.

In this way, they had all done the deed. They were like grasshoppers tied together with string; if anyone dared to speak out, then all of them would face the punishment of the sect.

As the saying went, one takes one's color from one's surroundings. After three years, once again coming down from the mountain to collect herbs and coming across an even more beautiful girl, all of them immediately started getting horny.

"He he, can't control yourselves anymore? Then, what are we waiting for? Let us kill off all of the men and leave the girl to be slowly enjoyed. I will go first."

The leading senior grinned evilly, satisfied with the response of his fellow disciples. The young truly showed promise.

Mo Wen followed the medicinal herb collecting team from behind out of sheer boredom. The few herb collecting spots that they had brought Mo Wen to did not have much of a harvest. There were but a few common medicinal herbs. For him, whose goal was to find spiritual herbs, they were completely useless.

Just as he was losing interest and preparing to leave the group and start finding medicinal herbs on his own.

Instead, something interesting had occurred.

The world was such a small place. He actually met the fair, rich, and beautiful girl (FRB) and the four bodyguards that followed her again. However, now they seemed to have met with an incident.

He was curious as to why a rich little lady would venture out into the Changbai Mountains. This wasn't the kind of place that delicate ladies like her should be at.

"What are you doing? Don't come over, otherwise we won't hold back."

Among the group of the FRB, the leading bodyguard clearly felt that something was off. That medicinal herb collecting team had suddenly changed their course and were now heading towards them. What was the meaning of this?

Needless to say, they were certainly coming for them. Deep in the mountains and ancient forests, one must always be sufficiently wary about people approaching.

The FRB frowned. What were those people approaching them for?

"He he, won't hold back? I want to see how you are going to hold back."

The short, wretched young man led the way running up front. In a blink of the eye, he had appeared in front of the group of the FRB, grinning evilly.

How could the group of the FRB not know that the medicinal herb collecting team obviously was approaching to cause trouble.

"Forward, take them down."

The bodyguard leader snorted coldly as he gave his subordinates near him their orders. Sure enough, people were unpredictable, the wilderness and countryside showed less restraint. Even a normal medicinal herb collecting team would dare cause trouble once they met.

In his eyes, these strangely dressed people naturally were normal local villagers. People from outside of the area did not dress like them.

Once the three bodyguards behind him heard him, they immediately stepped forward to show their skills with the intention of taking down these arrogant people.


The short, wretched young man laughed coldly. He looked at the punch that was aimed at his face. Without hiding or dodging, he sent out a palm strike, violently colliding with the fist.

The next moment, a loud crack, the sound of bones breaking, could be heard. The bodyguard dressed in black that had swung the punch instantly flew back and violently smashed into a tree.


Such a turn of events had given the other bodyguards a shock. How could this be! They knew each others backgrounds well, knowing what were their individual capabilities. A normal person could not possibly block one of their punches.

But the person before them had sent one of their own flying with a palm strike. What person would have such terrifying capability.

"A group of naive little tramps. You'll die here."

The handsome teenager snickered. With a flash of his figure, he appeared in front of a bodyguard dressed in black like a cheetah. He reached out and caught the bodyguard's wrist, picked him up and tossed him. The tall bodyguard was sent flying away like a scarecrow.

The youth then jumped up the next moment, springing seven to eight meters high, immediately catching up with the bodyguard that was just sent flying. With a 360 degree spinning kick, he sent the bodyguard flying again as though he was kicking a rubber ball.


He landed with a graceful reverse somersault. After dusting off his hands, he coldly and proudly lifted his chin, looking playfully at the FRB being surrounded by her bodyguards.

Right now, the FRB's eyes were wide open and her jaw went slack. She found it hard to close it. What was that? The emperor of kungfu? Martial arts hero...for a while, her little head couldn't wrap itself around what was happening. Could it be the world actually had martial arts experts?

"This is not good. They are all that kind of people. Young miss better run."

The leading bodyguard seemed to have known something. Currently, his expression had shifted greatly. He quickly drew the gun from his waist and fired unhesitantly at the handsome teenager.

The handsome teenager had just showed off his skills a bit, and was proudly looking at the group of normal folk, his eyes full of disdain.

Then, a loud bang of gunfire sounded. He had a fright, at the same time the sense of danger suddenly rose in his heart. Subconsciously he tried to avoid it by dodging, but his reaction was a tad too slow. A bullet instantly penetrated his arm, erupting into a bloody blossom.


A shriek of pain sounded. The handsome teenager's face went pale. He clutched his arm in pain. His face was contorted. Tears of pain were flowing out.

"They have guns!"

The leading senior squinted; his expression darkened.

"Guns? What are those?"

The short youth was also shocked, freezing in his stride. The thing could go through arms in a blink of an eye with a force that was not small. If it hit the heart or the head, would it not instantly kill them?

"Have you never seen one?"

The other youth looked contemptuously at the short youth, and with a hint of pride said, "Guns are the weapons of the outside world. They are the products of technology. Their firepower is strong, but for the seniors in the ancient martial arts world who have high cultivation, they do not pose a threat at all."

Many ancient martial arts sects that were hidden away in the mountains rarely came into contact with the outside world. Some of them who had been in the sect since they were young had basically never come into contact with the outside world. Their understanding of the outside world was mostly based on what they heard from others. By word of mouth, they then knew a bit.

So for many people in the ancient martial arts sects to not be able to recognise a gun was a very common thing.

"Humph, all of you get out of the way. I'll handle them."

The leading senior coldly snorted. He knew that his juniors' cultivation levels weren't high. Against a man with a gun, they would have some trouble.

At that moment, in the FRB's group, a bodyguard was down on the ground unable to get up. Another had a broken arm that was hanging limply while he held a gun in his other, nervously looking at the group of disciples opposite them.

The other two unarmed bodyguards, who were standing to the left and right with the FRB in between them, had drawn their guns.

"Who are they?"

The FRB said nervously as she looked at these strange people. After witnessing the frightful scene, although her bodyguards had guns in their hands, she was not that confident anymore.

"Young miss, they should be people who have practiced ancient martial arts."

The leading bodyguard took a deep breath, his eyes locked on the few youths as he said.

"Ancient martial arts?"

The FRB's head had a question mark hanging over it.

"Young miss. Later, when they are not paying attention, quickly run away from here. Run as far as you can; we will cover you from behind."

As security personnel trained by the world's finest security firm, they were always ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their employer. Their professionalism was more important to them than anything else.

The FRB's heart skipped a beat when she heard this. If her bodyguard had said so, then they definitely could not handle these guys, informing her of how much danger she was in.

On the other side, the leading senior walked out, seemingly unfazed as he walked towards the bodyguards that were wielding guns. His body swayed and his steps were intriguing.

The bodyguards dressed in black let off a few shots in succession, but none of them hit the youth. It seemed as though he knew the trajectories of the bullets beforehand, being able to dodge the bullets at the last minute.

"Young miss, run!" The leading bodyguard's palms were sweating like crazy now. His marksmanship was good enough to be able to hit fast flying discs, but he could not hit the youth even after multiple tries. That meant that it was impossible for them to be this youth's opponent.