Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Your Ancestors

The three bodyguards who could still stand formed a human wall around the FRB lady to protect her. They continuously fired at the youth in order to slow down the speed of his advancements.

The FRB bit on her lip and clenched her small hand. In the next moment, she turned around and ran immediately. She could not die, as she still had a very important thing that she had yet to accomplish.

As for those bodyguards, a feeling of guilt welled up within her. However, she could not care so much at this point.

If she could make it out alive, she would definitely arrange their funeral well.

"Run, where can you run?"

The Sect Senior Brother in the front smiled evilly. With a few flashes of the body, he appeared in front of a bodyguard and sent him flying with a single palm.

"Catch that woman, and bring her back to me."

Even without the command from the Sect Senior Brother, there were already people who had taken action. The short and stout boorish youth had already been itching to take action, so why would he let that woman run away? He took the lead and fiercely went after that FRB.

Mo Wen stroked his chin, as he was in a dilemma as to whether or not he should save that FRB. That FRB had a rather good heart. She had taken the initiative to help him a little in the bus, although her help was not needed and had made no difference to him.

In the end, before he could even decide whether or not to save her, that FRB buried her head and ran towards his position furiously.

Oh That woman had to be doing this on purpose!

Could it be that she had already known he was hiding here? It was a bit too much of a coincidence.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and simply stood unmoving on the spot. He waited for that woman to come over. Things had already come to this state so saving her would not be too much of a hassle.

"Little beauty, don't run anymore. You are mine today. After you are done serving me, you may just be lucky enough to keep your life."

A boorish voice resounded from behind the FRB. Very soon, a short and stout youth had appeared behind her. He was seemingly strolling as he followed behind the FRB. He was not rushed as he slowly closed in on the distance. It was as if he was trying to terrorize the FRB.

The sound that had suddenly appeared from behind had caused the FRB to let out a sharp scream. She desperately sped up again and buried her head as she ran into the depths of the forest crazily.

"Hehe, you can't get away. Just be well-behaved and come over to serve me."

The boorish youth hovered behind the FRB and maintained his distance. No matter how fast the FRB ran, she was unable to shake off the figure that was chasing behind her.

The FRB was so scared that her entire face had gone white. With all her might, she buried her head and ran. In the end, she knocked into someone's body in a moment of negligence. Immediately, she tottered and fell onto her backside on the ground.

She could not care about the pain and lifted her head in alarm. She noticed that there was actually a person standing in front of her and blocking her path. Immediately, her expression became miserable. Could it be that even the heavens did not want to give her a way out to live?

"Do you not know how to watch where you're going when you walk?" Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

"It's you"

The FRB suddenly widened her eyes. Looking at the person in front of her, she was unable to speak for a moment. This person was the youth that had sat beside her on the bus. Why had he appeared here? Unless

"This is all planned by you right? What is your motive?" The FRB glared and said fiercely.

She was still wondering why they would bump into a bunch of gangsters. No wonder; they had been watched since very early on. Perhaps they had already been followed when they had gotten off the bus previously.

She was really too careless. How could she simply believe others? Previously, she had really been blinded. She had even offered him something to eat out of goodwill. Yet, in actual fact, he was a beast in human clothing.

Mo Wen's sudden appearance had directly caused the FRB to link him with those people from before. If not, how could things be so coincidental?

"You've got issues."

The corner of his lips twitched a little. This woman had a very fertile imagination such that she could even be an author of a novel.

"You're the one with issues, your entire family has got issues"

The FRB picked up the pebbles on the ground and smashed them fiercely at Mo Wen. She had to resist and could not simply let one step all over her.


Mo Wen casually hit a pebble away with his hand and rolled his eyes. He was starting to doubt a little if he had made the right decision in saving this silly girl.

The FRB had yet to finish venting the anger within. She was even prepared to pick up another pebble and throw it at Mo Wen. In the end, however, that boorish youth had caught up from behind.

"You guys don't come over, I'm going to hit you."

The FRB retreated continuously and lifted up a pebble in her hand. She looked at Mo Wen and that short youth cautiously.

Yet, that short and stout youth did not even spare her a glance. Instead, he looked towards Mo Wen and his gaze was odd as he asked, "Who are you?"

An additional person had absurdly appeared out of nowhere. The short and stout youth was unable to understand; just where had this person appeared from?

He looked at Mo Wen coldly. If this person was just a normal person, he did not mind getting rid of him together.

"You don't recognize me?"

The FRB was stunned for a moment. She looked at the short youth and Mo Wen, her little head was unable to wrap itself around the facts within such a short period of time. They did not know each other?

"Your grandfather," Mo Wen's lips curled upwards and said seriously.

"You're looking for death!"

Upon hearing that, the short youth immediately flew into a rage. With a flash, he appeared before Mo Wen and without a word, he had attacked directly.

He threw out a palm which had garnered a strong gust of wind. It had blown so strong that the grass on the ground all bent over. From an appearance, he had seemed to be rather powerful.

However, Mo Wen did not even spare a glance at that short youth. He casually swatted his hand as if he was hitting a mosquito. It did not have much of an aura but it sent that short boorish youth flying. He was like a kite with its string broken that was completing a trapeze acrobat act.

The FRB's mouth fell wide open. It was so big that her little mouth could fit an egg. Even swatting a mosquito was not so effortless. Yet, when that short boorish youth was faced up against him, he could not even withstand a single blow.


That boorish youth had directly hit onto a huge tree before rolling down. His body twitched a little before a whole mouthful of fresh red blood was spat out from his mouth.


That boorish youth widened his eyes and looked at Mo Wen. He could not speak for a long time. There was an intense fear in his eyes. He was an ancient martial art practitioner with the later stage of the Regulated Breathing realm. Yet, he had not even understood what had happened before being dealt with serious injuries. Just what Cultivation did this young man have?

He could basically be certain that the young man was also an ancient martial art practitioner. Moreover, he was an ancient martial art practitioner of a very high skill level. If not, he would not have been able to send him flying so easily with just a palm.

"You're not in cahoots with them?"

The FRB had forgotten to put down the rock that she was hugging and her gaze was tightly trained on Mo Wen.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders and was too lazy to say anything to her. He simply gave her a look that conveyed his thought of her being very idiotic.

"So sorry"

The face of the FRB reddened slightly, and she lowered her head a little as she said.

At that moment, she also knew that it was a coincidence for her to have bumped into Mo Wen. Previously, she had blamed him unjustly.

"You're a woman and all alone at that. Do you have nothing to do? What have you come so deep into the old forest for?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and asked.

"I have something"

The FRB hesitated a moment and lowered her head. She bit on her lip and did not say anything more.

"You're on your own then."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. Since she was unwilling to say, he did not bother to ask either. Anyway, it did not have anything to do with him so why should he stick his nose into her business.


The FRB threw the pebble in her hand aside. She hurriedly caught up to Mo Wen and grabbed on to his hand before saying anxiously, "Can you save those friends of mine? They are in a lot of danger now."

She had witnessed Mo Wen's abilities previously. Hence, she knew that if Mo Wen were to take action, he would definitely be able to save her bodyguards.

"What will I gain from that?" Mo Wen rolled his eyes. He was not Lei Feng so why should he go about doing good deeds everywhere?

"I have money. I can give you all the money you want."

"I don't want money."

"Then what do you want, I will give you anything that I can?"

The FRB bit on her lip and she was growing anxious internally. She knew that the longer she dragged things, the more serious the injuries her bodyguards would sustain.


Upon hearing that, Mo Wen turned his head and scanned the FRB up and down for a while.

"Oh There are some things that I still can't give"

The FRB hurriedly retreated a step. Her two hands covered the opening of her collar. That gaze of Mo Wen's had made her a little fearful, he would not be that bad right

"Thinking so highly of yourself."

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and was rendered a little speechless by the FRB's reaction.

"Then quickly say what you want. I beg you, quickly go and save the people okay?"

The FRB glared at Mo Wen fiercely but her face had turned red.

"Tell me your motive of coming to Changbai Mountain. Then, I can go and save them."

Mo Wen thought for a bit. There was nothing about the FRB that piqued his interest. He was only slightly curious about the reason for her coming into the forest of Changbai Mountain. A Young Lady like her coming to such a place was really rather odd.

"Alright, I promise you," the FRB hesitated for a moment but still nodded her head.

Just as she had just said that, she noticed that the person before her eyes had suddenly disappeared as if he were a ghost.

She hurriedly looked all around and noticed that the young man was already over 30 feet away. He had appeared beside the short and stout youth. With a casual grab, he had managed to grab the person in his hands. In the next moment, his body flashed again, and he disappeared from her sight once more.

She held onto her chest, covering her thumping heart. Her heart was ringing like the beating drums. She had no time to be shocked. Immediately, she dashed forward fiercely in an attempt to follow behind Mo Wen. However, there was not even a trace of Mo Wen's shadow before her eyes.

That speed was simply inhuman.

Mo Wen was like a flash of lightning. The fact that he was carrying a person in his hand had not affected him in any way at all.

Almost immediately, Mo Wen had returned to the place where the bodyguards in black suits and those Sect Senior Brothers were battling previously.

At the moment, all four bodyguards had collapsed onto the ground. However, their abilities were not bad. At least they were still not dead.

Them having guns in their hands had at least made the ancient martial art practitioners think twice.

In reality, from the time that the FRB had escaped to the time that she had bumped into Mo Wen, it had not even been more than one or two minutes.

With a flash, the Sect Senior Brother had dodged a bullet once again. One of his feet kicked onto the wrist of the person who was lying on the ground and had opened fire. It had caused the bones on his hand to shatter and the gun to come flying out.

There was a flash of a figure in the sky, and the gun did not land on the ground. Instead, it had landed in the hands of another person.

"Who is that?"

The Sect Senior Brother at the front lifted his head fiercely and coldly glared at the person who had suddenly appeared, as well as the short and stout youth in his hand.

It was needless to say that the person was definitely not in cahoots with them, since one of his Sect Junior Brothers had been captured by him.

From the way that he had travelled over, it could be deduced that he was also an ancient martial art practitioner. Moreover, his skills were rather advanced.

"Your ancestor."

Mo Wen's lips curled upwards. He flicked his wrist and a gust of cold air had flowed into the short and stout youth's body. Immediately, it had frozen his body into a block of icy cold corpse. Beforehand, he was still alive and kicking. In a moment, he had died. All his blood had frozen into ice and there was a layer of ice shards covering his external bost.