Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 168

Chapter 168: Blood Lingzhi Mushroom

Mo Wen's sudden appearance gave the seniors and juniors a shock, especially because he carried one of their people in his grasp. With just a glance, it was obvious that he did not come with good intentions nor was he theirside

The senior at the front felt the veins on his head throb as he spoke, "What did you say?" His entire being became glum and looking at Mo Wen was like looking at a dead person.

His ancestor?

Even if that fellow wanted to die, he did not have to be so direct. Perhaps he was tired of living.

Mo Wen said smilingly, "Are you deaf? Your ancestor, did you hear it clearly this time?" It looked as though he was just chatting with someone.

The leading senior looked at Mo Wen. In the next moment, his body flashed and he pounced on Mo Wen, "You're looking for death." His power was impressive and he looked like he wanted to dismember Mo Wen into many pieces.

Mo Wen's lips turned upwards into a smile. He looked at the corpse in his hand before casually throwing it away. Immediately, that corpse was like an artillery shell that had knocked at the senior who pounced forward.

The senior was shocked and dodged a little in an effort to evade. However, he suddenly realized that there was a scary aura descending from the skies all of a sudden and it enveloped his body. He felt as though his entire body had fallen into mercury and the surrounding air had become so heavy that it was like liquid metal. It compressed him so tightly that it was not easy to move even a bit.

After pausing for a moment, the corpse covered with cold ice had knocked over and sent him flying. The scary force was like a huge mountain pressing onto his body, almost squashing him flat.

After being knocked about for over 20 meters, the senior finally landed on the ground. As for the corpse, it immediately shattered into pieces and become a pile of ice shards.


The senior at the front had vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. An unbearable pain circulated through his entire body and it felt as though as he had fallen apart. He lost all feeling in his body and could not get up, even after a long time.

He knew that the hit from before had caused bones in his body to shatter in at least 10 different areas, thus rendering him instantly disabled. Yet, that was still not the most shocking part. The scariest thing was the young man's cultivation. He realized that against this young man, he was simply no match.

Previously, that pressure was too scary. It was like pressure that only an old senior with the Qi Nucleation realm could have. How could it possibly be?! For a man younger that him to have such a scary cultivation? He simply could not believe it.

From a young age, he had learnt martial arts in the mountain school. He trained for over 20 years and even he was only at the beginning stage of the Soothing Pulse realm. This young man was not even 20 years old. If he had not started training from being in his mother's womb, how could he have achieved such a scary Cultivation?

Seeing as the senior was unable to defend against even the first move, the other disciples were all so scared that their faces turned pale and they looked at Mo Wen in fear. In the next moment, they had turned around to run away.

They were no longer in the frame of mind to rape or seduce the girl. They would thank the heavens if they were even able to make a run for it.

Upon seeing that those seniors and juniors had run off without him, the leading senior had immediately flown into a rage, "You bunch of impudent things" They had no loyalty at all. Even if they wanted to escape, they should have at least brought him along. They only cared about saving their own lives so how could they even consider themselves as fellow seniors and juniors.

The corners of Mo Wen's lips curled upwards, "Don't run anymore, none of you will be able to make it out." From their conversations, he knew that they were disciples from the same school and sect. They definitely had a school and sect backing them. If he let them off, it would inevitably cause more unnecessary trouble. Hence, it was better to just get rid of all evidence immediately so he would not have to worry about any hidden danger.

He lifted his hand slightly and three rays of silver-blue light had flashed out. Immediately, they shot over a distance of over a hundred yards.

In the next moment, three of the people who were running had become frozen in place. Traces of cracks spread across their bodies and soon after, they disintegrated into a pile of ice shards on the ground. Under the blazing sun, they gradually melted away.

Three of the Silver Serpent Freezing Pin had circled around in the air before flying back again. A blue light flashed before they fell back into Mo Wen's hands.

The three seniors and juniors had died in his hand in the blink of an eye. The leading senior looked at Mo Wen in shock, "Youdon't kill me I can agree to any of your terms" He was so shocked and frightened and shifted in an attempt to retreat. His entire body had started to tremble uncontrollably and it was the first time he had felt death come so close. He finally knew what despair and helplessness felt like.

Although he had killed quite a number of people and had the blood of many on his hands, when it was his turn instead, he found that everything was so frightening. He did not want to die he was still youngthe female senior in his school and sect had yet to even agree to his wooing and advanceshow could he die? Based on his qualifications, he should be able to have a very good future. Yet, everything he worked so hard for would be gone once he died.

The leading senior did not stop begging for mercy. He struggled and forced his body to kneel on the ground, constantly kowtowing to Mo wen.

However, Mo Wen did not even spare him a glance. Instead, he was curiously toying around with the pistol in his hand. He knew of the power of a pistol. Although it was not a threat to him, it was quite a big threat to ancient martial art practitioners with a lower level than the Soothing Pulse realm. Moreover, it was a normal pistol and was not a specially crafted pistol. Yet, it already had such power.

Furthermore, many of the people who were trained in ancient martial arts were not very qualified. It was possible that they would not even be able to train up to the Soothing Pulse realm in their lifetime. Lifelong training still lost to a pistol. Nobody could overlook the might of modern technology.

After all, a pistol was the most basic. There were still machine guns, sniper guns, cannons, missiles, nuclear weapons

If a country was determined to use these developed firearms to go against ancient martial art practitioners, then he was afraid that it would be difficult for the ancient martial art practitioners to match up.

Of course, Mo Wen was just casually thinking about it. Basically, it was impossible for a scenario where so many powerful firearms would be used against ancient martial art practitioners. After all, there were so many ancient martial art practitioners and their origins were deep-rooted. If the country could no longer accept them and really took them as an enemy whom they are all prepared to get rid of, there would definitely be very scary chaos and the entire country would also collapse.

The leaders would not dare to do that. After all, even though ancient martial art practitioners did not dare to become enemies with the armed forces on the surface, it would still be an easy feat for them to kill off people silently.

Mo Wen pulled out the safety pin and casually fired a shot at the leading senior: blasting out his brains.

Having seen such a bloodied scene, the FRB who had just run over turned pale. However, she had also seen quite a bit in her lifetime so she was not so scared to the point of letting out a sharp scream.

The FRB looked at Mo Wen and her voice was trembling a little, "They are already dead?" She had just run over, not even a minute ago, and those powerful scoundrels were all dead already.

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and casually threw the pistol onto the ground, "They're already dead? You mean you wish that they are still alive? Then they will" At this moment, two of the four bodyguards in black suits had climbed up. There were another two guards who had sustained injuries too serious to get up.

The FRB went forward worriedly and took out some medications and bandages from her backpack as she said, "Are your injuries serious?"

The leading bodyguard looked at Mo Wen and asked, "Young Lady, he is?" with his mouth agape. The scene previously had been so shocking. The young man in front of him was basically a killing machine. That frightening ability had made his heart tremble.

As a bodyguard, he was cautious against every stranger. Mo Wen's appearance had undeniably threatened the person he was protecting, even though Mo Wen had just saved them all.

The FRB did not know how to describe the situation with Mo Wen either so she simply said that, "He is a friend."

The FRB and the bodyguard with the least serious injuries were busy bandaging and caring for the other ones who were hurt. Meanwhile, Mo Wen was hugging his knees and leaning on a huge rock. There was a wild grass in his mouth as he looked dully at the mountainous view in the distance.

After a long while, the FRB walked over and lowered her head slightly as she said, "Thank you!"

"I did not save you guys just for a thanks," Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and said.

The FRB nodded her head and continued,"I know. My motive of coming into Changbai Mountain is to find a herbal medicine in order to treat my father's illness."

Mo Wen asked curiously, "Find a herbal medicine? What sort of herbal medicine?"

A single herbal medicine could cure an illness? If it were so simple, the medicine should have been sold elsewhere as well and she would not have to go to such a place like Changbai Mountain.

"My father has contracted a serious illness. It can't be cured even after we had travelled all over looking for a cure. Just when I was down and about to give up, I met a miracle physician. He said that he had also come across such an illness before and he had used a herbal medicine to cure the patient."

"He said that the type of herbal medicine only grew on Changbai Mountain and was very rare. At that time, he had been lucky to find two stalks of it. However, only one of them was mature. The other stalk had yet to mature so he only plucked one of them. That once immature Blood Lingzhi Mushroom should still be in the Changbai Mountain and I believe it has now matured," the FRB said miserably. That odd illness had tormented her father for years. Now that she had hope, she could not just give up like that.

Moreover, she had to cure her father. If not, the big and powerful clan would collapse. Those people all wished for him to die faster so that they would be able to get a share of the inheritance.

This time when she came to the Changbai Mountain in search of the medicine, other than hiring four bodyguards, she had not told anyone else about it. In fact, to prevent her relatives from finding out about her motive, she had purposely ridden the bus to Changbai City so as to decrease the chance of them taking notice.

"Blood Lingzhi Mushroom?" Mo Wen had gotten a shock hearing that such that even his eyes had widened. The Blood Lingzhi Mushroom was a rare and sacred medicine even amongst the Divine Pill Sect. Other than being present in the Cultivation world, it was impossible for it to exist in the normal world. So, did the Changbai Mountain really have the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom?

He did not know how valuable the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom was. He just knew that a single stalk of it was something to fight for amongst Old Immortal Demons.

Mo Wen furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "Are you sure it's the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom?"

In the two different worlds, it was very likely that although the names were the same, the items itself were different. Such situations were not uncommon. The Blood Lingzhi Mushroom was a spiritual item created by the heavens. Even if it were growing in the Changbai Mountain, it was impossible for an ordinary person to get a hand in it.

The FRB shook her head, "I don't know." This time, she had come looking for the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom but she had never seen one before. Her understanding of the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom was simply based on what the miracle physician had told her.

"This is the map that the miracle physician had drawn for me. On it, there is the location where that stalk of Blood Lingzhi Mushroom is growing, as well as a rough sketch of how it looks like," the FRB said as she took out a map from her backpack and passed it to Mo Wen.