Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 169

Chapter 169: I am a kind person

Mo Wen took the map and looked at it carefully before exhaling deeply.Indeed, it was not a Blood Lingzhi mushroom. Although he had not seen the actual Blood Lingzhi mushroom, he was at least able to identify it easily.

After all, there were jade inscriptions of the different kinds of spiritual herbs and spiritual medicines in the Alchemy Room of Divine Pill Sect, with many images of the spiritual medicines which was similar to the actual objects.

Although this thing was not a Blood Lingzhi mushroom, it was a medium grade spiritual medicine. Its practical value to Mo Wen was way beyond the Blood Lingzhi mushroom at the present moment.

He recognized this thing. In his other world, it was not called Blood Lingzhi mushroom, but Blood Mushroom. Though there was only a one word difference, their natures were worlds apart; both were incomparable.

Blood Mushroom was also a spiritual medicine in the Immortal Cultivation world and was a priceless medium grade spiritual medicine. Mo Wen had used Blood Mushroom in concoction of pills in the past, and it was the highest grade of spiritual medicine that he had ever used.

He was only a medicine boy in Divine Pill Sect which allowed him to use the medium grade spiritual medicine to concoct pills. It was the Alchemist who gave him this favor after acknowledging his good comprehending ability.

If the indication on the map was indeed Blood Mushroom, he would be very determined to get it.

Silver Tooth Grass was only a low grade spiritual medicine, he didn't find it, but instead he encountered a higher grade medicine Blood Mushroom.

"The location of this medicinal herb was marked out to be behind this mountain. I would bring you there to find it."

Mo Wen glanced at FRB smilingly and said with a look that seemed to mean, "I am Lei Feng, [1] who specialized in doing good deeds".


FRB glanced at Mo Wen dubiously, as she kept feeling that this guy harbored malicious intention. It was so difficult begging him to save someone just now, so why would he help her find the medicinal herb now?

"I'd rather not" FRB replied weakly.

"Why not? This matter is decided. You rest a bit, and we will continue after that."

Mo Wen glared and decided on this matter immediately.

FRB lowered her head while her lips moved, but didn't dare to object.

She didn't know if this youngster in front of her actually had good or evil intentions, but she knew that if this youngster were to have evil intentions, they would be at his mercy. In the present situation, they could only play it by ear.

"What's your name?" Mo Wen asked, while raising his brows.

"I am Xu Qianqian," Xu Qianqian said, as she lowered her head.

"I am Mo Wen. You may call me Brother Mo in the future. Don't worry with Brother Mo around, you don't have to be afraid of tigers or lions in the Changbai Mountain, not to mention the few robbers."

Mo Wen patted on Xu Qianqian's shoulders in a "I will protect you" manner.

Xu Qianqian pouted her lips secretly. She would feel more uneasy with him around as he was more frightening than tigers and lions.

"Let's go."

Mo Wen snatched the map from Xu Qianqian's hands, comparing the geographical location, and then looked at the trail towards the peak at a distance.

"My bodyguards"

Xu Qianqian said hesitantly. Her bodyguards were injured and would be difficult for them to continue walking the mountain trails with her. According to her thinking, she intended to rest for a day and continue walking the next day.

"Why bother about them? Let them rest here. We only need the two of us to find the medicinal herb."

Mo Wen said, while rolling his eyes. He didn't intend to bring a few guys who would hold them back.


The bodyguard leader said, as he furrowed his brows and walked forward. As a bodyguard, how could they allow their mistress to follow a person with a dubious background? Furthermore, anyone could see that this guy definitely had an ulterior motive for following them.

"What?Do you have an objection?"

Mo Wen questioned, while he raised his brows and looked at the bodyguard.

When the bodyguard leader saw Mo Wen looking in his direction, he immediately felt uneasy. He opened his mouth, but didn't dare comment anything.

"You rest here, and wait for me to come back. If I don't come back within five days, you may go about your own ways."

Xu Qianqian took a deep breath, looked at her bodyguards and instructed this.

At this juncture, they couldn't object but could only go according to Mo Wen's plan.If they were to infuriate him, not only they would suffer, the result of the matter would also remain unchanged.

She felt that she had just came out of the tigers' lair and went into a wolves' den.


The bodyguard leader's face changed slightly, stepped forward, and blocked Xu Qianqian behind him while his eyes fixed on Mo Wen. Another bodyguard who was mobile also moved over rapidly to confront Mo Wen.

Mo Wen kept his hands at his back and looked askance at these bodyguards. Which security company produced these bodyguards? Absolutely brainwashed to be idiots.

"Listen to me. This is an order."

Xu Qianqian furrowed her brows and commanded in a stern voice. It would be asking for trouble to go against Mo Wen now.

The bodyguards heard her words and could only retreat helplessly and let them go.

"Miss Qianqian, don't worry. I am a kind person, there will definitely be no danger following me," Mo Wen nodded his head satisfyingly and said smilingly.

"Let's go," Xu Qianqian glanced at Mo Wen and uttered coldly.

She considered herself bad luck to meet such a person, this bastard a kind person?


"Can you walk faster?"

On the mountain trail, Mo Wen asked this as he rolled his eyes. Far behind him was a small, slender figure that was trudging up the mountain.

Xu Qianqian gasped for breath while her clothes were soaked with perspiration, absolutely too exhausted to utter a word.

That fellow, didn't he know that she's a girl? He didn't take care of her all the way and wasstill blaming her for being slow.

Her walking was not exactly slow, but this guy was not a human. After walking two to three hours of the mountain trails, he seemed to be as fresh as in the beginning and didn't have a single drop of perspiration.

Not only did he not rest, he also didn't know that she needed a rest. He just kept going forward without empathizing with others.

"I am not walking anymore"

After walking for a distance, Xu Qianqian was too tired to walk.She felt the grievances growing in her as she threw the backpack violently onto the floor. Then, she sank her bottom onto it and refused to move.

If she were to continue, she reckoned she would fall flat on the ground.

"What are you doing? Don't you want to find the medicinal herb to treat your father's illness?" He asked while looking at Xu Qianqian who sat there refusing to move.

Mo Wen had no choice but to walk back.


Xu Qianqian turned her head to the side aggressively while tears started to roll down her cheeks silently.

"I told you that I would piggyback you, and we would get to that mountain in no time.But you insist that it is improper for a man to touch a woman and disallow me to piggyback you what else can I do?" Mo Wen opened his arms and said with a speechless expression.

Still cry! He was totally speechless. Allowing him to piggyback her to go up the mountain with Qinggong, would be totally effortless and would have let them get to the destination earlier. It would be a win-win situation, but she was reluctant and would rather climb on her own, so what else could he do?

"Don't you know how to take care of others and stop for a rest? Can you compare a girl's physical strength to a boy's?

Xu Qianqian wiped off her tears and glared at Mo Wen angrily.

"You wanted a rest? You could have said so. How would I know if you didn't say anything? You could have said so but you didn't," Mo Wen said with an innocent look.

Xu Qianqian gnashed her teeth and glared at Mo Wen, wishing that she could smash the backpack that was under her bottom onto his face.

He still dares to say it

Didn't he have eyes to see that she was at the verge of burning out? He obviously knew that she was too exhausted to move anymore, and yet he continuously hastened her.

"Have you rested enough?"

Mo Wen had a strand of grass in his mouth while leaning on the wall of the cliff. After waiting for half an hour, he opened his eyes to look at Xu Qianqian and asked this.


Xu Qianqian snorted softly, turned her head to the side, and retorted angrily at Mo Wen on purpose.

"You are not going? I am going. You can continue to rest then."

Mo Wen raised his brows, turned around, and continued walking. After a few flashes of his figure, he disappeared from the mountain trail.

Before Xu Qianqian could react, she realized that Mo Wen was nowhere to be found.


She stood up immediately, put her backpack on her back, and rushed up the mountain. After chasing for a distance, she still didn't find Mo Wen.

"Bastard scoundrel bad egg"

Xu Qianqian was so angry that her tears started rolling down her pale face. Could that scoundrel have really abandoned her in this wild desolated mountainous area?

After chasing for a distance, Xu Qianqian still didn't find Mo Wen and finally panicked.

Tears pitter-pattered onto the floor uncontrollably; he abandoned her alone in the middle of the mountain.

Furthermore, the map was in Mo Wen's hands. It was also impossible for her to find the medicinal herb.

"What is there to cry? I told you to go, but you refused."

Out of the blue, a voice came from behind her. Xu Qianqian was so shocked that she nearly jumped out of her skin. She turned around abruptly to realize that Mo Wen was standing behind her. She crouched down suddenly and started crying loudly.

Mo Wen's lips twitched. Lunatic!She cried when she couldn't find him, but she cried even louder when she did.

"Are you going?" Mo Wen rolled his eyes and asked.

Now, the sun was setting in the west, and if they continued to dawdle, they wouldn't get to the summit before nightfall.

Xu Qianqian wiped away her tears silently, stood up, and followed behind Mo Wen.However, a little hand gripped onto Mo Wen's sleeve, seemingly fearful that he would disappear the next moment.

"Grip onto this."

Mo Wen pulled a rattan off the wall and handed one end to Xu Qianqian to grip onto while holding the other end in his own hand. Then, he pulled Xu Qianqian up the mountain like pulling a dog.

Xu Qianqian snorted softly. How fortunate that this guy still knew how to take care of others.

The curtain of darkness draped the sky with twinkling lights, emitting their gentle glow. Tonight's moonlight was bright with a big, round moon like a clock that was hung on the wall which could be reached any time.

Mo Wen and Xu Qianqian had finally reached the summit. Upon arriving at their destination, Xu Qianqian slumped onto the floor. Although Mo Wen was pulling her, she was still completely exhausted at the end.

Mo Wen fished out the map and compared the location cautiously, then he walked around the summit. Eventually, he discovered a cliff at a spot on the northern side which seemed to be a dangerous spot that was absolutely impossible to get to.

He furrowed his brows, as this spot was definitely the location indicated in the map.Could the Blood Mushroom be growing on the precipitous walls of the cliff?

Mo Wen looked at the bottom of the cliff. It was completely pitch-dark with no visibility of the bottom and should be two to three thousand feet deep.

Though he could see in the dark, it was really difficult to find medicinal herbs in the night.


A scream broke the silence of the night and seemed to be particularly eerie in the night. The sound resonated far and wide and continuously echoed in the air.

Mo Wen raised his brows. It was Xu Qianqian's voice. What was she doing?

In a flash, he ran towards the direction of Xu Qianqian.


[1] Lei Feng was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party, Mao Zedong, and the people of China.In 1963, he became the subject of a nationwide posthumous propaganda campaign, "Follow the examples of Comrade Lei Feng." (Source: Wikipedia)