Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Down the cliff

After joining Divine Pill Sect, Mo Wen's perceptions had naturally changed. The ancient martial arts sects in the secular world which claimed to concoct pills were considered fake pills and couldn't be considered real pills. Instead, the concoctions of fake pills could waste a lot of precious medicinal herbs.

However, the fake pills did have some effects. After all, to the ancient martial arts sects in the secular world, the effects of such fake pills were considered quite good because the ancient martial arts practitioners were not comparative to the Cultivators.

Before joining the Divine Pill Sect, Mo Wen was also a Miracle Physician in the secular world who knew how to concoct some fake pills.

Therefore, he didn't have the intention of giving much value to someone from the Medicine Manor who couldn't even decipher the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom from the Blood Mushroom.

The lips of old man in black twitched and he said with a hollow laugh, "You must be joking that people from Medicine Manor, like myself, don't know the concoction of pills. Out of the many ancient martial arts sects in the world, in terms the achievement in the concoction of pills, none of the sects would dare to claim that they were stronger than Medicine Manor."

He had some doubts if this youngster in front of him was really someone from the ancient martial arts world, or else why he would ask such an idiotic question. Could it be true that he really didn't know Medicine Manor as he claimed?

Medicine Manor had thousand years of history. For dynasties and generations, it had produced many Miracle Physicians and concocted many wondrous pills. None of the sect ancestors had ever concocted a pill that would allow a practitioner to increase by a level without doing anything.

The people in the ancient martial arts world regarded it as fortunate to obtain a pill from the Medicine Manor and were willing to pay an exorbitant price for it.

There were also ancient martial arts warriors who would visit Medicine Manor several times to be treated for their injuries, and some were even reduced to bankruptcy on a plea to be treated by the Miracle Physician of the Medicine Manor.

Many ancient martial arts sects were usually reluctant to offend Medicine Manor and instead tried their best to be in good terms with it just in case they needed it when things happened.

That's the reason for the old man in black to mention Medicine Manor, in hope that it would be a deterrence; unfortunately, he encountered someone who failed to acknowledge its existence

"Our pills from Medicine Manor were able to increase the cultivation of the ancient martial arts practitioners and would perhaps help you increase a level," The old man in black continued to entice. At this moment, he was a little afraid that this youngster was actually a hothead youth who didn't know the value of the Medicine Manor's pills.

Of course the pills of Medicine Manor were unable to increase a level for an ancient martial arts practitioner in the Qi Nucleation realm. There was no such thing as a wondrous pill in the whole of ancient martial arts world, and even if there was, it wouldn't be given to this youngster.

When one's cultivation had reached the Qi Nucleation realm, it was impossible to use any pill to break through. For the ancient martial arts practitioner of the higher realm, it was difficult to have a breakthrough in a level, and the inability to break through for the rest of their life was a common occurrence.

He said so only to trick the youngster.

"I am interested neither in your pills nor that Medicine Manor. You better just tell me the actual location of the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom."

Mo Wen curled his lips and glanced at the Old man in black sardonically. The Blood Mushroom was definitely hidden in a very secretive place, or else it was impossible for no one to find it for such a long time.

However, any spiritual medicine without an owner was either immature, useless, or hidden in a place unknown to people. The more secretive the spiritual medicine was hidden, the longer it would be able to grow.

The reason he didn't kill the old man in Black was to find the Blood Mushroom. If he were to kill him, the clues would be lost, so even if he knew that there was a Blood Mushroom on this mountain, it would be a very difficult task to find it.

"You really intend to be the enemy of Medicine Manor. You better think twice. The experts in the Medicine Manor are uncountable; it is not something you can contend against," the old man in black, who appeared to be fierce but was faint hearted, warned.

After talking for such a long time, this youngster still remained unpersuaded.

"You have lots of superfluous words."

Mo Wen's eyes turned cold while his figure flashed and appeared in front of the Old man in black. Then, he extended his hands and caught him. The next moment, a cold and a hot massive Inner Qi gushed into the body of the old man in black instantly and sealed all his acupoints and his Sea of Qi.


The old man in black was extremely shocked, as the youngster actually had a hot and cold Inner Qi in his body, and each of the Qis were very strong and overbearing. Each Qi was above the Cultivation in the acme of Sea of Qi realm. When both Inner Qis were combined together, it was almost equivalent to half a Qi Nucleation realm.

Furthermore, it didn't seem so simple, as there seemed to be a third Inner Qi in both the hot and cold Inner Qi. The Inner Qi that was mixed in the two Inner Qis constantly neutralized them and integrated the two opposing Inner Qis together, forming a whole.

Three Inner Qis overlapping together was so extremely horrifying, that he basically couldn't counter it. He slowly lost his grounds and crumpled like the dried leaves. He instantly became controlled.

How could that be possible?

A person who could actually practice three Inner Qis simultaneously with two being opposing Inner Qis. What kind of the situation was this?

In a normal situation, being able to practice one Inner Qi successfully was not an easy task. Now, there was someone who actually practiced three Inner Qis simultaneously. This had rarely happened in the ancient martial arts world before; it was simply a legend.

Mo Wen was not concerned about the doubts of the old man in black. He turned his wrist and three Ming Yang Ancient Needles, which were emitting a faint warmth, appeared in his hands.

The next moment, three Ming Yang Ancient Needles were inserted half an inch deep into the three acupoints of the old man in black.

Almost simultaneously, the old man in black wailed in pain before his body went into spasm, and his eyes rolled back while drooling foolishly.

Mo Wen threw the old man in black onto the ground casually, leaving the him to spasm, rolling on the ground continuously groaning loudly.

Xu Qianqian couldn't bear to see it any longer. She hid far away with a pale face and didn't dare to look at the miserable old man in black.

After waiting for five minutes, Mo Wen removed the three Ming Yang Ancient Needles from the old man in black.

"I asked you for the last time, are you gonna speak up?" Mo Wen folded his arms and asked coldly.


The old man in black trembled slightly, his face smudged with tears and mucus. He couldn't catch his breath for some time and looked at Mo Wen with trepidation.

"Lead the way."

Mo Wen curled his lips. Wasn't it better to give in earlier? Humans didn't know what was good for them.

"Mo Wen."

Xu Qianqian walked over nervously and held onto Mo Wen's sleeve. It was midnight, and she wouldn't dare be on the summit alone. What should she do if there was another person who appeared from nowhere again?

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and pulled Xu Qianqian with him to follow behind the old man in black.

"Let's go, together."

The area of summit was huge with an unusual landform. Mo Wen wandered around it for a while with the old man in black before reaching a secret corner. This corner was a place nobody would tread on unless someone led them to it.

The old man in black stood at the edge of the cliff and said while pointing down at the cliff, "There is a huge protruding rock about one hundred and fifty feet down the cliff. In it, there is a natural cave, and the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom is in it."

"Would you lie to me?"Mo Wen furrowed his brows and asked, while looking at the old man.

The look that Mo Wen cast at the old man in black caused him to tremble subconsciously and he replied fearfully, "Why would I dare lie to you? You will know when you check it out."

He didn't want to experience again the feeling of living hell that he felt just seconds ago again.

"You go first."

Mo Wen hit his palm onto the old man in black and released half of his Cultivation in his body before pushing the old man in black down the cliff.

Although he only had half of his Cultivation, a trifling 150 feet wasn't a problem for someone with the Cultivation of the later stage of Sea of Qi realm.

Xu Qianqian screamed subconsciously as she saw Mo Wen pushing the old man in black down the cliff.

"What's there to scream? He won't die."

Mo Wen looked askance at Xu Qianqian.

"What are we doing now?" Xu Qianqian's face had a tinge of blush and she asked this softly while lowering her head.

"What are we doing? Of course, we will go down together. Or do you prefer to stay up here?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"We will go down too," Xu Qianqian pointed to the bottomless cliff and replied with a tremulous voice.

"Superfluous words."

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and didn't bother talking to Xu Qianqian any further. He grabbed and carried her, then leaped and jumped down.

The strong wind filled his ears and the falling speed increased rapidly. Xu Qianqian held Mo Wen tightly out of reflex and screamed continuously. The decibel was so high, that anyone would hear her ten miles away; those who didn't know might think that there was a female ghost in the mountains.

Mo Wen hit his fist against the cliff wall and turned around to remove the falling force and stopped on a protruding rock.

"Stop screaming. You won't die," Mo Wen glanced speechlessly at Xu Qianqian who was in his arms and commented.

The sound stopped suddenly with Xu Qianqian looking at Mo Wen dumbly. Her eyes were dull and she started touching her own face consciously. It was still warm.

"Still alive" She realized.


Mo Wen's lips twitched, and he ignored her before looking around the surroundings. The huge protruding rock on the cliff wall was huge, about one hundred square feet, with different kinds of weeds and rubbles on the ground.

The old man in black was crouching on the ground now as he was pushed down the cliff without any warning just now, causing his leg to be broken from the fall. Now, he was sitting on the ground, struggling to get up.

"The Blood Lingzhi mushroom is in the cave."

The old man in black noticed that Mo Wen was looking at him, so he immediately trembled slightly and said this as he pointed at a little cave. The cave wasn't big. It was a size that allowed one person to pass through.

"You will go in first," Mo Wen pointed with his chin while instructing the old man in black.

The old man in black knew that Mo Wen wasn't assured by him and was afraid that there might be traps inside. So, he bore with the pain and stood up, then limped in the direction of the cave.


Mo Wen, who was about to follow the old man in black, looked at Xu Qianqian in his arms helplessly and said, "What's wrong with you again?"

Xu Qianqian jumped off from Mo Wen's body immediately and glared at Mo Wen angrily.

"Why are you carrying me?"

She bit her lips and shot a glance at Mo Wen, realizing that she was curling imprudently on the bastard's body. Didn't he know that it was improper for the man to touch a woman? He carried her without her permission and did it so suddenly without giving her any time to prepare herself; dirty rogue!

Mo Wen's lips twitched a bit. He seriously suspected there was a problem with this woman's brain. Without carrying her, was he supposed to treat her like the old man in black and throw her down?

She was reluctant to stay up there, yet now she was so troublesome when she was down; she simply had a problem in her brain.