Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 173

Chapter 173: Flame Flower

"No, No. If he didn't die, he would take revenge on me in the future," Mo Wen shook his head and commented.

"What should we do then?"Xu Qianqian blinked her eyes and asked.

"Of course, we could just kill him straightaway."

Mo Wen laughed aloud while fixing his eyes on the old man in black. Releasing the tiger back to the mountainscreating trouble for the future; he wouldn't do such a thing.Furthermore, the old man in black had the backing of the Medicine Manor; he would be looking for trouble if he were to release him.

Xu Qianqian came up with such lousy idea, and only she could come up with it.

"Don't kill me"

The old man in black turned pale when he heard him. He was afraid that Mo Wen would kill him straight away. Then, he would have absolutely no chance of survival.

Mo Wen didn't pay attention to him. He stretched his hand and a weird suction force was released. In a flash, the old man in black was sucked onto his hand.

"I can tell you a secret, don't "

The loud man in black continued to struggle and blurted out in a panic.

"Secret?" Mo Wen raised her brows and mischievously posed the question at the old man in black.

"You must guarantee that you won't kill me," the old man gasped out the words.

"You can tell the King of Hell your secret when you get to the netherworld."

Mo Wen snorted softly.A massive Inner Qi entered the body of the old man in black vigorously and destroyed the last chance of survival mercilessly for the old man in black.

In the face of death, the old man in black said, "There's a White Flame Flower at the White Rock Peak which was more precious than Blood Lingzhi mushroom. I know the exact location and the map is on my body."

He finished the sentence in a breath.

However, Mo Wen's action didn't pause in any way, cutting away his last chance of survival. All his vital organs stopped working momentarily.

The old man in black looked at Mo Wen for the last time. A tinge of weird happiness flashed in his eyes with hatred and a gleam of schadenfreude.

That White Flame Flower was the Sacred Medicine that Changtian Sect had been protecting for year. It would be maturing within these two days and was awaiting being picked. During this time, it would be guarded stringently by many despatched experts.If Mo Wen were to enter impulsively and attempt to pick the White Flame Flower, he would definitely end up dead.

Even if he were to die, he would not let Mo Wen live well. It was a way of using someone else to kill him.

Mo Wen threw the corpse of the old man in black onto the floor. A rolled up map fell out of his pocket and rolled for a distance.

He contemplated the map, then picked it up with his lips curled into a mischievous smile.

Being someone who had lived two lifetimes, how could he not understand the spiteful look of the old man in black? But at the moment, he was actually unable to decipher the trick in it.

Xu Qianqian gasped at how ruthless Mo Wen could be. In terms of craftiness and treachery, the old man in black was reckoned to be a child compared to Mo Wen.

After associating with such a frightening youngster for so long, she remained intact. It was indeed incredible.

Mo Wen opened and viewed the map. The geographical environment should still be in Changbai Mountain, and there was an indication of a place by the name of White Rock Peak.

When he saw the picture of a stalk of flower on the right corner of the map, his pupils constricted a little and a flash of pleasant surprise went across his eyes.

Flame Flower!

The picture drawn on the paper turned out to be the picture of the Flame Flower!

Flame Flower! In the Cultivation world, it was a famous spiritual medicine with great value that was way above Blood Mushroom. Its usage was so vast that the Blood Mushroom paled in comparison. A stalk of Flame Flower was a rare treasure to any Cultivator who was skilled in pills concoction. As Flame Flower was scarce, one might find very few in Cultivation world, not to mention the secular world.

Flame Flower belonged to the most famous growing type of spiritual medicine; it was divided into different levels depending on its growth.

Depending on its colors, the levels would differ accordingly. The lowest level of the Flame Flower was the white, followed by red, orange, yellow, cyan, blue, purple, etc.It was said that the highest level was the legendary Rainbow Flame Flower.

However, obtaining a stalk of White Flame Flower was already considered as a treasure. When Mo Wen was in the Divine Pill Sect, he was only allowed to look but had not been qualified to touch it.

As for the Red Flame Flower, it was even rarer, so he had never seen a spiritual medicine of such level.

Hence, that went without saying about those of higher levels.

Although the map showed a picture of a stalk of White Flame Flower, its value was way higher than that of Blood Mushroom and was a spiritual medicine that Mo Wen had never contacted before.

Looking at the vivid picture of the Flame Flower on the map, Mo Wen's desire was aroused instantly. If it was really the Flame Flower, he would be able to concoct very high grade pills he even had the possibility of concocting a panacea.

At that time, it would be effortless for him to attain Embryonic Breathing realm and to break through to Golden Elixir realm would no longer be a difficult task.

Although he knew that the old man in black definitely had something up his sleeve when he told him the information about the Flame Flower, he reckoned it wouldn't be easy to obtain the Flame Flower anyway.

However, for the sake of a stalk of Flame Flower, he was willing to try regardless of the dangers. This kind of spiritual medicine was, after all, an object that could only be found serendipitously. He would never know when he would have such encounter again.

Furthermore, the place where the Flame Flower grew would definitely be a place filled with spiritual energy. The surrounding area would definitely have the growth of lower grade spiritual herbs and spiritual medicines.

Perhaps surrounding the Flame Flower might be some Silver Tooth Grasses. He had to see that place.

Mo Wen kept the map into the backpack, turned around, and stepped out of the cave.Xu Qianqian quickly followed behind him.

"It's so high. How do we get up there?" Xu Qianqian asked worriedly, while looking at the high cliff wall. Now, they were neither at the top nor the bottom. It was still dubious, whether they were able to return to the summit.

"Are you going up?" Mo Wen raised his brows and asked."That's a superfluous question obviously I would if I could." Xu Qianqian glared at Mo Wen.

"If you want to get up there, you have to be carried by me."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders. If he were to carry her up, she would complain that he didn't get her permission and was acting indecently.

Xu Qianqian heard his words and blushed. Then she stared at Mo Wen and lowered her head without uttering a word.

"Don't allow me to carry you? So be it, I will go up there alone. That will avoid your complaint of being improper for a man to touch a woman."

Mo Wen walked to the cliff alone and glanced up and down, looking ready to scale it.


After noticing that Mo Wen didn't pay attention to her, Xu Qianqian became anxious instantly. How could this person do this? Didn't he realize that she had consented with silence? Didn't he know it and still needed her to say it out loud?

She immediately ran forward to pull Mo Wen's robes and bit her lips with a tinge of blush climbing up her face. Then, as softly as the sound of mosquitoes buzzing, she said, "You may carry me"

Leaving her alone at the bottom of the precipitous wall of the cliff, he must be joking!

"What did you say?" Mo Wen blinked his eyes and asked, giving her a look that told her he didn't her clearly.

"I said you could carry me. Didn't you hear me?"

Xu Qianqian put her hands on her ears and hollered. Now, she wished she could pounce Mo Wen to the ground and beat him up violently. How could there be such horrible person?

"You should have said earlier. How would I know without you telling me?"

Mo Wen curled his lips into a smile and decided not to tease Xu Qianqian any further.With a hand on her waist and the other hand pressed on the wall of the cliff, he used his Qinggong and leaped to scale towards the summit.

After a short while, Mo Wen had flown up to the summit.

Realizing that they had already arrived at the summit, Xu Qianqian jumped away from Mo Wen's body immediately. She looked at the surrounding environment curiously, as just now they were still next to the precipitous wall of the cliff, but they were at the summit after a brief period of time like the immortals walking in the mountains.

At this moment, Xu Qianqian was almost numbed and directly classified Mo Wen into the Superman category. Other than Superman, who else would have such abilities?

However, if he were to wear his underwear on the outside, he would look more like one. Xu Qianqian's evil imagination ran wild to imagine the scene with Mo Wen wearing his underwear on the outside.

"Blood Lingzhi Mushroom can't treat your father's illness," Mo Wen raised his brows and explained while looking at her.

Now that he had found Blood Mushrooms, some things needed to be clarified, as he had no intention of giving the Blood Mushroom to Xu Qianqian.

"I know."

Xu Qianqian lowered her head sadly. The sinister old man in black said earlier that she was just being tricked to Changbai Mountain only to be a sacrifice.

"I will keep the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom. As for your father's illness, I will look at it when I am free," Mo Wen said while shaking his hands.

All the credits for being able to get the Blood Mushroom and have the information about the Flame Flower should be given to Xu Qianqian. Now that he had gained all the benefits, but Xu Qianqian's father was still sick, he felt bad for not saying something. After all, saving a patient was effortless to him.

"You are able to treat illnesses?"

Xu Qianqian widened her eyes while looking at Mo Wen happily. What did he mean?Could it be that he was able to treat her father?

"That's goes without saying. What don't I know?"Mo Wen raised his brows.

"Really? That's wonderful."

At that moment, Xu Qianqian didn't bother to retort Mo Wen's words to be a boast and affectation. She simply hugged Mo Wen and jumped excitedly with hope rising in her heart again.

She could see Mo Wen's abilities; simply a Superman. If he said that he could treat illnesses, then he definitely could. Perhaps Mo Wen was the Miracle Physician who could heal her father.

"Don't get too excited. It's improper for a woman to touch a man."

Mo Wen pushed Xu Qianqian away with a look as if he was taken advantage of, then he indicated to Xu Qianqian to keep a distance and not to come near him.

Xu Qianqian's face blushed as red as beets. Then, she calmed down instantly and shot Mo Wen a murderous look. This bastard

"Then, let's set off now. Back to the capital," Xu Qianqian said impatiently.

"I still have things to do. I have already told you, I will treat your father when I am free." Mo Wen rolled his eyes.

"When will you go then?" Xu Qianqian asked anxiously.

Her father's illness couldn't be delayed any further. What should she do if anything were to happen as time was dragged further? She wished she could pull Mo Wen and fly home with a pair of wings now.

"We'll see. We'll see how it goes."

At the moment, he was busy looking for Silver Tooth Grass and was still thinking about the White Flame Flower. How could he be in any mood to treat whatever illness that Xu Qianqian's father might have?

"What do you mean by we'll see how it goes? It is a matter of life or death."

Xu Qianqian went forward uncontrollably and gripped onto Mo Wen's sleeve, then looked pitifully at Mo Wen and asked, "Can we go now? My father's condition is getting from bad to worse."

"What's the rush? It's alright, as long as he is not dead. Don't worry, as long as he is not dead, I will definitely be able to save your father," Mo Wen said, as he was a little speechless.

If he knew this would've happened, he wouldn't have raised the subject of treating her father.