Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Appearance of the Demoness

Just what power did that Changtian Sect have to be able to send such a luxurious team to watch over a stalk of spiritual medicine? Normally, it was rare to see an ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm. Yet, he had already come across four or five by now.

Such a powerful School and Sect. It was a rather troublesome issue to think of how to snatch the Flame Flower out of their hands.

Mo Wen stroked his chin and silently thought about how to get the Flame Flower away from all those people who were protecting it.

At this point, he had already seen that in the middle of that huge rock, there was a lawn that was fully covered with green grass. It had basically covered 80 percent of the rock's surface. The green grass looked like a velvety carpet. If it were not for the fact that he had looked at it from below, he would have thought it was a patch of grass and not a rock.

At this point, those people were standing on the grass patch surrounding a brightly-colored stalk of flower. Every single one of them had a serious expression and they were on high alert, such that every blow of the wind or movement of the grass would be noticed.

That brightly-colored stalk of flower had the appearance of a rose. However, in comparison to a rose, that flower was even more delicate and dazzling.

Moreover, there appeared to be flames jumping about all around that flower. There were subtle layers of white smoke that was enshrouding the flower, causing that flower to appear dreamier.

That unusual stalk of flower was indeed the flame flower. Mo Wen had recognized it at a glance.

Although it was the White Flame Flower, the lowest grade of all the Flame Flowers, its value was still too high to be determined. This was because the Flame Flowers had a universal characteristic of being able to help Alchemists train their core and heighten the success rate of core training.

Regardless of whether it was the White Flame Flower, or the highest-level Purple Flame Flower and Rainbow Flame Flower, they were all able to increase the success rate of core training.

Moreover, using the Flame Flower to train the core could rely on Spiritual Flame Force from within and supply the Flame required in training the core. It could help in decreasing the number of times the Alchemist trainee has to get the internal flame going so as to alleviate the stress on the Alchemist trainee.

Mo Wen was not a cultivator. If he wanted to concoct pills, it was not an easy feat even if it were the most normal of pills.

Although it was all the same process of alchemy, his skill level was significantly lower. Hence, the quality of the pills produced would also be decreased by a lot.

Moreover, he did not have the Spiritual Flame so it was impossible for him to concoct a panacea.

However, it would be different with a Flame Flower. It was very possible that simply by relying on that stalk of Flame Flower, he would be able to concoct a panacea.

Hence, to Mo Wen, the value of the Flame Flower was far greater than the Blood Lingzhi.

Moreover, based on the grades, the White Flame Flower was also a top grade spiritual medicine. The Blood Lingzhi was only a medium grade spiritual medicine.

In the Cultivation world, the spiritual medicine and panaceas also had grade differences. For the spiritual medicine, there were 20 of them categorized into five grades.

The five grades were: spiritual level, profound level, sacred level, immortal level, god level. Arranged in an increasing order, the levels get higher and higher.

Within the levels, there was a further segregation into four grades: low grade, medium grade, top grade, superb grade.

When totaled up, there were at least 20 different grades of spiritual medicine, and thus was dubbed as five levels 20 grades.

All the low grade and medium grade spiritual medicine that Mo Wen had mentioned were only of the lowest spiritual level. To him, sorting the spiritual medicine into their respective grades in the spiritual level was already enough.

As for the types like the profound level and sacred level spiritual medicine, not talking about coming across them, he had not even seen them before.

The highest level of spiritual medicine that he had ever seen was only the superb grade of the spiritual level. Moreover, he had only had the fate to see it because there was once when he was helping an Alchemist concoct an important pill.

As for the White Flame Flower amongst all the Flame Flowers, it was the top grade of the spiritual level and it was still a far cry from spiritual medicine of the profound level.

Back in those years when Mo Wen was in the Divine Pill Sect, those legendary spiritual medicine of the profound level were only attainable by old seniors who had incredible Cultivation. It was impossible for a normal cultivator to have it.

Meanwhile, it was said that there were not many spiritual medicines of the sacred level in the entire of the Divine Pill Sect. Even if there were, they would have been treated as the treasure and the clan's most treasured asset. Not just a meagre medicine boy like him, even the Alchemist only knew of the existence of sacred level spiritual medicine and had never seen it before.

"Sect Junior Brother Fu, the White Flame Flower will become completely mature in an hour's time. By that time, you can pluck it and take it away. However, it is still better to be more cautious. The White Flame Flower is a sacred object that is rare in the world. There are hence quite a number of people coveting this flower. It's hard to say but there may be some people having designs on the White Flame Flower."

On the rock, an old man in red robe with a white beard told another old man in green robe whose face was flushed, plump and had a head full of white hair. The two of them were dressed in ancient costumes such that if they were to walk out, people would think that they were actors of a production set.

His pair of eyes were constantly scanning the surroundings of the mountain valley with a deep look of cautiousness flashing through them.

The more the White Flame Flower was nearing its maturity, the greater its possibility of change and the danger also increases. As the one in charge of protecting the White Flame Flower this time, he inevitably had to increase his guard.

"Don't worry Sect Senior Brother Zhou, the entire White Rock Peak is within the boundaries of our monitoring and control. There has not been anything out of the ordinary so far. Moreover, there are two of us keeping guard here so it is unlikely anyone would be so brave as to have any designs on the White Flame Flower."

The old man in green robe said feeling relaxed. With he and his senior who were both in the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, nobody would come and steal from under their noses or even have any designs on the White Flame Flower.

Moreover, who in the Changbai Mountain range did not know of the fact that this White Flame Flower belonged to their Changtian Sect? And who would overestimate their abilities so much so as to offend the Changtian Sect just for a stalk of spiritual medicine?

Their Changtian Sect had always been well-known in the Changbai Mountain range. Their supreme authority had never been dared to be challenged by anyone.

Although in recent years, there had been the burgeoning of several ancient martial art sects that were rather powerful, they were still insignificant as compared to Changtian Sect.

In the entire scene of ancient martial arts, Changtian Sect was the top ancient martial arts power.

For three rounds consecutively, they had been chosen as the top ten sects in the ancient martial arts arena. With such power, not just the small Changbai Mountain range, there were not many people even in the entire martial arts scene that would willingly offend them.

However, Mo Wen did not care about what the people who were standing on the rock and guarding the White Flame Flower were saying. At this point, he could only wait for an opportunity for him to pluck away the White Flame Flower.

Just as Mo Wen was thinking about how to snatch away that stalk of Flame Flower, a scary pressure had suddenly descended from the sky and that scary pressure had caused Mo Wen's body to stiffen a little, as if the surrounding air had all been frozen into ice.

In response, he took in a breath of cold air and looked up towards the sky. He could only see a black shadow zoom past his head and fly over to that giant rock. It was a distance of 100 meters but in the blink of an eye, the person had managed to travel across.

"Such a profound Cultivation! Who is that?"

A look of surprise flashed through Mo Wen's eyes. That person was minimally of the Embryonic Breathing realm. It was very probable that he was of the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm, or even the later stage of it.

Such a character was a first for him to have met on earth. A master of the Embryonic Breathing realm was a top master in the world of martial arts when considered in his past world. Before he had joined the Divine Pill Sect, his Cultivation was not any better than the beginning stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

That black shadow could be said as the first expert that he had come across after he had regained his memories.

Moreover, he was certain that when that person had flown over his head previously, he had already been noticed. If not, it could not have been so coincidental that the pressure had fallen upon him so directly.

However, he did not know why the person did not seem to care about him and did not have any intentions of exposing him. Instead, he continued to head towards that rock.

"Sect Junior Brother, how many times have I told you that you should just be cautious with anything. With everything we do, being careful should be the priority. Although our Changtian Sect has secured the top position in the ancient martial arts arena, it does not mean that there will be no more problems. The world of ancient martial arts is complex and if one is not careful, it is not impossible to kill of the entire Changtian Sect."

"Although some of the smaller powers are afraid of us, it does not mean that every single person is afraid of us. Your mindset is not good. In the future, such a mindset will inevitably attract trouble for you."

Clearly, the old man in red robe did not agree with the opinion of the old man in green robe as he said pointedly.

"Alright Sect Senior Brother, why are you being like the Sect Lead Elder Uncles, so naggy"

The old man in green robe impatiently cut off the words of the old man in red rove. However, before his words could be completed, a scary pressure had descended from the skies and caused his body to stiffen slightly. The words that he was saying halfway was also stopped abruptly.

"Who is that?"

That old man in red robe had also felt the scary pressure and turned his head towards the source of the pressure in shock. Immediately, his expression had turned awry.

That was a black shadow and the reason for it being called a shadow was because its speed was too fast, such that it was impossible to see the true face of that black shadow clearly.

Beforehand, that black shadow was still 100 meters away. However, in the blink of an eye, it had already appeared on the rock. With another flash, it had appeared before that stalk of White Flame Flower.

It was only when that shadow had stopped that everyone could have a clear view.

The lanky silhouette, a black skirt, a bewitching figure, a cold aura, and a thin veil covering her face, preventing anyone from being able to see her looks. However, on the whole, she gave off an unrivalled elegance and beauty.

That veil had seemingly not only failed at hiding the girl's looks, it had even added a hazy sense of beauty.

"Are you asking me?"

That girl in black skirt had no regard for the others around her and simply plucked that Flame Flower. Then, she slowly turned her head to look at the old man in red robe beside.

"You demon demoness"

The old man in red robe had seemingly recognized the identity of the girl in black skirt. He pointed at the girl and was speechless for a moment, with a look of shock in his eyes.

"Oh, I forgot. You people of Changtian Sect seem to have a very deep impression of me."

That girl in black skirt curled her lips upwards slightly and her voice was quiet as she said. The voice was very unusual and seemed to be flooded with a mysterious magical power which made people subconsciously develop all kinds of illusions, such that it would mess with their vision and hearing.

"Sect Junior Brother, hurry and run. Go back and report to the Sect Lead Elder Uncle."

That old man in red robe breathed out and without a second word, he turned to run.

He gave it his all in running and in a few flashes, he had run over 50 to 60 meters in distance. He ran with all his might out of the mountain valley.

As for that old man in green robe, after he had recognized the identity of the girl in black skirt, he had been so frightened that his face turned pale and his entire body was trembling. He was rendered completely speechless. Immediately, without even having to be prompted by his senior, his first thought was to turn and run. Hence, he ran out of the mountain valley like crazy.