Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound

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The two elders of the sect who had Cultivation that was greater than the intermediate stage of Qi Nucleation realm felt the wind and ran. They didn’t dare face this lady in black dress. The people of the Changtian Sect who were on the rocks obviously understood what had happened.

At that moment, everyone turned around and ran amok for their lives. They didn’t dare even look at the lady in black dress, all trying to escape out of the valley.

“Why run? Everyone, don’t run!”

The lady in black dress looked at the people who were running hysterically, and laughed, which sounded like the bells jingling. Her voice was euphonic, like the carefree laughter of a beautiful girl. However, the voice contained a tinge of a weird, demonic power that gradually spread throughout the whole valley.

Although she was laughing, her black eyes were terribly cold, like ice that had not melted for a thousand years, causing chills to run through the people’s spines.

Some disciples of the Changtian Sect with low cultivation, who had run a short distance, instantly fell straight to the ground upon hearing this weird sound. Then, they covered their ears with both hands and screamed frantically.

“Such frightening Demonic sound technique.”

Shock flashed through Mo Wen’s eyes as he hid himself in the bushes. He didn’t dare move. Then, he transferred his Inner Qi to fill up his ears, attempting to block out the weird, demonic sound.

However, the demonic sound was so strong that his present cultivation was insufficient to block it out completely. Some of the sounds were ringing in his head, causing him to have a massive headache with his blood and Qi boiling in his body.

Demonic Sound Technique was classified under the sound wave techniques, so it could be considered one. However, when comparing the Demonic Sound Technique to the pure sound wave technique, it was weirder, more frightening, and more difficult to practice.

His Dragon Tiger Fist contained sound wave technique in it, but it paled in comparison to the Demonic Sound Technique, which was illustrated by the Demoness; both were vastly different.

“Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound!”

Suddenly thinking of something, Mo Wen’s face changed slightly. That laughter was indeed Ming Cult’s magnum opus Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound. For generations, the Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound, which was the notorious Demonic Sound Technique, could only be practiced by the Sacred Maiden. Many people were terror-stricken when they heard its name.

However, how could this Demoness know the Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound?

A big question mark was raised in Mo Wen’s mind.

The laughter instantly spread throughout the whole valley. Other than the three old men who were in the Qi Nucleation realm, the rest of the people rolled on the ground, screaming hysterically and struggling. Blood started oozing out from their ears, eyes, and mouths. Eventually, death covered the land.

The Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound was, indeed, scary. More than ten strong ancient martial arts practitioners in the Sea of Qi realm became corpses silently, without any signs.

Except for the three old men in the Qi Nucleation realm, who had used their strong cultivation to resist the frightening demonic sound. Not only did their speed of escaping increase, it multiplied tremendously as they fled from the valley frantically.

Just when they were running out of the valley, the weird laughter stopped suddenly.In the next moment, the Demoness who was standing on the rock gradually disappeared from the spot. Then, a light shadow flitted across the sky.In the span of a breath, it caught up with an old man from the Changtian Sect.

“All of you from the Changtian Sect shall die.”

The bewitching voice was like a spell that surrounded the valley. The body of the old man, who was the last to escape, suddenly stiffened and froze on the spot, like an invisible hand had captured him. His body froze in the middle of the air. He was unable to move.

In the next moment, a bewitching figure flitted above him. Then, an eerie claw descended from nowhere. The old man, who was frozen to the spot, was mutilated into four or five pieces with blood and organs shed everywhere.

“Tai Yin Claws!”

The pupils of Mo Wen’s eyes constricted while he gasped. The Tai Yin Clawswasn’t it the magnum opus that had complemented the Nine Yin Divine Technique?

How could it possible for the Demoness to know Tai Yin Claws? Could it be that she also practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique?

With this thought in mind, Mo Wen realized that the Inner Qi that the Demoness had used was basically Nine Yin Genuine Qi. That was why he had the unknown, strange sensation from the beginning and was unable to find the reason for it.

Actually, the Nine Yin Genuine Qi in the body of the Demoness and the Nine Yin Genuine Qi in his body were responding to each other, which explained the reason for his strange sensation.

However, his body had Nine Yang Genuine Qi, Nine Yin Genuine Qi, and the combination and mutualism of Yin and Yang in the body simultaneously. That’s why even though the Demoness’ Cultivation was way higher than Mo Wen, she was unable to sense the Nine Yin Genuine Qi in his body.

After the Demoness killed the old man in Qi Nucleation realm, she didn’t pause for a second. She took a few steps in the air, like taking a stroll in the garden. With a series of continuous flickers, she caught up with another old man in the Qi Nucleation realm. This person was the old man in cyan robe, who was talking confidently and composedly just now.

Without surprise, the old man in the cyan robe was instantly killed when facing the apparition the corpse was never left in whole.

The apparition didn’t seem willing to let anyone from the Changtian Sect in the valley live. A figure flashed and gave chase to the old man in the red robe, who had the cultivation of the later stage in Qi Nucleation realm. Both persons, one after another, fled the valley instantaneously.

Mo Wen hid himself among the bushes, looking at the gradually receding apparition with some surprises and doubts, and the radiance in his eyes changed constantly.

With the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm, it was very easy for one to use the Inner Qi to levitate in the air for a short period of time or leap a few tens of feet.

As for the Embryonic Breathing Realm, it was far beyond the Qi Nucleation realm. It was able to travel in the air for a distance. The normal martial arts practitioner of Qi Nucleation was unable to escape the slaughter of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Almost without a doubt, the ld man in red robe would die.

Therefore, this lopsided massacre in the valley was not surprising to Mo Wen. The difference between the Qi Nucleation realm and Embryonic Breathing realm would never be overstepped.

The thing that was shocking to him was that the Demoness actually illustrated the use of Nine Yin Genuine Qi. What exactly was happening?

It was reasonable for one to practice the Nine Yin Divine Technique. After all, though Ming Cult had the full collection of the Nine Yin Divine Technique and the Nine Yang Divine Technique, some remnant pieces were stranded out, which might be found by some fortune people who would use it to practice the Nine Yin Genuine Qi.

However, that Demoness not only practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique, but also practiced Ming Cult’s magnum opuses: Tai Yin Claws and Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound, which were not passed down.

What exactly was this all about?

Had Ming Cult’s heritage not been interrupted long ago? Why was there still a person who had practiced Nine Yin Divine Technique and even had so many other Ming Cult’s magnum opuses?

What was the relationship between that Demoness and the Ming Cult?

Could it be that the Demoness had accidentally gone to the Ming Cult’s historical abode?

Mo Wen furrowed his brows slightly, totally baffled. Reasonably speaking, even if there was an existence of the Ming Cult’s remnant influence in this world, it was impossible to have someone who knew the magnum opuses such as Nine Yin Divine Technique and Nine Yang Divine Technique. As Ming Cult’s both Divine Techniques could only be passed to either the Cult leader or the Sacred Maiden, nobody else was qualified to practice it, so it was impossible to be passed down.

According to Chang Qingfeng, the Ming Cult’s Sacred Maiden of that year died in a huge calamity, so it should be impossible to pass down the Nine Yin Divine Technique. So where did the Demoness practice the Nine Yin Divine Technique and the magnum opuses from?

In such a short period of time, all the people of Changtian Sect in the valley were killed. No on was spared.

After the Demoness picked the Flame Flower, she disappeared, leaving the valley totally empty.

For some unknown reasons, the Demoness didn’t seem to have the intention to kill him, even though she had obviously discovered him. She had literally treated him as invisible and ignored him. Instead, she exterminated all the people of Changtian Sect mercilessly.

However, it was a good thing for Mo Wen. If the Demoness were to kill him, he wouldn’t have escaped this disaster.

He used Inch Travel Steps, his figure continuously flickering, and within a short amount of time, he appeared outside the valley.

Indeed, the people of Changtian Sect who were guarding outside the valley were all dead. There were corpses all over the place. Within a short distance, he found the corpse of the old man in the red robe.

Almost everyone from Changtian Sect was dead. The Demoness was, indeed, known as the Demoness; she was completely vicious and merciless.

Thinking of something, Mo Wen paled a little. The next moment, he rushed back into the valley and scaled the enormous rock with a few flashes of figures. After a brief amount of time, he found the location where the stalk of Flame Flower had been.

At this moment, the Flame Flower had already been picked by the Demoness; his hope of getting the Flame Flower was simply dashed.

However, the surrounding of the Flame Flower would definitely have some low level spiritual medicines growing with them, so perhaps there would be other gains.

He started to search carefully around the environment that the Flame Flower had been grown in. After a while, he found a stalk of low grade spiritual medicine Qingyang grass, which was growing very well among the undergrowth.

Qingyang grass was a spiritual herb with fire attribute. It belonged to the low grade spiritual level, which had the same attribute as the Flame Flower, so naturally it would grow together beside the Flame Flower.

After a while of searching, he found a stalk of five hundred year old wild ginseng. A wild ginseng had been transformed into a stalk of low grade spiritual medicine.Furthermore, wild ginseng was a neutral spiritual medicine which had great compatibility, thus its value was above the normal low grade spiritual medicine.

However, after searching for a long while, Mo Wen could only find these two spiritual medicines and couldn’t find the Silver Tooth Grass that he needed most.

Silver Tooth Grass was the most basic, most ordinary, and most commonly used spiritual medicine, which most of the concocted pills would include.

Furthermore, its strong viability with low demands on its growing environment that was, as long as the place contained spiritual energy Silver Tooth Grass would be able to grow.

Therefore, in the Cultivation world, Silver Tooth Grass was the most abundant spiritual medicine, which was, naturally, very cheap and readily available.

Reasonably speaking, this valley which was filled with spiritual energy should have the growth of Silver Tooth Grass.

Mo Wen began to be anxious, as the valley was so big that he couldn’t continue to search in it. Now, though it was not guarded by the people of Changtian Sect, with so many people of the Changtian Sect being killed here, the news about the misfortune on White Rock Peak would definitely reach Changtian Sect in no time.

In that time, Changtian Sect would definitely send more people over. This time, they would send the cream of crop among the experts.

Therefore, staying in the valley for a longer period of time was clearly the most dangerous thing to do.

He had to find the Silver Tooth Grass within a brief period, but it would be impossible to search the enormous valley bit by bit.

Could it be that the Flame Flower’s assimilation of spiritual energy was so strong that it caused the surrounding spiritual energy to be thinned, not allowing Silver Tooth Grass to grow?