Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Later Stage Sea of Qi

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As for the stalk of Qingyang Grass, it probably was of the same attribute as the Flame Flower, so thats why it could obtain sustenance from the Flame Flower and grow up healthily. Keeping this in mind, Mo Wen immediately left the area where the Flame Flower was growing, looking in the grassy areas far from it. He specifically looked for the areas that were rich in spiritual energy and yet far away from the Flame Flower.

As expected, Mo Wen found a stalk of Silver Tooth Grass in no time. The tiny silvery-white blade of grass was hidden among the weeds, but its radiance could not be hidden from view. Mo Wens heart rejoiced. After plucking the Silver Tooth Grass, he kept searching around the area, and again, as expected, came across another two stalks of Silver Tooth Grass.

After finding the three stalks of Silver Tooth Grass, Mo Wen suppressed the desire to find more. He knew that he could not stay in the valley any longer, otherwise he would surely face unpredictable danger.

With a few flashes of his figure he left the valley. He found a more secluded corner and descended down the mountain as fast as he could.Right now the entire White Rock Peak was dangerous, he naturally could not stay there anymore.

Not long after Mo Wen had left, a group of people reached White Rock Peak. One of them emitted a terrifying aura. He was a Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioner.

After three days, in an unknown little valley in the Changbai Mountain Range, Mo Wen stood in the middle of a creek with a tree branch in his hand. Once the fish in the creek swam close to him, he ferociously stabbed forward, simply and cleanly fishing a large carp onto the banks.

Although with Mo Wens cultivation level, catching a fish was a simple task that did not even require equipment, what was the point of him catching all of the fish in the creek like that. He would not be able to experience lifes joys like that.

Hmm, Mo Wen put it very nicely, experiencing life and enjoying the process.

After grilling the fish and eating it, Mo Wen returned to a stone cave he had dug out in the small valley. Three days ago, he had settled down in the small valley, with the goal of concocting the Vigor Consolidating Pill.

Now that he had the Silver Tooth Grass and Purplish Blue Flower, he naturally could not wait to cultivate the Vigor Consolidating Pill. Once he concocted the Vigor Consolidating Pill, his cultivation would improve by leaps and bounds again.

After three days of hard work, he finally managed to concoct the Vigor Consolidating Pill. However, with his limited ability, with a stalk of Purplish Blue Flower and two stalks of Silver Tooth Grass, he managed to concoct five batches of Vigor Consolidating Pills in total. However, due to his cultivation not being enough, three batches of pills were failures, becoming waste pills. Only two pills were successful, but in total only five Vigor Consolidating Pills were made.

His current cultivation was still too low. Back then when he was of the Golden Elixir realm and was concocting low grade Vigor Consolidating Pills, one batch could produce more than ten pills. Now, with two batches combined he only had a mere five pills.

However, being able to concoct the Vigor Consolidating Pill was already very fortunate. Mo Wen naturally wouldnt stress too much about the issue of the quantity of pills.

Anyway, the first time the Vigor Consolidating Pill was consumed, its effects were the best. After consecutive uses, its effects would gradually reduce. After four or five pills, further consumption would no longer have any effect.

Mo Wen had come out of the cave just now in order to have a hearty meal.Once his body received enough nutrients, he would enter the cave again and practice in isolation while consuming a Vigor Consolidating Pill, working hard to break through the intermediate stage of the Sea of Qi realm.

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, two days had passed. The valley was peaceful, with not a soul in sight. No one ended up disturbing Mo Wens practice.

But outside of the valley, the entire Changbai Mountain Range was the sound of the wind and the cry of cranes. It was as though something big had happened. Ancient martial arts practitioners dressed in Changtian Sect attire were traversing the Changbai Mountain Range. Their faces were stern and serious, as though they were looking for someone.

In the cave, Mo Wen sat quietly on a rock. His surroundings were pitch black. The entrance to the stone cave had already been blocked by a huge boulder. Not a shred of light could enter.

After who knows how long , Mo Wen suddenly opened his eyes, a bright, sharp flash of light flashed out of his eyes then suddenly went out. The next moment, a strong presence shrouded the inside of the cave. The presence pulsated and expanded, growing stronger and stronger.

The Heaven and Earth Great Shift.Mo Wen suddenly opened his arms, drawing out a Tai Chi circle. Formless waves immediately started emitting from his body, expanding in an instant throughout the entire cave.

The next moment, a strange scene occurred. The rock, that was the size of a grindstone, that Mo Wen was on started levitating.

Mo Wen sat cross-legged on top, appearing to float up as well. It was as though he and the rock had lost its weight, floating like clouds in the air. It remained so for a full thirty minutes, before the rock came crashing down, causing the entire cave to tremble. Mo Wen stretched and got up, his eyes filled with surprise and joy.

As he had expected, the medical effects of the Vigor Consolidating Pill caused him to directly break through to the later stage Sea of Qi realm, even faintly showing signs of breaking through to the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm.

As for his The Heaven and Earth Great Shift, he had practiced it to the third level, its power several times greater than before. Although he was just at the later stage Sea of Qi realm, the strength of his Inner Qi was comparable to the beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm, possibly even exceeding that.

He had been practicing three different martial arts methods simultaneously. Also the three martial arts methods were rare Divine Techniques. For the same realm, his genuine Qi from practicing the Nine Yin and the Nine Yang was stronger than that of those who practiced the normal techniques.

When his Inner Qi from practicing three martial art methods combined, it was natural for it to surpass common later stage Sea of Qi realm ancient martial art practitioners.

The corner of Mo Wens mouth twitched. He walked out of the cave gleefully. He casually extended his palm and sent the boulder, which was blocking the cave, flying.

He cleaned himself briefly at the creek outside of the cave. His mission at Changbai Mountain this time was completed smoothly.


After washing his face, as Mo Wen was getting ready to leave, he suddenly noticed that there was a person lying in the creek not far away. He had a shock, curiously walking over.

Its her He had just walked up to the person, when Mo Wens body freezed suddenly, drawing a breath of cold air uncontrollably. The person that was lying beside the creek, her body covered in wounds and unconscious, was someone he recognized.

A well-knit black dress. An enchantingly perfect figure. A long, slender and smooth neck. A face covered with a black veil.

If it wasnt the terrifying demoness who stole the Flame Flower on top of White Rock Peak that day!

How did she get so mortally wounded?

Mo Wens heart shuddered in shock. With the demoness cultivation, in the Changbai Mountain Range, what kind of person could harm her to such an extent?

Did the Changbai Mountain Range actually have such an expert?

To able to harm a intermediate stage, most probably a later stage Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioner to such an extent, only an ancient martial arts practitioner at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm could manage to do so.

Whats more was that the demoness practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique, together with the Tai Yin Claws and Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound, so very few ancient martial arts practitioners of the same realm as her could defeat her. After all the Nine Yin Divine Technique was a famous magnum opus divine technique. It was famous for being able to challenge higher levels of cultivation.

Mo Wen looked at the woman in a black dress that was lying half soaked in the creek, hesitating for a bit. This woman must have provoked some extraordinary figure. If he saved her now, he would probably be inviting disaster.

However, this woman had some connections with him. He had so many questions in his mind that he wanted to ask her. If he didnt help her, then not only would the questions in his mind go unanswered, it was possible that he would never know again forever.

After all, he was the Ming Cult cult leader in name. If this woman had any connections with the Ming Cult, she could possibly be from a remnant branch of the Ming Cult. If he just watched her die and did nothing, most likely he would forever regret it.

After pondering for a while, Mo Wen suddenly let out a self-deprecating laugh. Since when did he handle things so over-cautiously. That was not like his usual style. Could it be that since now he did not have his original cultivation, he had lost the miracle physician Mo Wens calmness and steadiness?

Slightly shaking his head, he bent over and carried the woman in a black dress and headed back to the cave.

At least now, there would not yet be any danger. If he hid the demoness, others would probably have a hard time finding her.

Upon returning to the cave, he inspected the woman-in-blacks wounds. He was even more shocked.

The wounds of the woman in a black dress were extremely terrible. If her cultivation was not high, she most likely would have already died.

With such injuries, even if he was a miracle physician, to heal her and get her back to health was not something that could be accomplished within a day or two.

The person who had wounded her was also incredible, probably with a cultivation of the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. As for the Golden Elixir realm, the possibilities were not high. If they had met a Golden Elixir realm master,the woman in a black dress would probably have a hard time escaping.

At the moment, the clothes of the woman in a black dress, due to having laid in the creek, were half wet. The thin silk cloth was stuck to her body, making her so tempting.

The demoness figure was voluptuous. Underneath the black lace, the colour of flesh was exposed, causing even Mo Wen to not be able to hold back. A lone man and woman in a sealed room together. One could imagine the temptation.

Mo Wen quickly cast away the evil thoughts in his mind. He was a gentleman, a man with virtue. How could he have such thoughts which were not in line with his identity. The demoness was indeed seductive and attractive, but with his inert state of mind hmm, he could still face her unperturbed.

Mo Wen constantly reminded himself that he was a gentleman. He should definitely refrain from having any lewd thoughts. He lowered his gaze and mumbled for a moment before he could pull himself together. Then he slipped out of the cave swiftly.

After a short while, he came back hugging a bunch of firewood. He piled them up in the middle of the cave. He started a bonfire quickly.

Staring at the blazing flame, Mo Wen secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Such high temperatures should be able to dry the clothes of the woman in a black dress. Her seducing good looks would naturally be covered up a little.

If he had to face such a seductive stunner the whole night, Mo Wen was uncertain whether he would lose control.

Judging from the demonesss figure and her skin, he could tell that she was rather young. As compared to others, she was most likely younger. But for a person to have such horrifying cultivation at such a young age, it was rare.

Her talent was equivalent to that of Mo Wen, the Miracle Physician from the other world. He reckoned that among the five freaks in his dormitory, other than Mo Qingtian, the Transvestite, no one could be compared to her.

At this point, of course he knew that the Transvestite, who was the head of the Five Freaks in the dormitory, was that demonic youth named Mo Qingtian.