Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Saving the Demoness

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Ever since he had the dream again and had the memory of being in the Golden Elixir realm, his judgement of another person’s realm became naturally precise, and his accuracy was incomparable to normal people.

He was very certain that Mo Qingtian had already been promoted to the Embryonic Breathing realm, but should only be in the beginning stage.

However, even so, it was very shocking. Many who had practiced for dozens of years or even a centenarian might not have broken through to Embryonic Breathing realm. The critical juncture of this realm had caused many to fail badly.

Mo Wen had a sudden desire to see the Demoness’ look as only from her face, he would be able to estimate her age. Such a young top-notch expert was indeed surprising to him.

With this in mind, he couldn’t contain his urge any further instantly.

Mo Wen glimpsed at the Demoness cautiously. After realizing that she was still unconscious, he dared himself to take off the veil on her face.

At that instance, a perfect, flawless face appeared before Mo Wen. Exquisite beauty was presented under the bright firelight.

Although she was unconscious, her bewitching face was still so mesmerizing that no one could take their eyes off her face.

With such a seductive appearance, it had an unspeakable sense of bewitching beauty. It was different from the bewitching charm of Gu Jingman’s character. This woman before him was enchanting and seductive with purely her appearance, and would attract any male animals easily.

Perhaps she might not be the most beautiful woman, but she was a woman who could evoke the primitive heat of the men easily.

Mo Wen took a deep breath and forced himself to take his eyes off the face of the lady in the black dress. His primitive heat seemed too strong, so he had to take a bottle of water from his backpack to take a few sips.

What an enchantress!

Mo Wen reprimanded himself secretly and wiped away the drops of water from the corners of his mouth, then his boiling blood was slightly calmed.

This kind of woman had a natural bewitching physique which would be able to seduce a man without fail.

Mo Wen had been a Miracle Physician who had travelled to many countries around the world, so he had seen different kinds of unique physiques, including women with such natural bewitching physiques.

Like this kind of women, they were a disaster to the men and as such was called femme fatales.

A normal man basically couldn’t bear such women. Facing such a bewitching wife daily, a normal man couldn’t control himself, and as a result he would die young.

There was a type of women who had the fate of killing their husband. From a certain perspective, she belonged to this type who most likely killed their husband.

The normal women with such natural bewitching physiques were powerful enough. However, the Demoness who practiced Nine Yin Divine technique which was extremely Yin and gentle, and coupled with a face of an enchantress she would definitely be a nemesis of any man.

Mo Wen inhaled deeply and was trying his best to calm the chaotic thoughts in his mind.

As the time passed slowly, the clothes of the lady in the black dress dried completely, so Mo Wen went to her side and held her up.

Placing a hand on her back, he transferred some Nine Yang Genuine Qi into her body and gradually moved it through all the meridians in her body.

Nine Yang Genuine Qi and Nine Yin Genuine Qi originated from the same source. Their natures were opposing but had the capacity of existing and integrating together.

The effect of using Nine Yang Genuine Qi to treat a person who practiced Nine Yin Genuine Qi was stronger than using Nine Yin Genuine Qi as Yin and Yang co-existed and contained the mystery of life proliferation.

For generations in Ming Cult, when there was a situation of the Ming Cult Leader and the Sacred Maiden being injured, both would go into seclusion simultaneously and helped the other person to heal which would greatly reduce the duration of healing process. A small injury would be healed in the blink of an eye.

However, as Mo Wen’s Cultivation was a little too low compared to the Demoness and their differences were too great, the effect of the healing was greatly reduced, even though his Nine Yang Genuine Qi was able to treat the demoness.

It was sufficient enough that it had some effect. Not forgetting that Mo Wen was a Miracle Physician, he might not be able to invigorate Qi to treat her, but could use medicine to treat her.

However, he was definitely unable to treat her too much today. After all, he didn’t have enough medicinal herbs with him. The medicine for treating her was insufficient, so he was at his wit’s end. He could only wait till tomorrow to be able to find some herbal medicines.

After invigorating the Qi in the large vital energy circle, Mo Wen gradually retracted the Nine Yang Genuine Qi into his body. He took a glimpse at the Demoness. At this time, her face looked better and he reckoned she would regain her consciousness at any time.

Suddenly, a glow of white light from the Demoness’ chest caught Mo Wen’s attention.His eyes were fixed immediately and delight flashed in his eyes.

Flame Flower! The stalk of Flame Flower was surprising placed on the Demoness’ chest. It was something that he had dreamt for but he had never expected it to appear in this way, for him to simply gain it without any effort.

Mo Wen’s eyes moved and watched the demoness cautiously. After discovering that she had no sign of coming around, his heart surged with urges.

He regained his composure and kept reminding himself: Amitabha, see no evil, hear no evil, touch no evil

He was a gentleman and a five good youngster who had conscience, integrity, and morality; how could he do such an evil thing?

He couldn’t, definitely not His intention was to retrieve the Flame Flower and nothing else.

Mo Wen gnashed his teeth and grabbed onto the stalk of Flame Flower with his trembling hands, then he slowly withdrew them with a slight quiver.

He felt relieved and wiped off the cold sweat that trickled down. He finally overcame the evil, overcame the devil in his mind, and overcame himself with his own resolute willpower

Yes, he felt that his own moral ethics had improved tremendously, like a moment of enlightenment. He suddenly understood and the mental state was instantly raised by a few levels.

Mo Wen looked at the Flame Flower in his hand and was beaming. He boldly placed the Flame Flower into his backpack. He saved the lady in the black dress, so in return for his kindness, it was only fair to give the Flame Flower as a gift of thanks.

He nodded his head. Then, he found a clean area and sat cross-legged before continuing with his practice.

He had just broken through to the later stage of the Sea of Qi realm, so he needed to stabilize this realm. Furthermore, the efficacy of the Vigor Consolidating Pill was not completely used, so perhaps it would be possible to use the remnant efficacy to break through to the acme of Sea of Qi realm.

The night was always filled with silence. Mo Wen had only practiced for a while before he suddenly felt that a cold pair of eyes were fixed on him, as if the hot summer had suddenly turned into cold winter, making him shiver subconsciously to the point where he couldn’t practice any further.

Gradually opening his eyes, a pair of cold ruthless eyes appeared in Mo Wen’s eyes. That pair of eyes was like the cold ice on the Tianshan Mountain that wouldn’t melt for thousands of years, which would give anyone a chill deep in their heart and was reluctant to be near the owner of this pair of eyes uncontrollably.

“You are awake?”

Mo Wen glanced at the lady in the black dress, rubbed his hands, and smiled awkwardly.

“Who are you? How did I get here?”

The eyes of the lady in the black dress didn’t have any fluctuation of emotions throughout, and her voice had a sense of captivation that every man’s body was reckoned to be limped and powerless upon hearing it. However, there wasn’t any emotion in that voice.

“Uh, I am a kind person”

Mo Wen presented the lady in the black dress with a very amicable and benevolent smile, before making up a story of a kind person who saved a pitiful injured lady, and put in an immense amount of effort to nurse her to wellness.

“Yes, that’s what happened. You nearly died, and I tried so hard to save you. If not for my great medical expertise, I reckon you wouldn’t have survived.”

Mo Wen constantly sighed and shaking his head with a look that told her it was difficult to save a person.

“Why did you save me?” She asked

The coldness of the lady in the black dress decreased a little, before looking at Mo Wen emotionlessly.


Mo Wen scratched his head, looking simple, and said, “I am a grateful person who will return a favor in many folds. You had come to my rescue that day in the valley on White Stone Peak when a group of people from Changtian Sect was chasing after me. You killed all of them so that I could escape from their besiegement.”

“Although you did it unintentionally and was only after the Flame Flower, I still have gratitude towards you.”

“Yes, in return for your favor, I braved the dangers just to save you.”

Mo Wen looked sincere, but was spouting nonsense from his mouth without a word of truth throughout.

Before he ended, he even explained that she had no intention of saving him, just in case the lady in the black dress turned around and claimed that he was indebted to her for saving him. That would be digging a pit for himself, so he had to say that to prevent her from using that excuse.

Of course, Mo Wen didn’t know that he liked to measure other people’s corn by his own bushel and thought of others to be as shameless as him

Mo Wen believed that the lady in the black dress must have recognized him. This lady had discovered his presence that day in the valley so it would be unreasonable that she didn’t recognize him now. Hence, he said it in such a way that it became a reasonable excuse.

The Demoness nodded her head slightly after listening to him. She didn’t seem to suspect anything and didn’t bother about the reason as to why Mo Wen had saved her.

She looked around the surrounding area and realized that she was inside a cave with a bonfire in front of her. Although the flame wasn’t big, it was burning slowly throughout.

After detecting that there wasn’t any danger in the surrounding area, she shifted her eyes to Mo Wen again.

Mo Wen gave her a grin and pretended to look sincere. These kinds of people were not intelligent and was kind hearted so others would lower their guards easily.

The Demoness glanced at Mo Wen and lost interest in him.She began to examine her own injury and discovered that the injury in her body had indeed been simply treated.The condition of her injury seemed to have improved quite a bit so her face gradually eased a little instead.

Suddenly, she seemed to realize something. Her cold eyes focused on Mo Wen once again, she opened her lips, and she said slowly, “Where is the stalk of White Flame Flower?”

At this moment, she discovered that the White Flame Flower on her chest had disappeared. There was only Mo Wen and her in the stone chamber. How could she not look at Mo Wen?