Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Believe it or not

"Eh? The White Flame Flower, what's that?" Mo Wen widened his eyes doubtfully and looked baffled.

He blinked his eyes and glanced at the lady in black dress, looking sincere

"The stalk of White Flame Flower you were talking about, was it the white flower that dropped by your side? The white flower looked quite mystical to me so I crushed it and fed you. Indeed, that white flower was really unusual as your injuries are recovering so well now.I reckon you will recover fully in no time."

Mo Wen hit the back of his head as if he recalled something and displayed a look of realisation. Then, he opened his arms to mean that the stalk of white flower was gone and had been eaten by her

The Demoness fixed her eyes on Mo Wen indifferently without a word, then her eyes landed on Mo Wen's backpack.

Mo Wen's lips twitched a little. Could she have detected it? Could she be born in the year of the Dog [1]? Such sensitive nose that she even knew where the Flame Flower was placed?

He had forgotten that the spiritual medicine of a higher level had special fluctuation.The Demoness had been carrying the Flame Flower on her for some time so naturally she could sense the aura of the Flame Flower.

Indeed, she stretched her hand and the backpack flew straight into her hands.Then, she found the stalk of Flame Flower effortlessly.

"Em. Just a coincidence. I discovered its efficacy after feeding you the white flower so just now I went out and found another stalk.I was going to prepare the medicine for you" Mo Wen smiled awkwardly and explained.

The Flame Flower seemed to be like a Chinese cabbage, one might find it anywhere.

The Demoness looked askance at Mo Wen and said indifferently, "Consider it as your remuneration for saving me." Then she put the Flame flower back into the backpack and threw it aside carelessly, seemingly uninterested in the Flame Flower.

Mo Wen raised his brows.

This Demoness was not that bad, at least she would repay him.Hmm, it was only right to keep the stalk of Flame Flower after saving her life.He found a good excuse for his shameless act just now.

"Then I shall not stand on ceremony."

The Chinese Horoscope of a repeating cycle of 12-years with each year represented by an animal.In order, the Zodiac animals are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. (Source: Wikipedia)

Mo Wen chuckled before cupping his fist in the other hand to thank the Demoness, then without the slightest fear and bashfulness, he praised, "Indeed, a beautiful person with an even more beautiful soul."

"Huh?" The Demoness looked at Mo Wen quizzically, then seemingly aware of something, she immediately touched her own face and as expected she found that her veil was missing.

"You remove it?"

Almost instantly, the cave was as cold as the ice cave as the Demoness' body seemed to have released an infinite amount of cold air that caused Mo Wen's body to stiffen.

Her pair of cold eyes stared at Mo Wen with a deep killing intent.At this moment, she looked exactly like the ruthless she-devil who killed without second thought in the valley.

"Er, calm down" A rigid smile crawled up Mo Wen's face and explained, "As I needed to feed you the medicine just now and your veil was in the way so I had to remove it.Or I put it on for you again?"

It's only a veil, such a big deal? Did you have to be at daggers drawn?

"The man who has seen me must die."

The Demoness gradually closed her eyes and declared coldly and mercilessly, which would cause one to tremble.

"There is always an exception.I was not intentional.It was treating you. It's a plan of convenience, you understand? It was all a plan of convenience so it was not counted" Mo Wen smiled awkwardly and insisted.

"I will kill you."

The Demoness seemed very determined and simply remained unmoved.The killing intent in her eyes also remained unchanged.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows.

This lady in front of him was quite obstinate, she was going to kill someone for looking at her face? Really had too little respect for life?

Mo Wen curled his lips and stood up frivolously, then he walked around the Demoness before stooping down to lift up her chin with one hand, and asked with a faint smile, "You can kill me now?"

Although the Demoness had shocking Cultivation, how could she be his match with such serious injuries now? It was really doubtful if she could display half of her real strength.

"You are asking for death"

Mo Wen such frivolous action had completely infuriated the Demoness so she strike her palm at Mo Wen.

However, as she was seriously injured currently, the strike didn't have much power so Mo Wen could easily catch hold of her hand.

The Demoness struggled for a while but didn't managed to get off, so her hand was held in Mo Wen's hand all that while.

"You are quite unruly, believe it or not I could violate you. Violate, understand?Violate you before killing you, understand?" Mo Wen curled his lips and pretended to look fierce.

The present Demoness was not his match even though she had shocking Cultivation, it was completely useless at this point.

"You" The Demoness glared coldly at Mo Wen without saying anything for a while.This guy was unexpectedly bold, simply outrageous and out of control.

When one lost their power and influence, their dignity could easily be trampled by anyone. At this moment, the Demoness had indeed an intensive experience of it.

"Behave yourself, understand? Will you lose an ounce just by being looked at?Believe it or not that I will strip and throw you out for everyone's pleasant viewing?"

Mo Wen lifted his chin slightly.

To deal with such woman, one would have to be harsh as she was too wild

The Demoness flinched and contracted her neck before shutting her mouth completely.

She knew that to conflict with Mo Wen now was a total disadvantage to her so she simply remained silent.

"That's a good girl. I like obedient girl," Mo Wen nodded satisfyingly before he released the Demoness' hand, then he walked to the side and sat cross-legged.

"A wise man adapts himself to circumstances. Now, the Changbai Mountain range was filled with people who are looking for you, you think you will survive after leaving me? You will definitely die if you make a rash move."

"I risked such danger to save you and you are so ungrateful?

"Your stalk of White Flame Flower is able to repay me for such great kindness?It can only repay me for treating your injuries. However, I hid you and avoided the search of the Changtian Sect is equivalent to saving your life again, this is the kind of attitude towards someone who had saved you twice?

"..." The Demoness was completely speechless so she ignored Mo Wen completely and was disregarding whatever he said. Her eyes were filled with fury which couldn't be vented in any way.

A few days ago, Mo Wen found that something was amiss in Changbai Mountain range as there were people of Changtian Sect everywhere seemingly searching for something.He didn't understand what had happened then.

But now, how could he not understand that they were definitely looking for the Demoness.

The Demoness had killed so many people of the Changtian Sect then, after that she must have done something outrageous, which had caused the whole of Changtian Sect to flock out in full force and barricaded the Changbai Mountain range.

Currently, the Demoness' situation was really not looking good, just any negligence would have caused a big problem.

Mo Wen had hesitated for a long while before deciding to save her then, now the Demoness was a hot potato.

"You can leave immediately and leave me alone." The Demoness looked askance at Mo Wen and said coldly.

Now whenever she saw this person, she felt like killing someone uncontrollablyHe thought she wished to see an eye-sore in front of her? If she could regain her real strength, he would be lucky to have her shredding him alive.

"I walk away after saving you? You wish! I am not Lei Feng, don't you have to repay me for saving your life?"

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and reproved.

"You are digging your own grave. Since you are willing to die with me, I don't really mind." The Demoness laughed sardonically as they both would die when the people of Changtian Sect found them. Unless she regained the strength in her heyday, there would only be death when they encountered the strong Changtian Sect.

What changes could a mere ancient martial arts practitioner in Sea of Qi realm make? Saving her was only accidental.This trip to the Changtian Sect was indeed her misjudgement. She never expected the Old Bastard of Changtian Sect would actually have another breakthrough in his Cultivation and nearly died recklessly at the gates of Changtian Sect.

"What you mean digging my own grave? Your little mouth seems tough. How can you have such attitude after being saved?" Mo Wen snorted. He naturally knew that Changtian Sect was a huge threat, but he was not going to fight with Changtian Sect, he was only going to treat the Demoness.

With his medical expertise, her injuries would fully recover within ten days.By then, he naturally wouldn't need to bother about it as the Demoness' Cultivation would allow her to escape from the Changbai Mountain range with ease.

So, he only needed to hide the Demoness for a few days and treat her injuries. With some luck, it was basically not dangerous.

After all, Changbai Mountain range was so enormous that to find a person was like finding a needle in a haystack. Although Changtian Sect was great in number, to be able to find them was still a very difficult task.

"Don't run anywhere. Behave yourself and stay in the cave. If you are disobedient, I will violate you when I come back, do you understand?"

At the crack of dawn, Mo Wen was already walking out of the cave. The Demoness' injuries were relatively serious but there were no relevant herbal medicines at hand so it would be definitely impossible to fully treat her injuries in a short period of time.

So, he intended to find some herbal medicines that could treat the injuries.It was good that in Changbai Mountain, there was never a lack of medicinal herbs.With his experience, it would be easy for him to find some precious medicinal herbs.

He had been wandering for a while at a spot on the summit of the Changbai Mountain and had finally found sufficient medicinal herbs. Although he didn't find any more of the spiritual medicine, he found many precious medicinal herbs.

After all, spiritual medicines were scarce. Other than those peaks with spiritual energy, it was almost impossible for spiritual medicines to exist in the ordinary places.

On the way back, Mo Wen met a group of people wearing uniform costumes. The one leading was one with the Cultivation of Sea of Qi realm and the rest of the normal disciples were of lower Cultivation.

Needless to say, they were from Changtian Sect.During the long period of time in his search for the medicines, he had already met the people of Changtian Sect for the third time.

Currently, the people of Changbai Sect were almost everywhere in the whole of Changbai Mountain range. For many days, the search efforts had not been reduced but had been gradually intensified.

Mo Wen was a bit taken aback. What exactly did the Demoness have done to Changtian Sect that caused them to take their gloves off.

"You, come over here."

Among the people in the group of Changtian Sect, the leading middle-age man pointed at Mo Wen and indicated to him to go over.