Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 181

Chapter 181: Cannot Say


Pointing at his nose, Mo Wen looked around.

"Exactly. You," The middle-aged man said.

"What business do you have with me?"

Mo Wen's mouth opened wide. He stared at the middle-aged man with a dumbfounded look.

"Why do you keep babbling so much? Quickly, come over," The middle-aged man said impatiently.

Upon hearing his words, Mo Wen timidly moved closer towards the group of people. He wore a cautious and scared expression.

"Search him."

The middle-aged man waved his hand while ordering a few subordinates around him.

After receiving the order, the few young disciples behind the man came forth and seized Mo Wen. Then, they started searching through his bamboo basket.

Mo Wen did not bring along his backpack, even stealing a set of old clothes from a nearby village and dressing up as a farmer.

The bamboo basket on his back was laden with medicinal herbs. From his appearance, he looked no different from the medicinal herb farmers that lived all year long in the Changbai Mountain Range.

The reason why he had disguised himself was to avoid the people from the Changtian Sect from suspecting him.

As he watched the two youths ruffling through his bamboo basket, Mo Wen had a glint in his eyes, but it disappeared as soon as it appeared, unnoticed by everyone.

In his bamboo basket, there was nothing else but medicinal herbs. As for the spiritual medicines like the Flame Flower and Blood Mushroom, he wouldn't simply carry them on his person. Otherwise, once the people from the Changtian Sect saw the Flame Flower, they would certainly suspect him.

Hence, he did not stop the two of them from their inspection, letting them search as they wanted.

"Sect younger uncle, there is nothing suspicious, but...:"

After searching for a bit, one of the youths walked up beside the middle-aged man and said.

"But what? Speak up," The middle-aged man frowned and asked.

"But his bamboo basket has many precious herbal medicines. Their value is quite high."

That youth walked to the middle-aged man's side, whispering softly in his ear saying.

The Changtian Sect would frequently send its disciples down the mountain to gather herbs. Every time it reached the season to gather herbs, many disciples would descend from the mountains to sweep search the Changbai Mountains.

So the disciples of the Changtian Sect were very familiar with all types of herbal medicines.

The medicinal herbs in Mo Wen's bamboo basket were of high value. Many of them were precious medicinal herbs. They were hard to find even if you spent a long time searching. For the youth to have a bamboo basket that was full of these medicinal herbs was staggering.

"Who asked you to care about what medicinal herbs he gathered? I asked you if there was anything suspicious. If there isn't, then let's go," The middle-aged man coldly snorted.

He did not have time to care about such things now. A day had passed and the demoness was still yet to be found. The sect had decreed a death order; if they couldn't find her, no one would have good days.

Also, that demoness posed far too great a threat to the Changtian Sect. If they did not seize the opportunity to eliminate the demoness now, it would certainly be a dangerous time bomb for the Changtian Sect, causing uneasiness.

At this time, why would he have the mood to care what few good medicinal herbs did a herb gathering youth gather.

"Sect younger uncle"

The disciple wanted to say that the value of the medicinal herbs in the youth's bamboo basket was enough to make even him react. If they took away all the medicinal herbs that were collected, they would certainly receive a sizable reward when they returned to the sect.

But the middle-aged man just waved his hand, interrupting the youth as he tried to speak and turned to lead the rest in a search in the other direction.

Seeing this, the youth could only swallow what he wanted to say and follow behind the middle-aged man depressingly. Before he left, he didn't forget to glare at Mo Wen. This brat was a simpleton, but his luck was not bad. To be able to find so many precious medicinal herbs, he truly had a fool's luck. Such a pity

Mo Wen watched as the group of people from the Changtian Sect departed, and with his mouth curling, he picked up his bamboo basket and continued on his way.

He went around the mountain peak once. After making sure that no one was following him, only then did he return to the small hidden valley.

Back in the stone room, Mo Wen began to prepare the medicinal herbs. As for the demoness, she just sat straight in a corner, silently invigorating her Qi to treat her injuries.

However, her terrifying injuries were not something that could be cured in a day and night by invigorating her Qi on her own.

The higher the cultivation, the harder it was to get hurt. But once they did get hurt, then healing their injuries would be harder than before.

Especially the demoness after receiving such severe injuries, just relying on her own slow invigorating of her Qi to heal herself, she could not even fully recover if she did it for three to four years.

"Don't bother invigorating your Qi to heal yourself. Later, I'll cook up a bowl of medicinal soup for you to drink. I guarantee it will be more effective than you invigorating Qi to heal yourself by tenfold or hundredfold."

While he arranged the medicinal herbs, Mo Wen's idle mouth started engaging the ice cold demoness in conversation.

Preparing medicinal soup was a complicated affair that required a lot of time.

Of course, compared to concocting healing pills, it was much easier.

With the current conditions, there was no way to concoct any effective healing pills. Some normal healing pills were not effective on the demoness' injuries. So, it was better to boil some medicinal soup.

With his medical expertise, the effects of the medicinal soup would not lose to that of the pills. It was also easier for her body to absorb and could sustain its effect for a longer period of time.

"Truth be told, you are quite young. You haven't even reached your thirties? Your cultivation is not bad; how did you practice it? So talented. Although you are still not as good as I am, you are still a rarity."

"Truth be told, you have been acting cold all day. Don't you know how to smile? Smile once and you will be younger by ten years. Smiling is the simplest of manners. Don't you know any manners?"

"Do you have a boyfriend? Have you been in a relationship? You haven't, right? You don't look like someone who has"

"You are beautiful, just too seductive. Whoever takes you as a bride, not only can his body not take it, every day he will need to be wary as though he is looking out for thieves, preventing you from seducing other men. How tiring would that be"

Mo Wen's mouth kept chattering on and on, but his hands never once slowed down. In a short while, he had set up a stove, started a fire and had entered the stage of boiling the medicine.

"Noisy, do you believe that I will cut out your tongue?"

The demoness finally could not stand Mo Wen's nagging. She had opened her eyes from her practice and coldly looked at Mo Wen.

This person...would it kill him to not talk!

"Look at yourself, so unruly and barbaric, not allowing others to speak. I just said that you could never marry, seems I was right."

Mo Wen shook his head with a look as though he was understanding life.

The demoness clutched her fist. If it wasn't because she was injured, she would have certainly ripped that mouth apart. The world still had such a despicable person.

But she also knew that right now, she couldn't do anything to Mo Wen. She could only shut her mouth tightly and force herself to calm down, not looking at the bastard that could anger people with a glance.

"Do you see this? This is wild ginseng that is over five hundred years old. It has almost grown into the shape of a man. It is called a ginseng king, did you know? This is a ginseng king. After eating this, your lifespan could possibly increase by a few years."

Mo Wen lifted a stalk of ginseng by its whiskers and waved it in front of the demoness. He said with a heart ached face, "This is a priceless medicinal herb. Its value is far greater than your White Flame Flower. Today, in order to cure your illness, I've paid the principal fees. Don't forget that you owe me a favour. Ah, you sure are owing more and more favours"

That so-called ginseng king naturally was a wild ginseng that Mo Wen had found in the valley that day. This wild ginseng had grown beside the Flame Flower and was contaminated by the spiritual energy of the Flame Flower. That's why it had grown for five hundred years, becoming a stalk of low grade spiritual medicine.

In terms of healing effects, five hundred year old wild ginseng was far greater than the Flame Flower. After all, wild ginseng was a type of neutral medicinal herb that strengthened the foundations and cultivated the vigor. The Flame Flower on the other hand was different, being classified as a unique medicinal herb.

Why would the demoness care whether the wild ginseng was five hundred or three hundred years old? She didn't even want to look at Mo Wen, directly ignoring him...

After a short while, Mo Wen finished boiling a bowl of medicinal soup. The scent of medicine filled the stone room, seemingly devoid of the usual bitter and weird aromas that normal medicinal soups had. Instead, it bore a sweet fragrance to it.

"Don't pretend to be dead. Drink the medicine while it's hot."

Mo Wen carried a bowl of medicinal soup in front of the demoness, raising his eyebrows as he looked at her.

The demoness' eyes were shut tight and she had withdrawn into a corner. It seemed that she did not even hear what Mo Wen had said; her body remained unmoving.

"Are you going to drink or not? If not, do you believe that I will do you? You don't right? I just knew you didn't believe"

Mo Wen's mouth curled into a playful smile. As he said this he took a step forward, his face coming close to the demoness' pretty face. His face bore a wide smile, revealing a look that said if she didn't believe him, he would personally verify it himself...


The demoness finally couldn't remain calm. Biting her lip and suppressing an urge to slap Mo Wen to death, she forcefully received the medicinal soup from Mo Wen's hand.

"That's a good girl."

Mo Wen gave a wry smile. If she wanted to play with him, this chick's level was still too low.

"Drink it. It's tasty."

Mo Wen smacked his lips with a look that said that if she wasn't going to drink it, he would.

The demoness suspiciously looked at Mo Wen, gently taking a sip. The next moment, the corner of her mouth twitched and she rolled her eyes lethargically. Just opening her mouth made her want to throw up the medicinal soup.

It was too hard to drink. She had never had medicinal soup that was so hard to drink. Its bitterness was indescribable. There was also a strange stench that flooded her mouth cavity, like the stench of fish, making her want to puke.

Even with her steadiness, she could not drink such a hard to drink medicine.

"If you dare spit it out, I'll do you."

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. With one hand, he supported the bowl in the demoness' hand, preventing her from putting the bowl down, and gave her a you-must-drink-it-no-matter-what stance.

Although the medicine was hard to drink, it was a bowl of medicinal soup that combined the essence of various precious medicinal herbs. Other people could but dream of drinking it. If she really wasted it, Mo Wen, in a fit of rage, may just do her

The demoness bit her lip and coldly looked at Mo Wen. Helplessly, she could only hold the bowl of medicine in her hand and drink another mouthful.

She had just drank a small mouthful when she felt her stomach churn inside. She really couldn't drink anymore.

"Don't you know that good medicine tastes bitter? This bowl of medicine is worth a lot of money, and it has a price but not a market; other people can't even get to drink it. There's a good girl, drink it all up. After you finish drinking it, your injuries will then be cured."

Mo Wen's tone turned much gentler. Coaxing the patient to take in medicine, was a technical talk that utilized both hard and soft methods.

Otherwise, if it was just hard forcing and the patient drank the medicine down in a poor mood, later they could easily just puke it all up.

The figure of the demoness slightly shivered. She looked deeply at Mo Wen, slowly turning silent. Her icy temperament seemed to have dissipated somewhat.

She suddenly recalled the times when her father used to coax her into drinking her medicine when she was young. She had not recalled such scenes in a long time, the memories seemingly getting more and more faded.

Taking a deep breath, she opened her mouth and in one breath, gulped down the hard-to-drink soup in shot.

"Get lost."

Pushing the empty medicine bowl into Mo Wen's hands, she shut her eyes and didn't say anything anymore.