Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Thats Right, I am the Leader of the Ming Clan

"Hurry and treat your injuries, absorb all the drugs into your body," said Mo Wen. After receiving the medicine bowl, he did not care about the demoness anymore. Only caring about himself, he walked aside and continued to sit in meditation and train.

After three hours, the demoness opened her eyes. Her expression seemed rosier and her eyes looked clearer. Her appearance had also become a lot brighter. The efficacy of the medicine in that bowl was really high indeed, and she could feel her own internal injuries slowly recovering.

She gave Mo Wen a look and muttered to herself, before saying gently, "Just say it, why did you save me?" The demoness had a very clear gaze and stared at Mo Wen so quietly that it made it very hard for him to avoid her eyes.

Mo Wen knew that it was time for him to lay his cards on the table. He walked over to the demoness' side as he raised his eyebrows and asked, "What's your name?"

"You seem to have not answered my question?" the demoness lowered her gaze and her expression was serene.

"Then let me ask you, why have you trained the Nine Yin Divine Technique and the Tai Yin Claws, what relation do you have with the Ming Clan?"

Mo Wen narrowed his eyes and his expression became stern. Currently, he did not know just how many remaining powers the Ming Clan had today and what situation they were in. If the demoness in front of him was really part of the Ming Clan, just what position was she?

"What did you say?"

Upon hearing that, the demoness stiffened and her eyes constricted. Her entire body grew cold. Looking at Mo Wen, there was a killing intent that flashed through her eyes. The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

How did he know that she had trained the Nine Yin Divine Technique? He even knew that she had trained the Tai Yin Claws! How did he have such a good understanding of her? Could it be that he had already checked up on her beforehand and the fact that he had saved her was not a coincidence, but rather because of his motive?

At once, she became guarded and had even started to relate Mo wen to the Changtian Sect.

"Don't be agitated and don't suspect anything. Those are all unnecessary actions. I have no interest in you whatsoever. I just want to know about some things."

Mo Wen smiled and said. With regards to the changes of the demoness, he was also stunned. After all, the Nine Yin Divine Technique was a first-class divine technique in the world. The fact that he himself had trained the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Technique was not revealed to anyone.

Hence, he had not told anyone about anything related to the Ming Clan until now.

"Just who exactly are you?"

The demoness looked at Mo Wen coldly and there was still suspicion in her eyes. How was it possible for her to believe him so easily?

Mo Wen muttered to himself in a dilemma whether or not to say it. He was a little undecided. With regards to things related to the Ming Clan, he had always been shrouded in a cloud of haze. Now, there was finally someone who possibly had relations with the Ming Clan. If he was unable to ask anything, it would be too regretful.

Although the Gu Clan Fort was also one of the Ming Clan's remaining powers, it is still too low of a level. They would definitely know much less stuff. Thus, Mo Wen did not even plan on finding out anything from the Gu Clan Fort.

However, the demoness before him was evidently very sensitive about the matter. If he did not find a convincing reason, he was afraid that it would be difficult to find out about anything from her.

"I'm also a person of the Ming Clan?" Mo Wen thought about it and said.

"Which power of the Ming Clan do you belong to?"

That demoness looked at Mo Wen expressionlessly and seemingly was still doubtful of Mo Wen. Her heavily guarded look did not lighten up in the least bit.

"Hm? Does the Ming Clan have many powers? Since young, I have lived in the mountains so I only know that I myself am a person of the Ming Clan. I don't know how many other powers there are in the Ming Clan? If you know, you can tell me about it. I'm actually very curious now."

Mo Wen blinked his eyes and he had a curious look.

"Stop acting, you're not even a person of the Ming Clan."

The demoness laughed coldly. He did not even know the current situation of the Ming Clan so how could he be someone of the Ming Clan? Even if he was, he was probably one of the sidelined powers. Many of those powers had already forgotten that they were born into the Ming Clan and were not even included in the powers of the Ming Clan anymore.

She had explored the Jianghu for so many years so how could she not see that Mo Wen was trying to bluff her?

"Who says I'm not a person of the Ming Clan? If I am not a person of the Ming Clan then the Ming Clan would not even exist anymore."

Mo Wen's lips twitched a little. He knew that this girl was not one to be dismissed so simply. However, it was also not good for a girl to be too smart, it just made him his life more difficult

"Bragging without shame."

The demoness let out a cold humph. Just who did he think he was? Without him, there would be no Ming Clan? Unless, could it be that he was the Leader of the Ming Clan?

"I forgot to mention that I am actually the Leader of the Ming Clan."

Mo Wen laughed and said. Although he was currently a leader without following, he was still a leader

Listening to that, the demoness' expression suddenly became very animated. Without a word, she rolled her eyes. There were still such people in the world? It was simply a joke, but she could not bring herself to laugh.

The Ming Clan had already been without a Leader for several hundreds of years. Yet, there was an unknown person coming out of nowhere and claiming that he was the Leader of the Ming Clan. It simply made one laugh out loud. He was more like the Leader of the Wild Chicken Clan

"Don't believe me?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and asked.

The demoness turned her head to one side and could not be bothered to talk to this lunatic. Now, she was not even interested in bothering with Mo Wen. In her mind, she was only focused on waiting till her injuries got better before making this b*stard disappear out of her sight.

"You don't believe right? Believe it or not, I can"

Initially, Mo Wen had wanted to threaten the demoness. However, after thinking about it a big man like him threatening a girl it did not seem like a very gentlemanly thing to do. No matter what, he was still a gentleman so he could not do such cowardly things.

He shut his eyes and thought for a bit. Then, he walked over to the demoness and with a grab, he turned her body to face him.

"What do you think you're doing?"

The demoness struggled a little but did not break out of Mo Wen's hands. Immediately, she looked at him in shock and anger.

"Discussing something with you," Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

What was she making such a big fuss for, it was not like he was going to eat her. It was ridiculous, how would a gentleman like him do anything to her?

"What is it?" the demoness furrowed her brows and asked.

"Answer one of my questions first. After you have answered, I will prove to you that I am the Leader of the Ming Clan," Mo Wen blinked his eyes at the demoness and said.

"What question?"

The demoness raised her eyebrows with slight suspicion. She understood that this b*stard was going crazy again. If it were not for the fact that she had not recovered fully, she really wanted to send this b*stard flying with a slap.

"Are you a person of the Ming Clan? If I am the Leader of the Ming Clan, what sort of attitude would you have towards me?"

Mo Wen asked in a serious tone. Currently, he did not know how the remaining powers of the Ming Clan would react to a Leader who had appeared suddenly. Hence, he had always been afraid to reveal his identity as the Leader of the Ming Clan.

If the demoness was a person of the Ming Clan, her attitude could basically represent the attitudes of a portion of the people of the Ming Clan. After all, the demoness had a very high-level Cultivation. In the Ming Clan, her status should be rather high as well.

Hence, it would be better to make sense of the situation now so as to prepare for the future.

"You seem to have asked two questions?" the demoness blinked her eyes and asked.

"Who cares how many questions that is? Answer quickly, if not" Mo Wen said fiercely and almost said something threatening.

"The Ming Clan?"

The demoness laughed to herself and said dully, "The Ming Clan is already something from hundreds of years ago. It has long disappeared in history. Now, even if there are powers of the Ming Clan remaining from those years, many of them have already gone independent. There would not be many who still remembers the Ming Clan."

"Since you know that I trained the Nine Yin Divine Technique, you will naturally also know of my relation with the Ming Clan. However, I am now a loner, so you can say that I am a person of the Ming Clan, but can be said not to be as well. As for my attitude towards the Leader of the Ming Clan? What attitude can I have?"

The demoness shrugged her shoulders. The things about the Ming Clan had long become hazy so who would still remember. As for the Leader of the Ming Clan, what attitude could she have towards someone that did not exist? Even if the Leader of the Ming Clan really appeared, just what did it have to do with her?

Listening to this, Mo Wen furrowed his brows slightly. The situation of the remaining powers of the Ming Clan was within his expectations.

If this were the case, his wish of gathering all the remaining powers of the Ming Clan and rebuilding the Ming Clan would definitely be fraught with difficulties and it would not be easy. Chan Qingfeng really gave him a task that was not easy to accomplish.

The most uniting factor of a Clan was the beliefs, a common belief. If the initial beliefs have already disappeared, then the Clan would also have disappeared. Even if it were still around, it would only be existing in name.

"You have trained the Nine Yin Divine Technique and also the Tai Yin Claws. Those are the Ming Clan's talented Sacred Maiden's profound knowledge. You can't be denying your identity as part of the Ming Clan, right?"

Mo Wen appeared as though he was talking about big principles as he pointed out the thought processes of the demoness.

"What has it got to do with you whether or not I identify myself as a person of the Ming Clan?"

Mo Wen glanced at Mo Wen. Regarding Mo Wen's idiotic questions, she was running out of patience. How could this person in front of her be so noisy? If it had been last time, she would have already sent a slap across his face.

"It's good as long as you admit that you are part of the Ming Clan. As someone of the Ming Clan, you should at least be listening to the words of the Leader of the Ming Clan right?"

The corners of Mo Wen's mouth curled upwards. He directly quoted the words of the demoness out of context and made it seem like she had admitted her identity as part of the Ming Clan.

"So you're saying that you are the Leader of the Ming Clan and you want me to listen to you from now on?"

The demoness looked at Mo Wen like she was looking at a mental person. How could there be someone like that in the world! Was he trying to fool a three-year-old child?


Mo Wen shot his thumb up at the demoness and nodded his head continuously, with a look of intense agreement.

The demoness in front of his eyes was really quite capable. If he was able to bluff her into following by his side, it would definitely be of a huge help.

However, he had apparently overestimated his own intelligence and underestimated that of the other party.

"Do you think you are the Leader of the Ming Clan just because you claim to be?"

Internally, the demoness was rendered speechless and weak. Being faced with such a person, she felt as though her patience had already broken through several realms. Although it was not of her own will to be patient, she had no choice but to exercise restraint

"I can prove it to you. If I prove it, you will listen to me in future?"

Mo Wen said laughingly, as if he was trying to con a small child.

"Prove it then."

The demoness did not believe that Mo Wen could bring out anything as proof. Not just him, it had already been hundreds of years and nobody had yet been able to prove that they were the Leader of the Ming Clan. If not, why would the remaining powers of the Ming Clan be in such a situation? There would have long been a huge battle and in the battle, no matter who came out as the winner by the end, they would have combined into a single force.

However, the problem lay in the fact that the token belonging to the Leader of the Ming Clan had disappeared. Whether it was the Sacred Flame Insignia or the Nine Yang Divine Technique, they had already disappeared hundreds of years ago.

And it was only if one possessed these two things that he is able to call himself the Leader of the Ming Clan.