Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Combined practice of Divine Techniques

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Mo Wen curled his lips. Suddenly, his hand grabbed the Demoness’ wrist and a pure Yang Qi rushed out of his body vigorously. The temperature inside the stone chamber was rising constantly, like a stove.

“Nine Yang Genuine Qi!”

The Demoness’ body trembled before standing up instantly, then she looked at Mo Wen in shock and was speechless for a while.

Mo Wen curled his lips into a pretentious smile and explained.

“I have already told you that I am the Leader of Ming Cult and have accepted the Ming Cult’s heritage.”

He knew he couldn’t hide Nine Yang Genuine Qi any further.After all, he needed to use it to treat the Demoness’ injuries. By then, she would still know it. It would be better for him to tell her calmly and naturally now.Actually, by doing this, Mo Wen had the intention of probing.


The Demoness looked at Mo Wen in disbelief, totally speechless for a while. How could he have Nine Yang Genuine Qi? Could he be practicing Nine Yang Divine Technique?

Only a person who had practiced Nine Yang Divine Technique would have Nine Yang Genuine Qi. But for generations, the one who could practice Nine Yang Divine Technique was the leader of Ming Cult.

“Where did you get Nine Yang Divine Technique?”

The Demoness’ eyebrows were slightly knitted and she glanced at Mo Wen solemnly.Nine Yang Divine Technique had not been passed down for hundreds of years. Now that it resurfaced in the world, it would definitely cause a huge shock.

“An elderly man gave it to me. He said he was Ming Cult Leader of the previous generation and had passed the position of the Ming Cult Leader to me now. Then, he taught me Nine Yang Divine Technique, and I became the Leader of Ming Cult.”

Mo Wen fabricated a wild tale, as it was naturally impossible for him to relate the incident about the Ming Cult Historical abode unless he was nitwit.

“Did that elderly man tell you anything else? Did he tell you that if you want to practice Nine Yang Divine Technique to the highest realm, you will need to have a self-castration?”

The Demoness looked at Mo Wen coldly and questioned indifferently. It would be crazy of her to believe Mo Wen. Met an Elderly man? Why didn’t others get the chance, only him? Furthermore, Nine Yang Divine Technique had not been passed down for hundreds of years. She had not found anyone else who had practiced Nine Yang Divine Technique before.

“That he didn’t”

Mo Wen chuckled before looking weirdly at the Demoness.

“That elderly man did say that if I had a Combined Cultivation Practice with a woman who was practicing Nine Yin Divine Technique, my Nine Yang Divine Technique could reach the highest realm.”

The Demoness’ cold eyes glimpsed at Mo Wen without uttering a word, but her facial expression changed constantly apparently indecisive about something.

“Why are you looking me this way? I didn’t say that. Don’t you believe me? What about trying it?” Mo Wen said with some grievances.

“If you don’t want to die, you better not tell anyone about you practicing Nine Yang Divine Technique, or else even ten lives will not be insufficient for you.

The Demoness inhaled deeply and said this apathetically while avoiding eye contact with Mo Wen.

If those people knew that Nine Yang Divine Technique had resurfaced in this world, she reckoned all of them would capture this guy in front of her to grill him about Nine Yang Divine Technique.

“I have never told anyone except you. You are my most trusted right-hand woman, you better not tell anyone.”

Mo Wen gave the Demoness a totally devoted look and straightaway considered the Demoness as his “right-hand woman”.

“I’ll give you a suggestion. Hide yourself and practice Nine Yang Divine Technique until you are above the fourth level. If your Cultivation is not at Embryonic Breathing realm, don’t come out or you will have fatal disaster,” the Demoness suggested indifferently. She overlooked Mo Wen’s speech about the right-hand woman totally. She didn’t seem to promise him anything, right?

A man’s greatest ruin was to arouse another man’s greed. With Nine Yang Divine Technique, even when he was in Embryonic Breathing realm, he might not be able to defend himself. Unless he had reached Golden Elixir realm, he wouldn’t be able to reunite Ming Cult’s influences. With his present abilities, it was more wishful thinking.

“What’s your name?

Mo Wen raised his brows with a more serious expression. From the Demoness’ reaction before, he sensed that she didn’t seemed to have much design on him but gave him some advice instead. That, in turn, made him felt relieved.

He understood some reasoning without others explaining. He hesitated for a long time before deciding to tell the Demoness that he was practicing Nine Yang Divine Technique. However, now, everything seemed to be developing according to his thinking.

It was not a joke to make the Demoness his subordinate but was actually his thought.After all, the Demoness had countless connections to Ming Cult and had a good understanding of the remnant influences of Ming Cult with very strong Cultivation.

If he had such person to help him in gathering the influences of Ming Cult, it would simply be an added advantage and everything would become much easier.

Without a doubt, he also knew that it would be impossible for this woman to help him sincerely now. Who would be crazy enough to follow a Leader of Ming Cult with Sea of Qi realm in such mischief? It was unrealistic.

How would it be possible for a Leader of Ming Cult without the equivalent strength to control all the warriors? How could it possible for those Ming Cult influences who had been separated for three to four hundred years to submit convincingly and concededly?

However, when his Cultivation was strong enough in the future, such things might be possible. As for now, he was only probing.

He would find it weird if the Demoness were to concur with him and unrealistically followed him to recoup the remnant influences of Ming Cult.

The Demoness looked askance at Mo Wen and hesitated a bit before replying slowly.

“Gong Biluo.”

“Pretty good name. You will rest then. I will use Nine Yang Divine Technique to treat you once every night.”

Mo Wen nodded his head slightly before he stood up and walked away without harping on the meaning of Gong Biluo’s words.

That afternoon, he went out again for a stroll.Other than picking some medicine, the main purpose was to patrol around to see if the Changtian Sect had paid any attention to this region.

After discovering that there were very few people of Changtian Sect searching in this vicinity, Mo Wen’s heart was slightly at ease. When the Demoness had recovered from her injuries, she would be able to leave and escape from Changtian Sect’s pursuit.After that, he would also be able to leave Changbai Mountain range.

Originally, he planned to return to the Capital within seven days but now it was definitely delayed for a long time. After all, before that he didn’t expect this to happen.

When he returned to the cave in the evening, he was quite relieved to find Gong Biluo was still sitting at the corner, invigorating her Qi to heal herself quietly.

It was quite effortless to deal with an intelligent woman. Now, even stepping out of the stone chamber could be dangerous for her so it was obviously safer for her to hide in the stone chamber.

Mo Wen sat cross-legged and waved at Gong Biluo.

“You come over for a bit.”

Gong Biluo seemed to know Mo Wen’s intention but didn’t object.Without any expression on her face, she walked to Mo Wen and sat beside him.

Since she knew that Mo Wen was practicing Nine Yang Divine Technique, she knew Mo Wen’s intention.

For two persons who were practicing Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique to have a Combined Cultivations Practice, the effects would be multiplied by more than ten times for both the practice and the invigorating of Qi to heal.

The reason for Ming Cult being able to maintain its thousand years of unabated success had greatly to do with these two Divine Techniques being complementary to each other and advanced jointly.

Mo Wen didn’t comment much and stretched out both his hands. A warm Yang Qi gradually gathered in the center of his palms. Instantaneously, the palms became golden red and a golden glow was reflected from his back.

Gong Biluo also stretched out both her hands to press against Mo Wen’s palms. The center of both their palms were attached to each other. Her slender palms gradually turned navy blue with a gush of cold air spreading out continuously to the surrounding with her as the center. However, when it encountered the Yang Qi that was released by Mo Wen, it would merge into it silently; two auras of a cold and a hot were dissipating without a form.

Both of them shut their eyes tightly and practiced for exactly three hours. In the darkness, Gong Biluo suddenly opened her eyes, which were cold and navy blue.

The next moment, the aura of her body began increasing gradually. The terrifying force flooded the stone chamber and almost instantly surpassed beyond Mo Wen.

The Nine Yang Genuine Qi in Mo Wen’s body compared to the Nine Yin Genuine Qi in Gong Biluo’s body was simply like a brook compared to the Yangtze River and Yellow River; basically disproportional.

Almost instantaneously, Gong Biluo’s Nine Yang Genuine Qi wrapped Mo Wen up and the Nine Yang Genuine Qi emitted from his body was completely compressed back to the body. The whole stone chamber was completely transformed into an extremely cold ice cave with a layer of ice on the ground and walls.

Mo Wen suddenly opened his eyes and glimpsed at Gong Biluo. Then, he closed them slowly again without any expression on his face.

The stone chamber once again fell into pin drop silence, but the temperature had decreased from normal to extremely cold colder than the bottom of the Arctic Glaciers.

The time passed gradually with the skies outside was getting brighter as time passed; a night was over.

Early in the morning, the temperature in the stone chamber had once again returned to normal. Gong Biluo put down her hands slowly and glimpsed at Mo Wen, then she stood up and returned to the corner to continue invigorating her Qi while meditating quietly.

However, Mo Wen still remained in stillness for a long while before opening his eyes abruptly. A radiance flashed across his eyes and the aura of his body suddenly began to increase. In a while, it rose to the level of acme in the Sea of Qi realm.

In one night, Mo Wen’s Cultivation had actually broken through again to the next level the acme of Sea of Qi realm, at the verge of going into Qi Nucleation realm. The speed of practice was so fast that it was simply atrocious.

“Thank you, Demoness Gong for making it possible.”

Mo Wen was beaming an elated smile. His Cultivation had broken through again, so he was feeling delighted and his mood was extremely good.

The first half of last night, he was helping Gong Biluo to treat her injuries, but the second half of the night, Gong Biluo was helping him practice.

The Combined Cultivations Practice for Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique was tremendously magical, as both of them had an increase in their speed of practice by more than ten times. However, even so, it was impossible for Mo Wen to break through from the later stage of Sea of Qi realm to the acme.

It was so because Mo Wen and Gong Biluo’s difference was too great. With such great difference during a Combined Cultivations Practice, he basically couldn’t help Gong Biluo in any way, but Gong Biluo was extremely helpful to him.

After all, Mo Wen’s Cultivation was really nothing compared to Gong Biluo. When they were in the Combined Cultivations Practice, the help she received was only slightly faster than the normal time; the effect was very ordinary.

Hence, she simply gave up practicing and gave all the results of the Combined Cultivations Practice to Mo Wen, which was equivalent to the effect of one night’s practice of an expert in intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing realm, which added onto someone in Sea of Qi realm.

That, to Mo Wen, was naturally a huge gain, which resulted in not only a huge jump in his Cultivation, but also a complete digestion of the remnant effects of the Vigor Consolidating Pill in his body. Hence, he would able to promote to the next level again.