Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Intentions

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The Nine Yang Divine Technique and the Nine Yang Divine Technique along with their joint practice of combined cultivation was truly mystical. If the difference of cultivation levels between two people was large, then the person with a higher cultivation level could help the one with a lower cultivation level to rapidly increase their cultivation. Once the difference between the two had decreased, then the effects of joint practice could be completely embodied.

Last night, Mo Wen took advantage of Gong Biluo’s cultivation level for the whole night. Not only did Gong Biluo’s cultivation not increase, but she actually expended a lot of her Inner Qi to help Mo Wen achieve his results.

However, the good thing was that during combined healing, the difference in cultivation had little effect. After a night of practice, Gong Biluo’s internal injuries had gotten better.

Over the next few days, the two of them got along peacefully in the stone room. Every day, Mo Wen would boil medicinal soup for Gong Biluo. In return, Gong Biluo would help him practice, thus rapidly increasing his cultivation levels.

After a few short days, Mo Wen’s cultivation increased by a huge margin. However, he was still stuck at the bottleneck to the Qi Nucleation realm. Breaking through to the Qi Nucleation realm was not as easy as just cultivating levels.

Mo We naturally knew this with his experience in reaching the Golden Elixir realm. Gong Biluo could only help him improve his cultivation by a little bit; she could not help him break through to the next realm. So, as he was stuck with this limitation of the Qi Nucleation realm, the amount of help Gong Biluo could provide him during practice was getting lower.

After practicing the joint practice of combined cultivation with Gong Biluo, Mo Wen noticed a problem. Apparently, the Nine Yin Divine Technique that Gong Biluo practiced was not the complete version. It probably only contained the first half of the technique, while the other half remained missing.

If she had the complete version of the technique, then her cultivation woulnd’t be at just the intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing realm. She would most likely achieve the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. Also, without the complete Nine Yin Divine Technique, the effects of joint practice of combined cultivation were much worse, around half of its total potential.

But Mo Wen would certainly not tell Gong Biluo this. He still did not trust Gong Biluo that much. If she knew that he could practice both the Nine Yin Divine Technique and Nine Yang Divine Technique simultaneously, and that he had complete versions of both techniques, well heaven knows what would happen.

Knowing that he had two divine techniques could certainly lead to her connecting him with other matters. Maybe even the secret of the Ming Cult historical abode would be exposed. So, he kept his guard up from the start.

He hid the fact that he practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique, and used the masculine Qi of the Nine Yang Divine Technique to hide the aura of the Nine Yin Divine Technique into a mass at a corner of his body. That was why Gong Biluo did not notice him also practicing the Nine Yin Divine Technique simultaneously.

Five days passed unwittingly, and Gong Biluo’s injuries had healed nicely. In another five days time, she would be practically cured.

Because Mo Wen had cultivated to the limit of the Sea of Qi realm, he was only a step away from breaking through the Qi Nucleation realm. The usual practice was practically useless for him, so he was rather free with his time.

Having nothing to do, he chatted with Gong Biluo, with the intention of getting some useful information from her.

However, Gong Biluo did not bother to talk with him, treating him as though he was air. In the end, Mo Wen kept on talking, but Gong Biluo just stared blankly and didn’t respond, as though she was a mute.

After a few days with each other, Mo Wen did not manage to get any information from her. Aside from knowing that her name is Gong Biluo, he knew next to nothing else about her. As for matters of the Ming Cult, she seemed very reluctant to share anything more with him. Anyway, no matter what Mo Wen said, she didn’t respond

In the end, Mo Wen completely gave up and went back to minding his own business. Spending his days facing such an icy cold woman was just too boring.

Every night Mo Wen felt creeped out. It was because he kept feeling that a pair of eyes were watching him in the dark, seemingly plotting something against him So, he couldn’t help but be more cautious. Besides him, only Gong Biluo was in the stone room. What was she planning to do?

Another night came. A pair of cold eyes could be seen clearly in the dark, like two gemstones emitting a cold radiance. The pair of eyes silently looked at Mo Wen while he was practicing nearby. The look in her eyes kept shifting, as if she was contemplating a difficult choice.

Gong Biluo’s cold face sometimes bore a murderous look and sometimes appeared gentle. This kept on going back and forth and no one knew what she was unravelling.

Mo Wen opened his eyes from practicing, and said, “Hey? What exactly do you plan to do? You may as well tell me directly and spare me the need to keep guessing,” as he looked helplessly at Gong Biluo. This situation had already persisted for a few nights, and every night, it made him frightened.

Although he didn’t know what Gong Biluo planned to do, it was certainly some sort of plot against him. He was not some fledgling boy, so naturally he knew that Gong Biluo’s purpose was not simple. Now that Gong Biluo’s injuries had nearly recovered, it meant that Mo Wen was no longer a worthy opponent against Gong Biluo.

Living together with a master of the Embryonic Breathing realm, how could one not be stressed?

Now Mo Wen did not dare to treat Gong Biluo the way he did before. He became much more honest and courteous. Gong Biluo looked askance at Mo Wen, but didn’t say a word, closing her eyes slowly once more.

Mo Wen helplessly sighed. So it was like this again. He could not do anything against Gong Biluo. He was contemplating on an excuse so that in two days time, when her injuries were better, he could find an opportunity to sneak off.

After remaining silent for a while, Gong Biluo opened her eyes again and looked at Mo Wen as she slowly said, “You can go tomorrow. Leave the Changbai Mountain Range completely. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that I will not lose control and kill you.”

Mo Wen immediately nodded his head, “Sure, tomorrow I will leave the Changbai Mountain Range.” In such circumstances, only a fool wouldn’t leave. Gong Biluo’s cultivation had half-recovered. She could probably kill him with just one hand. Being with such a woman was too dangerous.

He secretly thought in his mind – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. He had saved her with good intentions, yet she constantly thought about killing him. It was like a real life version of the story with the farmer and the snake. However, Mo Wen did not dare to voice his thoughts out loud so as to not anger Demoness Gong.

Gong Biluo looked at Mo Wen for a long time and then slowly closed her eyes. She seemed to have made a decision, her body loosening up.

A person who practiced the Nine Yang Divine Technique was too much of a temptation for her. It was like a demon meeting Tang Sanzang. She could be sure that she wouldn’t just lose control one day, slaughter Mo Wen, cook him, and eat him up. Only if Mo Wen completely disappeared from her sight could she perish the thought.

Those who practiced the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique could they support each other in joint practice of combined cultivation, but they could also consume each other. Such was the duality of things, and hence was the Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique.

When Yin peaks, Yang is created, and when Yang peaks, Yin is created. Both are of the same origin, able to merge into one entity.

However, among the generations of Ming Cult cult leaders and Sacred Maidens, there had never occured a time where they consumed each other. Granted, almost all cult leaders and Sacred Maidens were husband and wife, so both of them would use the joint practice of combined cultivation to accelerate their growth. Still water runs long, only then could they aspire to reach the pinnacle.

Also, one could only consume the other person once. For married couples, they definitely would not do such a thing: it would be like killing a chicken to take her eggs.

But now the circumstances for Gong Biluo and Mo Wen were different. Strictly speaking the both of them could only be considered acquaintances. Once they parted ways, they would have next to no connection, let alone want to practice together.

So for Gong Biluo, Mo Wen was too much of a temptation. If she could consume Mo Wen, then she would surely have another breakthrough to reach the later stage of Embryonic Breathing realm. Maybe even the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. With such a opportunity presented to them, it would be an irresistible temptation for anyone.

If she could consume Mo Wen, then maybe she could even uproot the Changtian Sect. She could massacre it and avenge the destruction of her sect so many years ago.

Gong Biluo sighed in her heart, silently giving up the thought. She believed with her talents, she could still reach the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. When that day came, she could still have her revenge.

Mo Wen smiled awkwardly, continuing to practice. However, it was all a facade. How could he be in the mood to practice now that he had to be extra cautious around Demoness Gong? Although she had just said she would let him leave, what if she suddenly changed her mind? Gong Biluo would not necessarily do such a thing, but he had to remain vigilant.

Time trickled by; darkness slowly past, At dawn, Mo Wen immediately got up, packed his backpack and agilely prepared to leave, leaving Demoness Gong alone.

The stone room had many medicinal soups prepared for her. Now that Demoness Gong’s injuries had half-recovered, she would only need to stay for a few more days before her injuries would probably fully recover.

Demoness Gong remained sitting up straight in the corner. She didn’t even bat an eye, and lett Mo Wen leave just like that.

Mo Wen had just walked out of the cave and was about to leave the valley, when suddenly his facial expression changed. Nearby came the sound of fine footsteps. A group of people were heading into the valley. There were twenty of them and they seemed to have blocked off the entrance and exit. They were all dressed in the same attire. Who else could they be but people from the Changtian Sect?

When did they arrive in the valley? Mo Wen went to scout things out yesterday, and he did not discover any Changtian Sect activity nearby. How could it be that in a day’s time so many Changtian Sect members would appear in the same area?

Something wasn’t right! Mo Wen felt a sense of dread well up in his mind. These people had clearly discovered Mo Wen and immediately came in this direction.

Mo Wen’s eyes narrowed. He clenched his fist, hesitating slightly for a second before calming down.

In the group of Changtian Sect people, the leader was an elderly man around his fifties with a cultivation level of the Qi Nucleation realm. He yelled to Mo Wen, “Who are you? Why are you here in the valley?” Behind him was the group of Changtian Sect members. All of them had cultivation levels which were not low.

Such an expert appearing in the valley now meant that matters were developing in an undesirable direction. Since when did the Changtian Sect place its main search party here in this area?

Mo Wen’s eyes flashed. His face was calm. Not too rushed and not too slow, he asked back to the group of Changtian Sect members, “I came to gather herbs and spent a night in the valley to rest. Who are you?” On the surface, he did not have a look of a guilty conscience.