Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Demoness Lures Away Enemies

"Entering the mountains to gather herbs?"

The Qi Nucleation realm elder looked at Mo Wen suspiciously. He examined him from top to bottom, then his gaze turned cold.

This person was wearing the clothes from the village nearby, but was carrying a backpack that was clearly from the outside world. For someone who was entering the mountains to gather herbs to be dressed in such a mismatched manner was already very suspicious, what more appearing in this area.

The elder gave Mo Wen a glance, waved his hand and coldly said, "Search him."

Once the Changtian Sect disciples heard this, two of them came forward, surrounding Mo Wen.

Mo Wen's eyes flashed past a cold stare. Since matters had come to this, he knew that today's events would not end well. Before, when he went out, he was carrying a bamboo basket, but now it was different. As he was preparing to leave the Changbai Mountain Range, he had taken out his backpack.

The important thing was not the backpack, but the Flame Flower in it. If the people from the Changtian Sect discovered the Flame Flower on his person, how could they not know that he had connections with the demoness? If that happened, they would surely group up and attack him, capturing him as a suspect.

Looking at the two people gradually approaching him, Mo Wen's eyes flashed a cold look. He was not concerned with the two Changtian Sect disciples. Instead, his gaze was fixed on the Qi Nucleation realm elder.

The instant the two disciples moved closer, he suddenly moved. A formless wave spread out from his body. The next moment, the two disciples were sent flying, spitting out mouthfuls of blood. Once they landed on the ground, they were no longer breathing.

Almost at the exact same moment, Mo Wen's silhouette disappeared from his original position, and, without any sign, appeared in front of the Qi Nucleation realm elder.

He sent out a punch and a terrible thundering sound exploded, faintly followed by the roar of dragons and tigers, the sound reverberating all around.

The Changtian Sect Qi Nucleation realm elder clearly had not expected Mo Wen would suddenly attack, and so swiftly and fiercely at that. He seemingly had no time to react when the fist appeared before his eyes, getting bigger and bigger.

As he realised that he was in trouble and was preparing to counter, a sharp sound suddenly rang in his ears, causing his consciousness to waver. His response was immediately slowed down by half a beat; his fist, however, was instant.

The Qi Nucleation realm elder was shocked. He couldn't block it in time. He could only use his rich cultivation to release a burst of protective Qi to envelope his body from top to bottom.

However, how could a burst of protective Qi manage to block Mo Wen's fist? His Dragon Tiger Overlord Fist almost immediately tore apart the elder's protective Qi, then a fist landed solidly on his chest.


The two strong Inner Qis clashed, releasing a deep explosive sound. A strong gust of wind swept up, straight away sending those with low cultivation flying.

As for the Qi Nucleation realm elder, he was immediately sent flying backwards. His body drew out a smooth trajectory.

The blood from his mouth had dyed his clothes red.

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth curled. He was now at the pinnacle of the Sea of Qi realm and he had suddenly launched a sneak attack. How could a normal beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner be his opponent?

He naturally wouldn't miss this opportunity to beat up a downed opponent. Although the elder had received one of his punches and was half-dead, he still hadn't died. After all, the Qi Nucleation realm experts had stubborn vitality. With their pure Inner Qi protecting their heart and pulses, they could survive for a very long time.

With a flash of a silhouette, he once again chased up to the Qi Nucleation realm elder that was in the air, another punch viciously blasting towards his temple.

"Send a signal to report to the sect."

The Qi Nucleation realm elder viciously roared. His angry eyes were glaring. A frenzied, majestic wave of Inner Qi was used, his clothes fluttering. Looking at Mo Wen's punch, he did not dodge, instead swiftly taking out a long cylindrical object from his clothes.

Mo Wen silently knew that things were not good. The speed of his punch suddenly increased, but it still could not stop the elder. Next, he pulled off a pull ring from the bottom of the long, cylindrical object with one hand. Immediately, a column of red smoke shot straight up into the sky.

Also, almost at the same time, Mo Wen's punch landed solidly on the Qi Nucleation realm elder's head. Immediately, his skull split open, blood and brain fluid splattering everywhere. The Qi Nucleation realm elder became a headless corpse, dropping stiffly to the ground.

"Go to hell," Mo Wen clenched his teeth and cursed silently. He did not expect the elder before him to signal the sect, even if it meant he had to die in the process.

The long column of smoke rose into the sky, not dissipating for a long time. With such an obvious signal, the people from the Changtian Sect would surely not need long to find this spot. When that happened, whether he could escape in one piece was hard to say, yet alone for Demoness Gong.

The commotion outside had clearly startled Demoness Gong in the stone room. A black shadow flashed past and she leapt out of the stone cave. Looking at the scene before her eyes, her facial expression changed slightly, immediately turning dignified.

For the people from the Changtian Sect to actually manage to find her so quickly, all the experts of the entire Changtian Sect were most likely gathering towards here now.

Once the disciples of the Changtian Sect saw the demoness appear, they immediately scattered in fright, frantically firing off their signal flares that they were carrying as they escaped.

Although finding the demoness was a great contribution on their part, they had to make it out alive first.

"Since you have come, don't plan on leaving," Demoness Gong coldly snorted. As she extended her hand forward, a boulder the size of a grindstone nearby blew apart. The next moment, countless fragments of the boulder rained down, in an instant burying the escaping Changtian Sect people.

After the torrent of rocks swept past, almost all the Changtian Sect people were on the ground, everyone of them had countless rock fragments embedded in their bodies.

The corner of Mo Wen's mouth twitched. Demoness Gong was indeed Demoness Gong. Not only did she kill efficiently, she also did it creatively.

Mo Wen cast a glance at Demoness Gong, saying helplessly,"Now, what do we do?"

Once the people from the Changtian Sect locked down this area, even if they wanted to escape the Changbai Mountain Range, it would probably be difficult. If they were not careful, dying in this forsaken place was possible.

"What can we do? You better quickly scram, don't appear in the Changbai Mountain Range again."

Demoness Gong looked askance at Mo Wen, then gave out a long scream. Her silhouette rose up with a leap, and with her terrifying cultivation, she flew into the air.

A terrifying chilling Qi exploded from her body. The entire valley felt like winter had came. The frightening Inner Qi wave could be felt even ten miles away. In the forest, the birds and beasts fled in fright. Everywhere, it was a state of panic...

An intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm top expert releasing all her aura was naturally a frightening thing.

Especially now Demoness Gong was floating in the air like a bright lantern. Everyone in a ten mile radius could feel where her position was.

The next moment, Demoness Gong didn't even glance at Mo Wen, minding her own business and turning to leave. With a flash of her silhouette, she moved through the air, disappearing in the forest with a few dashes.

Mo Wen watched as Demoness Gong gradually disappeared from his sight. His facial expression turned solemn, the light in his eyes flickering. Finally, he secretly let out a sigh, his mouth curling into a bitter smile.

He looked around, and then stripped a set of Changtian Sect attire from a Changtian Sect disciple. After changing into it, he found a hidden spot to hide his backpack.

After his preparations were done, he quickly headed in the direction that Demoness Gong left and gave chase.

Before this, Demoness Gong had purposely released her aura to draw away all the people of the Changtian Sect. If Mo Wen escaped alone under such circumstances, then he would not be Mo Wen.

With Demoness Gong's ability, she could have easily escaped without a trace. With her cultivation level, her chances of escaping were high.

After all, if the Changtian Sect did not have Embryonic Breathing realm experts, then almost no one could hold her back.

But now, she had voluntarily drawn everyone away. She would soon fall into heavy encirclement. Only heaven knew whether she would make it out alive.

Mo Wen had received such a big debt. If he really just left like that, that Mo Wen would not be the Mo Wen that could reach the Golden Elixir realm.

Wearing the attire of the Changtian Sect, he disguised himself as a normal Changtian Sect disciple. The Changtian Sect had so many normal disciples, naturally he was not easy to discover, what more in such a chaotic situation.

After all, the Changtian Sect's target was Demoness Gong and not him. Who would bother with a man like him?

So while heading north, chasing through the forest, although he came across many people from the Changtian Sect, no one paid attention to him, instead frantically chasing in the direction of the source of the terrifying aura.

Mo Wen looked at the few people from the Changtian Sect that passed by him, and they seemed to not have noticed anything out of the ordinary. His mouth immediately curled into a playful grin.

In the distance, waves and waves of astonishing Inner Qi kept exploding outwards, seemingly from a battle between top masters. The entire forest was affected, with the birds and beasts fleeing in fright and the trees rustling in the wind.

Mo Wen felt surprised, his eyes narrowing slightly. The waves coming from the battle were clearly at the level of Embryonic Breathing realm. Could Demoness Gong have encountered the Changtian Sect's Embryonic Breathing realm relic so soon?

With the thought in his mind, he instantly sped up a few notches, furiously chasing up in their direction. In an instant, he had overtaken many Changtian Sect disciples.

"Sect senior brother, how can that person's speed be so fast?"

A girl wearing a yellow dress with a silver pin on her head looked amazed at the silhouette that flashed past her in the blink of an eye. The person was too fast. They had used their Qinggong to the limit and were still far from catching up.

A man in his thirties, with a square face and big eyes, dressed in blue looked towards the silhouette, saying nonchalantly,"There are countless experts in the sect. What's so strange about that?"

"Just now, I think I saw the person's clothes was that of the sect's most common outer-sect disciple. His rank is beneath us, but how could his cultivation be superior to ours by such a large margin." The girl in the yellow dress frowned as she said this.

"Sect junior sister, have you seen wrongly?"

The man dressed in blue looked questioningly at the girl in the yellow dress. Just now the person's silhouette had dashed past them. Due to his position, he had not seen it clearly.

"I don't know."

The girl in the yellow dress shrugged her shoulders. Her eyes were full of doubt, but she did not say for sure. Just now she had just cast a glance, also not paying close attention, but vaguely, he did seem to just be a normal outer-sect disciple.