Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Desolated Heaven and Earth

A man in blue urged, "Hurry now. Although the Demoness' Cultivation is unrivalled, there are a few Sect Grand-uncles who definitely could capture her. Now, we better hurry, perhaps we'll be able to gain some credit." If they could contribute in the encircling of the Demoness, it would be a great fortune for them and the sect would definitely reward them

Other than these two people, almost all the people of Changtian Sect in the neighboring region were hurrying towards the battle arena as if the Demoness was but a popular person who would bring them unlimited rewards.

Mo Wen's figure created a long flitting shadow in the forests, and the trees beside him were frantically moving backwards at light speed.

After a short while, he was at the battle arena.At this moment, only a few people with high Cultivation managed to be there, but the rest of the Changtian Sect with lower Cultivation were still on their way.

In the center of the arena, an old man in cyan was stopping Demoness Gong. The aftermath of their fight had wreaked havoc on their surroundings as the land was almost forcibly cleared. A few people were clasping onto a huge tree that was completely uprooted, creating a huge pit on the ground. Its tuft had completely disappeared, leaving behind only loess on the ground.

The great valence of the fight between two experts in Embryonic Breathing realm was expected, but the aftermath was not something that normal ancient martial arts practitioners could bear.

At this moment, none of the three or four ancient martial arts practitioners of Changtian Sect in the Qi Nucleation realm in the surrounding area dared to approach the battle arena.

Mo Wen hid behind a big tree quite a distance away.The strong winds were sweeping across his sides and nearly blew him off.

He looked at the two people in the midst of fighting and furrowed his brows slightly.The Demoness Gong's Cultivation had only recovered by half, so it was naturally taxing for her to fight an expert in Embryonic Breathing realm. Currently, she was already in a disadvantageous position.

However, it was fortunate that the old fellow in cyan of the Embryonic Breathing realm was only in the beginning stage of the Cultivation. If he was in the later stage of Embryonic Breathing realm, the Demoness Gong would have been defeated by now.

Demoness Gong seemed to be exceptionally strong and she wouldn't be defeated by the old man in cyan in such a fight especially if it was only for a short period of time.

However, Mo Wen furrowed his brows as worries began to grow. Currently, it seemed like neither of them could get an advantage, but when more experts from Changtian Sect were to gather here, especially another expert in Embryonic Breathing realm, then Demoness Gong would definitely be dead.

He had never expected the experts in Embryonic Breathing realm from Changtian Sect to arrive so rapidly. As such, there must be some ancient martial arts practitioners in Embryonic Breathing realm searching nearby before this. Until now, he still couldn't understand why this region so critical a region that the Changtian Sect would flock here.

Yesterday, this region was clearly not getting anyone's attention, why is there such a lavish spectacle today - almost as if they were certain that Demoness Gong was here?

However, there was time to think about this now. The pressing matter of the moment was to think of a way to get out. If the fight was dragged further, there would be no chance of turning the tables on them.

In the battle arena, Demoness Gong's face was slightly pale as a bit of blood trickled out her mouth. Her body was originally injured, but now was definitely worse after fighting the expert in Embryonic Breathing realm with all her might.

Her eyes were continuously surging with anxiety as she made several attempts to get away from the old man in cyan, but this person obviously knew her intentions and was trying his best to hold her up. He refused to let her succeed.

Compared to the Demoness Gong, the old man in cyan appeared calm and composed. In the fight with Demoness Gong, he was neither putting in his best effort nor giving the Demoness Gong a chance to leave. His task was only to delay Demoness Gong until the Senior arrived. By then, Demoness Gong would have only one way to go death.

With his Cultivation, it might be difficult to defeat the Demoness but to hold her back, it was very easy.After all, this Demoness was already seriously injured and couldn't exercise much of her strength.

Even so, he was still surprised that the Demoness' injuries had recovered by half after escaping from Changtian Sect for only a period of five days.At that time, the Sect Leader Senior Brother and this woman were both injured, but his Sect Leader Senior Brother's injuries were still recovering.

He knew that the Demoness' injuries were way more serious than his Senior, almost to the verge of fatality.His Senior's injury was lighter than hers but was not recovering as fast as her even after being treated with lots of medicines in the Sect.

What panacea had she taken?

The Old fellow in cyan was baffled but at this time, it was obviously not a time to consider this.The task at hand was to hold this Demoness up.

As the time passed, Gong Biluo was getting more anxious as she knew that if this was to go on, she would die in the hands of the Changtian Sect.

She looked at the Old fellow in cyan with a flash of sinister ruthless radiance in her eyes, then a cold aura was getting denser like the homogenous thick ice that wouldn't melt for thousands of years.

"Old fellow Fu Qing, since you are so undiscerning, don't blame me for taking you as a scapegoat even when I die in this fight."

Demoness Gong gave a long roar.Then a frightening energy was released from her body, which was almost instantly doubled in strength.A terrifying aura engulfed the surrounding and the people around the area retreated horrifyingly for a few hundred meters while the forests trembled and rustled.

At that moment, the Cultivation of Demoness Gong was almost raised to her heyday or even stronger, the energy fluctuation was so terrifying that everyone's heart trembled.

At a distance of about three hundred meters away, Mo Wen's face also paled and shock filled his heart.The attack of the weird and invisible wave of Qi caused his body to move backwards uncontrollably.The Demoness Gong at this time was almost invincible.

He immediately circulated the Nine Yin Genuine Qi in his body.As his Nine Yin Genuine Qi and Demoness Gong's were of the same nature, he managed to block the push of the invisible wave of energy.

The Old fellow of cyan by the name of Fu Qing paled instantly as he was in the center and was naturally the most affected.The Demoness Gong at this moment had caused him to have his heart in his throat, the feeling of death approaching was surging in him that sent chills down his spine and causing his limbs to be clammy.

Almost instantly he retreated rapidly and was escaping frantically towards the outside.Though he had the Cultivation of Embryonic Breathing realm, but he knew that he basically couldn't resist the attack of the Demoness Gong at this moment.

"You know the need to escape now?"

Demoness Gong's lips curled into a savage smile and quipped coldly, "Too late.You shall die."

The next moment, Demoness Gong's figure disappeared from where she was and almost instantly caught up with Fu Qing who was escaping.

A terrifying black claw suddenly cohered in the air to the size of a loft which covered a circumference of tens of meters, apparently focused on one target and followed the Old fellow Fu Qing all the way.

Tai Yin Claw was Ming Cult's finest magnum opus which cohered the Tai Yin Qi from heaven and earth forming an all-pervasive and irresistible claw, which was said that when practised to the extreme, not only was it able to break the mountain peaks and open the oceans but also able to pick the soul out of a body.

At this moment, once the Tai Yin Claw was formed, it dropped suddenly and instantly to envelope the Old man in cyan in a mass of black air, then he was completely concealed.

In the air, the terrifying black Tai Yin Qi cohered together to form a mass that raged for a long while before it gradually diffused.

A terrifying scene appeared: wherever the Tai Yin Qi past, all the trees, plants and flowers wilted instantly; those huge trees that were growing strong with lush green canopies became dried trees which seemed to have been dead for years in a blink of an eye; all the leaves and branches had turned dried yellow.

As the Tai Yin Qi diffused, the wilting of the trees spread, in no time, all the trees within the circumference of a few hundred meters had wilted.

As if it went into the late Autumn instantaneously, the heaven and the earth were completely desolated.

Due to the ferocity of the spread of Tai Yin Qi, some of those people of the Changtian Sect, who were surrounding this area, were basically too late in escaping.While the terrifying Tai Yin Qi enveloped them, they didn't even manage a struggle but fell straight to the ground with their bodies completely charred and died.

At this time, there were many people of Changtian Sect who had gathered there so almost a hundred people were dead at one instance.Some among them were ancient martial arts practitioners in Qi Nucleation realm who barely had any resistance so they fell to the ground instantly.

Mo Wen smiled bitterly as the battle between the Embryonic Breathing realm was indeed not to be viewed casually.Those Changtian Sect disciples who streamed in from all directions were really foolish as they thought they would gain some benefits but ended up dead.

Looking at the shroud of terrifying Tai Yin Qi, he remained calmed throughout.When the Tai Yin Qi had surrounded him, the Nine Yin Genuine Qi in his body, which had the same source as the Tai Yin Qi, would wrap his body completely, then the Tai Yin Qi would disperse from his sides directly having a negligible effect on him.

After all, he also practised Nine Yin Divine Technique so it naturally had a strong affinity to Tai Yin Qi, hence, he wouldn't be corroded by Tai Yin Qi.Furthermore, the attacking target of the Tai Yin Qi was not him, he could easily counter it with at most a little repercussion.

That mass of terrifying Tai Yin Qi had gradually dissipated and eventually disappeared completely into the heaven and earth.In the battle arena, everything was desolated with not even a grass, and the loess on the ground had turned black while giving off gloomy cold air.

At this moment, that person in Embryonic Breathing realm from Changtian Sect Old fellow Fu Qing had already fallen onto the ground.His body was totally beyond recognition in a completely sorry state, with a hand and a leg disappeared into thin air.The cyan garment on his body was also charred and stuck to his body like a layer of grease.

The most terrifying part was his face: all his features on his face were gone like a faceless person and blood was oozing out from his face with two eyes bulging out like a devil.

If he were to go out in the night, it would definitely scare the daylight out of anyone, not to mention the night, even in the day, he was enough to send chills down anyone's spine.

However, the Old fellow in cyan actually had some capabilities who was indeed an expert in Embryonic Breathing realm.Under such circumstances, he actually survived.

Mo Wen gasped instead.Why didn't that Old fellow die?He knew Demoness Gong's ability, she put all her effort into the use of Tai Yin Claw so an ancient martial arts practitioner in the beginning stage of Embryonic Breathing realm shouldn't be able to survive.

At this time, Demoness Gong lay on the ground with her eyes losing their radiance.Her dress spread out on the ground like a stalk of black rose which had grown from the ground.

At this moment, she didn't seem to be able to move at all.She was lying on the ground quietly with both her eyes fixed on the sunshine in the sky, and once in a while, she moved her eyes a little.