Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 187

Chapter 187: The Head of the Changtian Sect

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“You cruel woman. I’ll cut you into a thousand pieces, grind your bones, and scatter your ashes.”

The elder dressed in green trembled as he struggled to get up. Although he was missing an arm and a leg, with his cultivation he could still stand up. However, standing on one leg was quite funny. It was as though he was mimicking a flamingo.

His voice was hoarse, as though something was stuck in his throat, giving off an unpleasant grinding sound.

Limping, he slowly approached Demoness Gong. Although his face was gone and he had no expression, anyone could tell the savagery in his eyes, as though he could not wait to eat the demoness’ flesh and drink her blood.

He was a dignified Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioner. He had almost died in her hands. Although he was still breathing, he had been half-crippled. He wouldn’t say anything about further improvement; maintaining his cultivation would be considered a blessing.

Destroying his body and cutting off his pursuit of the pinnacle of martial arts was a death feud.

He shifted step by step towards Demoness Gong. Although it was extremely difficult to do so, he could at least still walk. As for the demoness, she couldn’t even lift a finger. He couldn’t wait to tear the vicious woman to shreds.

“Sect Grand-uncle, bad news. Sect Grand-uncle, bad news.”

Suddenly, an alarmed voice sounded in the quiet forest. It was followed by a silhouette running towards them with a panicked look on his face, running as he shouted.

In a moment, the person had run in front of Elder Fu Qing panting, seemingly having ran a fair distance.

Fu Qing looked at the youth before him, slightly stunned. The person was wearing the Changtian Sect Outer-Sect disciple attire. He subconsciously recognized the person as a Changtian Sect disciple. After all, aside from the demoness, who else would dare trespass in this area?

“What’s the matter for you to be in such a panic?” Fu Qing asked hoarsely. His face was terrifying as he looked at the youth, his gaze cold enough that anyone who looked at it would feel their heart freeze.

Looking at the mere Outer-Sect disciple that was interrupting his vengeance, he was very unhappy.

“Sect Grand-uncle, the head of the sect has died. He died just now…Just now”

Mo Wen kept frantically gesturing, trying to get the message across but failing horribly at doing so. His face had panic and fear written all over it. Just by saying that the head of the sect had died, he had stirred up real trouble.


The eyeballs of the elder dressed in green immediately opened wide, looking incredulously at the youth before him. His already tattered body suddenly turned cold.

How could the head of sect die? What was going on? With the head of sect’s cultivation, who else could kill him?

Even the demoness wasn’t a match for the head of sect. How could something have happened to the head of sect.

For an instant, the thoughts of the elder dressed in green were messed up. The sudden news scared him so much that he couldn’t wrap his head around it.

When Gong Biluo, who was lying not far from them, noticed the youth who suddenly appeared, her eyes narrowed slightly. A glint of consternation flashed past her eyes; her beautiful face was stunned for a moment.

Why had he appeared here? Had he not left the Changbai Mountain Range!

“What has happened exactly”

The elder dressed in green grabbed hold of Mo Wen’s clothes, almost roaring as he said. However, halfway through his sentence, he suddenly realized that something felt off

The youth before him was but a normal Outer-Sect disciple, how could he appear here? Even a Qi Nucleation realm ancient martial arts practitioner couldn’t withstand the residue waves of the Tai Yin Qi just now. If one wasn’t dead yet, they would have been set flying far away.

A mere Outer-Sect disciple, how could he have survived? Also, he had just fought the demoness for fifteen minutes, how could the head of sect have died? That was practically impossible.

In an instant, his guard was up.

“You can ask your head of sect yourself what happened when you see him in hell.”

Mo Wen’s mouth suddenly curled into a bizarre smile. The next moment, he put his hands, which he had ready, together. Two streams of aura, one hot and one cold, emanated from his body. One hand was blazing flame; another was chilling freeze. But in an instant they vanished. Only a ball of formless light remained between his palms.

“Go die.”

His silhouette flickered, and he almost immediately forced himself against the elder dressed in green, and with a palm strike pressed against his chest.

At this time, although the elder dressed in green felt a sense of danger well up, it was already too late. He could not stop Mo Wen that was mere inches away from him in time.

After all, he was now injured beyond measure, who knows how much his reaction speed had slowed down.

The palm strike hit the elder dressed in green on the chest without a shred of resistance. The next moment, a terrifying, formless wave spread out. It silently swept the surrounding area, in an instant covering an area of a ten meters radius.

Everywhere it passed, all the trees would be soundlessly reduced to dust, scattering onto the ground. The trees that were already withered disappeared completely from the forest, turning into mounds of dust. The surrounding space seemed to have opened up; it did not feel like standing in a forest, but rather as though they were in an open square.

The eyes of the elder dressed in green widened, looking at Mo Wen with disbelief. The corner of his mouth twitched, seeming as though he was about to open his mouth and say something. But not a word came out.

In his chest area, a dull sound of an explosion erupted. A gaping hole appeared in the place were his heart should have been. The hole ran cleanly from the front to the back. One could see the scenery on the other side from one end.

As for his heart, it had been completely turned to powder, directly disappearing from his chest cavity.

He looked down at the gaping hole in his chest, stunned. Then, his body slowly fell backwards onto the ground.

He would have never had dreamt that he, Fu Qing, would one day die in the hands of a youth. Even the demoness had not killed him off, but he had died in hands of an unrenowned, unknown junior.

After his palm strike, Mo Wen’s silhouette flew backwards immediately, and with a ptui sound, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was ghastly pale and his aura was unbearably weak, as though he had a serious illness.

The palm strike just now seemed to be the strongest one hit attack that he could pull off. The combination of Yin and Yang was something he couldn’t possibly control. Now that he had unreservedly utilised the technique, naturally it would end up with both of them suffering injuries.

However, aside from the combination of Yin and Yang’s terrifying power, it was almost impossible for him to want to kill an Embryonic Breathing realm expert, even if the Embryonic Breathing realm expert was severely injured and had only a tenth of his full power.

In order to kill Fu Qing, Mo Wen had paid a heavy price. Using a thing beyond your control would result in killing a thousand enemies while losing eight hundred of your own. Luckily, the elder dressed in green had died, but Mo Wen was still alive.

His silhouette flew a distance in the air before Mo Wen forcefully did a somersault and brought his body to a landing. Looking around him, with a few steps he was beside Demoness Gong and had carried her and ran.

Now was not the time to care about how bad their injuries were. If they didn’t leave now, they most likely wouldn’t be able to leave at all.

Luckily, the windstorm that Demoness Gong’s Tai Yin Claws had generated cleared the area of any bystanders, so now his path was unobstructed. No one from the Changtian Sect had appeared again to block them off.

In a flash, Mo Wen and Demoness Gong’s silhouettes disappeared into the forest.

The remaining Changtian Sect disciples that were in the vicinity were all hiding a kilometer away. They did not dare to approach the epicenter, fearing being hit by another wave. Once they discovered there was no signs of movement for a while, some began to feel that something was off and slowly walked back in.

However, the scene that beheld them turned everyone pale with fright, their bodies froze and chills were sent down their spines. The Demoness Gong had disappeared, and the Sect Grand-uncle had been reduced to a mangled corpse, dying miserably.

The Sect Grand-uncle was one of the Changtian Sect’s Embryonic Breathing realm top experts. The demoness was too terrifying. Even when she was severely injured, she still managed to kill him. She was an absolutely horrifying demoness.

Everyone felt their hearts turn cold. They silently thanked their stars that they were luckily enough to not have met the demoness directly.

After around fifteen minutes, a terrifying aura came from afar, like a storm brewing as it approached. One moment it was still at a distance, the next it was much closer. It seemed like a glimpse of shimmering light, like a shadow flashing by and then a man stood within the desolate hole.

This person was wearing a white robe. His hair was also white and his face was lean. His gaze was plain like any other ordinary old man. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

But the way he had appeared was so incredible.

“Head of sect.”

After the white-robed elder appeared, all the people of the Changtian Sect immediately bent over and bowed. Their eyes shone with reverence, their once wavering hearts suddenly calmed down.

With the head of sect here, naturally they would not be afraid of the demoness.

“What is going on?”

The white-robed elder looked at everyone with indifference. His voice was plain, but had an aura of authority to it.

“Head of sect, Sect uncle Fu Qing, he’s”

A Qi Nucleation realm elder stood out, saying jitterily to the white-robed elder. His hand shakingly pointed to the unrecognisable corpse lying nearby.

The white-robed elder was stunned when he heard what he said. His gaze then shot towards the mangled, almost shapeless corpse.

The next moment, his silhouette had appeared in front of the corpse. With a grab, the corpse was in his hands. Who else could it be but his junior, Fu Qing?

Fu Qing at this moment was most certainly dead. No matter how great his ability was, he could not bring him back from the dead.

“Who killed Sect junior brother Fu Qing?”

The white-robed elder finally lost his originally calm and steadfast appearance. His expression was terrifying as he said this. The anger in his eyes was apparent to anyone who saw it.

In the entire Changtian Sect, there were a total of seven Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioners. Every one of them was precious. They were the elders of the sect, the pillars of the sect, the symbols of power and status.

Compared to the other nine Great Sects, their Changtian Sect did not have many Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioners. They weren’t dead last, but they did not have an advantage, not even being able to enter the top six.