Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Psychic Compass

The other time when the Demoness attacked Changtian Sect, she killed a person recklessly and left with six persons in Embryonic Breathing realm.Now that another one died, there would be five persons left.

At this rate, it was difficult to ensure that Changtian Sect would retain its position in the Top Ten biggest Sects.

The death of an expert in Embryonic Breathing realm was a huge loss to any ancient martial arts Sect.Thus, for Changtian Sect to have two deaths one after another, it would be a tremendous loss.

If he had not broken through to the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm, he reckoned there wouldn't be a position for Changtian Sect in the next election of Top Ten biggest Sects.

"Sect Lead elder Uncle, that Demoness had killed Sect younger Uncle Fu Qing."

Terror flashed in the eyes of the ancient martial arts practitioner in Qi Nucleation realm and swallowed his saliva before speaking.The scene just now was too horrifying.It was almost like a disaster with more than hundred people from Changtian Sect died instantly.

His good friend, who was in Qi Nucleation realm was too late in escaping due to his close proximity, died without any bones left.

"It wasn't the Demoness, there was another person."

The Old man in white robe said with a solemn face.On the corpse of Fu Qing, there was another weird aura other than the Tai Yin Qi of the Demoness.That aura was very weird, he couldn't decipher its nature and didn't know the source of it.

However, what can be definite was that the aura was not inferior to the Demoness Gong.He fought with Demoness Gong for many years so he naturally had some understanding of the Demoness.

"Another person?"

The old man in Qi Nucleation dazed for a moment after hearing his speech.He only knew that the Demoness was fighting aggressively with Sect younger Uncle Fu Qing just now, but he didn't notice that there was another person who had joined in.Who exactly was he? When did he appear?

He believed his Sect Leader's words without a doubt.With the Sect Leader's ability, it was naturally impossible for him to lie.

The Old man in white robe didn't comment further and quietly retrieved a bronze ancient simple compass out from his chest, then he took out a strand of hair from his sleeve before placing it onto the bronze compass.

He held it as if it was a sacred item and lifted it up.He chanted for a while and suddenly a radiance flashed in his eyes.

"Seal off this area of this forest, don't even let a bird in."

The Old man in white robe snorted softly and instructed the disciples of the Changtian Sect around him.Since the Demoness was still in this area of the forest, it is impossible for her to escape from his hands.

Everyone heard the instruction and left after accepting the order.They instructed their subordinates of different levels to gather in the forest and sealed off the forest completely layer by layer.

"Sect Senior brother, Sect Junior brother Fu Qing was"

A streak of light flashed from afar and appeared after a few breaths in front of the Old man in white robe.

This person was in a black robe with an aged face, obviously quite old and reckoned to be above eighty years old.

He called the Old man in white robe Sect Senior brother and called Fu Qing as his Sect Junior brother.They were actually people of highest seniority in the Changtian Sect.

Without a doubt, this person was an ancient martial arts practitioner in Embryonic Breathing realm and was a strong one at the peak of ancient martial arts world.

"Dead."The Old man in white robe looked gloomily at the deepest end of the forest with a cold killing intent flashing in his eyes.

The Old man in black robe glanced at the completely broken corpse and gasped.How did the Demoness become so powerful?The day she came to the Sect, she killed Sect senior brother Wang Yun under the watchful eyes of everyone, now she even killed Sect junior brother Fu Qing.

"The Psychic Compass indicates that the Demoness Gong is still in this area of the forest."

The Old man in white robe squinted his eyes and said, "The Demoness must have suffered a serious injury while killing Fu Qing.Furthermore, there were two auras on Fu Qing's body which proved that there was another person who helped her secretly.I was wondering why we didn't find Demoness Gong after so many days, it turns out that someone is helping her secretly."

"There's another person?"

The Old man in black robe was shocked.Who's that person? Why was he against Changtian Sect?

"That's right.The Demoness was injured at that time and as you know, she basically couldn't kill Fu Qing alone.Furthermore, it happened after her injuries recovered rapidly within a short period of five days.Under normal circumstances, how could it possible for the Demoness to recover so rapidly?"

The Old man in white robe snorted coldly, "That person who helped the Demoness secretly must be an expert in medical skills."

According to the report of the disciples of the Sect, the Demoness was equally matched when she was fighting Fu Qing which caused him to be surprised as under normal circumstances, it was impossible for the Demoness to recover so quickly.

Now, it was evident that indeed there was someone who was helping the Demoness.

"An expert in medical skills! Can this person be a part of Medicine Manor?The people from Medicine Manor usually frequent Changbai Mountain range."

The face of Old man in black robe turned grave.If it was Medicine Manor, the matter could be quite troublesome.

The influence of the Medicine Manor was greater than Changtian Sect and was also one of the Top Ten biggest Sects in the ancient martial arts world.As the Medicine Manor had exquisite achievements in concocting pills, so their disciples frequently explored different deep mountains and virgin forests in search of medicinal herbs.

Changbai Mountain range produced many medicinal herbs so naturally it was a key target of the Medicine Manor.However, Changbai Mountain range was Changtian Sect's territory, so how could they let the people of Medicine Manor reaped all the medicinal herbs in the Changbai Mountain range.Due to this problem of the medicinal herbs, Changtian Sect and Medicine Manor were constantly in conflict.

"It is not definite now, but can't rule out such possibility."

The Old man in white robe replied in disbelief, "Wait till we capture both the Demoness and the person, we'll know by then."

In order to capture the Demoness, he personally went to the Huatian Palace and spent an exorbitant price to borrow the Psychic Compass.As long as the Demoness was within the range of hundred miles, he would be able to lock on to the Demoness' estimated location.As such, if the Demoness was still able to escape, he, Chen Wuwang, must have wasted his life.

Mo Wen didn't know that the reason for Changtian Sect's sudden change of their search direction to the region around the valley, was all because of a bronze compass.

"Sect Junior brother Xiao Kui, you will inform the other Sect siblings to search this area of the forest completely and set up a dragnet.We couldn't afford any accident this time."

A radiance flickered in Chen Wuwang's eyes.He would want to see what kind of abilities did the Demoness Gong have and if she was able to escape from his hands.

"Yes, Sect Lead senior brother."

The Old man in black robe saluted respectfully after receiving the order.The next moment, he disappeared from the ground in a flash.

The night fell and unknowingly half a day had passed.The forest was completely quiet as if the birds and beasts had hidden themselves and didn't dare to make a sound.

Tonight, about a thousand people were traversing the forest and was almost searching inch by inch such that even a mosquito was unable to escape from their eyes.However, after searching for half a day, they simply didn't find a trace of the Demoness.

In the deep forest, a towering gigantic tree, which seemed to have withered, slanted its trunk for more than fifty degrees with a lingering sense of the sunset.

The tree was gigantic, which could only be hugged by seven to eight people together, the canopy covered a circumference of a hundred meters forming an enormous patch of shadow.

This type of tree.It was common in the virgin forest so it was rare for people to pay close attention to it.

However, others didn't know that inside the tree trunk, there was a huge tree hollow which was almost five to six square meters.As the entrance of the tree hollow was hidden by the canopy, it was difficult to detect it from outside.

Who would know that there was a big hidden hollow within the smooth surface of the tree trunk.

At this time, there were two persons sitting quietly in the tree hollow and they were none other than Mo Wen and Demoness Gong.

It was so dark in the tree hollow that one couldn't even see their fingers with almost an absence of light shining through.

However, with the Cultivation of Mo Wen and the Demoness Gong, their eyesight was obviously unaffected.

"Why do you save me?"

After a long silence between them, the Demoness God gradually asked.Her voice was as cold as usual and as always without emotions.

"You think I would like to save you?" Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

"Then, why do you save me?" Demoness Gong thought Mo Wen's reply was quite amusing as he obviously didn't intend to save her but why would he brave the great danger to save her?

"I am not a person who like to hide behind a woman."

Mo Wen said nonchalantly.In the beginning, Demoness Gong went alone to distract the people of Changtian Sect, it helped him on the surface but in actual fact, it dragged him into the mire.

If at that time, the Demoness and he had chosen to go on their separate ways without mutual interference and assistance, then he wouldn't have any hesitation to leave Changbai Mountain range alone.He was confident to be able to avoid the killing hunt of the people from the Changtian Sect.After all, he was not the main target so they wouldn't send the expert in Embryonic Breathing realm to kill him, right?

However, the deeds and conduct of the Demoness Gong caused him not to be to walk away even if he would like to.In principle, he couldn't choose to escape in this way.

He suspected if the Demoness Gong was intentional.Why would she act as a heroine who sacrifice her life for a cause?Who wanted her to sacrifice her life for a cause?

"Quite male chauvinistic.But the result is supposed to have only one dead, now it became two."

Demoness Gong began to mock at herself.

The present situation was that it was basically impossible for them to escape from the killing hunt of the Changtian Sect.The whole forest was reckoned to be completely sealed off and she was left with no Cultivation at all which equivalent to a woman who was physically weak.

When the Changtian Sect was to find them, there wasn't a second possibility other than being slaughtered.

"Why do I feel that you have a gleam of schadenfreude?"

Mo Wen looked at Demoness Gong suspiciously and gradually suspecting that her past reactions were intentional.

"You can understand it as laughing at your lack of the sense of propriety." Demoness Gong said indifferently.

He shouldn't have meddled with it or he wouldn't need to die with her.What a waste of a person who practised Nine Yang Divine Technique, which was extinct for hundreds of years, so apparently it was going to be lost again Wait... Nine Yang Divine Technique

The Demoness Gong seemed to thought of something and her body froze a little and then tensed up subconsciously while her expressions on her face changed continuously.

He was lack of the sense of propriety?

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and couldn't be bothered about this conceited woman.How would she understand the pride of a man?

However, the present situation was a real headache as they might lose their lives anytime.

Not speaking about he being injured now, even when he was not injured, he was nothing in the eyes of Changtian Sect with his present Cultivation.