Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Unpromiscuous

Although he still had a few cards up his sleeve that he had used, it was still impossible for him to increase his ability by a few realms so as to challenge a few experts who were in Embryonic Breathing realm. Furthermore, the Changtian Sect has more than one old b*stard who was in the Embryonic Breathing realm.


When one lost their power and influence, their dignity could easily be trampled by anyone. Remembering those years when he was an expert in Golden Elixir realm, he could quell the few small fry in Embryonic Breathing realm by one hand, but now

Mo Wen shook his head and lamented that the everything was unpredictable in this world. If he still had the strength of those days, his hands wouldn't be tied now.

There was a complete silence in the tree hollow; both of them didn't seem to have the intention to talk. Although they were sitting only a foot away, they seemed to be two worlds apart.

Once in a while, there were some whispers of the wind and the shuffling of footsteps coming from outside. Those disciples of the the Changtian Sect were searching the forest inch by inch, and it was uncertain when they would discover the secret of this tree hollow.

Demoness Gong closed her eyes with a constant change of facial expressions. However, her body was like a log sitting at the same place motionlessly.

As for Mo Wen, though he was secretly worried, he couldn't think of a solution at this moment.

As it got later into the night, the shuffling sound of the search outside had not stopped. There were a few times that Mo Wen suspected that the people from the Changtian Sect had found them. However, those people left after going around the huge tree.

Gong Biluo was quite jittery.Although her face remained calm, her mind was in a turmoil. Originally, she was fine without thinking about that matter, but now to think of it, she was greatly perturbed.

"You are Mo Wen?" After a long while, Gong Biluo lifted her eyes to look in Mo Wen's direction.

"Don't you know?"

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. Asked with feigned ignorance, didn't she know it all along?

"I really felt like killing you, bastard," Demoness Gong hurled.

Why did he appear to look perfectly fine? She sighed secretly.


Mo Wen pointed at himself totally baffled and said, "Hey hey.You are getting it all wrong. I am your savior. I saved your life twice, and you are still thinking of killing me? Indeed, women are the most poisonous being."

He extended two fingers and waved them in front of Demoness Gong meaning, that he saved her twice so she owed him twice for saving her life.

This woman was really a weird animal undiscerning. If he was a match to Demoness Gong, he would have violated her long ago.

"Do you want to die?" Demoness Gong raised her eyes and asked.

"Of course not. Do you want to die badly?" Mo Wen's lips twitched. What an idiotic question this was.

Demoness Gong nodded as she heard him, then she went into silence with her lips pursed and didn't comment any further.

Mo Wen cast a look at Demoness Gong quizzically. Why did this woman look as if she had something to say?

"What exactly do you want to say?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

He knew that Demoness Gong was not someone who liked speaking a lot and wouldn't be bored enough to speak nonsense.

After a long silence, Demoness Gong suddenly uttered slowly, "You should know that those who practice Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique have a chance for Yin Yang Integration. That was created by thirty-fourth generation Ming Cult Leader and was the highest profound meaning of both Ming Cult's Divine Techniques."

For some reason, she avoided looking at Mo Wen when she was saying this.

"Yin Yang Integration?"

Mo Wen looked a little dazed after listening to her, but the next moment, it dawned upon him what the Demoness meant. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped, looking at the Demoness Gong in shock.

Of course, he knew about Yin Yang Integration and was constantly pondering it. However, he was only pondering alone, not two people, who were practicing Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique, pondering together

Thirty-fourth generation Ming Cult Leader was a gifted prodigy who created the secret technique of the mutual integration of Tai Yin Qi and Tai Yang Qi, which was called Yin Yang Integration.

However, only a person who was practicing both Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique simultaneously was eligible to practice this technique. It was naturally insufficient to practice only one Divine Technique.

In the Ming Cult's history, the Thirty-fourth generation Ming Cult Leader was the only genius who was able to practice Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique simultaneously. After him, though Ming Cult had many highly talented people, they had never reached the level of the Thirty-fourth generation Ming Cult Leader.

Hence, though the Yin Yang Integration Technique had always been a legend in Ming Cult, it had never been practiced by anyone.

Until now, Mo Wen who had been exposed to these two Divine Techniques had just begun gradually relating to the territory of Yin Yang Integration. However, he was not even considered a novice, at most a smattering of it.

Other than the Yin Yang Integration Technique mentioned by the Thirty-fourth generation Ming Cult Leader. In actual fact, in the Ming Cult, Yin Yang Integration Technique had another significance.

After the Thirty-fourth generation Ming Cult Leader had created of the Yin Yang Integration, he obviously knew that the requirements to practice this technique was too demanding such that no one among the juniors had the talent, and at this rate, the Yin Yang Integration Technique would gradually be lost.

Thereafter, he thought of a compromising solution. He simplified and amended the Yin Yang Integration that he had created into a joint practice technique that could be practiced by two persons who practiced Nine Yang Divine Technique and Nine Yin Divine Technique individually, thus drastically reducing the requirement for the talents.

As a result, Ming Cult started to have Sacred Maiden. The position of the Sacred Maiden was below the cult leader and had the exclusive rights to practice Nine Yang Divine Technique. However, the purpose of the Sacred Maiden's existence was not only to assist the cult leader in practice but also to practice Yin Yang Integration Technique with the cult leader.

If the Cult Leader and the Sacred Maiden intended to practice the Yin Yang Integration Technique, they would need to have coitus. Only when two souls and flesh were one with their mind and bodies being joined as one, would they integrate into a complete whole. The magnum opuses in both bodies would form a perfect circulation fulfilling the requirement of Yin Yang Integration.

Therefore, the relationship between the Cult Leaders of the generation and the Sacred Maiden was mostly husband and wife relationship without an exception. Only being husband and wife would allow them to complete the Yin Yang Integration perfectly.

Mo Wen knew that the effect of practicing of Yin Yang Integration Technique between the two persons, who practiced Nine Yin Divine Technique and Nine Yang Divine Technique, for the first time was the strongest. It was almost a thousand times of the normal practice which would lead to a terrifying breakthrough and transformation.

Therefore, the Ming Cult Leaders of the past generations and the Sacred Maiden would not practice Yin Yang Integration Technique hastily, but wait for the best timing. Normally, it was when both of them had reached the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm before they began to prepare for the practice of Yin Yang Integration Technique so that they would break through to the Golden Elixir realm together.

In such situation, they would be hundred percent assured of the advancement to the Golden Elixir realm together and became exceptional experts overnight.

As a result, in the past generations of Ming Cult, there was never a lack of the acme powerful ones in order to be powerful and prosperous for hundreds of years.

"You are not thinking of" Mo Wen swallowed his saliva and said, while glancing at the expressionless Demoness Gong.

Practicing Yin Yang Integration Technique with her would mean they must Mo Wen, who was a person with "resolute" willpower, was subconsciously shaken a little

However, Yin Yang Integration Technique was usually the strongest strategy that the Ming Cult Leader and the Sacred Maiden would use to spurt forward to Golden Elixir realm without fail. If they were to practice Yin Yang Integration Technique now, he reckoned that it would be unpredictable if they could get to Golden Elixir realm in the future.

Currently, he was only in the Sea of Qi realm while Demoness Gong was only in the intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing realm so they were both very far away from the acme level. According to his understanding of Ming Cult's traditions, it would be simply a complete waste of resources and extremely ridiculous for the Cult Leader and the Sacred Maiden to practice Yin Yang Integration Technique at this point in time.

The rules of Ming Cult had clearly stated that the Cult Leader and the Sacred Maiden should not practice the Yin Yang Integration Secret Technique hastily. The Ming Cult Leader and the Sacred Maiden might possibly be husband and wife for tens of years but would only practice this technique once.

However, now that Ming Cult was no longer in existence, there wouldn't be any rules. The chance for two persons, who practiced Nine Yin Divine Technique and Nine Yang Divine Technique, to meet would be many times less than the chance of striking the lottery.

"You think there is an alternative solution now?

Demoness Gong laughed self-mockingly. At least now they still had a way out it was better than running out of ways.

She couldn't die; if she had a chance to live, she wouldn't die. She still had a blood feud yet to avenge for. Death ended all troubles with the past vanishing like smoke; she wouldn't allow such thing to happen even if it meant paying an exorbitant price.

Practicing the Yin Yang Integration Technique with Mo Wen was the only way out now. With the wonder of Yin Yang Integration Technique, not only would it heal her injuries completely, but it could also progress her Cultivation to the possibility of attaining the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm.

By then, why would she be afraid of the Changtian Sect? When she attained that Cultivation, she would annihilate this Sect.

Currently, for the sake of revenge and survival, she could give up anything. There was no life to her long ago. Perhaps she might die on the road of revenge anytime with not even her bones left. Since it was so, there was nothing she wouldn't let go of.

Gong Biluo bit her lips slightly and hid her sorrows in her heart. She kept telling herself that she didn't care about anything and was willing to sacrifice anything so she had to be strong.

"Why are you looking at me this way? I am afraid"

Mo Wen's lips twitched slightly. This woman was indeed insane that she could think of such thing. This thing had never crossed his mind before. Indeed, he was still a bit too innocent

Demoness Gong pursed her lips and forced herself to be calm before saying, "Don't be pretentious. Don't all of you guys like that?"

Actually, she didn't know how exactly the guys would be, as she only heard it from someone else. She was more nervous than anyone else

"Don't you worry. This is only a plan of convenience. After this, we will go on our separate ways without any obligations and complications. Furthermore, the Yin Yang Integration Technique will raise your Cultivation to more than a level. In addition, I am still anyway you will not be suffering a loss"

Demoness Gong thought that Mo Wen was "reluctant" or afraid that she would pester him after that and would be embroil with him so she began to be a little anxious. If he was not cooperative, the practice of Yin Yang Integration Technique would naturally be impossible. Then, wouldn't they end up on the road of ruin?

She somehow didn't understand. She had giving up her chastity, why would a big man care?

"Er, I am a person of principles Em, you know, I'm not promiscuous "

Mo Wen murmured jokingly, while looking at Demoness Gong. Originally, he intended to agree straightaway, as this was after all the only way with no other alternative. He also didn't wish to die and worse, die without a reason.

However, once he heard Demoness Gong mention going on their separate ways without any obligations and complications, he was in disbelief. How could that be possible? Since she had become his woman, how could she not follow him? If Gong Biluo were to be with another man in the future, wouldn't his head have a patch of greens [1]?

That was something that would never happen. Although he was a reasonable person, Mo Wen wouldn't reason with anyone about such thing. So, now he had to clarify this matter before he would do anything just in case it was difficult to clarify in the future.


[1] In Chinese, having a patch of greens or a green hat on the man's head means that the man is a cuckold.