Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Dont Mind

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Mo Wen laughed dryly as he looked at Demoness Gong, preparing to speak his mind. They could have sex, but she could not have sex with other men after.

Demoness Gong’s eyes instead flashed past a glint of mercilessness. Without even talking reason with Mo Wen, she reached out to grab him. With a large wave of Inner Qi, she instantly caught Mo Wen, mercilessly pinning him on the ground

At this moment, although Demoness Gong was severely injured, Mo Wen was severely injured too. How could he be a match for Demoness Gong?

“Don’t mind, contact between men and women are forbidden…. later…F*ck”

Mo Wen was completely speechless against Demoness Gong. Could she not be so wild? He was a dignified man. For this kind of thing, he had actually been forced upon by a woman….She just did not want him to live

“If you don’t want to die, then shut up. Focus on practicing the Yin Yang Integration Technique.”

Demoness Gong utterly lost her patience. After being around him for a few days, she knew that “reasoning” with Mo Wen was asking for trouble. Hence, she rather just do it and talk about things after.

She expressionlessly pressed Mo Wen to the ground. Her eyes bore no emotion, terrifyingly cold. It seemed as though she was doing the most normal thing imaginable. Everything was for practice, any stray thoughts would be forcefully expelled from the mind.

“Wait…Wait a bit…by right…I should be on top”

Mo Wen panted as he struggled wanting to get up. Demoness Gong’s grip was incredible. He was now like a little kid being tortured

The night was dark and cold like water. A bright moon was in the sky, slowly getting hidden away in the dark clouds. As the night went on, the forest turned silent.

Tonight was seemingly even more special. The sound of insects and chirping of birds seemed to have disappeared completely. Occasionally, there was the sound of a soft breeze rustling through the trees.

The Changtian Sect disciples had searched for the whole night, not leaving at all. The not-so-big-yet-not-so-small forest had basically been flipped over three or four times, even three feet under, during their search.

But the demoness was still nowhere to be found. It was as though she had completely disappeared from the forest.

Everyone was surprised. Where was that demoness hiding? Could it be that she had left the forest?

There was a towering tree with a crown that was one or two hundred meters wide. At the moment, on top of the crown, four people were sitting upright. They were all white haired elders. Their ages weren’t young; from their appearances they all seemed to be above eighty years old.

Although their age was old, they gave off a vigorous vibe. They were like the ancient towering trees. The longer the lifespan of the tree, the more vigor it seemed to have and the stronger it was.

The leader of the group was the head of the Changtian Sect, Chen Wuwang. In his hands, he held a bronze compass. His facial expression was as still as an old well, seeming as though nothing could disturb his current state of mind.

As for the other three, they were also sitting cross-legged, remaining silent and still like statues.

They represented the Changtian Sect’s highest power, as well as the eldest group of people. Four Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioners being dispatched together. One could see how much importance they attached to Demoness Gong.

They had brought out almost all of the Changtian Sect’s Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioners, leaving only one to safeguard the sect.

In the distance, a silhouette flew past, and with a few dodges appeared at the crown of the tree.

“Head of sect, the report from the disciples. We have completed our fourth blanket search, but we still have not found Demoness Gong.”

The middle-aged man that came to report had a sullen look as he said this. It was already quite late into the night, and they had not found the demoness yet.

“Continue searching. Find her even if you have to dig three feet into the ground.”

Chen Wuwang slowly opened his eyes and looked askance at the middle-aged man. His face was expressionless as he said this.

“Yes, head of sect. I will inform them to begin the fifth search.”

Upon hearing this, the middle-aged man immediately bowed. WIth his orders he turned to leave, but a bitter smile could be seen from the corner of his mouth. After four sweeps, almost everywhere had been searched.

Every cave, underground crevice, riverbed, all of them had been searched, but they still had not found a trace of the demoness.

He suspected that Demoness Gong could have had long left the area, but why was the head of sect adamant about the demoness being in the forest.

Could she even have hidden in the crevices between rocks?

“Head of sect, that demoness sure can hide.”

Beside Chen Wuwang, a blue-robed elder sitting cross-legged slowly opened his eyes, looking at Chen Wuwang saying.

“That demoness does have some skill. However, she is definitely in the forest. The psychic compass cannot be wrong. It is just that although the psychic compass can determine her approximate location, it cannot pinpoint her exact location.”

Chen Wuwang sighed as he said. If the demoness was not eliminated, he could not eat nor sleep in peace. In the future, the entire Changtian Sect could possibly perish in her hands. If he knew it would end up like this, he would not have been so careless, leaving such a scourge alive, but it was too late already.

However, as long as the demoness was in the forest, he could still drag her out. This time, no matter what, he must eradicate this scourge.

A cold killing intent flashed past Chen Wuwang’s eyes. He couldn’t wait any longer. With the talent of the demoness, it was possible that one day she could break through to the Golden Elixir realm. Then, she would be a walking catastrophe not only to them, the Changtian Sect, but also to the entire martial arts world.

This kind of person had killed so many people and will continue to kill more. Originally, the Huatian Palace should have sent experts to eliminate her early on and not have let her develop to this level.

However, towards the efficiency of the Huatian Palace, he did not have high hopes. He could only depend on himself. Depending on the Huatian Palace would one day breed catastrophe.

Since when had that organisation, aside from dealing with the “evil” powers that posed a threat to it, cared so much about the rise and fall of ancient martial arts sects?

A month ago, the demoness destroyed the Yunhe Sect, leaving not a single living creature alive. The Huatian Palace had said that they would look into the matter, but until now the demoness was still roaming free and easy. She had actually returned to find the Changtian Sect again.

If this continued, how many more sects would suffer this fate. During the incident back then, the people and factions that had joined were too many to count. If she were to seek revenge from door to door, could it be that the demoness was planning to paint the entire martial arts world in blood?

“Head of sect, don’t worry too much. The demoness this time should be doomed.”

The blue-robed elder said consolingly. He naturally knew why his senior remained silent without saying anything. He had also taken part in the incident back then, so he naturally knew very clearly. However in that incident, the number of sects that took part were too many. For the demoness to have marked their Changtian Sect, could it be that their Changtian Sect was a pushover?

“Let us hope”

Chen Wuwang sighed slightly, his heart welling up with a tinge of regret. Back then, their Changtian Sect had not reaped any benefits, instead bringing a scourge upon themselves. It was like the Sword of Damocles, causing them to not be able to eat and sleep in peace.

Now, the Changtian Sect’s loss was hard to estimate. If this went on, who knew how big their loss would be.

The demoness seemed to born hardy. Many times she had managed to escape near death. Many factions had surrounded her multiple times and had yet to kill her. Towards the demoness’ luck, he had nothing to say. It seemed as though the heavens didn’t want such a person to die, making them all feel as though they had a lump in their throats.

He didn’t even dare be certain that this time they could actually eliminate this difficult woman.

As time slowly passed, the people of the Changtian Sect still didn’t manage to find the demoness. The sky was getting brighter; a night had almost passed.

Suddenly, a strange wave spread out from deep within the forest, covering the entire forest in an instant. From afar, many were able to feel it.

Chen Wuwang who had remained sitting cross-legged on the crown of the tree suddenly stood up. He looked shocked in the direction of the origin of the wave. His eyes shined with awe and disbelief.

“How is it possible?”

Chen Wuwang mumbled. His whole body turned sniff. He was very familiar with the strange, undulating aura, because before this when he was about to break through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he felt it too.

Less than ten days had passed and he felt this surprising aura again, but now he couldn’t at all feel surprised.

He was almost certain that someone in the forest had broken through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm! The person had stepped into the ranks of the strong in the ancient martial art circle.

But who could break through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing now? Especially since they were in a forest.

It was unlikely for anyone in the Changtian Sect to have such ability. As the head of sect, he was also lucky to be able to break through. Or else, it was hard to tell whether he could reach his current realm.

Besides, nobody from the Changtian Sect was at the later stage of Embryonic Breathing. There were only two juniors who were at the intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing realm. But they were sitting right beside him now, so they wouldn’t be the people who broke through.

Excluding the few of them, the only person in the forest who had a slight possibility of breaking through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm was the demoness. Other than her, it was unlikely to be anyone else.

However, before this, the demoness was only at the intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing realm. How could she transcend two stages at once and become a top masters in the pinnacle of Embryonic Breathing realm?

That seemed to be an impossible task. But the reality was right before their eyes; they couldn’t help but to consider that possibility.

“Head of sect, what’s going on?”

The other three Embryonic Breathing realm practitioners naturally also felt the strange wave instantly. The origin of the wave contained a Inner Qi wave that shook them to their core, seemingly two to three times stronger than them.

What was happening? Since when did such a strong individual appear in the forest? Everyone was stunned for a moment.

“That demoness seems to have broken through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.”

Chen Wuwang stutteringly said. His facial expression was sullen, with a unprecedented sternness. Could it be, as he had imagined before, that the heavens wouldn’t let her die? If the demoness had actually broken through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, then them surrounding her today was useless. They simply couldn’t hold her back.

“How can this be?”

The other three looked astonished at Chen Wuwang. Their eyes showed their disbelief. Their facial expressions hardening all at once immediately.

How could this be? Yesterday, the demoness was still severely injured. She was practically struggling on the brink of death. And yet, after a night, she managed to break through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm from the intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm, transcending two stages.

Such an event, how could this be? This wasn’t a legendary tale.