Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Shameless

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The bizarre but large aura wave implied that a top expert of the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm was about to be born. If this happened normally in the territory of the Changtian Sect, it would be a joyous occasion. But now, it caused everyone of the Changtian Sect to feel uneasy.

“Sect Lead Senior brother, what do we do now?” A black-robed elder asked worriedly. If the demoness had truly reached the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, then it would be impossible for them to deal with her today.

After all, they had all experienced the might of the demoness. With her intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm cultivation, she could turn the Changtian Sect upside down. Now that she was a top expert at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, what could they do to her?

After all, the demoness had practiced the legendary thousand year Nine Yin Divine Technique. She was already stronger than people of the same realm; once she became one of the strong pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, even the sect leader would probably not be a match for her.

“What else can we do? Of course we will first head over to take a look. Since it has come to this, how can we retreat?” Chen Wuwang coldly snorted.

Now, they basically couldn’t turn back. If they did, the demoness would still come knocking in the future.

So now, he just hoped that his previous judgment was wrong and that the demoness had not broken through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

As his words were just uttered, a few silhouettes dashed forward and gave chase in the direction of the origin of the aura. The aura wave was like the brightest guiding beacon; naturally, they would not worry about not finding their targets.

In the tree hollow, it was still pitch black. The strange aura had spread out to the outside from inside the tree hollow. The trunk of the towering tree could not prevent the terrifying aura from seeping out.

In the darkness of the tree hollow, it was quiet. Clothes were on the ground, but the two silhouettes were separated. They were sitting up facing each other, not disturbing each other as they closed their eyes and meditated, maintaining this for half an hour.

The aura of both their bodies was very unstable, increasing non-stop at a frenzied rate. In the blink of an eye, the aura was far stronger than before. The Inner Qi within their bodies was like the rivers and seas, choppy and raging.

Not only Demoness Gong, even Mo Wen’s aura was increasing non-stop. However, compared to Demoness Gong, it paled into insignificance. It could almost be ignored, entirely engulfed in Demoness Gong’s enormous aura.

The two of them had completed the Yin Yang Integration Technique. Between the two of them, they had obtained immeasurable, terrifying increases to their cultivation, especially Demoness Gong. Her internal injuries had been healed in an instant and her cultivation shot up like a rocket. Ninety percent of the results of their practice had become Demoness Gong’s cultivation.

As for Mo Wen, he only got ten percent It could only be said that the difference between his cultivation and Demoness Gong was too big. Their joint practice of combined cultivation was mostly taken up by Demoness Gong, it was basically impossible for him to get much.

Even so, his cultivation had instantly broken through to the Qi Nucleation realm. But it didn’t stop there, increasing from the beginning stage Qi Nucleation realm to the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. The sensation of power rising non-stop made Mo Wen feel comfortable all over his body. Compared to having sex…it was almost the same

Not long after, Mo Wen opened his eyes. His increase was not so large, so he digested it quite fast. Instead, it was Demoness Gong who was still immersed in practicing. The terrifying aura was still frantically surging.

Looking at that beautiful face and enchanting figure, he had the sudden urge to lunge forward and do what men liked doing again.

But he could only think about it. Now, he didn’t dare do anything, otherwise Demoness Gong could kill him with just a slap.

Mo Wen’s eyes flashed past a glint of distress. The woman being too strong was not good. The man could not control her. Being with such a woman, even if it did not end up as the wife managing him strictly, he wouldn’t dare to speak too loudly and authoritatively anymore.

“Close your eyes.”

A cold, clear voice suddenly sounded, giving Mo Wen a fright. It turned out that Demoness Gong had awakened from her practice and was looking at him with a pair of cold, clear eyes.

“What’s there to cover? Just now what can be seen had been seen, what can’t be seen had been seen too. We are now familiar with each other, so you don’t have to treat me like an outsider,” Mo Wen laughed dryly as he said. If he didn’t look now, he would be an idiot. He probably would never be able to see it in the future.

“If you keep looking, I’ll gouge your eyes out,” Demoness Gong coldly snorted.

Although she said this, she did not have any killing intent. She reached out her hand and grabbed her clothes that were on the ground, covering her body. But, she did not get up to put them on. After all, a pair of eyes were still lustfully staring at her body.

“Don’t be like that, didn’t you get to see me? Then we are even, are we not?”

Mo Wen patted his not so firm chest, remaining naked, without any realization of putting on clothes.

Upon hearing this only did Demoness Gong notice that Mo Wen was not wearing any clothes. Her face blushed uncontrollably, her awkward gaze shifting to the side.

She silently gnashed her teeth. She couldn’t wait to kill this bastard with a slap. Did he not have any shame? Just caring about ogling her body, not putting on his own clothes

“Don’t let me see you again in the future, otherwise I will kill you.”

Demoness Gong mercilessly gave Mo Wen a deathgaze. Did he not know how to consciously turn away? She couldn’t put on her clothes without him looking. He was clearly doing this intentionally.

Now, she even had the idea to throw this bastard out of the tree hollow. Did he not like to be naked? Let him run around naked in the forest outside. Coincidentally, outside, the Changtian Sect disciples were everywhere now. They could be his audience, cheering for him.

But she only thought about it. For whatever reason, her heart softened. She could only bite her lip, getting up expressionlessly to put on her clothes, seemingly not bothered by the pair of eyes that were staring at her body. However, she was silently blushing to the root of her ears.

After agilely putting on her clothes, Demoness Gong breathed out heavily. The pair of despicable eyes were finally blocked.

Mo Wen suddenly remembered that there were still people from the Changtian Sect outside. And now that the two of them had made such a racket, it was impossible for the people from the Changtian Sect to not discover them. They were probably all rushing over now.

As expected, the sound of many footsteps came from outside. The footsteps were messy, obviously many people had already gathered outside.

Right now, outside the tree hollow, there was large group of people gathered who had clumped and encircled the towering ancient tree. Needless to say, these people were all from the Changtian Sect.

Cheng Wuwang lead his three junior brothers and stood expressionlessly twenty meters away from the huge tree. He somberly looked at the dying, towering tree.

Now they could be certain that the bizarre aura wave had come from within the huge tree. Just now the people they had sent had clearly investigated, and as expected, the trunk of the huge tree was hollow.

Needless to say, there were people hiding inside.

Before this, the people from the Changtian Sect had dug three feet into the ground and yet still did not find any trace of the demoness. Now it was highly possible for her to be hiding inside the huge tree.

No wonder their carpet searching from before had not found her. The huge tree before their eyes was too unremarkable, and had nothing special about it. Also the trunk surface was smooth, without any openings, so no one would have thought of the tree hollow at the top.

After all, even if some huge trees had tree hollows, the openings would be obvious on the trunk. The huge trees with hollows had all been searched by the Changtian Sect disciple. As for this huge tree, the opening was actually hidden in the crown, so many Changtian Sect disciples had ignored it.

“Truly it is a good hiding spot.”

Chen Wuwang soberly said. No wonder they hadn’t managed to find the demoness. As it turned out, it was because of this.

Although he had the confidence that even if the demoness was not hiding here, he would have sooner or later have dragged her out. The problem now was not whether they could find the demoness or not, but whether the demoness had actually broken through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

If she had truly broken through, then even if they found her, it would most likely be meaningless. Who knew, maybe the role of hunter and hunted would be reversed.

After all, the Changtian Sect was a large sect based in the Changbai Mountain Range. They couldn’t leave even if they wanted to, but the demoness was a person. She didn’t have such concerns.

“Are you all looking for me?”

An enchanting voice suddenly came from within the forest. The voice was enchantingly melodious and pleasant to hear. But not everyone could enjoy it. Almost as the voice had just spread out, the surrounding Changtian Sect disciples that were standing nearer to the huge tree suddenly dropped to the ground. Their eyelids were everted; they had breathed their last breath and died.

But in their eyes, all of them had the same obsessed look, seemingly as though in the moment that they died, they had encountered something that had intoxicated them, causing them to be unaware that they had died.