Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 192

Chapter 192: You are brainless

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The bewitching Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound gradually disseminated. Wherever it reached, the disciples of the Changtian Sect fell to the ground one after another.Without any signs and sounds, they breathed their last and soon, the land was filled with corpses.

“That’s the Demoness’ Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound, indeed it was her,” cried an old man. The face of the old man in a cyan colored gown, next to Chen Wuwang, changed slightly, and then he immediately took out a bell from his sleeve and shook it violently. An invisible sound wave disseminated from him and instantly collided with the Demoness’ Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound.

The two sound waves attacked and offset each other. The disciples of the Changtian Sect, heaved a sigh of relief while their eyes were full of terror as they might not even know how they would die just now at that instance.If their Sect Grand-uncle didn’t have the treasure that could suppress the Demonic sound, they were afraid that there would be many people who would die in the hands of the Demoness today.

Not only the disciples in Soothing Pulse realm and Sea of Qi realm, but even those Sect younger and elder uncles in Qi Nucleation realm might not be able to resist the attack of the Demonic sound.When had the Demoness’ Soul Shuddering Demonic Sound become so terrifying?

It was not as frightening before, could she have advanced to the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm?

“All of you retreat a kilometer.”

A flash of radiance flickered in Chen Wuwang’s eyes and ordered coldly.In the battle of Embryonic Breathing realm, the junior ancient martials arts practitioners without at least Qi Nucleation realm were unable to participate as once the battle began, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the repercussions.

Almost without the order of the Sect Leader, there were already many people who were frantically escaping.Nobody was stupid, how could they not know that this place was not a place that they were supposed to be.

On the tree trunk of the half-withered towering gigantic tree, a black glow gradually appeared, then the surface of the tree trunk began to melt by layers.In a blink of an eye, an enormous hole, which was big enough for a person to walk through, appeared.

A black figure walked out of the tree hollow slowly, she was none other than Demoness Gong.In a black dress with a black veil covering her face exposing the cold eyes which seemed to be brighter than the moonlight.

“Demoness Gong, was it really you?”

The pupils of Chen Wuwang’s eyes constricted slightly and his face paled instantly.The situation had indeed turned for the worse, that person who had broken through to the Embryonic Breathing realm was almost certain to be Demoness Gong.

“Almost all the Old Bastards of Changtian Sect are here.Just nice, we’ll resolve it at one go.”

The Demoness Gong said indifferently.She had a blood feud with the Changtian Sect, regardless of now or in the future, she would definitely annihilate this Sect.

“Hubris, you think you are able to fight the whole Sect alone?”

The Old man in black beside Chen Wuwang snorted and flicked his fingers, then a long sword appeared in his hand.The sword flashed a cold radiance and at one look everyone would know that it was not an ordinary item.

Although Demoness Gong had broken through to the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm, the Sect Leader Senior was a powerful one in Embryonic Breathing realm.In addition, they had the assistance of the three people so they didn’t have to be afraid of the Demoness Gong.

“Uh-Hmm, she is not alone.”

Mo Wen rubbed his nose and walked out of the tree hollow awkwardly while looking at the few top-notch experts from the Changtian Sect before he spread out his hands and said.

The appearance of Mo Wen had caused Demoness Gong to furrow her brows.Didn’t she tell him to hide in the tree hollow and not to come out just now?Why was he out here now?Digging his own grave?

Right in front of them were all experts in Embryonic Breathing realm, he was only in Qi Nucleation realm so he would be the cannon fodder if he were to interfere in the situation

An abrupt voice had caused Chen Wuwang and his company to daze for a moment.There is actually another person in the tree hollow?And it was a man.

Chen Wuwang and his company looked at the youngster who seemed relatively young and doubts began to form in their minds.Why was he with the Demoness?Furthermore, a man and a woman curled up together inside the tree hollow, what were they doing in there

It was not that Chen Wuwang and his company wanted to let their imagination run wild, but the scene in front of them seemed too weird.They knew Demoness Gong’s temperament well, how could it be possible for her to be with a man?

“You are the one who have saved the Demoness?”

A radiance flashed in Chen Wuwang as he suddenly thought of the conjecture he had before, indeed someone had been secretly helping the Demoness and they had an unusual relationship

“You know me?”

Mo Wen raised his brows with a flash of surprise in his eyes, then he seemed to have thought of something and replied apathetically, “That’s right.It’s me.”

With his experience, he naturally realized very quickly that the problem lied on his previous killing of the expert in Embryonic Breathing realm of the Changtian Sect.

After all, they were two different scars which were easy to decipher.

“Are you from the Medicine Manor?”

Chen Wuwang squinted his eyes slightly and asked coldly.Other than the Miracle Physician from Medicine Manor had the ability to heal Demoness’ injuries by half within a few days, nobody else could have done it.

However, what surprised him was that this youngster was reckoned to be less than twenty years old, he already had the Cultivation of Qi Nucleation realm and had astonishing medical expertise, who exactly was he? Why had they not heard of him before?A young genius like him shouldn’t be unknown and not getting any attention.

Furthermore, he had never heard of such a person among the youngsters in Medicine Manor.

However, to be unheard of was not a strange thing, many Sects would conceal the presence of such talented disciples to avoid any accidents from happening to them before they were fully grown and died prematurely.

After all, the ancient martial arts world was not peaceful and was flooded with different kinds of grudges in Jianghu.Any Sect would have a few enemies so it was common that some influences would assassinate the talented youngsters of their enemies so as to hinder the development of their enemies.

“How do you know?”

Mo Wen looked at Chen Wuwang with a surprised look as if he had guessed accurately.

“You are someone from Medicine Manor, yet you want to meddle with Changtian Sect’s matter, are you considering that Changtian Sect can be easily bullied?Furthermore, you save the Demoness which is a great prohibition that even Medicine Manor wouldn’t be able to save you.”

Chen Wuwang’s face frowned as he said.Having a person from the Medicine Manor had completely disrupted their plans.The Demoness was indeed lucky that she managed to save her neck every time.

The greatest fear would always catch up with a person.Currently, Chen Wuwang wished he could just kill this youngster from the Medicine Manor with a tight slap.

Without saying, not only had he saved the Demoness Gong before and treated her injuries, but also joined the Demoness in the killing of Junior Fu Qing .

Even the Demoness’ weird breakthrough to the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm later might also be possibly related to him.

“What great prohibition? Why didn’t I know that?” Mo Wen blinked his eyes looking like a curious baby.

“This Demoness is a public enemy in the ancient martial arts world who has committed many sins of killing.She is blacklisted by Huatian Palace so if you are going along with her evil deeds, you are awaiting the punishment of Huatian Palace.”

Chen Wuwang said coldly.This person really didn’t know or pretended not to know?The Demoness was so infamous in the ancient martial arts world that everyone would know her, could there still be anyone who didn’t know the Demoness?

The corners of Mo Wen’s mouth twitched when he heard his speech.What exactly did this woman do to invoke the wrath of God and men, her background must be pretty strong

“Taking into consideration of your ignorance, you still have a chance of atonement now.Just capture this Demoness together with us and naturally you would have nothing to do with this matter.

Chen Wuwang incited indifferently but blood seemed to gradually returning to his face, seemingly intending to instigate Mo Wen.

“You are asking me to capture her?”

Mo Wen’s eyes widened and pointed to Demoness Gong, who was beside him, with an alarmed look.

“That’s right.A fault confessed is half redressed, so capture this Demoness with us and you will naturally be considered as innocent.”

Chen Wuwang lowered his eyes and explained emotionlessly.With his hands behind his back, he was only surrounding the Demoness Gong but didn’t seem to be in a hurry to act.

“Are you brainless or am I brainless?You are asking me to capture my own woman? If I were to capture, I would capture her to”

Mo Wen said partially and shut his mouth abruptly.He originally intended to say that if he were to capture, he would capture her to the bed but now the Demoness Gong was slightly aggressive so he didn’t dare to say it

“Of course you are brainless, didn’t you see that he was delaying the time intentionally?”

The Demoness Gong glared at Mo Wen angrily.It was bad enough that this bastard came out, yet he dared to sprout nonsense.She wished she could kill him with a slap.

Mo Wen’s lips twitched a bit.This woman dared to scold him, simply rebelliousSpare the rod and spoil the child, it might be worse in the future.

He snorted but kept his mouth shut.He told himself that he had to concentrate on the big picture now so he would let her off, but he would discipline her slowly when they returned home.

Chen Wuwang and his company heard him and everyone widened their eyes.What did the youngster say just now?The Demoness Gong. his woman?

How could this be!

The few people looked at one another, and looked at Demoness Gong, then looked at the youngster; everyone started to look strange.

Why didn’t the Demoness Gong kill this youngster with a slap?It was indeed rare that he was still alive.

“Chen Wuwang, don’t delay any further, when have you become such a chicken?You think Old fellow Yun Gui is able to deal with me when he is here?”

The Demoness Gong curled her lips into a cold smile, lifted her sharp chin slightly to look at Chen Wuwang and the three others unhurriedly.

She naturally knew that Chen Wuwang was intentionally delaying the time while talking superfluously to Mo Wen in wait for the arrival of the Old fellow Yun Gui of the Changtian Sect.

That Old fellow Yun Gui was ranked the second expert in Changtian Sect who was only preceded by Chen Wuwang.It was said that he was partially into the later stage of Embryonic Breathing realm so he had powerful strength.

This time the Old fellow Yun Gui was not in the forest, she reckoned that he was overseeing in the Sect.

Now that they realized she had broken through to the acme of Embryonic Breathing realm but only surrounded her and not in a hurry to fight her.Instead, they were dawdling with the little guy, Mo Wen so naturally they were waiting for the Old fellow Yun Gui to be here in order to besiege her.

Changtian Sect had only five experts in Embryonic Breathing realm left.Now there were four present and waiting for the last one to be here, they really must have thought very highly of her.

However, although she was not afraid of the Old fellow Yun Gui, she wouldn’t give them a chance to have an advantage over her.Just as she finished her words, her figure disappeared from her location and appeared instantly in front of Chen Wuwang.

A claw as black as coal appeared quietly and instantly enveloped Chen Wuwang.The next moment, an endless number of the claw shadows spurted out of the black claw and instantaneously engulfed Chen Wuwang.