Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 193

Chapter 193: The Might of a Demoness

An enchanting silhouette stepped in the air. Underneath the moonlight, it seemed even more mesmerizing. Her long elegant hands became two swiping claws; in an instant enveloping the other three again. The temperature in the entire forest dropped, as though cold winter had suddenly come. The Tai Yin Qi was constantly raging, huge and quintessential.

She seemed to be prepared to single-handedly challenge the Changtian Sect's four Embryonic Breathing realm experts. One of them even was the head of the Changtian Sect, one of the strongest at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Almost in the instant that they clashed, Mo Wen had knowingly backed off, crossing a hundred feet, distancing himself from their battle.

Although he was now at the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, he could not enter the battlefield of the Embryonic Breathing realm. He did not have the offensive capabilities; getting involved would only be looking for trouble. Even death was possible, let alone getting hurt.

So, he knew his place of staying far away. Demoness Gong's cultivation was now at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. She had also practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique as well as mastered a few Ming Cult magnum opuses. Normal practitioners at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm couldn't quite compare with her. They were no match for her.

Also through practicing the Yin Yang Integration Technique, she had gradually began to grasp some understanding of the secrets of Yin and Yang. Although she had never practiced the Nine Yang Divine Technique, once Yin peaked Yang would be generated. Her mastery and understanding of the Tai Yin Qi was far greater than before.

The head of the Changtian Sect had only recently broken through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. He most probably would be no match for Demoness Gong.As for the other three, only one was of the intermediate stage Embryonic Breathing realm, and the other two were of the beginning stage. They posed no threat to Demoness Gong.

Although it was one versus four, not only was Demoness Gong not at a disadvantage, she had actually gained an advantage.

In the forest, the terrifying Inner Qi wave did not stop spreading, like a storm engulfing the entire area. Everywhere it passed was a mess. A once beautiful forest was forcefully cleared into an open area, a large crater appearing in the center.

A half a mile away, Mo Wen casually paced around the forest. He was not too concerned about the battle between Demoness Gong and the four Changtian Sect Embryonic Breathing realm experts. He didn't have to worry too much.

If his cultivation was at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, he could kill off the Changtian Sect Embryonic Breathing realm experts in a second. Demoness Gong practiced the Nine Yin Divine Technique. Even if she did not win, she would not lose.

Mo Wen walked up to a old man who was curled up behind a tree overlooking the heart of the battlefield. He patted his shoulder and asked gleefully, "Hi, bro, what are you looking at?"

Needless to say, he was a person from the Changtian Sect. Right now, everyone gathered within a half a mile radius was a person from the Changtian Sect.

"Of course we are looking at the situation of the battle. We don't know if this time the sect uncles can manage to kill off the demoness. As long as the demoness is not eliminated, our Changtian Sect will never know peace."

The old man sighed heavily, looking somewhat worriedly at the enchanting silhouette in the far off sky. His eyes were full of fear.

The ferocity of the demoness frightened many of the Changtian Sect people.

"How could those old farts kill off that demoness? You are thinking too much." Mo Wen continued to pat the old man on the shoulder saying.

"That is true"

The old man nodded his head. If the demoness was so easy to kill, then they would not be so worried and scared now?

But mid-sentence, he realized that something was off. He turned back to look at who he was talking with. He discovered a youth, an average outer-sect disciple.

"What did you just say?"

The old man glared at Mo Wen. Those old farts? He dared call the head of sect and the other sect younger uncles that! Was he tired of living?

And for an outer-sect disciple to hook arms and pat backs with him while talking, it was too bold and arrogant of him. He had no sense of seniority.

This kind of insubordinate disciple should be crippled of his cultivation and banished from the mountain.

"Those old farts. Why?" Mo Wen blinked, looking at the old man quizzically. Then he patted his shoulder, continuing, "Those old farts have been living for a hundred years. They are so old already yet they are still not dead. What else do we call them except old farts?"


The old man pointed at Mo Wen, speechless. He had never encountered such a daring and impudent disciple before. How dare he be so presumptuous towards the seniors in the sect? His act was disgracing the masters in the sect.

"Don't you agree with my words too? Don't get excited. Let's continue chatting. How many moves do you think those farts can exchange with the demoness? I bet 100 RMB that within a hundred moves, they will surely lose. Do you want to bet too?"

Mo Wen continued patting the old man's shoulder while speaking, as though both of them were good friends.

"You are tired of living."

The old man was furious. Without saying much, he extended his palm towards Mo Wen. This brat was absolutely defiant. How dare he put his arms around him? Who did he think he was?

"Don't resolve to violence. If you don't want to bet, then don't."

Mo Wen rolled his eyes. He swung his arm casually and sent the old man flying backwards. The old man hit the floor hard; with a twist of his neck, he fainted.


He shook his head and continued taking a stroll in the woods. He would victimize other disciples in the Changtian Sect then.

However, he didn't go around and massacre others. After all, he didn't have any enmity towards the Changtian Sect. Seeking revenge from them was Demoness Gong's affair.

Mo Wen minded his own business, strolling in the woods. He had stirred up various troubles while the battle in the center of the battlefield was getting more intense. The diameter of the area affected by the residue wave was getting larger. The disciples of the Changtian Sect were retreating, causing Mo Wen to have no choice but to follow the crowd.

Not long after, another terrifying aura appeared in the sky. The aura engulfed the area; it was another Embryonic Breathing realm expert. The person did not stop at all, his silhouette entering the fray in the blink of an eye.

Mo Wen watched the person's silhouette, shaking his head to himself. Needless to say, that person was certainly the old fellow Yun Gui that Demoness Gong had mentioned, the number two expert in the Changtian Sect.

Indeed, the Changtian Sect was one of the ancient martial arts world Ten Great Sects. With Five Embryonic Breathing realm experts, their heritage was not weak.

If placed in the outside world, any one of the Embryonic Breathing realm ancient martial arts practitioners would be an invincible, unprecedented expert.

With the addition of old fellow Yun Gui in the battle arena, the fighting once again naturally intensified. The scary residue waves swept up like tornadoes, ravaging the plant life in the forest.

Mo Wen frowned. Although Demoness Gong did not fear the joint attack of the Changtian Sect's five experts and still being able to handle a one versus five, the probability of winning against the five of them was not high. After all, the five of them were all Embryonic Breathing realm experts, and one of them was even at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm.

If they kept on fighting like this, there would most likely be no result.The practitioners of the Embryonic Breathing realm had Inner Qi as majestic as the rivers. The recuperating speed of their Inner Qi was also fast. Fighting for a few days and nights was not a problem.

So now the fight between Demoness Gong and the five people from Changtian Sect was basically meaningless. The only way forward was to find opportunities in the future to take them down one by one, eliminating the five Changtian Sect Embryonic Breathing realm experts. Only then could she achieve her goal of eradicating the Changtian Sect.

Or she could wait till her cultivation improved even further, causing her capabilities to have another breakthrough then could she have a chance. In the end, Demoness Gong had just stepped through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm; she still had a long way to go. Even if they were both at the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, their cultivation still had a huge difference.

As predicted, after battling for a short while, a dark silhouette left the battlefield. With a few dashes it appeared in front of Mo Wen. Then, it grabbed on to his clothing and like a gust of black wind, disappeared from the spot in an instant.

On the battlefield, the five Changtian Sect Embryonic Breathing realm experts also stopped, looking at Demoness Gong that had left in an instant, without any intention of giving chase.Because they all knew that it was meaningless even if they caught up with her. With Demoness Gong's current cultivation, they basically were helpless before her; also they may not even be able to chase up to her.

"Head of sect, how did that demoness become so formidable? She actually broke through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm!"

A white-robed elder's eyes were filled with shock. The demoness was still at the intermediate stage of Embryonic Breathing realm just a few days ago. How could it be, that after not seeing her for a few days, she had reached the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm. It was impossible to increase cultivation so quickly!

Once one reached the Embryonic Breathing realm, cultivation would get slower and slower. This was the common knowledge of the ancient martial arts world. A small stage breakthrough in the Embryonic Breathing realm required mountains of effort. He had been stuck in the intermediate stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm for thirty over years. A few times he was close to breaking through, but he had not managed to reach the later stage of the Embryonic Breathing realm. The difficulty could be clearly seen.

As for the demoness, how could she transcend two stages consecutively in a matter of days? No matter how highly talented she was, she shouldn't be so monstrous.

"It's a long story."

Chen Wuwang gently sighed. For such a turn of events to occur, they could only curse their Changtian Sect's misfortune. He knew that today after Demoness Gong had left, she would surely return one day. When that day came, their Changtian Sect would most probably be faced with even bigger problems.

"So, what do we do now?"

The black-robed elder stared at Chen Wuwang, asking. The current situation had reached a point where they were on the horns of a dilemma. The Changtian Sect and the Demoness Gong left each other with no room for discussion. Only when one party had completely perished would the fight end.

"What else can we do? From today onwards, all five of us shall not simply leave the sect. We will stay and guard the Sect. We will join forces, so no matter how terrifying Demoness Gong is, she can't do anything to us," Chen Wuwang said coldly.

He couldn't give Demoness Gong any opportunity to take them down one by one. When all five of them stayed together regardless of situations, only then could the demoness not lay her hands on the Changtian Sect. Or else, if they got into trouble, the Changtian Sect was done for.

The black-robed elder gnashed his teeth and said reluctantly, "Okay then."

The Changtian Sect has never felt this oppressed before. They had to resort to defence just for a demoness.

"You don't have to be too worried. The Changtian Sect is not the only enemy Demoness Gong has a vendetta with. Now that Demoness Gong's cultivation had broken through to the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm, there will be some who will most likely be uneasy and no better off than us."

"Once we are back, send out the disciples to inform the news that Demoness Gong's cultivation has reached the pinnacle of the Embryonic Breathing realm to the other clans and sects. Once we do, we don't need to worry about them not panicking. If we don't rally now, in the future we can just wait for Demoness Gong to massacre each sect one by one."

Chen Wuwang snickered. The sects that Demoness Gong had a vendetta with were not few. Although before they had allied to ambush Demoness Gong many times, they had not succeed. Honestly speaking, it was all due to a few sects that said one thing but did the other, each hiding their own agenda, that they had let Demoness Gong escape time and time again.

But now, if they didn't band together, no one would end up okay.