Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 194

Chapter 194: You Cant Shoulder that Responsibility

"Sect Lead Brother, do we have to report this incident to the Huatian Palace?"

That old man in black clothes furrowed his eyebrows and asked.

"Do you think Huatian Palace will not know about it if we don't report it to them?"

Chen Wuwang laughed coldly. He had never doubted the ability of that organization to get information. The incident that had just happened would probably be found out by the Huatian Palace in no time.

"Of course we have to report it to Huatian Palace. Moreover, we also have to vent our grievances thoroughly. Now, that Demoness Gong has already improved to the peak of the Embryonic Breathing realm. With such a Cultivation, it becomes more and more dangerous to the ancient martial arts scene. Hence, Huatian Palace cannot be continuing to neglect it right?"

Chen Wuwang said coldly. Although he did not have much expectations of that Huatian Palace, things had to be done according to the rules. The actions of Demoness Gong had already been so serious that it destroyed the order of the ancient martial arts scene. If Huatian Palace still continued to be uncaring about it, where was their dignity? They had to have a little action taken at least.

Of course, it is not highly possible to expect Huatian Palace to eliminate the Demoness Gong completely. IF not, they would have eliminated her long ago and not have waited to this day. Ultimately, they could only rely on themselves.

"Where is that lad from the Medicine Manor?"

The old man in black robe let out a cold humph. If it were not for that lad, he would probably not have so many mishaps today and the Demoness Gong could already have been killed off by them.

"From what I've seen, that lad doesn't look like someone from the Medicine Manor. However, whether or not he is still can't be ascertained for now. Let's wait till we have confirmed it later on. About this matter, I will look for the Leader of the Medicine Manor and clarify things."

Chen Wuwang narrowed his eyes slightly and said. He always felt that the youth was a little odd and not as simple as what he appeared to be. He always appeared to be grinning mischievously but it was hard to say that he was not someone with a scheming brain. If not, he would not possibly have saved the Demoness Gong from under their eyes and hidden her for so many days without leaving a single trace.

If he had not borrowed the Psychic Compass from the Huatian Palace, he probably would not even have been able to find that Demoness.

Tonight, it was fated for there to be chaos in Changtian Sect. The entire Sect had been immersed into a tense atmosphere. At the same time, there were also disciples who were relaying information constantly leaving the Changbai Mountain range and heading towards some of the well-known Sects in the ancient martial arts scene.

The sky brightened slightly and the first ray of light shot through the forest.

In the external regions of the Changbai Mountain range, there were two silhouettes in an argument, continuously letting out quarrelling sounds.

"What are you following me for? I already said to stop following," the Demoness Gong glared at Mo Wen fiercely and there was irritation towards Mo Wen rising within her.

"Hey, you can't be thinking of cutting of ties with me after benefitting from me right? You're already my person so if you don't follow me home, where will you go?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows. What to do if the woman did not listen to a man? Of course, he had to give her a proper scolding.

However, this was a little difficult as this woman was not very easy to be scolded into submission

"Who is your person? If you spout nonsense again I will tear your mouth out."

The Demoness Gong was really rendered speechless by this man. Were all men as shameless as him? She had already said that things were impossible between them and yet he did not listen.

"Ahem, don't be so heartless. This is my first time. You have taken my first time so don't you have to take responsibility for it?"

Mo Wen laughed dryly and used another method of communication with Demoness Gong.

This woman was not of the benevolent type. If he let her go, she would definitely cause some trouble and one day, that will land her in trouble as well. If it were other people, he would be too lazy to butt in. However, he could not be so uncaring about her life. With her current abilities, she still did not have the qualifications to do things that were too much of a taboo.

Although he did not understand the issue of Demoness Gong in detail, he still knew a little. If she left today, the mess that she would cause would be even bigger than today's. With her power of only one person, how many people could she pit herself up against?

The Demoness Gong completely did not bother with Mo Wen. She was cold as she expressionlessly walked forward, her footsteps speeding up. Although she could use Qing Gong to get away from Mo Wen, she did not know why but while she clearly wanted to escape from him and disappear entirely, she always hesitated just as she was about to act.

"Come with me. Three years later, you can do anything you want. For now, come back with me to do the laundry and cook."

Seeing that Demoness Gong had no reaction, Mo Wen used a more proper way of conversing with her. After three years, with his help, he believed that the Demoness Gong could break through into the Golden Elixir realm. Meanwhile, he himself would also definitely not remain as the status quo.

By that time, no matter what they did, they naturally would not be as restricted as they were currently. They would have the ability to protect themselves, which they were still lacking now.

"Are you finished yet?"

The Demoness Gong turned around fiercely and glared at Mo Wen while saying, "All along, we have been people from two different worlds. You have your world and I have my world. In future, please do not have anything to do with me. You are not welcome in my world, I hope you understand."

She took in a deep breath and said dully, "About the thing that happened before, I hope you will forget it. That had happened under the situation where there was no other choice. If not, we would have all died and there would have been no other outcomes. However, I hope that there will not be anything between us in future. You go your way and I'll go mine. Don't look for me or try to ask around about me. It will not benefit you at all."

"I don't care about whether it is an accident or not. Since you have become my woman, you are my woman. No matter how many worlds apart, you will not be able to escape from my grasp."

Mo Wen was quiet for a bit and he looked at the Demoness Gong as he said serenely. He knew that it was difficult to convince this woman at this point and no method would be useful.


The Demoness Gong laughed to herself sardonically. His woman? Can he shoulder that responsibility? Did he have the qualifications to make her into a woman and not a Demoness that struck fear in everyone? Sooner or later, he would regret having any relations to her at all.

From very early on, she had already been a single person. She did not have a life or feelings and the only thing that remained within her was hate. She lived to take revenge. What was the point of someone without a future hurting another person?

"I'll say it again. Between me and you, there will never be anything. Don't try and come into my world."

The Demoness Gong looked at Mo Wen quietly before turning around to leave.

Mo Wen did not continue to give chase. He knew that he would not be able to catch up. If she had decided to leave, it was impossible for him to keep her.

Looking at the gradually disappearing back view, Mo Wen sighed lightly. He shrugged his shoulders a little helplessly. A woman who was too strong was indeed hard to get along with.

Mo Wen laughed to himself. Currently, he would indeed not be able to handle such a woman. However, one day, he would get her back.

In his journey of the Changbai Mountain range, Mo Wen had achieved his initial goal. He also had many surprises along the way but now, there was also a regret within him.

That day, he found the backpack that contained the Flame Flower and the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom, before leaving the Changbai Mountain range alone.

A day later, Mo Wen returned to Hua Xia University. He carried the backpack and as he saw the jovial and lively boys and girls while walking on the road to school, his heart felt exceptionally relaxed.

In school, there was naturally not as many fighting and danger. He could lead a peaceful life. Perhaps the people living in the Freaks dormitory was after this sort of peacefulness.

He had already left school for 10 days, which had exceeded his initial estimate of seven days. His leave of absence had expired. However, to him, it did not matter.

Now, he had also lost his initial stubbornness of wanting to get into a good school, get a good qualification then going home to tell his mother to make the elders happy.

He believed that being able to be by his mother's side was the best consolation. After all, what could be more meaningful than that?

However, he had not gone back for a long time. He was looking forward to the school holidays so that he could make a trip home.

Actually, after he had regained his memories, he had an absurd fear about going all. After all, he was not the Mo Wen from before anymore. He could not even be sure of who he was or was not, or whether both people were him.

In that world, the miracle physician Mo Wen did not have a father or mother from birth. He only had a little sister. According to the elders, his parents had died early not long after his sister was born. At that time, he was only two and a half years old.

Upon returning to the dormitory, Mo Wen packed up a little before going over to Dongfang Yi's room. When he had just entered the dormitory, he could sense Dongfang Yi's aura that he was in his room.

Now, he finally understood the meaning of otaku. Wasn't Dongfang Yi the classic example of an otaku? However, he liked to fiddle with the high-tech items so even while sitting at home, he seemed to know about everything.

"You're finally back"

Looking at Mo Wen who had entered through the door, Dongfang Yi rolled his eyes. This lad was finally returning to school. He also did not have to keep watch on those few little girls to keep them out of trouble anymore.

"Did you do the things that I told you to?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows.

"In the time that you left, the people of the Qin Clan had looked for Qin Xiaoyou twice but I dismissed them."

Dongfang Yi shrugged his shoulders and said, "But regarding these sorts of things, I will not care anymore in future. The Qin Clan gave face to the Huatian Palace so they temporarily did not do anything to Qin Xiaoyou. However, these things are domestic affairs afterall and outsiders should not interfere."

"That's right."

Mo Wen nodded his head and said dully, "Since that Qin Clan is looking for death, I will find a time to go and visit them."

"Don't be rash. The Qin Clan is among the top five ancient martial arts in the capital so you cannot underestimate them."

Mo Wen's words had given Dongfang Yi a fright. Could it be that he wanted to pick a fight at the Qin Clan? The Qin Clan had ancient martial art descent and was not like the average clan such as the Su Clan. Although Mo Wen's Cultivation was rather high, he would still not be a match for the entire Qin Clan.

"The Qin Clan has people of the Embryonic Breathing realm?"

Mo Wen narrowed his eyes and asked. If they had people of the Embryonic Breathing realm, it would indeed be a little difficult. Now, although he was at the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm, there was still a big gap between him and someone with the Embryonic Breathing realm.

"Embryonic Breathing realm?"

Listening to that, Dongfang Yi's mouth twitched a little and he laughed bitterly, "Do you treat the Embryonic Breathing realm as some cabbage? There aren't even many masters with the Embryonic Breathing realm in the entire ancient martial arts scene. However, it is said that the Qin Clan has an old master that has already broken through to the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm. Those people are also not your match."