Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Thousands of Miles Home to Give Good Wishes

"Xiaoyou, happy birthday. I managed to rush back just before dark, so it's not too late."

Mo Wen appeared rushed, as though as he had just come back from school.

"You know that it's my birthday today?"

Qin Xiaoyou looked at Mo Wen, a little surprised. Initially, she thought that Mo Wen would not have known.

"How can I not know? I remember it in my heart every waking moment."

Mo Wen patted his chest and gave a look that he had known for a long time. In reality, he had also just found out

"Mo Wen"

Qin Xiaoyou hugged Mo Wen's arm, and there was a touched look in her eyes. There were even tears that had fallen.

She stroked her chin and looked at Wang Xiaofei while letting out a light sigh. She had already told her that she was wrong previously. Why did she like to criticize so much and have such strict demands of Mo Wen?

Wang Xiaofei laughed dryly. She shut her mouth and did not say anything anymore. Although she was still against Mo Wen, she knew that if she continued bad mouthing him, Xiaoyou would flip at her.

Seeing as Mo Wen's hands were both empty, she raised her eyebrows and asked, "Since it's Xiaoyou's birthday today, have you prepared a present for her?"

Did he not even prepare a present? He still had the cheek to say that he cared a lot about Xiaoyou. Anyway, no matter which angle she viewed things from, Mo Wen was just not a qualified boyfriend.

A Campus Beauty like Qin Xiaoyou who came in the top three positions had many people chasing after her; it was like a platoon of people. Many of them were far better than Mo Wen, but Qin Xiaoyou just had to like Mo Wen.

Previously, there was even a Young Master of a reputable family that had used many methods just to find out the date of Qin Xiaoyou's birthday. Today, he had used 9999 stalks of roses to form the huge words "Happy Birthday Qin Xiaoyou" at the ground level of the dormitory.

He was tall, handsome, and romantic, and there was no knowing just how many girls' hearts had been shattered as they screamed in the dormitory. They all said that they would have married that TRH.

However, Qin Xiaoyou did not even give him a glance. In the end, that TRH could only leave the scene sadly without even meeting her at all.

"Aiya, Xiaofei, it was difficult for Mo Wen to even rush back, so why would he have the time to buy a present? Moreover, I don't want a present. He is already the greatest gift for me."

Qin Xiaoyou hugged on to Mo Wen's arm and said this with a blissful expression.

Listening to that, Wang Xiaofei's mouth became crooked. How long would it take to just prepare a present? However, she tactfully knew not to say any more.

"You guys continue to chat, I still have other things to attend to."

Wang Xiaofei shrugged her shoulders and did not want to continue playing gooseberry. Thus, she tactfully walked away.

Mo Wen laughed dryly and nodded his head to acknowledge Wang Xiaofei. If it were not for her, he would not have known that it was Qin Xiaoyou's birthday. In reality, he did not care much about such things

"You've just come back, so you haven't eaten right?" Qin Xiaoyou asked gently. In her mind, she had imagined Mo Wen anxiously rushing back from thousands of miles away with the goal of spending her birthday with her. Internally, she felt very blissful. If it were not for the fact that there were conditions in school, she would have definitely cooked up a feast for him personally.

"Ah? Yes, I haven't eaten"

Mo Wen's mouth twitched a little as he said this with a dry laugh. He discreetly took in a breath and sucked in his stomach that was slightly bloated. Just now, he was at Shen Jing's house and did not cut back on his intake if he had known earlier, he wouldn't have eaten at all

"Go and eat first. You must be hungry, right?"

Upon hearing that, Qin Xiaoyou immediately pulled Mo Wen to the canteen. In her mind, she had already taken mental notes on what Mo Wen liked to eat on a regular basis.

"Then let's go and eat"

Mo Wen laughed dryly and bitterly followed Qin Xiaoyou into the canteen. These days, it did not feel like it was a humane life for him anymore

After "finishing the meal", Mo Wen carried his big belly out of the canteen.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiaoyou was like a little bird that kept by Mo Wen's side constantly.

The students that passed them by had all looked at Mo Wen with envious and jealous expressions. They knew that the beast had devoured the flower. Especially those who recognized Qin Xiaoyou, they looked on with widened eyes. No wonder this popular stalk of flower in the school already had an owner.

"It's already very late, go back to your dormitory."

Mo Wen accompanied Qin Xiaoyou to stroll on the drill ground. The number of students on the drill ground was decreasing as the sky slowly grew darker.

"You've only accompanied me for a while."

Qin Xiaoyou pressed her lips together and evidently did not want Mo Wen to leave so early. She felt that the time that she had spent with Mo Wen was too short and Mo Wen was always disappearing without a trace. When she opened her eyes the next day, she could not even be sure if Mo Wen would be there by her side. Every time she walked into class, she would look for Mo Wen's figure at once. However, she was left disappointed most of the time.

"Tomorrow. I have time tomorrow," Mo Wen smiled and said. It was already 10 at night, and Qin Xiaoyou's body clock was always very exact. At that time, it was nearing her bedtime already.

"Then you will spend the whole day accompanying me tomorrow? It's the weekend and there won't be school," Qin Xiaoyou glossed over her lips as she said happily.

"How long is one whole day?" Mo Wen blinked his eyes and asked.

"It's just a whole day's time," Qin Xiaoyou let out a light hmph. Did even spending time with her require a time to be settled on?

"What about at night when it's time to sleep?"

Mo Wen's mouth curled up into a cheeky smile. He looked at that pure figure of Qin Xiaoyou and it had actually ignited the fire within him.

After the previous time with Demoness Gong, he had felt that his fiery passion had gotten more and more out of control. Could it be as the ancients had said that sex was a core part of life?

"We can't at night"

Qin Xiaoyou's cheeks had turned red completely at once. She lowered her head and her voice was like a mosquito. Her head couldn't stop palpitating as she nervously grasped her fist tightly. Mo Wen had actually wanted to do that with her How? Should she agree or not?

In that moment, Qin Xiaoyou felt her heart become a little confused, and she did not dare to look Mo Wen in the eye.

"Silly girl, go and sleep. Wait for me at the school gate at eight in the morning tomorrow."

Mo Wen smiled and patted Qin Xiaoyou's small head. He suppressed the wicked ideas that had arisen within him.

Qin Xiaoyou slowly let out her breath. With an "oh" as acknowledgement, she lowered her head and headed to the girls' dormitory. In her heart, there was a weird feeling, as if it was a mix of anticipation and fear.

After returning to the dormitory, Mo Wen had become completely quiet. He sorted out the things that he had experience in the Changbai Mountain range in his mind.

This time's journey out had been dangerous and filled with many surprising events. He had not only gained a few stalks of spiritual medicine, but had also raised his Cultivation to the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm.

However, he had also gotten himself into quite a lot of trouble. The Changtian Sect would definitely check up on him afterwards. By then, the fact that he had disguised himself as a person from the Medicine Manor would be revealed easily. However, whether or not it would be a smooth-sailing journey for them to find him was still a question.

However, the possibility of that was not very high. After all, most of Changtian Sect's powers was in the Changbai Mountain range, and they might not have that many located outside of that. Without a good informant system, it naturally would not be that easy to find him.

He was someone who had a lot of relations with those ancient martial art sects. It would thus be difficult to find any trace of him and it could be said that he was impossible to be investigated. Unless the Changtian Sect could provide details to Huatian Palace, it was an impossible feat to find him within a short amount of time.

Other than that, the incident with Demoness Gong had yet to be concluded. With that woman's personality, she would not let Changtian Sect off. Hence, even the time required to find him was also a problem for Changtian Sect currently.

The only thing he was worried about was the possibility of something happening to Demoness Gong. It was not an easy feat for a single person to go against an entire Sect. He was afraid that Demoness Gong would be in trouble.

However, thinking about all that now was useless. His abilities were still too lousy and he did not have the capability to care about these things. Just as Demoness Gong had said, she and him were people from two different worlds. They were not even on the same level.

Mo Wen sighed a little. He could only clear his mind of all these jumbled thoughts. Currently, the only thing he could do was to do his best in improving his Cultivation and raise it as fast as possible.

Currently, his Cultivation was already rather high at the intermediate stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. However, the training of the subsequent Cultivations would get tougher and tougher. An ancient martial art practitioner with the Qi Nucleation realm who wanted to break through into the next level was an immensely difficult task. Many a time, they would fail even after tens of years.

Although Mo Wen was taking this path for the second time, it had gotten harder for him at the end. If he gave himself enough time, he believed it would not be an issue as he would definitely reach the peak one day. However, he did not have the luxury of time, and he needed to improve his Cultivation as soon as possible.

It was only after breaking through into the Embryonic Breathing realm that he would have some stability and the basic requirement to protect himself.

However, it was not that easy to break through into the Embryonic Breathing realm. Under normal circumstances, it would require more than a year for Mo Wen to break through from the Qi Nucleation realm to the Embryonic Breathing realm. Moreover, he had to do it all over again, not to mention the subsequent peak of the Qi Nucleation realm and the Embryonic Breathing realm.

Hence, to increase his Cultivation in a short period of time, it was definitely impossible to do things the conventional way. Now, the only way possible was to use external interventions such as the pill's ability to improve his Cultivation.

Perhaps some people just could not succeed, because even though the pill could increase their Cultivation, it was unable to ensure one breaks through into the next realm.

Breaking through into a realm required chance, comprehension skills as well as experience in training. Even with the best pill, without sufficient comprehension skills, it would still fail.

However, Mo Wen was different. He had achieved the Golden Elixir realm and his achievements in martial arts was challenged by few. If he had sufficient pills for his training, he would definitely be able to break through into the realm and rise in the ranks insanely.

It was a pity that he did not have such a privilege currently. If he was still in the Divine Pill Sect, even if he was just a mere disciple, as long as he was a little lucky, he would be able to train to the Golden Elixir realm within a year.

Cultivating the resources of the sect was naturally incomparable to that of the average ancient martial arts sects. They were a world apart, and the two just did not have any basis of comparison.

However, Mo Wen currently did not even have any resources from that of an average ancient martial arts sects. He did not even have to consider the process of cultivating them; as for that, he would have to rely on himself completely.

Mo Wen's eyes twinkled unsurely, and he constantly looked for a way to overcome the problem of increasing his Cultivation. Currently, the only things he had were the few stalks of spiritual medicine that he had obtained from the Changbai Mountain range.

A stalk of Flame Flower, a stalk of Blood Lingzhi, two stalks of Silver Tooth Grass, and a stalk of Ming Yang grass.

The Flame Flower was a top grade spiritual medicine, and he did not have any use for it currently. Using it was equivalent to destroying a heavenly item, and he naturally would not do such a silly thing.

However, the Blood Lingzhi could actually cultivate the Vigor Multiplying Pill, whose effect was over 10 times that of the Vigor Consolidating Pill. A single Vigor Multiplying Pill would be sufficient to raise Mo Wen from the intermediate stage to the later stage of the Qi Nucleation realm. If there were enough Vigor Multiplying Pills, it could very possibly help him break through the peak of the Qi Nucleation realm.

After all, the Vigor Multiplying Pill far surpassed the Vigor Consolidating Pill. Consecutive uses of it would intensify its effects. Although a single use of the Vigor Multiplying Pill would be the strongest, continuous uses of it could allow the continuous growth of the Cultivation. It would only lose effectiveness completely if more than ten pills were used.