Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 199

Chapter 199: A greenhorn in the ice-skating rink

The next morning, as Mo Wen walked out of the room, he found Dongfang Yi sitting in the living room.When he saw Mo Wen coming out of his room, he stood up immediately.

"Mo Wen, the pill that you had given me yesterday allowed me to increase by a level."

Dongfang Yi looked at Mo Wen excitedly.In just one night, he had progressed from the Intermediate stage of Sea of Qi realm to the later stage of Sea of Qi realm.It was simply a miracle as it had saved him two years of hard work.

"Uh Huh."

Mo Wen nodded his head as he obviously knew the effects of the Vigor Consolidating Pill.Unfortunately, Dongfang Yi's aptitude was not extraordinary or it would be possible to use it to progress to the acme of Sea of Qi realm.

"Where did you get that pill from?"

Dongfang Yi glanced at Mo Wen in surprise.This kind of pill was very precious, there were very few Sects that could concoct pills of such high level among the ancient martial arts Sects.Furthermore, they would treat them as treasures and hid them so it was impossible for it to be leaked out easily.

After all, this kind of pills which would upgrade the Cultivation directly was too precious.Regardless of the Sect, it would be a scarce commodity and how would it be possible for such pills to be leaked out.

It was said that Medicine Manor had such wonderous pill which could increase the Cultivation level of the ancient martial arts practitioner directly.However, it was something money couldn't buy, it was difficult to get it even when one paid exorbitant price for it.

How did Mo Wen get such precious pills in his hands and could give it to him casually?

"Why do you mind so much?"

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and said nonchalantly, "It has been remunerated to you so you don't have to think about it in the future."

After explaining, he walked towards the exit of the dormitory.He had a date with Qin Xiaoyou this morning.According to that girl's character, he reckoned she would be at the school gate by now.

"Brother Mo Wen, take care, take care eh!If you have any matters in the future, just look for me and you can count on me."

Dongfang Yi followed Mo Wen all the way until he was out of the dormitory, then he said smilingly.He kept insisting to Mo Wen to look for him for any future matters, his attitude was completely different from before.

Mo Wen had such precious pills in his hands and had given him so casually, so he definitely didn't mind about it and the reason for not minding much was perhaps because he had many in his hands

As Dongfang Yi thought of it, his eyes gleamed.If he could be given more of this pill, not just doing things for him, even being his beck and call little brother was also fine.A pill which could directly progress him from the Intermediate stage of Sea of Qi realm to the later stage, was indeed too precious.

If he had another one, he reckoned he could directly progress from the later stage of Sea of Qi realm to the acme of Sea of Qi realm.This rate of practice could be called as lightning speed, so his Cultivation wouldn't be at the bottom among those in the dormitory in the future.

Though there were many things in Huatian Palace and was lack of nothing, it even had a perfect reward system.However, in order to get the treasure of Huatian Palace, one would have to redeem it with sufficient contribution merits.

He always had the intention of redeeming a pill which would upgrade the Cultivation, but the contribution merits required for such precious pill was so high that until now he was only able to accumulate half of required contribution merits.

Mo Wen had just reached the school gate and indeed found Qin Xiaoyou waiting foolishly at the school gate.It was only half past seven now, he reckoned she had been here since seven o'clock.

"Why are you here so early?"

Mo Wen patted on Qin Xiaoyou's head and asked with a smile.

"I always wake up early in the morning.I was bored lazing around anyway so I came here earlier.Unlike you, a lazy pig."

Looking at Mo Wen coming her way, Qin Xiaoyou's eyes flickered with delight and approached Mo Wen quickly.

"Where are we going today?" Mo Wen smiled.

"I don't know."

Qin Xiaoyou tilted her head and thought a little but replied troubledly when she didn't think of anything after a while.She had very little entertainment normally and seldom went out with others.She had also never dated anyone before.

"Watch a movie?"

Mo Wen thought about it and gave a pass suggestion, in actual fact, he didn't know any and couldn't think of any interesting ideas.

"Don't feel like watching."

Qin Xiaoyou pouted her lips.She wouldn't want to waste the whale of great time in the movie theatre, she only had a day and a movie would have taken a few hours of it.

"Shopping? Window shopping?" Mo Wen suggested after racking his brain.

"Well, alright."

Qin Xiaoyou blinked her eyes.As she couldn't think of a better idea, she accepted the suggestion of shopping.She was still very happy to have Mo Wen shopping beside her.

After that, they went shopping on a few streets the whole afternoon.They were walking in and out of different shops, enjoying them tirelessly.Xiaoyou was high spirited and had strong fighting strength however, one had become an attendant cum appraiser, in actual fact, the so-called appraiser was the one who would only constantly nod and praise whenever Xiaoyou was to ask him if that item looked good or if he liked it.

After half a day of shopping, Qin Xiaoyou basically didn't buy anything.They went into the shops and wandered for a while before leaving empty-handed.Mo Wen was constantly lamenting that those shops that did women's business were indeed not easy at all

In the afternoon, Mo Wen dragged Xiaoyou into a restaurant to settle their lunch or she wouldn't even need to have lunch.

"Mo Wen, look! What's that?"

When they stepped out of the restaurant, Qin Xiaoyou caught sight of a huge signboard Ice World Ice Skating Rink at opposite side.

"Uh huh."

Mo Wen took a glimpse.It was only an ice-skating rink, what's so interesting about it?

"I would like to see it."

Qin Xiaoyou said excitedly.Her High schoolmates frequent the ice-skating rink in the past, but she had never been to one.She had always been curious about it and would like to go into one to see how it really looked like.

"We'll go then."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders.Today he naturally would fulfil all the wishes of Qin Xiaoyou.However, it was only an ice-skating rink, what's there to look at?

When they entered the Ice World Ice Skating Rink, they discovered that it was not only just an ice skating rink, but also a multi-levels shopping mall joined together.The upper section was the shopping area of the shopping mall with many specialty shops and small stores, the middle section was totally empty while the bottom section was a huge ice skating rink of the size as big as half a football field, which was located on the basement of the building.

From the stores above, one could see the people having fun at the ice skating rink.Because of the existence of the shopping mall, it had increased the popularity of the ice skating rink.

At this moment, there were many people, about two hundred people, were having fun in the ice skating rink, perhaps because it was a weekend and it was very popular.

All of them were youths and some were only primary school students.


When Qin Xiaoyou looked at those people skating freely in the ice skating rink, her eyes were filled with excitement and had the desire to try it out.

"Let's go.Let's have some fun in there."

Mo Wen declared smilingly while holding Qin Xiaoyou's hand to walk down a level towards the direction of the ice skating rink.

The ice skating rink cost fifty dollars per hour which was quite a big expense for the normal children, after all it was impossible for the children to have a lot of money.However, this Ice World Ice Skating Rink should be relatively high class so those who frequent this place were mainly youths from affluent families.

"Do you know? Don't fall," Mo Wen said smilingly.

After changing into the ice skates, Qin Xiaoyou staggered with a hand held onto Mo Wen like she would fall flat on the floor if she were to let go.

Mo Wen didn't seem to mind.Although he had not ice skated before, he stood like a log when he had his ice skates on and was immovable like the mountain.

"I don't know."

Qin Xiaoyou replied honestly.This was her first time in the ice skating rink, how would she know how to ice skate?

Mo Wen supported Qin Xiaoyou with an arm while walking on the ice skating rink, they were moving like snails and were attracting a lot of weird looks.

Qin Xiaoyou blushed and didn't dare to look at the people.She forced herself to be composed and tried to ice skate a few steps, but she basically didn't know so she nearly fell to the ground when she tried to move.Fortunately, Mo Wen had been holding on to her.

"Slowly, take it easy."

Mo Wen didn't mind all the looks he was receiving.What was there to be embarrassed about?Who didn't start as a beginner before getting more skilful at it?

Of course, the world would never be lack of people who enjoyed watching others make a fool of themselves.There were many people who stopped ice skating and stood around to watch Qin Xiaoyou, who appeared to be clumsy and comical.

Especially when Qin Xiaoyou was such a beautiful girl so almost instantly she became the center of attention in the ice skating rink.Many youths stopped their actions to blow whistles at Qin Xiaoyou continuously and some bolder ones even went around Qin Xiaoyou in circles intentionally, trying to perform all kinds of difficult stunts elegantly and gracefully.

Mo Wen's lips twitched a little.A beautiful woman would be the center of attention wherever she went.To those young and passionate youths, Xiaoyou was the kind of girl who was quite lethally attractive.

If she was an ugly and unsophisticated girl, it would be impossible to be so ridiculous even if she were to attract attention.Now, almost all eyes in the ice skating rink were focused on Qin Xiaoyou.

"Mo Wen, should we go? I don't feel like ice skating anymore."

Qin Xiaoyou lowered her head and uttered.Those eyes focusing on her felt like laughing at her, making her feel like a cat on hot bricks.

Mo Wen raised his brows.Xiaoyou was a girl who was over-sensitive that even this would hurt her self-esteem, which meant that her mental disposition was not strong enough.

Mo Wen didn't know that a person as brazen as him would naturally unable to understand the mentality of those were demure.

"Hey beauty, would you like to ice skate with me? Your partner is incapable.If you learn from me, I assure you that you will learn in an hour."

An elegant figure stopped in front of Qin Xiaoyou, curled his lips and said while looking at her smilingly.He was oblivious of Mo Wen, who was obviously Qin Xiaoyou's partner, as if he didn't exist.

This person was quite good looking with a well-built figure, fair skin and had a sanguine disposition, who was the kind that would attract girls.

At a distance, a group of teenagers were gathered and many of them set their eyes in that direction while discussing animatedly.

"Young Master Lu is going to act again. Tsk Tsk. He tricked a High School girl in Ice World the last time and got her in bed within three days.Wonder if he'll be successful this time."

A tall teenager cast his eyes in that direction and mocked while his lips curled into a lascivious smile.

"That girl is so pretty.I have never seen such a pretty girl.Lu Wei, that brute really acts fast."

A short teenager, about a hundred and sixty meters, with a wretched appearance shook his head continuously and sighed.

Although there were pretty girls who appeared at the ice skating rink every day, it was the first time to meet such a pretty one.They were a group of young masters and feudalistic sons who gathered in the ice skating rink and most of them had the main purpose of chasing after pretty girls.