Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 200

Chapter 200: Youth Squad

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“Enough already, can you compete with Lu Wei? Since when have you bested him? Last time, no one was competing for you with that beauty and you didn’t finish the job. Now, you are coveting this great beauty. Are you thinking too much? It’s a problem of ability, understand?”

A youth with some acne on his face said in disdain. Not only did Lu Wei have his family background to back him up, he was also handsome, and was generous in spending on others. Not everyone was equipped with these conditions.

“Huang Yang, you bastard, try saying that again.”

The short youth immediately flared up, agitatedly pointing at the youth called Huang Yang and said.

“What’s the matter? You don’t have the ability, and yet you don’t let others say so?”

Huang Yang raised his eyebrows, refusing to yield as he stared back at the short youth.

“F*ck your mother. Last time, whose girlfriend was it that I ended up playing with? No matter how useless I am, I am still better than someone who is being a cuckold. You can’t even take care of your own woman, and you dare criticise other people.”

The short youth coldly laughed and said.

“F*ck your mother, how can that bitch be called my girlfriend? She is but a wild hen. Zhang Hang, you f*cking dare mention this again. Do you wish to die?”

Once Huang Yang heard this, he immediately flared up, taking a few steps forward, and ready to get into a fight with the short youth.

“Enough with it. Both of you shut the f*ck up. This is the pot calling the kettle black. Both of you, hush.”

A young girl with the appearance of a delinquent stood between both of them, pulling them apart. She had an imposing manner; she did look quite a bit like a lady boss.

But in terms of age, she was younger than both youths. It was reckoned that she was still in the middle school, around fourteen to fifteen years old.

However, her look had nothing to be boasted about. With thick makeup, rouged cheeks, and sexy attire, she looked like a hostess in a nightclub or KTV.

With a glance, one could tell that her personality was fiery like a red hot chilli pepper.

The two of them cold snorted at each other and didn’t talk to each other anymore. Clearly the young female delinquent had some standing in the group.

“You people are all f*cking despicable people. Playing with women makes you feel accomplished, does it? That Lu Wei, that f*cking brute. Last time he even knocked up the girl and didn’t even pay for the abortion.”

The young female delinquent furiously made a ptui sound, spitting a mouthful of spit onto the ground, which landed on the ice and formed a layer of frost.

“Yo, little chilli pepper, you are not jealous, are you? Before this, Lu Wei even swore that he would win you over. Could it be that he actually succeeded already?”

A tall, skinny youth wearing a white shirt walked over and teasingly said. His eyes were somewhat invasive as he checked out the young female delinquent. Such a hot babe would probably be real sweet on the bed.

“Shut up, what is Lu Wei that mongrel? If he dares play me, this miss will play with him till he drops dead.”

The young female delinquent coldly laughed.

“Play him to death on the bed?” The tall, skinny youth wearing a white shirt kinkily laughed.

“Deng Zhong, if you are f*cking looking to die, just say so…”

The group of youths had more than ten people gathered together using foul language, having wretched thoughts and without a shred of decent upbringing to speak of.

“Beauty, follow me and I’ll guarantee you will have a fun day today.”

Lu Wei displayed a radiant smile, and said with a gentle voice, elegantly displaying an inviting gesture. He believed that very few girls would directly reject him. If they did not decisively reject him, then he would have ways to slowly ease his way in.

“Whether or not my male partner can or not, what does that have to do with you? Please leave and don’t disturb us.”

When the youth said Mo Wen could not do, Qin Xiaoyou immediately was upset. She turned her head to the side with a not-too-friendly facial expression. She did not have the energy to deal with such a self-loving youth.

“Let us sit in the rest area for a while.”

Qin Xiaoyou suggested as she pulled Mo Wen’s hand. She did not want to skate any more, just wanting to find a place and sit.

“Then let’s head over there.”

Mo Wen naturally had no objections. From the start till the end of it, he didn’t even look at the youth who came over to flirt. This type of person who was opinionated, had a strong sense of superiority and thought that he was suave and boundlessly charming could be found everywhere. He had no reason to need to bother with this type of people.

“Hold it.”

Lu Wei skated over slightly, lightheartedly circling them, blocking Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou from moving forward.

“Beauty, play with me. I’ll pay you fifty thousand a day. If I’m satisfied with your performance, I can still give more.”

Lu Wei raised his eyebrows and looked somewhat haughtily at Qin Xiaoyou. He was so poor that all he had was money. He did not believe that this woman that was dressed so normally could resist his monetary offensive.

He had played in the Ice World for so long, and he had never seen such a beautiful woman before. He must have this babe in front of him.

As for the male partner beside the girl, he did not even look at him. He was but a brat; playing with him to death was an easy matter.

If he was a bit conscious then it was fine, but if he didn’t appreciate kindness, later he would make him face the music.

Once Qin Xiaoyou heard this, her facial expression darkened. Fifty thousand a day! What did he take her for? It was absolutely insulting. She had never seen such a hooligan before.

“Not enough? Then is one hundred thousand enough? You better give me face when I have given you face.”

Seeing Qin Xiaoyou taking a long time to reply, Lu Wei coldly laughed, doubling his initial offer. One hundred thousand was enough to play with a somewhat famous star.

“One hundred thousand?”

Mo Wen raised his eyebrow, looking playfully at the youth and smiled as he said.

“How about it? Are you agreeing on behalf of your girlfriend?”

Lu Wei’s mouth curled into a cold grin. As expected, money talks. Not just women, even men were swayed by money.

However, this brat also wanted to have such a beautiful girlfriend. It was practically a dream. Lu Wei was considering now to later buy a villa and raise this beauty as a golden canary.

“Is your family rich?” Mo Wen asked smiling.

“Humph, I am so poor that I only have money.” Lu Wei laughed coldly as he said.

“Ten million.” Mo Wen said as he continued smiling.

“Ten million? Are you f*cking gone mad? Who do you think you are?”

Lu Wei’s eyes opened wide once he heard this, staring at Mo Wen as though he had seen a lunatic. Was this brat so poor that he had gone insane?

“Hmm, ten million to buy a slap from me is very worth it.”

Mo Wen minded his own business and dusted off his clothes. The next moment, he had appeared in front of Lu Wei and with a slap sent him flying directly.

Lu We formed a parabolic arc gracefully as he was in the air and came crashing heavily on the ice layer, sliding tens of meters before coming to a stop.

Such a scene had scared the living daylights out of everyone on the ice rink, looking at the youth who had fallen to the ground with a loud thud.

A thought emerged in everyone’s mind. There is another fight. Fighting in the ice rink had occurred many times already. Every two to three days one would occur, and all were caused by youths looking for trouble.

However, the Ice World skating rink had people from the underworld to oversee it. If your relationship wasn’t tight enough, both parties who fought would not end up well.

In a flash, everyone stopped skating, gathering outside the skating rink perimeter with excited looks as they watched.

“F*ck, Young Master Lu has been hit by someone.” In the skating rink, a youth who clearly knew who Lu Wei was making a fuss as he said.

“There is still someone who would dare hit Young Master Lu? What kind of person has the guts to do so?”

“F*ck, Lu Wei was slapped by someone. That brat is f*cking extreme. Luckily I came to Ice World today, otherwise I would have missed an entertaining show.”

“That brat is tired of living if he dares to even hit Young Master Lu. This time he is done for.”

“No wonder the ancient folk said since ancient times, beauties bring disaster. The girl that is with this brat is definitely disaster level.”

A few people who knew Lu Wei as well as his background immediately started fervently discussing.

“Lu Wei seems to have come across a ruthless person. With just a slap, he can send Lu Wei flying tens of meters. Although it was on the ice, that arm strength is already incredible. However, it is a rare sight for Lu Wei to be hit by someone.”

Among the squad of good-for-nothing youths, a handsome youth laughed with glee.

“A mere rash fellow dares to hit Lu Wei. He basically is tired of living. Does he not know that Lu Wei has tight relations with the Ice World’s owner Brother Biao? Who knew how much money he had offered up to Brother Biao? How could Brother Biao not come out to handle this situation?”

The short youth called Zhang Hang coldly laughed and said. For Lu Wei to be able to place third among their group of young masters and mistresses, naturally he was not simple. Zhang Hang’s family background fell very short in comparison to Lu Wei’s.

“Lu Wei that mongrel has finally been beaten up. This feels f*cking great. The brat that hit him is manly. He is quite a man. This old lady likes him.”

The young female delinquent at a side was staring at Mo Wen from afar with great interest. Her eyes sparkled, her head constantly nodding.

She was just fourteen or fifteen years old, yet she called herself an old lady which was quite weird. But the people around her seemed to be used to it.

Lu Wei shook his dizzy head as he struggled to get up from the ground. Just now he felt a floating sensation, then he crashed down so hard he saw stars. Even now he had not understood what had happened.

The burning sensation on his face woke him up a little. His blurry vision was clear again. There was liquid flowing in his mouth. The smell of blood made him vomit uncontrollably.

A mouthful of blood came out from his mouth, along with three teeth, dropping onto the ground.

Mo Wen’s slap just now had instantly removed a few of Lu Wei’s teeth.

Blood and teeth were before his eyes. Lu Wei touched his burning cheek; it was swollen up like a steamed bun. How could he not know what had happened?

“You f*cking dare to hit me?”

Looking at Mo Wen standing tens of meters away, Lu Wei was completely enraged. Hitting him until a few teeth came out was too ruthless. He would never be able to grow them back in the future. Thinking about himself smiling with a few teeth missing, and that he had lost his once radiant, handsome smile made him completely lose it.

This was akin to disfiguration. For him, appearance was very important. Or else, how could he still pick up girls in the future?

Mo Wen held onto Qin Xiaoyou’s hand, slowly skating over in front of Lu Wei and raised his eyebrows and said, “One slap, ten million, don’t forget. Later send the money over to me, otherwise the consequences are on you.”

Qin Xiaoyou held onto Mo Wen’s arm tightly. She was a little nervous. After all, this was her first time fighting outside. If the school found out about it, she would be given demerits.

However, the fellow before him was too despicable, she even thought of kicking him one more time.

“I will f*cking kill you.”

Lu Wei exploded completely in rage. Still mentioning ten million. F*ck them. They had gone too far messing with him. Since when had he Lu Wei faced such a disgrace?

Just then he recklessly pounced forward, a punch aimed furiously at Mo Wen’s face.

In fights and brawls, he still had a few moves. He had trained since he was young, so he did not fear the brat in front of him. He just got hit because the brat had ambushed him just now.

But the next moment, before Lu Wei had even touched a corner of Mo Wen’s clothing, his face once again made a crisp pop sound, and his entire person was once again sent flying backwards.