Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Brother Biao

Lu Wei was just like an artillery shell as he slid through the air again. After flying for tens of meters, he was thrown onto the ground harshly.

After struggling once or twice, he did not climb up from the ground. His eyeballs rolled up and he almost fainted.

Consecutively being at a disadvantage for two rounds, Lu Wei already knew that he had met a tough match. It was an opponent far more adept in fighting than him and he did not even know how he had lost.

"Wow, that's too cool, martial arts master."

In the distance, the young female delinquent widened her eyes and happily leapt for joy. She had just witnessed that youth waving his hand and sending Lu Wei flying, before landing to his death with her own eyes.

If it were not a martial art master, what kind of person could have such a strong power? It was simply too shocking.

The group of ill-behaved Youth Squad beside the young female delinquent had all been stunned. Although that Lu Wei was a playboy, he had loved to fight and scuffle with others since young. He even had quite a bit of skills. However, in the face of that youth, he simply did not stand a chance and had lost everything.

How could that person be so powerful?

Internally, there was a question mark arising within most of them. Some of them just did not understand how such a thing was possible. It was just like watching a martial arts movie. Just what kind of power was required to send someone flying with a hit?

Mo Wen walked to Lu Wei and lifted his ice skate before stepping down onto his body. He said dully, "One slap will cost ten million, two slaps will cost twenty million. Settle the money and you can go."


Lu Wei glared at Mo Wen and let out deep and rough breaths. He was so angry that he was rendered speechless. He, Lu Wei, had never been in such an awkward position before. Today, his face had been lost and that person still wanted to extort money from him. Moreover, it was a sum of twenty million that he had requested, he was really not afraid to voice his desires.

"You're dead meat Do you know who I am?"

Lu Wei's finger was trembling as he stuck it out and pointed at Mo Wen as he asked. There was a fierce look in his eyes. Later on, he definitely wanted to kill off this lad, dispose of him and make sure that he will not be able to look after himself.

"Who you are? Can your family afford twenty million? If they cannot, you are in big trouble."

Mo Wen's lips curled upwards and really asked about Lu Wei's identity.

"B*stard, you're tired of living. I want to kill you My father is the Chairman of the Lu Group."

Lu Wei said feeling flustered and exasperated.

"The Chairman of the group? You appear to be quite well off. Then I shouldn't have to worry about your family not being able to afford. However, for scolding me just now, I will have to add ten million. Yes, you still need to be punished."

Mo Wen seriously nodded his head before dealing a kick onto Lu Wei's thigh. With a cracking sound, his thigh bone had broken.

A miserable scream immediately came out of Lu Wei's mouth. The entire ice-skating rink had heard it. Even the shops in the upper levels had money people walking over to the walkway to take a look down below.

Qin Xiaoyou hugged on to Mo Wen's arm, a little afraid. However, she did not say anything at this time and did not stop Mo Wen either. She simply bit on her lip and her eyes did not dare look at Lu Wei who was pathetically on the floor.

Immediately, the people surrounding the ice-skating rink had expressions of fear. That youth was too savage. He kicked a person to the ground with one foot and caused him to be disabled, which was a very serious thing to do. If it were to be brought to the police station, it would be a criminal offence and he would be charged.

"That lad is crazy to land Lu Wei in this state, does he still wish to live?"

The expression of the tall and skinny youth, Deng Zhong, changed. Landing Lu Wei in this state would blow matters up. Normally, even if something happened like a fight, his family would not get involved. However, now that Lu Wei had been rendered disabled, it was impossible for his family to stay out of such an incident. That youth would definitely not have things easy.

"He is indeed a bit fierce, but it was manly."

The young female delinquent beside the tall and skinny youth chattered, her eyes transfixed on Mo Wen who was in the distance.

"Don't be so lovesick. Lu Wei hangs out with us all the time. If something happens to him, do you think we can dissociate ourselves so easily? We will eventually all be affected. Now, we should think of a way to get Lu Wei rescued."

Deng Zhong's expression was awry and his panicked internally. The Lu Group was rather powerful and was ranked far better in assets than his family. His family had long-standing ties and collaboration with the Lu Group. If something happened to Lu Wei today and he was at the scene without doing anything to help, it was questionable if the Lu Group would still collaborate with his family in future.

"What has Lu Wei's wellbeing got to do with us. It's fine even if he dies. And moreover, he's still alive now."

That young female delinquent said uncaringly, as if she did not even care about Lu Wei.

"Is it that you really want to suck up to Lu Wei and establish good relations with him? Now's your chance, go and get Lu Wei saved. I believe you will definitely be able to defeat that youth."

The female delinquent said with an expression that looked unafraid of anything.


Deng Zhong looked at the young female delinquent speechlessly for a long time. The Xu Clan that was behind her naturally did not have to care about the Lu Group. However, it was not alright for him. Today, he had to help in this matter. If not, he would be put in a spot if they met in future.

However, the scariness of the youth and Lu Wei receiving a lesson from him was still displayed there. Wouldn't it be the end for him the moment he went up there? He did not think that he was significantly stronger than Lu Wei. That youth was arrogant and mighty, and was obviously not someone to be provoked.

Currently, he really hated himself for going over to the Ice World Ice Skating Rink. If he had not gone, it would have naturally not had anything to do with him.

Just as Deng Zhong was put in a spot, a low voice suddenly came from the ice-skating rink.

"Who dares to cause trouble on my, Wang Biao's, territory, are you tired of living?"

From the rest are of the ice-skating rink, a tall and big tiger-like hefty man walked out. He was over 1.8 meters in height and his gaze was fierce. On his face, there were two knife scars. Behind him, there were tens of people who looked like his lackeys. A group of people had flanked him as he walked out.

With such an image, anyone could tell that the knife scarred hefty man was someone of the underworld.

"Brother Biao Brother Biao, save me"

Upon hearing the voice of that tiger-like hefty man, Lu Wei immediately felt like he had met his savior and he let out loud screams for help.

Meanwhile, when Deng Zhong saw the appearance of that group of people, he immediately let out a sigh of relief. With Wang Biao who was watching over Ice World stepping out to take action, it was naturally not his responsibility to do anything anymore.

"Young Master Lu!"

The moment that tiger-like hefty man saw Lu Wei who was lying on the ground, his expression changed. Who had such guts to beat up Young Master Lu in his rink? He simply was too tired of living.

Did he not know that other than being the Young Master of the Lu Group, Young Master Lu was also his god of fortune?

If he even dared to beat up Young Master Lu, it just meant that he did not respect Wang Biao.

Almost immediately, Wang Biao's gaze had landed on Mo Wen. His gaze was fierce, just like a tiger that was about to eat its prey.

"Hit him, catch that lad and give him a good beating."

Wang Biao let out a cold humph and waved his hand at the lackeys behind him. He completely did not know just what kind of person Mo Wen was and did not care who he was. Immediately, he just prepared to attack. After offending Young Master Lu, he did not care who it was but everyone would have to bear the consequences.

Listening to that, the lackeys behind him surged forward at once and surrounded Mo Wen.

"Oh right, don't lay a finger on that little lady or I will chop of your hand. Just bring that little lady over to me."

Previously, Wang Biao had only noticed Mo Wen and not Qin Xiaoyou who was beside him. When he had seen Qin Xiaoyou, his eyes widened immediately and his eyes twinkled. Even his drool was on the verge of flowing out.

Such a beautiful little lady. He had already been in Ice World watching the rink for several years but he had never seen one before. That lad really had luck in love. To have such an attractive girlfriend simply made other men envious and jealous.

Almost at once, he had decided to get that woman in his hands. If he did not have a play with such a high-quality beauty, his life would be a waste.

"Oh damn, that group of people are sure shameless. They have so many going against one person and are attacking him in a group. It's so unfair!"

Looking at those tens of followers surrounding Mo Wen, anger rose within that young female delinquent.

"Xu Ling, stop talking groundlessly about the matter. What do you think the underworld is? Would they be reasonable with you, would they be fair with you? What can you do if people just want to play it this way, attacking the weaker group with larger numbers; a group of people attacking a solo person?

Deng Zhong let out a cold humph and laughed coldly, "That lad is dead meat for sure this time. Wang Biao is merciless in his attacks. Since he had caused Lu Wei to be disabled, Wang Biao will definitely cause him to be disabled as well."

"That lad is really tired of living, he even dared to beat Lu Wei up so he has no one to blame but himself."

"That's right, he deserves it."

"Damn it, he even dared to beat Lu Wei up, I will go ahead and beat that b*stard to death later."

"That's right, kill him"


The ill-behaved Youth Squad all echoed one another's views. Clearly, they were standing on Lu Wei's side. Someone from their squad getting beaten up would naturally ignite ill feelings against the common enemy.

Everyone believed that the youth was dead meat for sure. There was basically no doubt about it as there were tens of people against him. Moreover, those people were from the underworld. Their attacks were fierce and merciless and nobody was an exception for them to be able to survive in the underworld.

"Oh, you're rather united. Just now when Lu Wei was getting beaten up, I didn't see any of you dare to even make a sound. Now that Wang Biao has appeared, all of you dare to speak up?"

The young female delinquent's mouth turned upwards as she looked at those people cynically. Although she liked playing with them and it was thrilling to be around them, their characters were despicable and were simply in dregs.

Although hers was also in dregs, she had her own limits at least. These people did not ever know their limits every time they did things.

"Xu Ling, what do you mean by that, wasn't I thinking of a solution just now?"

"That's right, just now everything had happened too suddenly and we did not have time to react"

"If it had not been for Brother Biao appearing, I would have long gone forward and beaten that lad up so bad that his mother would not have been able to recognize him."


The words of the young female delinquent were equivalent to a blow to their ego. Immediately, the surrounding people had become indignant. They rubbed their palms and their fists, as if they were all ready to teach Mo Wen a lesson.

However, in the end, they all waited till Brother Biao had appeared and did not want to give more excuses so they simply stood still on the spot.

Xu Ling uncaringly let out a cold laugh. They were a bunch of fake scumbags. If they had the guards, they would have long gone at that lad without a second word, instead of staying on the spot and saying a bunch of useless words. Before Wang Biao had appeared, this bunch of scumbags did not even dare say a word. Yet, they had suddenly all become good Samaritans after.