Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 203

Chapter 203: Wait For My Call

"What has happened?"

A middle-aged police officer looked at the chaotic ice-skating rink, frowning as he said.

There were tens of people lying on the ground screaming in the ice-skating rink. Anyone who wasn't blind could see that there had been a brawling incident.

He was coincidentally making his street patrol nearby just now. Once he received the emergency call, he immediately came over.

Ice-skating rink, KTV, night clubs, these entertainment outlets were where fights and brawls constantly happened. But a fight of such a large scale was still a rare sight. In the end, any entertainment outlet that had some class would have people from the underworld overseeing it. Usually when something happened, they could settle it at their own jurisdiction.

Ice World shouldn't not have anyone overseeing it. Why haven't they come out to handle things?

"Officer, that youth was provocative and stirring up trouble. He started to beat up our Ice World's customers."

A fat middle-aged man followed behind the officer, and with his words pointed the source of conflict straight towards Mo Wen. After all, Mo Wen had not only started a fight in Ice World, he had even beaten up the bouncer.

The person was the manager of the Ice World. He was always hanging out with Wang Biao and his people; naturally he wouldn't stand on Mo Wen's side.


The middle-aged police officer nodded his head. Without commenting, he led two younger police officers to the middle of the ice-skating rink.

"All of you, follow me to the station for a bit."

He didn't ask about the cause of the matter. Since there had been an incident, then naturally it would be put on record. Later, back at the station, he could investigate slowly. For incidents like fights and brawls, both parties were responsible.

In order to settle such an incident, most likely they had to pay a fine that was not cheap. Unless they had caused some overly adverse consequences, such as hurting people to the point of crippling or murder, then only would their criminal responsibility be investigated thoroughly.

Wang Biao got up from the ground, but didn't dare to speak. He wasn't afraid of the police officer, but was afraid of Mo Wen. For the Three Daggers Gang to have a small territory in the capital, they naturally wouldn't not have any connections behind them. In the past, he had had dealings with the police station many times; it could be said that the people at the station who didn't know him weren't that many.

He knew the middle-aged police officer before him. His name was Liao Ping and he was a third rank superintendent of the nearby street police station. As he was in charge of the surrounding areas public security, he had had dealings with him a few times before.

"Wang Biao, you..."

As he approached, the middle-aged police officer clearly recognised Wang Biao. He noticed that his image was embarrassing and his face was cringing. On the ground were another large group of people rolling around; batons and bats were scattered on the ground.

He immediately recognised that this was no ordinary fight or brawl, almost escalating to the nature of an underworld battle. Could it be that the underworld had an all-out war?

Zhang Ping frowned. This matter was not easy to handle. If too many were involved, it wasn't even something he could handle. He would need to refer to his superiors for orders. As for what had transpired, he was not sure of yet.

"Officer Zhang, save me. He wants to kill me. He said he wants to kill me. He has beaten me up so badly. Quickly, arrest him."

Zhang Ping was just getting ready to ask what had happened when a scream sounded not far away.

Lu Wei lay on the floor. Because his leg was broken, he could not get up and could only shout as he clutched his leg with a pitiful look.

Before this, he had thought that when Wang Biao came out with tens of brothers behind him that this brat would certainly be finished. Before this, he was still thinking about how he would later get back at that brat and make him neither live nor die.

Who knew that in the blink of an eye, Wang Biao's people had all fallen to the ground, all of them becoming wounded like him. Even Wang Biao had been dealt with appallingly, and was surrendering and begging for mercy.

His heart immediately felt like it had descended into an icy valley. He was so scared that he did not dare to say a word. He forcefully suppressed his huge pain as he did not dare to scream, afraid that Mo Wen would come at him again.

Now that the police had come, he instantly felt as though his savior had arrived. He had held on till the clouds parted to reveal the moon. From the darkness, he could see the light of dawn. His entire person was buzzing with excitement, and he began to shout loudly, unrestrained, accusing Mo Wen of various crimes.

"Lu Wei!"

Officer Zhang Ping heard this and looked towards him. Seeing Lu Wei that was lying pitifully on the ground, his mouth twitched. It was this rascal again, but why was he so pitiful today!

He naturally knew Lu Wei. He liked to play in Ice World and the surrounding entertainment outlets. The times he had caused trouble weren't few, having gone to the station more than ten times. They were naturally familiar with him.

This rascal was a bona fide Second Generation Rich, also knowing how to build relations. On normal days, he had many times given him and his colleagues gifts, so Lu Wei going to the station was like going back home; not long after, he would be released.

He did not imagine that someone would actually dare to hit Lu Wei. With the rascal's family's wealth and influence, which normal person would dare to offend him?

"Officer Zhang, quickly arrest this brat. He has crippled me. Such severe bodily harm must get him into prison. You must send him to prison."

Lu Wei even started to tear, pointing at Mo Wen as he continued to yell non-stop. Finally, there was someone who could seek justice for him.

The brat had dared to cripple him. No matter the cost he had to pay, he would kill this brat.

Zhang Ping followed the direction that Lu Wei pointed, looking at Mo Wen. He was a youth, not too old, with a delicate and pretty appearance. Never would he have imagined that this person was so daring to beat Lu Wei up until he was crippled.

As expected, he was young and frivolous, acting regardless of the consequences. He could imagine that after this incident, this youth would not end up well.

After such a major incident had happened, Lu Wei's family would certainly not let this pass. Once the people from the Lu clan got involved, by pulling a few strings, this youth would most likely end up rotting in jail.

However, what he still couldn't understand was why Wang Biao was on the ground. Could it be that another faction had been involved in this?

Zhang Ping would certainly not consider that a youth could take down so many people. Under normal conditions, this was almost impossible.

"Wang Biao, what exactly happened?"

Zhang Ping frowned and cold snorted. He looked sternly at Wang Biao, wearing a poker face.

But his eyes were very calm. When he looked at Wang Biao, he silently gave him a look.

His intention was clear; sully and place all the responsibility on the youth. This way he could be perfectly justified in dealing with the youth.

What? It was all an one-sided account and there was no proof?

Zhang Ping snickered. Once they reached the station, he naturally could get his hands on evidence and personally get the youth to plead guilty.


Wang Biao mumbled for a while, but did not say a word. His fearful gaze would occasionally shift to Mo Wen.

Don't even mention sullying Mo Wen, he didn't even dare to speak loudly in front of Mo Wen.

The scene just now had left too deep of an impression on him. If he could redo it, he would rather choose to die instantly. Once the condition broke out, you couldn't die even if you wanted to. Today, he personally experienced what it meant to be better off dead than alive.

He did not know what the youth had done to his body or whether it would break out again in the future. So he did not dare, not one bit, to offend the youth.

Zhang Ping frowned. With his observation skills that had been honed over the years, he immediately noticed that something was off.

Wang Biao seemed to very afraid of the youth, so afraid that even though he had arrived, he still did not dare to speak.

Could it be that the youth was the King of Hell to cause Wang Biao to be so afraid?

As for Wang Biao's character, after many encounters, he somewhat had an understanding of. He was a ruthless person, not only to others but on himself as well. That's why this sort of person could earn a spot of status in this field, becoming a small figure in the Three Daggers Gang.

Many things in the surrounding area were under the supervision of Wang Biao. He was quite capable, with skills and guts.

For such a person to be so frightened in front of a youth, it was totally unimaginable.

Zhang Ping sensed something odd. He was a little hesitant; he couldn't quite gauge exactly who the youth before him was.

If he was someone with an influential background, Zhang Ping did not dare to offend him. After all, he was but a mere third rank superintendent; the things under his jurisdiction were limited.

If it was a battle between gods and deities, he did want to be involved in it. After all, he could not offend the family backing Lu Wei.

"Officer Zhang, actually nothing has happened. It is all a misunderstanding, a mere small misunderstanding."

Wang Biao took a breath and dryly laughed at Zhang Ping, saying.

He did not dare to offend the youth now. He would rather offend Lu Wei than ever offending him. Also, him promising the youth to discuss with the Lu clan about the thirty million "compensation" was equal to offending the Lu Clan indirectly. So, it didn't matter whether he offended Lu Wei or not now.

"Brother Biao, how could this be misunderstanding? Don't talk nonsense. That brat clearly crippled me, how could it be a misunderstanding? Also, he was the one who hit me first, everyone here can be a witness. Is there a recording? The ice-skating rink should have surveillance cameras right? Take out the surveillance footage and see. We will know once we see them."

Lu Wei saw that Wang Biao was instead speaking up for the brat. He immediately started yelling out loud.

What was up with Wang Biao? Just now the person had beaten him up and also made so many of his brothers end up on the ground. Now, he wasn't thinking of revenge, but instead helping him speak up. Had he become retarded?

"B*llsh*t, it was you who started it by teasing his girlfriend, then only did the conflict start."

The young female delinquent called Xu Ling ran over. Her eyes were full of awe as she looked at Mo Wen. Her words were all targeting Lu Wei, placing the responsibility for stirring up trouble all on him.

"Xu Ling, you b*tch. You are f*cking working together with them? Ever heard of being a traitor? You are a f*cking b*tch."

Lu Wei was basically driven mad with anger. He never thought that Xu Ling would directly target him and stand on the brat's side instead.

That b*tch, why didn't he get her onto the bed and played with this wh*re to death. He had never understood it. Last time, he clearly had spiked Xu Ling, how was it not effective

"I request that the surveillance footage be shown. We will know who is responsible once we see it."

Lu Wei loudly requested saying. The surveillance footage would not have the conversation where he teased the girl, but would have the scene where the brat proactively hit him. He did not believe that with the evidence, the brat could not be convicted.

Once he had evidence, he could use his connections to kill off the brat.

"All of you, stop being so noisy."

Mo Wen frowned. Encountering the police really was rather tedious. If he continued to settle things using force, it would probably be troublesome.

He turned his head towards Qin Xiaoyou and said, "Lend me your phone."