Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Formally Apprenticed to Learn a Skill

Zhang Ping looked at the scene before him and was put in a spot. From Wang Biao's reaction, it could be seen that the youth was not as simple as he appeared to be.

There were not many people who could make Wang Biao surrender and even cause him to be so frightened. After all, Wang Biao had been in the underworld for so many years and he had experienced many fights. Yet, he currently would even rather offend Lu Wei than offend that youth. There was definitely something more than meets the eye.

Zhang Ping had done his thing for tens of years and had long become skilled and knowledgeable in the ways of the world. He could be said to be a wily old fox. If not, he would not have been able to become a sergeant.

Before clarifying the issue, he did not dare to simply offend either side. Just as he was thinking of how to solve the tough situation before him, the youth in front of him had actually requested to make a phone call all of a sudden.

This request had caused his heart to jump slightly. Could it be that he was prepared to tap on his connections already? But it was also good like that. Later on, when the conflict arose, it naturally would not be up to him, a police sergeant, to settle things anymore. There would be someone coming in to settle things.

Hence, he did not stop Mo Wen from making the call. In truth, he did not dare to stop him either.

Mo Wen took Qin Xiaoyou's phone and called Dongfang Yi. For such a matter, other than Dongfang Yi, he did not know who was more suitable to call.

After all, to a certain degree, the things that Dongfang Yi did were very similar to a police officer. It was just that the things they dealt with belonged to two different worlds.

The call went through

"Who is that?"

Dongfang Yi found it odd. Why had he received a call from an unknown number? There were not many people who knew of his phone number and he had basically noted the people who were able to call him.

"It's me." Mo Wen said dully, "Something cropped up."


Upon hearing that, Dongfang Yi's lips twitched a little. Mo Wen had just gone out for half a day and he had gotten himself into trouble again! From the moment that Mo Wen had opened his mouth, he knew that he definitely had something that he needed his help with.

Currently, he had basically already become his private assistant. However, upon considering again, he realized that there were quite a lot of benefits that could be reaped from Mo Wen. If he could give him another one of those pills, he would even be willing to do things for him every day.

"What is it, I will do it for you immediately."

Dongfang Yi raised his eyebrows and answered very coolly. Now, he was only afraid that Mo Wen would no longer ask him for help.

"I got into a fight outside and the police came looking for me. Now, they are preparing to bring me away"

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders.

"Did the person die?"

Dongfang Yi furrowed his brows. Things would not be as easy to settle if there was someone killed. He still had to go through multiple processes if he wanted to bail Mo Wen out. He was really not one to hold back as he could cause trouble everywhere he went.


Naturally, Mo Wen would not kill someone in public. He was someone who knew about the law, and was a moral law-abiding citizen

"Alright, which block are you at? I will settle it for you immediately."

Dongfang Yi let out a sigh of relief. It would be easy to settle if he had not killed anyone since it was just a small issue.

However, Dongfang Yi was a little speechless at how Mo Wen would look for him over such a small issue of fighting outside. He was the stellar member of the Heaven's Eye Information Department. Since when had he become the butler that had to care about every small issue!

After hanging up, only two minutes had passed when Zhang Ping's phone rang.

When this sergeant had received the call from the Head of the district's Public Security Bureau, his face turned white immediately. He had only seen such a high-ranking official before but had very few encounters. He did not even have the chance to exchange a few words. Yet, this time, he had received a call directly from him.

"Yes, understand, yes, understand."

There were sounds coming out from the other end of the line and Zhang Ping continuously nodded his head in agreement, his tone was full of respect.

After hanging up the phone, the look that Zhang Ping gave Mo Wen had changed. Just who was this youth?

Although the capital was filled with high-ranking officials, it was rare to see someone being able to activate the Bureau Head with a single phone call to personally dismiss the matter. After all, to be able to become the Head of the district's Public Security Bureau, he had to have some behind-the-scenes backer. The official title was not very high but the status was not low. The words of each province's Head of the Police Department may not even be effective against the Bureau Head.

"Sorry, there are indications that this incident is not within our limits of jurisdiction. We will proceed to assign people to the case to investigate. So, I will get going first."

Zhang Ping looked at Lu Wei briefly and said a line before turning to leave. His footsteps did not stop as he led the few other police officers to leave the Ice World. They arrived swiftly and left even more quickly, as if they had brushed their hands off the matter completely.

The corner of Wang Biao's lips twitched a little. He suddenly realized that Lu Wei was not even a match for the youth in front of his eyes. From Zhang Ping's expression previously, he could tell that this youth was probably not a simple person, not a simple person at all.

Perhaps even the Lu Group would not be able to rise up against this youth. If it were not for the fact that he had something to count on, how would he dare to not care about the Lu Group and casually be able to extort thirty million off them?

Arrogant, he was too arrogant! This time, Lu Wei had met a tough one!

Internally, he thanked his lucky stars. It was fortunate that he had not supported the wrong team previously. If not, he would not have a good ending.

The people surrounding were all stunned. Just how did the police handle affairs? It was too much of a lack of conduct previously!

They had actually left the two parties who were in a fight and went of minding their own business!

Lu Wei was stunned as he looked at Zhang Ping's back view that was moving away gradually. There was a bleak feeling rising within him. Before leaving, the look that Zhang Ping had given him made him feel very unsettled.

Moreover, since when did the meagre police be so daring as to overlook his matter that way?

"Remember to chase for the payment on my behalf."

Mo Wen looked at Wang Biao before pulling Qin Xiaoyou's small hand and walking out of Ice World.

"Big Hero, wait up, wait for me"

Just as they had walked out of Ice World, there was suddenly a call from behind. Closely afterwards, a figure had chased them out from Ice World.

It was a young girl with a petite figure, about 14 to 15 years old. She was dressed very fashionably and the stilettos matched with the pair of stocking was very sexy Her face was thickly caked with colourful make up and it made her look like a little vixen.

Under normal circumstances, it was not odd to dress like that as there were many such girls on the street. However, on a 14 to 15 year-old girl, it was rather worrying

Mo Wen glanced at her and immediately, the three words "young female delinquent" popped up in his mind.

"What have you come looking for me for?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows and asked.

"Big Hero, accept me as your disciple, I will definitely do my best to learn martial arts from you."

Xu Ling panted as she said. Previously, when she was alert again, she realized that Mo Wen had walked out of Ice World and she had immediately given chase.

"Take you in as a disciple?" Mo Wen's mouth twitched a little.

"That's right, I also want to become a martial art hero like you with such good skills. In future, I will be a heroine."

Xu Ling said very excitedly. As she was talking, she struck a martial arts pose that was commonly seen in dramas.

"Cough cough I'm sorry, I don't know what you are saying"

Mo Wen was simply speechless. He did not know what people these days were thinking anymore. Become a Big Hero of martial arts? Did she think that learning a few days would allow her to become a Big Hero immediately?

"Master, please teach me."

Upon hearing that, Xu Ling's face fell immediately. She stepped forward to swing Mo Wen's arm and with a pitiful look in her eyes, she said, "As long as you teach me the martial arts skills, I will give you anything you want. If you want money, I have a lot of money."

"Moreover, if you want other things, I will also be able to give them to you."

Xu Ling lowered her head slightly. She acted shy as she threw Mo Wen a seductive look, indicating that he could have anything he wished for.

In order to learn martial arts and become a great master who could kill ten people in a second, she was even willing to give up parts of her to seduce Mo Wen directly.

Of course, Xu Ling was not so easy to deal with, she just wanted to settle the youth in front of her before deciding on the next course of action.


Mo Wen's mouth twitched a little and he looked Xu Ling up and down. She looked rather not bad. It was just that the make up on her face was too thick. However, he was afraid to compliment that figure because he did not have much interest in underage girls.

He was someone with a conscience and he knew that he definitely could not do someone who was underage. If she had already come of age, he would still consider it. Currently, it was definitely impossible as he was someone with a reputation

"What are you doing?"

Qin Xiaoyou glared at Xu Ling with hostility and stepped forward to tear off the hand that she had on Mo Wen's arm. This young girl was really too much. She was not even behaving at such a young age so who knew what would happen by the time she grew up.

"What has it got to do with you? So what if you are formally apprenticed to learn the skill?"

Xu Ling, the young female delinquent glared at Qin Xiaoyou. Her arms were akimbo and her expression did not look friendly, as if she was already prepared to fight with Qin Xiaoyou.

What was she being fierce for. What had it got to do if she was trying to be apprenticed to learn a skill. Moreover, she did not harbour any other ideas so how could she see her as a thief.

Xu Ling let out a light humph and subconsciously puffed out her chest. However, her body was too small and in comparison to Qin Xiaoyou, she still lost by quite a bit.

"Can you not see that he is not willing to? What's wrong with you? Don't bug us anymore."

Qin Xiaoyou let out a humph and dragged Mo Wen to walk away furiously.

Mo Wen's mouth twitched a little and without a second word, he followed behind Qin Xiaoyou. He did not want to continue arguing with this little girl before him.

"I beg you, can you please teach me? I will agree to any condition of yours."

Why would Xu Ling let Mo Wen off so easily? Immediately, she gave chase and followed behind Mo Wen as she said non-stop.

However, Qin Xiaoyou did not even care about Xu Ling and continued to pull Mo Wen onto the street as they walked forward on the path.

The three of them were in a tangle and soon, they were walking on the same path.

Mo Wen laughed bitterly inside. What was going on!

"Master's Wife, you're so beautiful!"

Xu Ling rolled her eyes. Since begging the Master was of no use, she would start from the Master's Wife.

"Master's Wife, you are the prettiest lady I have ever seen. You're just too compatible with Master, the golden boy and girl, a match made in heaven."


"Master's Wife, can you help me put in a good word, I will definitely not seduce Master"


Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes. Why were the kids these days so persistent? She did not even know what to do anymore.

She did not dare to let Mo Wen be with that girl. This little vixen in front of her had many ideas, as well as many ill thoughts. Meanwhile, Mo Wen was someone with loose morals When the two were together, she would not dare guarantee what would happen.

The three of them ended up taking three paths as they walked. That girl was still following them and her persistent attitude had simply scared Qin Xiaoyou.

Her little hand was discreetly kept on Mo Wen's waist. In her heart, she felt the anger. This bad egg could stir up trouble wherever he went. If she even dared to let him out in future, she was not sure just how many affairs he would come back with.