Invincible Kungfu Healer Chapter 205

Chapter 205: Accidental encounter

Mo Wen smiled bitterly and cast a look at the young girl helplessly.The perseverance of this girl was really amazing, even he almost couldn't take it.

"Little girl, I am really not an expert in the martial arts circle"

Mo Wen insisted while looking at the young female delinquent.He had no intention of taking in any disciple especially this kind of disciple.

"Master, you just need to teach me the ability just now and you don't need to be an expert in the martial arts circle for me to be your disciple."

Xu Ling grinned at Mo Wen and persisted without listening to his reasoning.She saw Mo Wen defeated ten at one go, how would any ordinary person have such ability?She only wanted to learn thirty to forty percent of the Master's ability and she could defeat three to four at one go.

She had lots of time so she didn't mind following them for a long time and she believed that she would definitely move the Master with her "sincerity".

"Little girl, since you like to follow, let's see if you can catch up then."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders.Could a shameless little thing really hold him back?

He looked around and was certain that there wasn't anyone paying attention to them, he put his arm on Qin Xiaoyou's waist before using Inch Travel Steps.In a flash, they disappeared from Xu Ling's presence without a trace.


Before Xu Ling was able to widen her eyes, how did the Master who was before her just now disappeared?Where was the Master?

She looked around for a while and was certain that there wasn't any sign of the Master and the woman.Suddenly, her face paled in fear.Could she have met with ghosts?

Under the blue sky and daylight, two persons vanished into the thin air, anyone would have been horripilated in trepidation.

Xu Ling bit her lips and ran around in fear, but she didn't find a trace of the two persons.


Xu Ling jumped up violently and pinched her own thigh forcefully.After ascertaining that it wasn't a dream, she gave a shiver uncontrollably and dashed home frantically without a second thought.

She had decided that she was not going to step out of her home for the next week, no, next half a month.


Mo Wen and Qin Xiaoyou stood on top of a building not too far away and was looking at the young female delinquent running home in fear and panic.Both of their lips curled into smiles.

"Mo Wen, you are so mean."

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen.Who would scare a little girl like that?

"Her mental disposition is too weak."

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders before raising his brows and said, "Why? Pity her? So, I should ask her back and teach her ancient martial arts?"

"Don't you dare."

Qin Xiaoyou immediately put both her hands on her waist and said fiercely.This bad guy, if he were to take a young female delinquent as his disciple, not sure what his mind would be thinking about.

"Women like to say something they don't mean."

Mo Wen rolled his eyes and commented.When they managed to shake the young female delinquent off just now, Qin Xiaoyou was obviously very happy but when she spoke, another meaning came out instead.

Sigh, hard to please!

Mo Wen lamented melancholically.Fortunately, he didn't have any thoughts about that kid, if he did, he reckoned he wouldn't have any success with this green-eyed monster around.

That afternoon, Mo Wen shopped the streets with Qin Xiaoyou again before having a scrumptious dinner.

That night, both of them walked quietly to a massive music square.The bustle of the square was a distinct contrast to the tranquil of the two persons.

At a corner of the flowerbed in the center of the square, there was a person who was especially tranquil, to be precise it should be lonely.

Xu Qianqian was sitting alone quietly on the steps in front of the flowerbed with both hands supporting her chin.Though her eyes were looking at the crowded people, but her mind seemed preoccupied and looked troubled.

It had been ten days since she was back from Changbai Mountain range.She had been waiting and waiting.Until now, that person had not appeared.

He said he would look for her within seven days but she waited day after day with hopes every day and at the end of seven days, she didn't see him at all.

She tried to call him but after calling uncountable times, the phone remained switched off.All her messages sent were in vain, this person seemed to have vanished from this world and she was never able to find him again.

Could he have forgotten about her? Forgot about his promise?

Loneliness flashed across Xu Qianqian's eyes and her emotions were especially suppressed.She didn't know how to get into contact with him again but she really needed him now.

Her father's condition was worsening day after day, she didn't know how long he was able to persevere!She was unsure when he would throw in the towel and abandoned her alone.

Mo Wen was her only chance, like the last straw that she could grasp, in which all her hopes and mental entrustment were pinned on.However, when she was about to grasp on this straw, she realised that this straw was nowhere to be found.

"That bastard, empty promises"

Xu Qianqian's tears trickled down her cheeks with some grievances as she looked at the bustling people in the square helplessly.

Suddenly, two figures flashed in her blurry eyes, a male and a female; hand in hand, gradually walking past her.

She went blank for a moment, then her body turned frigid suddenly and surprise flashed through her eyes.

How could it be? Was there really such coincidental thing in this world? How could it be possible for him to appear here? Could I be dreaming?

That youngster who just walked past her, who else was that other than Mo Wen?She was looking for him for so long and yet he didn't appear, but now he actually appeared alive right in front of her.Well-laid plans might fail, but success might come when you least expected it.

She came out for a stroll to dispel her depressed emotions but was able to meet him unexpectedly.

Xu Qianqian pinched on her own thigh vigorously, then she grimaced in pain and nearly yelled.

However, her expressions became more and more excited.Those who didn't know would think that she was a masochist.

Xu Qianqian gripped her hands tightly.It's true; it was him; it was not a dream.

This bastard was obviously back in the Capital but why didn't he look for her?Didn't he promise?Why didn't he keep to his words?Now, he had the mood for strolls and date with a girl but never looked for her and made her worry sick for so many days; he was simply a bastard.

Who's that girl beside him? So pretty! Seemed to be prettier than her.Xu Qianqian fixed her eyes on the girl who was strolling not too far away, an indescribable feeling surged in her heart.

That fellow with a gorgeous beauty as his companion and reckoned to have totally forgotten all about her.How would he remember his past promise?

Unknowingly, a suppressed emotion swelled in her.It grew stronger and stronger, less and less controllable.

"Mo Wen, stay where you are!"

A terrifying scream of a high decibel resounded in the music square.The sharpness of the voice reverberated to the sky and drown out all the other sounds in the square.The voice instantly travelled through a few hundred meters and gave everyone in the square a shock.